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What To Do With Your Animal-Tested Products When Going Cruelty-Free

by Suzana Rose

Aug 31, 2020

When I went cruelty-free, I discovered that nearly half of my makeup and skincare collection was tested on animals. That's a lot of product! I felt disgusted and guilty for having purchased those products, and for using them. My gut instinct was to throw it all away, and it might be yours too. Even though you might want to throw it all away, it's important to minimize waste as much as possible when transitioning to cruelty-free beauty. Here's what to do with your items instead.

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#1: Use them up!

If you're already using products that are tested on animals, it's perfectly okay to finish them. Don't feel guilty for using up your products, as it would be wasteful not to. If you throw them out before finishing them, you're creating extra waste and you'll be repurchasing more products sooner. Overconsumption is a big issue, and if everybody were to throw away their animal-tested products, we would be looking at a giant pile of waste.

While you're using up your products, however, it's important to find cruelty-free alternatives. Visit our guides in the menu to find replacements to your favorite products. Do your research and read reviews. That way, when you do run out of your animal-tested product, you'll be looking forward to trying a brand new cruelty-free alternative.

#2: Give them away to friends and family.

I like this option because it allows you to start a conversation surrounding animal testing with your loved ones. Lecturing friends about the horrors of animal testing doesn't often work to change their mind, but this might. Simply let them know you've gone cruelty-free, and offer them your non-cruelty-free products if they're in good enough shape.

If they bite and ask you about your decision, let them know your reasons for going cruelty-free. You might be able to change their views as well.

#3: Donate them to your local women's shelter.

Women's shelters accept beauty and personal care products for women in need. You can find your local women's shelter and call them to ask what the requirements are, since different organizations might have different rules. You can also do a Google search to find a location hear you. There's also Project Beauty Share which helps women who are poverty-stricken or women-in-transition. This is a wonderful way of helping out someone in need.

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  • Ru says:

    what should I do if I have medications tested on animals? I can’t stop using them, but do you have any suggestions?

  • Nancy A Crain says:

    thank you so much for all the work you have done to help me buy cruelty free products.

  • Elizabeth Clayton says:

    I have also sent back items to the manufacturer requesting a refund as I was not aware it was a cruelly derived product and stating I would not have purchased if I had know.
    Some reply, some don’t, but I feel it makes a point and lets them know they are loosing a real customer.

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