“Most beauty brands still test on animals. I created Cruelty-Free Kitty for all the conscious shoppers who believe in holding companies responsible for putting profits over ethics.”

Suzana Rose, Founder

Our Story

Before I started my cruelty-free journey, my house was full of products that were tested on animals: makeup recommended by beauty gurus, “French pharmacy” skincare, and let’s not forget mainstream soap, toothpaste, and deodorant.

Truth be told, I had no idea. One day, I came across a shocking photograph of a bunny that was being used as a test subject. My heart broke. I couldn’t believe that animal testing for cosmetics was still happening in the 21th century.

Even more shockingly, I found out that more than half of the brands I was using tested on animals.

Animals shouldn’t suffer in cruel experiments, and the fact that beauty brands are profiting from this practice is even more upsetting.

This is why I created Cruelty-Free Kitty. Since 2014, we’ve been contacting companies directly to find out the truth behind their marketing claims. We’re the leading voice in cruelty-free beauty with our rigorous research into the policies of brands and their involvement in China, as well as the ever-changing landscape of animal testing laws and regulations.

Today, we’re setting the cruelty-free standard and keeping brands accountable with our database of over 1,200 vetted brands.

Our Standard

The term “cruelty-free” is not regulated, which means any brand is allowed to use this claim even if they do test on animals or use loopholes. Because of this, many brands that do test on animals try to mislead their customers.

Our aim is to provide you with the truth behind their policy, and make sure these companies aren’t tricking you into a purchase. We believe that voting with our money is the fastest way to bring positive change, and we also believe in supporting companies that are truly 100% cruelty-free.

Our database of 1,200+ brands includes companies that have been carefully vetted since 2014. It took us years to reach such an extensive directory, because we’re thorough in our research and communicate directly with brands. Brands are only listed as cruelty-free once they provide answers to all our questions and meet our criteria.

These are the questions we ask brands, also known as the Cruelty-Free 5:

  • Does your brand test on animals, for either finished products or ingredients?
  • Do your suppliers test on animals? How do you ensure this?
  • Do any third-parties test on animals on your behalf?
  • Do you test on animals where required by law?
  • In which countries are your products sold (excluding online sales)?

Our criteria is strict because we don’t believe in supporting brands that “might” be testing on animals. Our standard ensures that no companies are using loopholes to claim a cruelty-free status. We rely on reputable organizations such as Leaping Bunny, Cruelty Free International, and Humane Society International for the latest facts on animal testing.

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