The brands listed here specialize in hair, meaning they have a full line of hair products that goes beyond shampoo and conditioner. If you’re looking for shampoo and conditioner only, I have a post featuring my favorite products here.

There are brands for every budget from drugstore to salon in this guide, so you should be able to find cruelty-free alternatives no matter your needs and hair type.

The brands are divided into 4 sections:

1. Hair care brands that test on animals: This includes brands who test on animals in China, where animal testing is mandatory for foreign cosmetics (including hair products).

2. Cruelty-free hair brands: No animal testing at any point during production, no animal testing from their suppliers, no distribution in mainland China. There’s also a bonus section listing the 10 best cruelty-free hair products!

3. Companies I’ve contacted but never heard back from: These are “grey area” brands who either refuse to share their policy, or who simply haven’t gotten back to me. It doesn’t mean they necessarily test on animals.

4. Brands with unclear animal testing policies: These companies might be cruelty-free, but they refused to provide enough information or refused to answer some questions.

1. Hair Care Brands Tested on Animals

First up are the brands that DO test on animals. Although some of these brands don’t test on animals themselves, they pay for animal testing in mainland China, where it’s mandatory by law. This means they’re not cruelty-free. This isn’t an exhaustive list of hair care brands that test on animals! These are just SOME of the brands to avoid.

Brands Tested On Animals
  • Anthony
  • Aussie
  • Bed Head
  • TIGI
  • Bumble and Bumble
  • Frederic Fekkai
  • Garnier
  • Head & Shoulders
  • Herbal Essences
  • Clairol
  • John Frieda
  • Joico
  • Klorane
  • Matrix
  • Nexxus
  • Nioxin
  • OGX
  • Pantene
  • Phyto
  • Redken
  • Rusk
  • Sebastian
  • Suave
  • Tigi
  • Tresseme
  • Vidal Sassoon
  • Wella

2. Cruelty-Free Hair Care Brands

Now, onto the cruelty-free brands! Hooray! These brands confirmed that no animal testing takes place at any point during production, including by their suppliers, and they do not sell their products in mainland China. Any brands which are owned by parent companies who aren’t cruelty-free will be indicated with an asterisk.

At the end of the list, I’ve also included a TOP TEN with 10 of the absolute best and most popular cruelty-free hair styling products.

2. Best Cruelty-Free Hair Products

Cruelty-free brands offer some amazing hair products, so there’s no need to look elsewhere. Here are some of the best products for various hair types and needs, from moisturizing masks that soothe damaged hair, to styling products that hold everything into place.

1. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($46)

Although pricey, this is a fantastic award-winning product if you have straight to wavy hair. It gives your hair texture, volume, hold, and tames frizz without being sticky or making your hair stiff at all. It can also double as a dry shampoo to get rid of any oil, and it’s colorless and doesn’t leave a white residue.

2. Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum ($20)

This serum is an oldie but a goodie. It adds a gorgeous shine to the hair while also doubling as a heat and weather protectant. There is a reason this has been such a popular product for so many years. While it definitely helps with frizz, it can make the hair look greasy if you use too much, so I recommend using it sparingly.

3. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo ($23)

Probably the most talked about dry shampoo lately, the Drybar Detox has a super absorbent formula, so a little bit goes a long way. It works for literally all hair types and adds tons of lift at the roots. It does have a powdery texture, so it is best to spray it from further away with darker hair colors to avoid chalky frosted look. This being said, the powdery texture is the same quality that makes this such an effective dry shampoo.

4. Kenra Volume Spray 25 ($18)

This is an amazing hairspray which provides maximum hold without too much buildup or flakiness. It helps to extend the longevity of hairstyles for up to “120 hours” yet somehow remains soft to the touch. Another major plus is that it is humidity and wind-resistant!

5. Ouai Wave Spray ($26)

Beachy waves are all the rage and it seems like they’re here to stay. This is an awesome spray for getting that effortlessly chic undone hair without weighing it down. Its formula is less sticky than other wave sprays, so you can avoid that dreaded crunch. It works best when sprayed and scrunched into wet hair before drying.

6. Verb Ghost Oil ($14)

As the name would suggest, the Verb Ghost Oil is a transparent oil, which is great for adding a bit of shine to the hair without making it look too greasy. It’s a must-have for frizzy hair!

7. Pacifica Coconut Damage Mask ($16)

Pacifica’s new line of hair care products is really good, and actually super affordable. This mask restores and hydrates hair, while also protecting it from damage and pollutants. Another plus is that unlike other oily hair masks, it rinses out easily without buildup. This is also often compared to Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle, making this a great cruelty-free and vegan dupe!

8. SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie ($13.49)

Ideal for thick, curly hair, this “smoothie” conditions hair, restoring moisture, body and shine, while also enhancing curls and minimizing frizz. It is best applied to damp hair but can also work on dry styled hair for added definition.

9. Paul Mitchell Express Style Hot Off The Press ($17.25)

This spray protects locks from heat while also providing flexible hold and frizz-control. It is the perfect spray to use to prep your hair before curling with a flat iron or curling wand. Since it is a lighter hold, I would recommend finishing with a firmer hold hairspray like the Kenra Volume Spray for maximum style control.

10. Jack Black Wax Pomade ($22)

Last but certainly not least, this stuff is ideal for serious hold, and can even work for beard styling. It is also ideal for sensitive skin as it has an organic and fragrance-free formula!

3. Brands With No Response

Back to the cruelty-free list, the following companies were contacted but we haven’t heard back from them. There’s still a chance of them being cruelty-free, but they might be testing on animals just as well. Brands will be moved from this list to the appropriate list once I hear back from them.

  • Batiste
  • Briogeo
  • Davines
  • Earth’s Nectar
  • Fairy Tales
  • Iles Formula
  • Jonathan
  • Keranique
  • Lavett & Chin
  • Macadamia
  • Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture
  • Mermaid Hair
  • Oscar Blandi
  • Philip B
  • Phyto
  • Renpure
  • ReTress
  • Reverie
  • Sexy Hair Concepts

4. Brands with Unclear Policies

Out of the companies that we’ve heard back from, some gave us incomplete policies or refuse to answer some questions. Those brands are listed here along with an explanation.

1. Alterna

No mention of their suppliers.

2. Living Proof

No mention of their suppliers.

3. Not Your Mother’s

They’re applying for Leaping Bunny certification but didn’t address their suppliers.

More cruelty-free guides!

Thank you for reading the cruelty-free hair guide, and I hope you found some great cruelty-free brands and products. Don’t forget to check out our other guides:

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This is such a useful post. Thank you for doing the research.


I have recently gone cruelty free with my makeup and I am slowly transiting with my skin and hair care. I currently use ‘Alberto Balsam’ shampoo and conditioner (as it’s incredibly affordable and easy to find) , I haven’t been able to find any information on whether they are cruelty free or not. If anyone has any information I would love to know.


Hi, they aren’t as far I know. If you’re UK based superdrug brand is cruelty free, vegan and comparable in price!
Hope that helps 🖤

Sorry it’s a bit late but Albert Balsam is not cruelty free! See this email I managed to get from them: Hello from Alberto Balsam, Thank you for your recent comments to us regarding animal testing. We use a wide range of non-animal approaches to assess the safety of our products for consumers. We do not test our products on animals and are committed to ending animal testing. Our leading-edge research has one clear purpose: to continue to develop new non-animal approaches that can guarantee that our products are safe, without any need for animal testing. Occasionally, when there are… Read more »

Dessert Essence could also be in this list??


I thought the same! and Andalou Naturals (though I’m not really a fan of their shampoo).


Haven’t tried their shampoos – love Camamu or Molly Muriel bar shampoos (ain’t going back), but gosh Andalou lotions are really superior! I guess their Vitamin C face serum is pretty impressive. Haven’t tried it as I am hooked on DermaE.


Kiss My Face, Aubrey Organics, Natures Gate, Andalou Naturals – these are all great products I use and can be easily located and affordable!

Niki O.

How about Maui Moisture? They claim to be both vegan and cruelty free. Sold at many drugstores and Amazon. Unite is also sold on Amazon and the bottle reads cruelty free.

Thanks for the hard work!


Thank you so much for putting this together. Have you heard of the Function of Beauty brand that does customized shampoos and conditioners? They claim to be cruelty-free but don’t have any certifications. Might be a brand to consider reaching out to as well!


I think that Batiste is cruelty-free, I have one of their dry shampoo and it says “Not tested on animals & Vegan”

Samantha Fay

Batiste is a UK company & the UK has banned animal testing for a while. The UK has also banned the sale of cosmetics with ingredients that have been tested on animals. They’re websites animal testing policy in there FAQ also states that they don’t test on animals. Just based on research I’ve done since I recently start transitioning to cruelty-free brands for cosmetics & hair products.


I’ve always used Batiste for dry shampoo, but recently read on a spanish blog that they sold their products in China, so… I think they’re not cruelty-free 🙁


What about Winsome & Wisdom?


Awesome post! Thanks, always!


Holla at Live Clean and Down Under Naturals too for hair care. Live Clean has a whole range of things from skincare to baby care but Down Under is basically hair care.


European is also cruelty free. I live in Montreal/Laval, Quebec and this brand can be found at Walmart.


I’m crossing off Matrix off my list. Do you know if Davines cruelty-free?


They sell in China, so no…


Alterna’s website ( says that it doesn’t do animal testing.


Thanks for the hard work! I didn’t know Kenra was CF, really good to know.

I really wish I had more information about brands that specifically make tools, not just products. Brushes (hair & makeup), clips, hair accessories, and hot hair tools – irons, dryers, curlers, etc., would be great.

Drybar is the only brand I know “for sure”, but their price point for their curler/irons/dryer is a bit much for my budget.


OGX is not tested on animals


In China? Do they distribute there?


It is, unfortunately, as it is sold in China. 🙁


Awesome post! Also, for those who get their hair coloured at salons, EcoColors is a professional line and Leaping Bunny certified and they answered all of my questions by Email; let me know if you want to see the correspondence!
Also, I believe Kevin Murphy hair color is also professional and PETA approved, but they have not yet gotten back to me.


What about R+Co?


R+co is definitely cruelty-free. They are the same parent company as oribe and IGK and everything under that umbrella is. Hope that helps 🙂


Would Nature’s Gate also be considered cruelty-free?

p.s. Thanks so much for all the wonderful information! Your website is such a great resource.

HI! So I have the app that scans the bar code of products that are tested on animals or not ( disclaimer: it shows that things are tested on animals based on their parent company as well- so if it’s owned by a a company that tests on animals, it will state that the product does as well)- and with Verb products, it shows up that it tests on animals… I have over 6 products from them because I thought that they didn’t test on animals but it says they do (whether its them or parent)- I can’t get in… Read more »
Cassandra Franz

But batiste has a stamp on the back that says vegan – at least mine does!

Aly Laughlin

Yes, unfortunately, vegan does not always mean cruelty-free. We haven’t yet received a clear response on their policy. I am hoping they are cruelty-free since I also love their dry shampoos!

Laura Ward

Thank you very much for all your research. Much appreciated.


I might have overlooked…what does the * indicate?

Aly Laughlin

The * indicates a cruelty-free brand which is owned by a parent company which is not cruelty-free.


Hello….superior, affordable products I don’t see included on cruelty free list:
Big Sexy
Molly Muriel
I refuse to spend a small fortune on mediocre products.
I worked in natural care industry for many years. It’s a lifestyle change. Using less more effective products is important. Out with perfection and artificial – in with natural and realness. The key is that if it bubbles and has big smell, it’s full of surfactants and chemicals that are not good for you, the environment, your home or pets.


Davines says they do not test on animals. They have info in their website


Thank you for this post. Love all the news about products that are not tested on animals.

Emeline Walker

Thank you for this list! I use almost exclusively Shea moisture but I’ve been looking for more options. This is awesome!


I use a cruelty free brand called Jessicurl. I love shea and carols but the products tend to gunk up in my hair and weigh down my curls since I have very fine hair. Also does anyone know of Klorane or their cruelty free status?


Klorane is listed at the top of the article as testing on animals. Sorry.


Hello !
It is very complicated to find a vegan / cruelty-free shampoo, but in addition is silicones, parabens and sulphates frees … I was looking for a little more and I came across this site , are the brands reliable? I do not find them in the list > w <
Thanks a lot for your site ! ♥


Kavella hair care is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and even gluten-free! They are sold at my local salon but are also sold on the brand’s website. My hair feels so amazing after switching to their products for damaged hair.


I just received a sample of a Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture product, and it does have a cruelty free bunny logo on the back. Yay!!!


This is great! Thank you! Do you know if Alba Botanica is cruelty free?

Aly Laughlin

Yes, Alba Botanica is cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified! 🙂


I’m a little confused. I have some OGX products that clearly state ‘no animal testing’, and ‘made in the USA’ on the bottles. Help me, I want to do the right thing here.


A few years back you posted an article barring MoroccanOil from the cruelty-free list because they’d expanded to mainland China. Is this no longer true? I’ve looked at their website and see no mention of their practices. I also have gotten two different answers from this very site. This being the most recent, I’d like to know what has changed, and if MoroccanOil is truly 100% cruelty free? If so, since when? Thanks.


What about Lush?

Aly Laughlin

Lush is cruelty-free! 🙂

Lindsey Wandler

My hairdresser told me that when their Bumble to Bumble rep came in they told the staff that their products were NOT tested on animals, they are too expensive for me to buy anyways but I am curious where you found that they are tested. Thank you!


Hello !
Can you please try Diplona ? They say they’re vegan and all but I want to be sure for the animals.
Also as GHD ?
Thanks a lot !


Hi kitty,
I have been replying on your source when it comes to any cosmetic products that I would buy, I will make sure is 100% vegan and zero animal testing and the company doesn’t sell in China.
I just found out Christophe Robin is selling boar bristle brush. That, my friend, is using animal hair. Could you please investigate?

Lisa khor

R+Co could also be on this list, I believe. I personally contacted them, because they are my favorite hair care brand. Here is there response: Hi Heather, Thank you for your interest in the brand! R+Co has a strong commitment to animal welfare and does not directly or indirectly perform animal testing on any of our products! To the best of our knowledge, none of our raw material suppliers test the ingredients used in our products on animals. We are currently not in any countries that require any animal testing. Please let us know if you have any additional questions… Read more »

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your research and lists. It’s so helpful, looking forward to trying out some new products now !


Hiii, just want to add (if no one else has) that the Swedish brand Maria Nila is completely vegan and is about as good as Kevin Murphy, I go between those two brands and I love them so so much!
Also, this blog has helped me so much with finding what’s cruelty free and what not, PETA’s website is a bit too big and messy for me to find anything haha.


Bumble and Bumble is NOT carried in China, therefore cannot be in your category 1. Also, if you go on their main page, you will notice the cruelty free logo at the bottom. You are being misinformed.


Could you add own brands to this list? In UK Superdrug’s own brand shampoo is cruelty free, I’m unsure about boots, and waitrose is too. Do you have any of these where you live?

Katlyn Priester

Madam CJ Walker states on the back of her supplies that it is cruelty free.


Thank you so much for this list! Has anyone used ArtNaturals Scalp 18 shampoo? I really need a shampoo with coal tar, this one has good reviews and is described as cruelty-free, however I think it’s strange that the bottle doesn’t display a cruelty-free logo. I would like to purchase but I need confirmation first. Can anyone assist?


Thanks so much for taking the the time for this!
What’s up with OGX on the first list?? Their bottle states ‘not tested on animals.’
Not sure if I should toss it.

Tivaunna J Perkins

R+co is really good to.


Maria Nila is also cruelty free and vegan!:)

Teresa Costa

I like Aquage products and they say no animal testing on shampoo but I cannot get clear info on all products. Any body know if all are cruelty free?


Hi, thank you for the great list it really helps new starters like me. I just wanted to make you aware that Pureology is owned by L’Oreal which do test on animals, so if you were trying to be cruelity free throughout the supply chain it’s handy to know.


Do you have any info on EVO? They claim to not test on animals, but provide no other supporting information.

I just contacted Living Proof and they assured me they’re cruelty free and mostly vegan. Yay! I can forward you the email if you’d like: Thank you for your inquiry. Living proof does not test our products or our ingredients on animals, nor do we ask others to do so on our behalf. Our scientists take great care in developing highly effective products. All of them are vegan with the exception of just a few that use PEG-8 Beeswax (from bees) and/or C10-40 Isoalkylamidopropylethyldimonium Ethosulfate (a lanolin base from lamb’s wool). Those products are our: Curl Detangling Rinse Restore Mask… Read more »