The following list consists of companies that are not cruelty-free. Its main source is PETA, and I’ve supplemented it with my own research.

These brands engage in animal testing OR fund animal testing in some capacity, the most common example being by testing on animals where the law requires it.

For a list of 350+ cruelty-free brands, please click here.

Big Corporations Who Test On Animals

Most of these brands are owned by a few giant corporations: L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Procter & Gamble, Clorox, Johnson & Johnson, S.C. Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, Reckitt Benckiser, Church & Dwight, Unilever, and Henkel.

These companies own the majority of the brands we commonly find in most retailer stores and drugstores, and they’re making no real efforts to change their unethical policies.

There are however two exceptions, the first one being Colgate-Palmolive, which have agreed to gradually change their policy. PETA currently lists Colgate-Palmolive as “working toward regulatory changes to reduce the number of animals used for testing”. This does NOT mean the company is or will be cruelty-free in the near future! It’s only a small step in the right direction, and the company still DOES test on animals at this point.

The second exception consists of a few select brands. While in most cases, brands that are owned by companies that test on animals are not cruelty-free, L’Oreal is one of the few companies to own brands that have kept their ethical stances and have remained cruelty-free under the ownership. The same goes for Too Faced and Becca (now owned by Estee Lauder but still cruelty-free) and Tom’s of Maine (Colgate-Palmolive). All the brands mentioned on this list, however, do test on animals.

Non-Cruelty-Free Brands A-Z

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. This list only includes companies that claimed they test on animals at some point, or sell in China; there are many other companies who remained silent about their animal testing policy.

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Acqua Di Parma
Anna Sui
Arm & Hammer
Atelier Cologne
Bain de Soleil
Banana Boat
Bath & Body Works
Bed Head
Bobbi Brown
By Terry
Calvin Klein
Christina Aguilera
Cle de Peau
Clean & Clear
Crabtree & Evelyn
Dolce & Gabbana
Donna Karan
Dr. Brandt
Dr. Jart+
Elie Saab
Elizabeth Arden
Erno Laszlo
Estée Lauder
Etude House
Eve Lom
First Aid Beauty
Giorgio Armani
Green Works
Head & Shoulders
Helena Rubinstein
Herbal Essences
Hugo Boss
Irish Spring
Issey Miyake
Jimmy Choo
Jo Malone
John Frieda
John Varvatos
Johnson & Johnson
La Mer
La Roche-Posay
Lab Series For Men
Lady Speed Stick
Lancaster Beauty
Make Up For Ever
Marc Jacobs Fragrances
Mary Kay
Max Factor
Michael Kors
miu miu
Mr. Clean
Natural Instincts
Nice’n Easy
Nina Ricci
o.b. Tampons
O.TWO.O Cosmetics
Old English
Old Spice
Oral B
Paco Rabanne
Pat McGrath Labs
Peter Thomas Roth
Physicians Formula
Procter & Gamble
Ralph Lauren
Red Earth
Rimmel London
Rossano Ferretti
S.C. Johnson
Sebastian Professional
Sephora Collection
Sexy Hair
Shu Uemura
Sinful Colors
Sisley Paris
Skin Inc Supplement Bar
Soft & Dri
Son & Park
The Face Shop
Tom Ford
Tommy Hilfiger
Tony Moly
Too Cool For School
Vera Wang
Victoria’s Secret
Vidal Sassoon
Viktor & Rolf
Wet n Wild
Yves Rocher
Yves Saint Laurent
Zara Fragrance
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  • Good morning. As far as I can see on PETA List, wet n wild do not test on animals. Check it if you please 😉

  • Cerave does not test on animals. I don’t know where you get your information from, but they do not. Please DO NOT send me anything.

  • Can’t ever read the list or search bc of your annoying pop up ads trying to sale products that DO test animals!!!!

    Either be a commercial website or info site but choose one!!!!!

  • I heard Dove and St. Ives was certified to be cruelty free earlier this year. Is it not cruelty free Or did you include them in the list because they are sold in China?

  • Thank you for doing this work. It is incredibly helpful. I have been trying to find out about a brand Oligo. It seems their hair care products are cruelty free but I’m not sure about the color line. Wondered if you knew of them ?
    Again thank you so much!!?

  • Hi Suzi, could you please tell us whether Surface brand is cruelty-free? The reason I ask is because I have curly hair and it can be hard to find salons that specialize in curly hair care and products. Surface is one of the hair care brands that salons in my area use and this particular salon is a lot cheaper than the ones I’ve found that use DevaCurl, so I just wanted to confirm. The brand does claim to be completely vegan. Thanks so much for creating this site and all your wonderful resources!

    – A fellow animal lover and vegan

  • I purposely purchase product tested on animals
    Your don’t support is my do support!

    I blacklist the leaping bunny symbol and thanks for pointing out who I need to avoid.

    I also love fur coats and killing animals for profit

  • Crueltyfreeintl has announced on Instagram that Estee Lauder companies are now cruelty free! ✌️✌️

  • I’m very disappointed to find out that I have indeed been using and have given my money to some cruel companies. I WON’T make that mistake again! Thank you so much for this comprehensive list! Very helpful. It just blows my mind that this world is so crappy that ppl will actually torture animals for money. But that is not nearly as hard to believe as the ppl who will give these companies without a care. Some out of ignorance, I know. I was one of them. But now that I know….. it just gives me this awful feeling I can’t explain to think about what might actually go on. All in the name of “beauty”. All in the name of “business” and the almighty dollar. Very sad. smh

  • Thank you very much for this very systematic article. I am astonished to find that many of these products are sold in Danish supermarkets taking into consideration that products tested on animals are forbidden in Europe. People generally think that products such as Sanex, Zendium and Yves Rocher are owned by environmentally responsible people and are not aware that many of these sell to China or have other brands tested on animals. I would really like to see all of these brands taken down from the shelves in the supermarket.

  • Now that Estee Lauder, which does animal testing, bought The Ordinary skincare company, will The Ordinary remain cruelty free?

  • Hi! thank you so much for putting together this list! I’ve been cruelty free for just a bit under 1.5 yrs and while it took a little to navigate and find my CF alternatives, there are indeed plenty that are even cheaper than the brands that test on animals and better!

    I was wondering if The White Company is CF (on their website it says they don’t test, nor their suppliers. But nothing about 3rd parties… ) – Just got some products as a present and while I rather go ” when in doubt don’t use” , my husband seems keen to use it (still working on converting him, one toothpaste at a time!)

  • It sucks that so many huge corporations test on animals! But I was under the impression that Bath and Body Works was cruelty-free. At least on their products (lotions and body washes anyway) it says they don’t test on animals. Could you clear this up for me? Thanks!

  • You may want to recheck this list… Unilever as of 2019 is no longer conducting animal testing and is peta certified..

  • Hi there, I am a hairstylist and colourist, and I currently work in a salon that carries some brands that I was curious about and I can receive no information on, I would like to know if Kuene is tested on animals or sold in China. It would be so helpful if there is a list for professional grade hair colour, I did look at yours above but not a complete list. Here are the brands that I am curious about Surface, Davines, Kuene, alaparf.
    The only three confirmed cruelty free are Kevin Murphy, organic Colour systems, Paul Mitchell.

  • I’m trying to do a search and nothing is coming up for any of these is there a glitch maybe? Like I had it narrowed down at first but then did one for all of it and still coming back saying there is a zero result match?

  • I think my heart stopped when I saw Pat McGrath! But I just looked at her FAQ on and it says they don’t test on animals ??‍♀️ I’m totally not second guessing your research, I’m just confused.

  • Hi! I’m a frequent visitor to your site to find out about brands but, I have so many love beauty and planet products and all of them say not tested on animals on the bottle so I don’t know if what you have on this list about this brand is 100% true. I feel like if they tested on animals they wouldn’t be putting it on the label that they don’t.

  • Hello, do you know if korean brands like Dr. Wonder, Etude House & Innisfree are cruelty-free? Thank you!

  • Ysl and L’Oréal claims they dont test on animals on their website, and now I’m a bit confused. I also know a few of these has gone cruelty free over the oast year, so would it be possible to get an updated list?

  • What does it mean when a brand isn’t on the cruelty free list or the testing animals list? Is it a brand in the gray area?

  • I’m curious, my bottle of VO5 says the product isn’t tested on animals?… are they are lying or what?

  • I’m trying to figure out if Eucerin is actually not cruelty free. I see it on your list here but I’ve also seen it on their website that they don’t test on animals and haven’t since before 2004? That they use human testing And that they are trying to help get animal testing banned. So I’m just looking for clarity on this since it’s literally the only lotion I use that doesn’t make my skin more dry, and I can’t seem to find a good swap for it. Thank you!

  • Wait I’m confused. I bought La Roche Posey whilst in Europe. Europe banned the sale of products with animal testing in 2013 in Europe or elsewhere. So why is the brand listed as not cruelty free?

  • Hello, according to Tony Moly’s official website “Do you test on animals?
    No, we do not! We love animals as much as we love you and would never test any of our products on them.” Is this true? I’ve been hearing so much mixed information about this brand, and I have no idea where is the proof behind any of the claims, can you help me?

  • So I was just in a dollar general and I noticed on the back of the EOS products, they now say “not tested on animals.” Does this mean they’ve now become cruelty free?

  • Good to know. Procter & Gamble claim to be cruelty free, but many of their products still show up as being tested in animt!

  • I can’t find if this eyeliner on Amazon is cruelty free or not. Does anyone know? :

    2 in 1 Black and Brown Gel Eyeliner Set Water Proof Smudge Proof, Last for All Day Long, Work Great with Eyebrow, 2 Pieces Eye Makeup Brushes Included
    by UCANBE

  • Do you have any source material as to how you found out that certain companies are guilty of animal testing? Oriflame for example, is one of the founding companies that hasn’t done animal testing since 1967, as THEY claim. So seeing them on this list, makes me really curious to read any source material that says otherwise? I’ve been using Oriflame for years because of the fact that they claim they don’t test on animals, so if that’s a lie, I’d really love to read articles in which this comes forward. So if you have any source material on this, I’d be very grateful!

  • You said that Loreal has started hollowing the ethical path. But then why is it still in the list of companies that do animal testing (is it because of its policies for China only)

  • On the bottle of body wash I got from Bath and Body works it states “We do not test on animals” is this not true???

  • I actually reached out to Bath and body works and they said they have never tested any of there products on animals and they have always been cruelty free in that regard, although they can’t guarantee that all there products are “vegan” based on ingredients differing from product to product. However they are cruelty free and even mentioned that the labels on there products even mention that they never test on animals as well.

    Not sure where you’re getting your information from as it seems all scattered. So i’m just going to assume you’re an uncredible blogger and skewing your facts to get more clicks on your page.

    It sucks because some of us genuinely want to know which brands are cruelty free and not, don’t make up nonsense and misguide people.

    • Did you ask them if they test on animals where required by law or allow third-parties to test on their behalf? This is their policy: “Bath & Body Works policy prohibits the testing of our branded products, formulations and ingredients on animals except in rare cases when required by government regulations. Through our involvement in the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, we are supporting research to develop alternative non-animal methods which we believe will ultimately result in the elimination of animal testing worldwide.”

      Translation: not cruelty-free. Victoria’s Secret is in the same boat and owned by the same parent company, and they’re on PETA’s list of companies who test on animals.

  • I struggled w switching our bathrooms air frshners, due to roommates. I’m going try homemade with essential oils but they liked it.

  • Hi there I am currently doing a college essay paper on stopping animal testing and so it would be really helpful if you could let me know where your sources are coming from. I’ve looked on some of these product’s websites but they don’t just come out and say they test on animals, so I was hoping you could tell me where you are getting your information from or refer me to someone.Thanks so much.

  • Is it true that BBW n caudalie tested on animals? Cause their claims “not tested on animal” on the label

  • wait, you state L’oreal in the list? Then why did you say that L’oreal is one of the few who DID NOT test on animals.

  • Fresh is listed on here, but on they deny animal testing in their FAQ in their website. Does anyone know anything about this?

  • Hi
    You havw origins in your list but I just checked the website and says they do not test in animals!
    Is that cause the mother beand is not cruelty free?

  • Does anyone know if the hair care brand Creme of Nature is cruelty free or not? I cannot find it anywhere!

  • Dear Suzana, thank you for this list! I was sad though to find out that Biotherm is not cruelty-free…I was assured when I was buying their body lotion in Denmark that they do not test on animals but your information contradicts to that. Their body lotion was super good for my sensitive and prone to allergies and rashes skin… How do you make sure that Biotherm tests on animals? I would appreciate your answer!


    “We at Thymes do not test products on animals. We guarantee the safety of our products by using ingredients that have been used reliably for many years, along with effective amounts of preservatives common in cosmetics. These preservatives are non-toxic and non-irritating, helping to safeguard the quality of the products you buy.” I will not purchase Thymes bath products since this company does not provide any CF information on their suppliers.

  • Does anyone know about sas & Company (who make Storm Flower perfume, by Cheryl Cole)? I did email them to ask if they test on animals but no response yet

  • I’m so mad at Avon! As I never went deeply into the subject, I always thought the company is cruelty free as there is a note that they do not test on anmimals, but that is not the same as cruelty free. Another thing, they provided a notice that they need to test their products in order to enter into the China market. These companies should vanish for misleading their customers.

  • Could you please confirm about Eucerin? I used use their products before I went cruelty free and was double checking now, just because they have some pretty unique products that used to work for me really well. Their website states that they are cruelty free and describes some of their research methods, but makes no mention of ingredients or disclaimer “unless required by law”? I am struggling to find out more info.
    Thank you for your work, it is massively helpful!

  • I have a question actually. I am totally 100% on board with cruelty free and I am trying to be more conscious of what I am supporting as far as my products go. However, how can pet food NOT be animal tested? I mean I know I personally would like my cat food to be cat-approved because that’s the only thing that makes sense. Also, how are diapers and tampons tested on animals? Some of these things on this list don’t have chemicals at all. So how does that work? Thanks in advance.

  • Does Weleda test on animals? Their website says no (vaguely), but other websites say they sell in China, but it doesn’t have to be tested. That seems like it isn’t cruelty-free. Am I wrong?

  • Thank you very much for providing this information. Now that I am aware I will no longer be purchasing makeup from these brands!

  • Borghese is on your list.
    Borghese DOES NOT test on animals and is in fact cruelty free.
    Bourjois however does test on animals.
    In fact Borghese has vegan options

  • you mention that L’Occitane were using or are using animal testing, and if i look at the organization website, they denying it.;jsessionid=9319893736428BB5EBA6D15306FB1831?id=3212&name=Does+L%27Occitane+test+on+animals%3F

    L’OCCITANE does not and has never tested its products, its active ingredients or its raw materials on animals at any point in the product development or manufacturing process.

  • Hi!
    I just want to say thank you for creating this list. I’ve always been conscious of using CF products but sometimes I’d be a bit slack and buy them because I either didn’t check or I just assumed they would be CF. However, as of this year I’m aiming to be completely CF but as you can tell from this list, it’s actually pretty difficult to find a brand that doesn’t test on animals! I’d love to be able to share a link to this post with my followers on my Instagram and blog, if that’s okay with you!


  • Thanks for the info. After finally finding the best shampoo and conditioner for my unruly hair (after much trial and error) I now discover that they are tested on animals! I’m horrified! Come on Aussie, do the right thing!

  • Hi Suzi! Wonder if Pat McGrath Labs’ policy has changed. Used to test when required by law … but website says “Pat McGrath Labs does not test our products or ingredients on animals” ?

    Thanks for any insights!

  • Waitrose are Leaping Bunny certified.
    The White Company claim to be BUAV approved.
    Superdrug B products are made in China, so probably not cruelty free.

  • What about car manufacturers? Why are they not listed? I am of course referring to these headlines. Surely it’s not just German car manufacturers doing this?

    “VW suspends media chief amid scandal over fume tests on monkeys
    Move follows report carmaker used animals to demonstrate diesel emissions technology”

  • Hey! How about Skindinavia? Couldn’t find anything on their website wich usually means their not cruelty free, but yeah. What do you say?

  • I have a question. H20 Plus is currently listed although on their website they say: “H2O+ Beauty does not test on animals nor do we ask others to test products or ingredients on animals on our behalf. H2O+ Beauty does not sell products into countries that require animal testing for cosmetic products.” Which was updated in March of 2017. Could I get more detailed info as to why they’re listed? This is my current skincare preference but I’m trying to go Cruelty-Free for 2018. Thanks!!

  • As everyone has the ability and option to improve themselves through choice and avoidance of negative influences, then it becomes a choice based on compassion for the animals used; a choice based on wanting humane and ethical treatment for helpless animals that do feel sensations and do suffer in pain. If one person can choose to not hurt an animal unnecessarily, then it is positive as a conscious choice for no animal testing to be done. There are better and different research testing methods that involve no animal testing and that would really help the cosmetics companies in the most ways to allow humane 21st Century advancement.

  • One point. I would hope that pet food manufacturers do test on animals. After all it will be animals that eat it.

    Dog food should be tested using dogs
    Cat food should be tested using cats

    This of course after other non animal tests to establish that the food is appropriate in terms of nutrients etc.

  • Thank you for compiling this list. I am making a YouTube video about Asonor/ZZ Snore and how they use retired greyhounds to test their stop snoring devices under anaesthesia. Terrible. I will use your list in my video to make other aware.

  • Wow, Puffs tests?? Is Kleenex cruelty free? Idk what to do about tissues! I know that Costcos brand is…guess I might be switching to those

  • Thank you so much for compiling this list! It’s so nice to have a concrete reference of brands to stay away from. For an update, I have contacted Sephora and was told that they do NOT test on animals and are cruelty free! I can send for verification.

  • Hy!
    I saw on your list that Clarins is listed as non cruelty free as skincare brand, but it’s not listed on makeup. Does it means they do not test makeup products on animals, just skincare?
    Sorry if it’s a stupid question, but I want to start using only cruelty free makeup so I’m interested for this info.
    Thank you

  • Hi! Thank you so much for this blog! All of your hard work! I can’t seem to find anything on marc anthony true professional hair care… Do you know if they are cruelty free? Thanks!

  • Thanks for the list, it’s so helpful! Noticed L’occitaine are on there but they say ‘L’OCCITANE does not and has never tested its products, its active ingredients or its raw materials on animals at any point in the product development or manufacturing process’. Is it because they use products with Honey in? Might be worth removing from this list as although many vegans don’t consume honey, it’s not technically animal testing, rather using animal products. Just wanted to check that?

  • LimeLight by Alcone is completely cruelty free and most of their products (including all skincare) are Leaping Bunny approved.

  • Hey,
    I just email Wella and they are claiming that they do not test on animals since being bought out by “Coty Professionals”. How can I make sure that a company is vegan friendly, in the reading of ingredients, as well as animal testing?

  • Hi We’ve cleaned our house out of all the products that we know are tested on animals….Vinagar lemon and baking soda are three products to use together but also alone…Great results….

  • I am so dissapointed in yves rocher bc they used to be cruelty free but started to sell in china and changed policy

  • there is something i don’t understand. Kiehl’s website clearly states they do not conduct test on animals and are totally against it so why are they on this list ? otherwise, this is a very helpful list and i thank you for all the time and researches you do

    xx, Sunny ||

  • Hey I have a question, my boyfriend uses a fragrance from True Religion Apparel inc. and i can’t find anywhere if they test or not on animals. I was wondering if you knew?

    Thank you,
    Cameron 🙂

  • A few days ago I was having a discussion with a couple of Nuskin distributers about the NuSkin animal testing statement they have on their website. Claiming they don’t test on animals, except when mandated by law and regulatory agencies, which in my option is very misleading. They sell to China, which in itself means they test on animals and I’m also led to believe some of the ingredients used in their products are also tested on animals. What was really sad, the distributors who where clearly brain-washed, claimed every product of Nuskin was natural, chemical free and not tested on animals. They more interested in their own vanity over animal welfare. They had no interest in understanding the truth and did not accept that Nuskin was listed on PETA’s website as a company who TEST on animals. In fact they claim PETA’s list is a lie!!!

  • Hi Cruelty-Free Kitty,

    Thanks for the article. I was wondering which of the brands you have listed actively test on animals. For example NARS didn’t used to sell to China and didn’t test on animals, therefore was cruelty free. So if it wasn’t for China and their laws, if NARS sold there it would still be cruelty free. I’m not excusing them, I just wanted to know if any of them test on animals in the US, not in China.

  • I am a bit confused. In their website, Kiehl’s say they are certified by PETA as cruelty free, and they have the leaping bunny. But they are still in this list of companies that test on animals. So what is really the case? Legally they can’t claim they are leaping bunny certified if that is not true.

    • Are you sure you have the right brand? Kiehl’s is on PETA’s list of brands that DO test on animals, and they’re not Leaping Bunny certified.

  • Fresh and Dr. Jart do not perform animal testing please update your website please go directly to their website and see for yourself

  • oh my god thank you! surprisingly someone who thinks we should test on animals showed me this, but now I can use this so I dont support these brands!

  • oh my god thank you I didnt know about any of these! Surprisingly someone who thinks we should test on animals rather than humans showed me this, but im happy he showed me because now I know what not to use!

  • Hello, I was wondering if Skinfood is cruelty free? I’ve checked their website and they say they are, but I haven’t found them in cruelty free brands lists so I’m not sure if they really are or not, or if they sell their products in China

  • I don’t think you’re being entirely fair to some of the companies listed. For example, look at what you have for some of the cosmetic companies, who clearly shouldn’t be on the list (according to Snopes: For someone searching for helpful and accurate cruelty-free information, your list is what seems to be cruel. Now I don’t now how much of your website I can really trust, although I was initially quite excited.

    • Hi Taylor. The website you linked to confirms that those companies still test on animals where required by law, hence why they’re not cruelty-free. This is the case for many companies on this list. If a company wants to sell cosmetics in China, they have to pay for animal testing being performed there, which means they’re not completely honest about “not testing on animals”.

  • Devastated, some of these brands I love but now can no longer use 🙁 Thankful to have spotted this list and am now gonna look for cruelty free products ?

  • I don’t see Alterna Haircare on either good or bad list. It is also sold at Sephora. I really like their Bamboo line, and their website says they are eco friendly and cruelty free. However, I wonder if they make the exception for the Chinese market. I don’t know if they even sell there. Do you have any additional info?

  • Consider Arbonne: 37 years of history being vegan and never tested on animals. PETA certified, sustainably sourced, green certified shipping. Ever evolving ingredient policy to European (Swiss) clean standards bars artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, etc. Products for all demographics from baby care to anti aging, nutrition, sports support, cosmetics, spa products and essential oils. I’m posting my link here (if not okay please delete) because it makes me happy and relieved to not have to worry about this issue with the products I choose to use-takes the guesswork out-

  • What about Perfectly Posh! They claim to be cruelty free.. I have joined this DS company because they state they are and also made in the USA any input would be great.

  • I notice you listed Kerastase as not cruelty free. They are under the Loreal brand and have not tested on animals since 1989.

  • Can you please let me know if Uriage is cruelty free? I can’t seem to find any information about it anywhere. I do not think they sell in China?

  • Hello!

    I’m doing a university project on this matter as I’ve recently become aware of the lies and deceit behind pharmaceutical and cosmetic corporations regarding their animal testing standards/practices. Having found your site so helpful in the contribution to my research I was wondering if you would be able to help me out with sourcing some of this information. What are the important articles/ papers I should be aware of? I am from the UK and know our regulations differ from those in the US, but it is so insightful learning of these corrupt brands that can be found on every one of our supermarket shelves. Thanks for your hard work on this pressing matter, I really look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards

  • Wait, is Mitchum not cruelty free/vegan? I looked it up and asked around and ppl said that they were. Since theyre on this list in kinda confused now.

  • HEY!!!! I was under the impression from previous research that Nivea products are not tested on animals unless sold in China where they are tested by a third party not niveas umbrella company – beiserdorfer-something ? Anyway would love to know what the deal is because I’ve been purchasing their products all the while thinking I was safe to do so. TIA❤️?

  • What do you know about the new fad brand Monat? I know someone who sells it and wants me to buy. When I mentioned I didn’t think it was cruelty free I,naturally, got a sassy earful about how cruelty free it was. I can’t find anything except their self proclaimed cruelty free status. Do you know anything additional?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello
    I’ve discovered piping rock on the web, they sell vitamins but also facial care products. I’m wondering if they test on animals or not ? Do you know something about this brand ?

  • I am curious about Nivea. Does this refer to the Nivea products that are made in Mexico or the original products that are made in Germany? Thank you!!

  • L’occitane claims on their website that they do not test on animals nor support animal testing, I was wondering why it is on the list?

  • I have just created a petition in regards to animal testing. I am also totally against this because the animal did not do anything wrong. We need to put an end to this, and soon. I’m not going to live my life knowing that this is going on and not doing anything about it.

  • I’m surprises to zee Yves Rocher on the list, as they explicitly claim they don’t test on animals…!

  • I think one of my biggest issues I’ve been running into is price. I don’t make a lot and I’m a vegetarian, however to find cruelty free products has been a real struggle. Does anyone have any cheap brands for beauty products/soaps and such? I’m not sure where to start.

  • Hi, a friend of mine is just starting a consulting business with Rodan + Fields and I’d love to support her by trying their products, however, I’m having a very hard time finding out if their ingredients are animal tested. They say the products are not and that their formulas are not animal tested but are not directly answering about the ingredients, which leads me to believe they may be altering the wording to lead people to believe they are safe. Does anyone here have any information? This is what they replied to my inquiry (and my friend who is joining their company) when we wrote to them separately:
    “Rodan + Fields does not test its formulas on animals. We use alternate in-vitro methods, and voluntary compensated human subjects to verify the safety and efficacy of our formulations.”
    That sounds to me like they are referring to the finished product and avoiding the question about the product ingredients.

  • Maybe a list of companies that DONT test on animals would be good to have. It might be shorter! Oh and how do pet food companies test on animals? Do they feed them pet food?

  • What does it mean when a brand is not on the cruelty free list or the list of brands that test on animals?

  • I’m looking for good eczema lotion that doesn’t test on animals and I stumbled upon Eucerin. They say they don’t test on this true? “Research without Animal Testing at Eucerin: Eucerin does not use animals to test cosmetic products. … Convinced that using animals to test cosmetic products in order to prove that they are safe and effective is not necessary, we have worked successfully for more than 20 years with in-vitro alternatives to animal testing.”

  • I really wish this would stop. If companies didn’t sell to China, maybe a lot of these companies wouldn’t show up on this list. Makes me sick to my stomach, they go to so many extremes all in the name of ‘science.’ It’s not science, it’s shameful. Animals and people are the same. We bleed, hurt, cry, reproduce, love and most importantly live. Nothing should be tested on living things, and especially not in the horrible ways they are. Do you have any good hair products (shampoo and conditioner) that are cruelty free in Canada?

  • Hi! I was wondering, I don’t see Violet Voss in neither lists (cruelty free and not). Anyone has info about the brand? Thanks x

  • L’Oreal is one of the few companies to own brands that have kept their ethical stances and have remained cruelty-free under the ownership.
    L oreal does not test on animals? They were on the list so I wasn’t buying them…

    • L’Oreal does test on animals and is not a cruelty-free brand. They do own some brands that do not sell in China and are cruelty-free.

  • I’ve just been given this link on a facebook page for a product range called La Roche-Posay, I had asked if they were cruelty free, and they assured me with this that L’oreal DON’T test on animals… so now I’m confused, are they lying or has this page not been updated since they decided to stop, or are they not testing INGREDIENTS but testing the final product like the slippery little corporate weasels tend to do!?

    • Unfortunately, this is a misleading claim. While they may not conduct animal testing themselves, their products are sold in mainland China, where animal testing is required for foreign cosmetics. Therefore they are not a cruelty-free brand.

  • Is “Demeter” the same as “Demeter Fragrancce Library”? I have written to them (DFL) and they wrote back saying they do not test ingredients or finished products on animals and they do not commission any 3rd party to do so on their behalf”

  • Hi crueltyfreekitty I just wanna know if Hope Girl a korean brand is cruelty free? Thank you?

  • What about Youinque makeup brand? I heard that they don’t BUT the materials that they get are tested on animals… is that true?

  • chanel is listed in cosmetics as testing on animals but not in fragrance. does anyone know if chanel fragrances are tested on animals?

  • I would really like to find out what Davines Italy s status is as far as cruelty free is concerned as I was told they went through an 18 mnth process to get into China which meant they didnt have to test.Thoughts please.

  • Are you sure the brand FDS isn’t cruelty free? I looked on the back of one of their feminine washes and it states that it’s not tested on animals.

  • Just wanted to say that as of March 28th 2017, H2O plus updated their site saying that they do not test on animals or sell to countries that do

  • I’m trying to switch to 100% cruelty free and unfortunately my favorite shampoos were on the list. 🙁 Thank you so much for making it easier for us to quickly & easily see what brands we need to stop using. I had no idea. That’s what I get for assuming though. I’m so glad this resource exists.

  • had no idea febreze is on the list of bad products. also pantene. I always liked it. going to do my best not to buy products that are vegan but owned by companies that don’t practice cruelty free. like loreal and estee lauder.what a shame!!

  • Hi, the makeup brand NARS recently allowed testing to sell in China. Didn’t see it on this list so I thought I’d mention

  • Hi, I’m trying to find out whether the No7 range are cruelty free? They are a prominent UK brand that we’re against it but they just keep getting bigger and bigger, they keep cropping up on US make tutorials and I can’t find anywhere whether they sell in China?

  • In an article 2 yrs ago, it was said that organix is no longer cruelty free. I just don’t see them on the list here. Is this still tru?

  • Wow how do you guys manage to be truly cruelty free? I tend to be pretty good with my actual makeup, even though I was sad to let go of some of my Bobbi Brown glosses. But I don’t think I’m ready to get rid of some of the other skin care products, laundry and dishwasher detergent, etc. Maybe someday…

  • Quick question, how do you test on animals pertaining to feminine hygiene products?? And do you have an animal-friendly alternatives??

    • Yes, NARS is no longer cruelty-free and they have been removed from our cruelty-free list. Thanks!

  • Thank you, this is great information?. I do Neal’s Yard Organics btw and they are No animal testing, their products are brilliant!!

    • Yes, we are so sad that NARS has decided to start selling products in mainland China. We have removed them from our cruelty-free list.

    • Yes, we are so sad that NARS has chosen profits over ethics. We have removed them from our cruelty-free list. 🙁

  • Burts Bees is not cruelty free. They still use carmine as a colorant, you can go to any Burts Bees display and look at their products and you will see carmine in there (carmine is made of crushed up beetles).

  • Hello! Could you explain what you know about the Garnier testing stance? I’ve been researching myself but it’s not exactly been very clear… I know they are no longer selling in China, and I’ve just been looking at L’Oreal’s animal testing statement and they’re pretty much saying they no longer test (although I don’t believe this). Help would be appreciated! 🙂

  • I’ve been a fan of H2O+ Beauty for quite some time. I’ve always thought that it was an underrated brand that has always provided great results for me.

    After I saw the brand on this list I went to the website and it states: H2O+ Beauty does not test on animals nor do we ask others to test products or ingredients on animals on our behalf. H2O+ Beauty does not sell products into countries that require animal testing for cosmetic products.

    I would be interested to see if this is the case and if someone could follow up.

  • seriously did the ulta consultant just try to tell me that Lancome is cruelty-free? I laughed in her face. I’ll stick with tarte thanks.

  • Jeunesse Global claims they do not test on animals. Even defending my arguments about China. They referred to Ethical Elephant. Can you please verify? I love their Instantly Ageless.

  • Hello! I was just informed by one of Kiehl’s social media representatives that they do not test on animals yet they appear on your list. I love their product but don’t want to keep investing on them if they are not cruelty free.

  • Do you mean Fantastik the glue or the cleaning brand? (By the way, you’ve got Iams on there twice.

  • why do you have a link
    on Spring Cleaning your Beauty Cabinet, from Darling Magazine, which shows all the worst culprits of animal testing? I’m sure you didn’t realize it, however it is misleading and causes confusion.

  • I am all for using cruelty free products and am actively trying to change the products I use, but come on lets be serious now who decided to put pet food on the list…
    I can only imagine it went something like this in their heads
    —- “HOW DARE THEY TEST PET FOOD PRODUCTS ON ANIMALS! THATS ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL. those companies should be ashamed of themselves. Get humans to test the pet food and see how they like it….”

  • Unbelieveable! Who wold ever think brillo pads and dozens of other products, like tooth paste would be tested on animals? I don’t think the majority of people realize the extent of this problem. I sure did not. I will try harder now to find alternatives to these products. We need more cruelty free products.

    • Hi Hanna! Thanks for the kind words! Of course you may use the site – just be sure to credit it as a resource. Good luck on your senior project! 🙂

  • Just wondering about Jurlique? Their policy on Animal Testing ( that they actually don’t – “We do not test our cosmetic and therapeutic products on animals as part of our product development process, or outsource this activity to any third parties, nor have we ever included animal testing in our product development process in the past”. Is this true or not? Have they worded it to exclude other areas of testing? Just curious.

    They do say that it is law for products that are imported into China to be tested on animals and that this is done through 3rd party Chinese testers. Is this why they are on the “yes” list? In that case, any company who exports their products to China would be under the same obligation – which puts a bit of a different spin on it don’t you think? The company itself doesn’t test on animals, but in order to be able to export into China, the products are tested on animals before entering the market.

    I’m keen to know if Jurlique really do test on animals in any part of the manufacturing of the product.

    • Hi Jo! Unfortunately, any company which sells products in China cannot be considered cruelty-free because animal testing is required in China by law for foreign cosmetics.

  • Hi, I am vegan and therefore use cruelty free brands, how come simple is on your list? I live in UK and the packaging here says that they never test o animals? Is it because their parent company does?

    • Klorane sells their products in mainland China (where animal testing is mandatory for foreign cosmetics) and is therefore NOT a cruelty-free company.

  • Hi. According Eucerin (from their official website):

    Research without Animal Testing at Eucerin:

    Eucerin does not use animals to test cosmetic products. This has been our policy since long before the directives regulating animal testing in cosmetics went into effect in the European Union in 2004. Convinced that using animals to test cosmetic products in order to prove that they are safe and effective is not necessary, we have worked successfully for more than 20 years with in-vitro alternatives to animal testing. Being a subsidiary of Beiersdorf, one of the well-known leading and accepted research companies around the world, we are actively advocating for the worldwide acceptance of existing animal test-free alternative methods by respective authorities. Furthermore, we strive to fill the gaps where alternative methods are not yet available, supporting those scientific efforts both in terms of personnel and financially.

  • Sick. Why don’t we test on prisoners that are on death row. Not some innocent animal. I swear humans are the worst species on this Earth destroying it.

  • Hello, do people regard Sanex as cruelty free? I have not found them on any website including them. However, this is on their website.
    “Besides safety concerns, Sanex also strives to produce Earth-friendly and animal-friendly products. To this end, absolutely no animal testing is carried out and our R&D operation partners with non-governmental organisations to ensure the use of ingredients that respect not only your skin, but also the environment.”
    This seems to me that they are cruelty free?

  • According to La Roche-Posay they do not sell all their products in China nor do they test on animals (see their February 21st, 2017 comment on the thread linked below stating “Our US specific products (all Anthelios sunscreens) are not tested on animals. These are not sold in China.”).

    Not sure how much credence to give that statement but thought you may want to know.

  • Thanks for this, really informative, so now I know what not to use ~ it would be good to have a list of the one’s that don’t though ……. please 🙂

  • the girls at lush had a conversation with me about Nivea working closely with lush to go cruelty free and use natural ingredients in their products.

  • Excellent work.
    This is a truly exhaustive list.
    Thank you for your hard work and
    Dedication to this extremely important cause .

  • I’m wondering if brands that have more than one categories, like L’oreal, also test on the other categories or only makeup? L’oreal also have skincare and hair products. I’m currently using their moisturizer/SPF and shampoo/conditioner. Thanks!

  • Are you talking about Demeter Fragrance Library? Because I’ve written to them and they said they dont test, they dont pay anyone to test, and the ingredient suppliers dont test on animals…

  • Please research this. This is not a black and white issue. For many US companies, the products made in the USA ARE cruelty free, but if they import from places like China, they must abide by government regulations. MANY of the companies listed in this ‘article’ have either cut back – or completely out – of importing from China and those that do have limited products so that what they import is NOT tested on animals. They have also introduced alternatives to animal testing in countries that still still require it and in many cases, the countries have listened and are using alternatives to animal testing. Check your facts before spreading stuff like this as a blanket statement. Not cool.

  • If the company is required by law to test on animals in China, does this mean that it is only products sold in China that have been tested on animals?

  • W5 just released hidden video of Animal TORCHURE CHAMBERS in Quebec…It is beyond horrific!!!! They specifically breed beagles (because they are so gentle, & good natured, So it makes the abuse so much easier!!! They chemically burn the skin of large pigs and they use monkeys until they go insane…I could not watch it, they are crying and screaming 24 hrs a day…What you need to know is that the Canadian Gov’t has no laws to protect them !!

  • MAC had to AGREE TO TEST ON ANIMALS TO GET INTO CHINA (very recently) Pamela Anderson, just wrote a letter to the owner of MAC, to express her disgust of MAC agreeing to test on animals. Pam had been a model for MAC because they did not test on animals ..her org. is The Pamela Anderson Foundation(vs. animal testing and helps to stop abuse of Wild Animals, also she is VEGAN)

  • Hey! I was wondering if Batiste (dry shampoo) and Marc anthony Hair products were cruelty free ? Thanks xx

  • Here’s a general guide to whether a product is tested on animals or not – if it’s made in China it IS tested on animals – it’s a legal requirement that products are tested on animals in China. This is not surprising considering they eat dogs and cats over there! So if it says made in China, it is definitely tested on animals and should be avoided. Don’t just check whether the company is cruelty free, check the country where it is made, and whether that country has laws that deem animal testing must legally be performed. And btw, thanks so much for this great list!!

  • Hi guys,

    Do we know what the status is with Laura Gellar?

    Thanks for this wonderful site and for all the research you do. 🙂 also benefit have really pissed me off, their wording of their animal testing policy on the uk website is bloody clever and it says they don’t test on animals and that they don’t want to get the cruelty free stamp because it implies that none of the ingredients have ever been tested and no company can ever gaurentee that, when in reality, it’s because they sell in China. I brought stuff at the airport before knowing this and It’s really annoyed me. I’ve even recently emailed and gotten no response. Naughty people!

  • Since their products are being tested on animals in China and they choose to finance those tests, MAC can’t be considered a cruelty-free company. The same applies to any brand who chooses to sell in China (like Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, and more).

  • I recently bought some skin care products in Yves Rocher and the website specifically said “test in vitro”. Now the list has confused me… Maybe that means that they only test some products but not all of them?

  • dr. brandt’s website says they do not test on animals. Do they sell to places who do animal testing? Also Dr. Jart claims they do not test on animals. Do they sell to places that do animal testing as well?

  • Can you please do some research to find out if Iconic London is cruelty free? I’d very much appreciate it!

  • I think the only ones that surprise me (though many sadden me–Demeter fragrances for instance, because they make my favourite perfumes), are Murphy Oil Soap and Woolite. Those products have been around for ages! Why on earth would they need to keep testing them, let alone on animals? It just makes no sense at all. I didn’t see anything about two of the components I use in my homemade laundry detergent, Fels Naptha (sp?) and Zote. Would they be listed under another brand name?

  • I used to be an Avon rep too. I wish now I could undo that, and not just because of all the money I lost when they signed up too many reps for my tiny rural area and everyone had to compete to make a single sale. Not only was I selling products that were funding animal testing for Avon’s expansion into China, but the clothes, shoes, etc are made by women and children in sweatshops who are treated terribly and paid terribly. I love Avon bubble bath and (I know this sounds funny) their deodorant, but I’m just going to have to find alternatives.

  • Thank you for the list,

    I’ve just been on Neutrogena website they’re owned by Johnson and Johnson and they say they don’t test on animals. I’m curious cos I’ve seen them on every site bad site but they say they don’t do it. Also Marc Jacobs says they don’t test on animals. Thank you for the list. 🙂

  • I’m so angry right now because when I bought my oil skin at Kiehl’s. Before I purchase i asked a guy who’s seller said “yes. We are not tested animals”. I double asked “are u sure”. I didn’t know it’s should be show “not tested animals”. And now how wonder I figure out. Such as the lier.

  • Getting their animal testing policy is like pulling teeth. I tried contacting them several times and they won’t answer basic questions like required by law testing. I can’t say they test on animals though, but they won’t tell us much.

  • Daaamn, I thought Oriflame was completely cruelty free. It seems that after a bit of research they sell to countries where it might be required. I’m su bummed and disappointed in them…

  • The brand “dermacol” says that their final products aren’t tested on animals. So idk if you would like to add them on to your list.

  • The fact that labs are in different countries doesn’t change the fact that the company as a whole has still devices to operate in place where animal testing is required. They are choosing & paying for animal testing & this are not cruelty free in any way.

  • It is so unnecessary and medieval to test products designed for humans on animals.
    The pet food I do understand though, it is for the animals…. although there is so much shit in most animal food (much like human foods) few brands are truly good for them.

  • Great list, although according to L’Oreal’s official website they have finally ceased all animal testing. Now if only they would clean up their ingredients… I am an affiliate for Jurlique and I had no idea they test on animals. I have sent a query to them and if this is true I will no longer be a rep for them.

  • i’m not sure about Alberto V05. I know they used to be owned by Unilever, which does test on animals, but the most recent bottle I’ve seen says it’s distributed by High Ridge Brands Co, made in the USA, and not tested on animals. Does anyone know anything about this? I can’t seem to find much info online about it.

  • What about Elizabeth Arden and Clarins? They doesn’t appear here but either in the cruelty free list.

  • That’s all marketing PR…same blurb from MAC and any other company selling in China. If you buy something that tests in China, the money that you spend goes to the company. The company then has to pay the animal testing agency in China to get approval for sale, so yes, if you buy something in the US, Canada, or where ever, your purchases contribute to the funding of that animal testing. And yes, there is something they can choose to do, not sell in China, like all of the real cruelty-free companies choose to do. Fine if you choose to buy it or sell it, but don’t make false cruelty-free claims.

  • The first hit when you google ‘Is GlamGlow sold in China?’ should be all the evidence you need? Here’s the relevant section:
    ‘“The most important launch in Asia has been China,” says Dellimore. “Glamglow launched in China with Sephora in 170 stores and within the first week became the number one selling skin care product in Sephora China in store and online. China represents a difficult and highly competitive market and we are excited to lead the skin care world in Sephora China.”’

  • Here’s the first hit when you google ‘Is GlamGlow sold in China’:

    Key section: ‘“The most important launch in Asia has been China,” says Dellimore. “Glamglow launched in China with Sephora in 170 stores and within the first week became the number one selling skin care product in Sephora China in store and online. China represents a difficult and highly competitive market and we are excited to lead the skin care world in Sephora China.”’

  • They have to test for eye, skin and respiratory irritants. Obviously I agree with you that they shouldn’t use animals to do this.

  • If a brand sells their beauty, perfume or home care products in China, they are consenting to animal testing and cannot be considered cruelty free.

  • Hi! so sad to see that so many brands still test on animals.. can I ask where you found that Origins tests on animals? I use their products and always believed they didn’t test on animals but on volunteers since that’s what they said on their website..

  • You’ve literally linked to Avon’s statement that they conduct animal testing when required by law, ie in China.

  • Just because CHINA tests these products in CHINA does not mean that the PRODUCT COMPANIES test on animals.
    If I bought a product and tested it on my cat before I used it, that doesn’t make the company a cruelty brand.
    There is nothing the company can do once the products enter China.
    If you’re buying your products from China, then you have a problem. If you’re buying them from Europe or USA, then they are CRUELTY FREE.
    You can blame the brand for what CHINA does with it.

    • Your analogy is faulty. Here’s one: Imagine you make cruelty-free soap, and somebody told you you could increase your profits 1000% by selling to China. You are totally aware that this would mean your products would be subject to animal testing, but you do it anyway because $$$. China’s the biggest market in the world, so who cares if a few bunnies have to die?

      These companies all know the ethical cost of doing business in China, and choose to do it anyway, as per the above example. How can you defend that?

    • Actually, you can blame the brand, because it is the brand who is paying an animal testing agency in China so their products can be approved for sale. Given that the Chinese market is probably just as big, if not bigger than that of Europe and North America combined, so it’s not like it’s a minute amount of products being tested, it’s more like half of all of the company’s products.

    • WHAT?? You need to RE-READ WHAT you wrote yourself……..I hope you don’t think that China tears all these products down just to animal test???!!! HUH?
      NO. no, no, no….
      If a company wants to do business in China, THEN YES, that company will abide by all of China’s rules or they don’t sell anything………..

    • Unfortunately this is incorrect.

      The full statement you’re quoting is: L’Oréal no longer tests on animals any of its products or any of its ingredients, anywhere in the world. Nor does L’Oréal delegate this task to others. An exception could only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.

      L’Oreal still tests on animals where required by law, meaning they’re not cruelty-free.

    • “An exception could be made if regulatory authorities required it for safety or regulatory purposes.” This is right after their bolded statement in the link you provided.

      While they seem to be working toward being truly cruelty-free, they still sell in China. And mainland China still requires, at this time, animal testing. :/ So technically, they’re not cruelty-free. Sorry, Cinnamon Bun.

      Also, as a note, I’ve worked for manufacturers in the Health & Beauty industry. When a company includes vague statements like quoted above, you can bet your buns that they’re going to take advantage of the legal wiggle room those statements provide. If they didn’t, those statements wouldn’t even be there.
      Unfortunately, non-animal in-vivo testing is way more expensive than traditional animal testing, and these cosmetic mega-companies just don’t care about anything except their profit margins. 🙁 The only way it will change is when the consumer demands higher standards regarding their testing procedures. Which is why it comes down to our thorough understanding of current laws, in the US and globally, and our choices regarding what we will tolerate when it comes to animal torture.

  • It would be awesome if you labeled those which are sold in China with an asterisk or something as to why they are not cruelty-free. I’m only a transitioning vegan and while many here would still hate me for it, I’d still like to know which are “better” in that it’s China’s fault, not the company as a whole. (Yes I understand the company should still back out of China if they truly care, but it would just also be nice to know in general their stance.)

    • It’s most definitely the companies’ ‘fault’, though. They all know the ethical cost of doing business in China, and choose to do it anyway because $$$. They can be considered no less cruelty-free than any other testing company – just less honest.

  • Moroccan oil was listed as cruelty free but crossed out and is not currently listed as animal testing. Can anyone clarify?

  • I’ve found Moroccan oil crossed out on the cruelty free list but not on this one. Can anyone clarify?

  • Thank you Marta for your kind words! Fortunately I’m used to those types of comments now. 🙂

    I find that a lot of people really want to trust that their favorite brands are cruelty-free, and don’t want to hear otherwise. It’s a shame the fake cruelty-free policies are winning sometimes.