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    • Recently I began using skin care products by Eva Naturals who claim on their website to be cruelty-free, however I don’t see them on your Cruelty-Free Brands list. What do you know about Eva Naturals.
      Thank you for your efforts in helping us make informed choices!

    • Your article is about cruelty free to animals so why discuss what type of business Mary Kay is .
      No relevance to your anti animal testing.
      I love animals and have a dogs and cats, myself.
      You are just down right jealous you don’t make as much money as Mary Kay directors legitimately do.
      Animal testing is done in China from their laws , so go bark at China, not at MK adhering to laws.
      No animal testing is conducted here in US or any of the other countries MK operates out of, except China.

      • Why discuss it? Because I care about more than just animal testing, and I’m using my voice to speak up against other issues as well.

    • Hi Dear,

      As I have seen, Granier has posted in its website that they are cruelty free since they started, is it true? Here I have seen that they sre not Cruelty free ?

      Many thanks!!

    • Hi, how can I find a cruelty free perfume in England, GB. I usually use The Body Shop or Superdrug own brand but limited on fragrance. Would like a nice gentle scent like the Jimmy Choo Blossom, but after checking on your website discovered it is not cruelty free. Staff in the UK stores appear to not have any knowledge of animal testing. This is frustrating when shopping for gifts at Christmas/Birthdays. Thank You Sarah Pacey.

    • Hi Suzi! I have been transforming my makeup and body care to cruelty free products and I stumbled on a brand. By any chance do you know if “Vanity Planet” is cruelty free? I’ve researched and seen different responses. Please get back to me thank you!

    • Hi Suzi,

      Have you done any research or have any recommendations for a cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner that comes in bar form? I am looking into using the bars to be more eco-friendly.

      Thank you so much for your website, I live by it!!


    • Hi Suzi! Is it true that Herbal Essenses got the Peta certificate? Is it really cruelty-free now?( because of China) Asking before buying any product! 🙂

    • OK, so we do not test on animals anywhere in the world except in China… And we don’t test on animals there. But we have to be on the list that says we will test on animals in order for our products to be produced and sold I n China. We are working very hard to get the Chinese government to change their policies on this. It has been a fight that has been going on for years! – Mary Kay Executive Sales Director
      Know the facts!

    • From Executive Sales Director of MaryKay: “OK, so we do not test on animals anywhere in the world except in China… And we don’t test on animals there. But we have to be on the list that says we will test on animals in order for our products to be produced and sold I n China. We are working very hard to get the Chinese government to change their policies on this. It has been a fight that has been going on for years!“
      Important to know the facts!

    • Hi I am having trouble finding out whether BTZ (Beyond the Zone) is a cruelty free brand? I Googled to no avail and the brand isn’t listed on your site, which is usually my go-to way of finding out. They make Noodle Head and other curly hair products. Do you know anything about this brand? Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Suzi!
      Have you looked into Alchemy Oils for cruelty free hair products? Also what do you think of the whole Drunk Elephant selling in China thing? I saw on instagram they’re still claiming they’re cruelty free, is that right?

    • Hi suzi
      I was just wondering about rms beauty as it says incomplete. I got an email from them stating that they don’t test on animals even when required by law, and they don’t ship or sell to China due to this

    • Hi All,

      I can’t seem to find any information about NuFACe products. Can anyone please shed some light?

      Thanks in advance.

    • I love Cruelty Free Kitty! Excellent resource when I’m shopping for a new cruelty free brand! Dollar General has a new makeup line called Believe. It has excellent reviews. Is Believe Cruelty Free? Thank you!

    • How can you say you are cruelty free when it says on your packaging “Made in China”? China, where mandatory animal testing is?????

    • Serious question, may sound dumb. But, do you pick what advertises on this site? I’m new here and wanting to start a cruelty free journey..but the 2 ads on the homepage I saw were for Dove and Tresemme, so I was just confused, as they are not cruelty free brands. Thank you!

    • Akta er för Yves Rocher. Har aldrig stött på ett företag med sämre service! De har skickat en felaktig leverans pga ett missförstånd och kräver att jag ska betala returfrakten. Hotar med inkasso!

    • Regarding eggs article…

      As with most vegan websites, you get the health stuff wrong. Dietary cholesterol should not be a problem. Eggs have many health benefits… Choline, vitamins A & D, vitamin K2, Biotin, B6 and a source of concentrated protein with a good AA profile.

      Where can I buy eggs that don’t involve killing male chicks?

    • I know that all companies are not 100% cruelty free. A lot of them are making an effort though, they should get some credit for that. Maybe if the U.S. would make the raw materials here and not charge a ton of money it could become globally banned. If U.S. companies would quit buying their raw ingredients from China they would stop testing to get the business back.

    • Hi I love your blog I have been vegetarian for more than a year and I also became cruelty free at the same time and I still haven’t found out if Ariana grande test her products on animals I have looked everywhere and still don’t know I was wondering if you could help because I’m a big fan of hers

    • Hi! I was wondering if the Korean beauty brand “Dilly Delight ” is cruelty free. I can’t find information about it anywhere. Hopefully you know something, thanks!

    • Hi Suzana, L’Oréal works with Episkin Laboratories, who have academies and labs in China and other Asian countries, to allow for testing on actual human skin, grown in vitro, thus not requiring animal testing at all, on any brand under the L’Oréal umbrella – there are many covered by this. Here’s just one link from 2015:

      As a former employee of The Body Shop (formerly owned by L’Oréal), I always challenged the lack of publicity around this, which is such a massive concern worldwide. The simple answer is complacency at the top of the organisation. But that doesn’t mean the brand is unethical. They’re just stupid about understanding what is important to their consumers and always focus on aspirational, lux appeal. These decisions are made by people who don’t use cosmetic products.

    • Hi Suzi! Do you know of (or know how I could find out) a cruelty-free dupe for Dior’s popular J’adore perfume? I’m quite picky about fragrances and really fell in love with this one, but don’t want to buy it because of the company’s status. Thanks for any advice!

    • I love your cruelty free list! But as a hair educator I have to point out that some of the brands listed contain animal products. So even if a company is not doing or allowing any animal testing, if they are using ingredients such as keratin or cholesterol or creatine then they have animals in their products. Other ingredients include silk, pearls, honey, etc. So no these animals aren’t being tested on but they are being killed for their products/ ingredients.

    • Hi! I’ve seen a new hair dye band called “Kiss”, but I cannot find anything on their cruelty free status. Can you help?

    • Hello, thanks for a very informative site. I see Wet ‘n’ Wild is not tested on animals on this site – but, worryingly, I’ve recently read that they are testing. Does anyone know what the situation is? Also, I am trying to find more information on CND nail products? Many thanks!

    • Hi Suzi,
      I’m really trying to stick with only cruelty free products and I’m gutted Clinique are technically not. I have ridiculously sensitive skin and they have always been my go to. Can you recommend any products that are similar to them that I can switch to?

      Thank you so much

      Alex Y


    • Re: Korres…I’m not clear..sorry…are they or are they not Cruelty Free? I just purchased products and will return them if they are now testing on animals. Please let me know as soon as you are able. Thank you! Diane

    • Since starting to read your blog a few months ago I have become totally cruelty free, I’m in the UK and have found 3 outlets nearby where I buy such products so thanks for keeping everyone focused.

    • Hi… I see you state that Kryolan is not sold in Countries where by law they are made to test on Animals. Please look again as I have found an actual Kryolan distributor that’s in China. Google Kryolan in China

    • hi,
      RE: Cover Girl (supposedly) cruelty-free…….i looked for the leaping bunny on their products in two different stores (one a pharmacy) and could find none. i don’t know if they are trying to sell out of old stock and will bring in the new one once old is gone, but i will not buy it until then. in fact the only thing on the shelves with the leaping bunny was a poster stating that they were now cruelty-free. not good enough for me. i live in upstate N.Y. about 2 hours north of N.Y.C. and 1 hour south of Albany, not exactly the back woods……we even get/read the New York Times up here…

    • Hello Suzi,

      This is part of an email to Philosophy after reading it is no longer cruelty free:

      In October, 2017, I reached out to Philosophy asking if it was cruelty free. It was and is important as I am the Mommy of two rabbits. I was told Philosophy did NOT test on animals…

      I found, probably through Coty, Philosophy is no longer cruelty free. My disappointment is beyond words..and others I must throw away!A great deal of my hard earned money has been wasted.

      I was dedicated to Philosophy products only to find the company tests its products on defenseless animals. What products could Philosophy possibly test on animals at this time unless it’s the back-end testing required to sell in China? I believe in the free market system but in an ethical, sustainable way.

      The words of encouragement on each bottle of gel, lotion, etc., are lies. One cannot comfort one’s soul or spirit when there are cages and cages of animals being harmed. My Sainted Mommy’s name is Grace, and I only wore the fragrance which bore her name. I know she is in Heaven, heart weeping, at the deception. She used your products when she “GRACED” this planet.

      There’s more, but you get the point. Have a blessed day.

    • Hi Suzana,

      The skincare brand Dermaviduals claim that their product is cruelty free. It doesn’t appear on your list, but are you able to confirm that they are?



    • On Simple’s website it states they do not carry out any animal testing for their products – I’m confused?

    • Can you please tell me is L’Oréal cruelty-free, i was told they were, but do not see the bunny ears or wording on their products.

    • Hi Zuzi, I’ve been eyeing this product at Costco. They’re Korean Sheet Masks by WHEN Beauty. I looked on their website and they have no information whether or not they’re cruelty free. I want to buy the masks but I would hate to support them if they actually do test on animals.

    • Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the content you post here. I would never have been able to go cruelty free without it!

    • Hi Suzi,

      I’m looking for cruelty free baby products (i.e. diapers, wipes, shampoo, etc.). I know Burt’s Bees and Seventh Generation are cruelty free but I was wondering if you knew if the Parasol Company and/or the Honest Company were truly cruelty free. The Parasol Company lists on their website that they don’t test on animals and they’re a part of PETA but they manufacture their products in China. I’ve gotten mixed answers regarding the Honest Company. The beauty of these two brands are their subscription services and for a momma it’s a one stop shop! 🙂



    • Hi All. I am trying to find a Cruelty Free room deodorizer. I have several types of rescued animals inside our home and know of some sprays, but would like unscented and a safe plug in type as well. Thanks PO

    • Hi there

      I’m looking for cruelty-free blackhead nose strips and a chemical peel for feet. Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Suzi,
      I found a really cute perfume. It is called BERDOUES Peng lai. I could not find it on any cruelty-free list. It’ s an European company. I checked there official website and it seems they do not sell to Mainland China.
      I am wondering if you know is it a cruelty-free one or not?
      Thank you.

    • You have LOVE BEAUTY AND PLANET listed as not cruelty free, but on their website they say are certified vegan and cruelty free!

    • You have LOVE BEAUTY AND PLANET listed as not cruelty free, but on their website they say they are certified vegan and cruelty free !

    • Hi Suzi,

      I was researching Redken hair color as my salon now uses it, and you said that they do test on animals. Can you please clarify if this is still true? Their website says:

      L’Oréal, the parent company of Redken, no longer tests any of its products or any of its ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world nor does L’Oréal delegate this task to others. An exception could only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.

      I contacted them and they said they no longer test on animals, and directed me to this page:’oréal-answers/the-question-of-animal-testing

      I’d love your feedback.

      Thank you!

    • Hi Suzi, I can’t find information anywhere about whether Douglas perfumeries (based in Europe) is cruelty free or not. It is a retailing company that has also its own cosmetics brand which I’m interested in, but on their site they don’t even mention having an animal testing policy… do you know anything about them?

    • Hi Suzy, I am doing a lot of research on products that are meant for men, and it is a little bit more difficult to find options. Have you in your searches found out whether Isdin and Cetafil are truly cruelty-free? They state they do not test on animals, but it is not clear whether they do it when required by law. Any input is very welcome 🙂
      thanks Pedro

    • Hi! Thanks for all of your info. Can you please tell me if you know of IT cosmetics is cruelty free? I believe they are part of L’Oreal.

    • Hi Suzi,
      Are you able to tell me the status of PAYOT with respect to animal testing/cruelty-free. While their website says they do not test on animals in their laboratories, I believe they sell into China.
      I’m trying to ensure that my salon is cruelt-free

    • I tried to get your cruelty-free list downloaded, but only received an “internal error” message. I don’t mind visiting the site off and on to get this information, but it would be much more convenient if the list could be sent to me. Thanks, and I really appreciate what you’re doing here.

    • Hello.
      Just want to say a massive thank you! I have used your website for alot of research, for personal use and business. I owned a nails and beauty company and I am happy to say that now all my products I use for work and personal use are now cruelty free. Your website is fab and im so glad there are people like you that realise the global issue of animal testing
      Thank you
      Eleanor Spencer

    • Hi! I’ve noticed that when I search for brands whose parent companies don’t test on animals, Tarte still comes up in the ‘Cruelty Free Brand List’. But if I google it, they’re still owned by Kosé.

    • Hi!
      I have been using Infusium 23 for years because it is the only thing that detangles my hair. But one of the ingredients is glycerin. I emailed the company and they said there are no animal ingredients but I don’t trust it lol,

    • I have an opportunity to work for Kimberly Clark and had thought they were cruelty free, as I buy Kleenex (manufactured by them). But now, I believe they do test on animals. Do you have any information on them? I have to get back to someone today. Thanks. 🙂

    • Hey I was wondering if you could do a guide to cruelty free sex it would be really helpful. I love your work 🙂 <3

    • Thank you for creating this page, you are an inspiration 🙂 I have switched to allllll cruelty free products and you have made it easy for me to do that, with all of the info on your page. ?

    • I would love to know if you have any info on collab beauty at Sally’s? I wanted to double check to see if they are cruelty free or not.

    • Hi I have been given a voucher for an Elemis facial. According to their website they are cruelty free but not on your list. Help please.

    • Dear Suzi, first of all, thank you for bringing the info to us!

      I have noticed, filter searching is not working, when i filter anything, always an empty result is returned, only comments section is visible.

      Good luck

    • I’ve been trying my hardest to use cruelty free make up and skin care. I’ve been using Tarte but recently read that their parent company isn’t cruelty free??

    • Hi!!! I’m admittedly new to the cruelty-free community, but this website has been absolutely instrumental to my search for new products for my family!!! Thank you so much!

    • Hey Suzi, I have only just started becoming cruelty free, and found out they even test household bleach and other cleaning supplies on animals! Would you be able to create a list of cruelty free cleaning supplies or be able to direct me to another site where I’ll be able to find out more on this. Thank you for your blog it is super informative and useful and makes being cruelty free a breeze(:

    • I had 2 suggestions for this website it is great I just wish it was a little easier to function and more for on the go. If you made an app that would be amazing and also a feauture with a QR code scanner to see if it’s cruelty free quickly ! 🙂

    • I donated to PETA and received a reply that included information that Dove is now cruelty free. I will be happy to scan the document for you if you want.

    • Hey,

      I love the idea of your cruelty free list. Thank you for your effort! But I reacently was wondering if zoeva still is cruelty free, because I saw them offering shipping to China. Do you know more? Thank you in advance.


    • I would like to say how wonderful it is to see cover girl do this humane thing. I’ve always liked cover girl in my youth, but stopped using it because they did test on animals. I will now start to use their product again and am very excited to do so! Thanks Cover Girl

    • Hello, is Celeb Luxury Cruelty Free? I contacted them and they said that they are cruelty free but do not have the Logo yet. I love their hair product (Gem Lites). Does anyone know if they for sure are cruelty free? Should I believe what they told me?

    • Hey suzie! In Canada it is illegal to test in animals and sell products that’s are manufactured elsewhere with animal testing done to them, I tried finding more research about this but I’m just wondering why brands like dove, and L’Oreal are still being sold here?
      If you knew a little more I’d greatly appreciate the intell!

    • Just a quick one I noticed, that on your list Donna Karan is under Estee Lauder, however they are actually part of LVMH.

    • Hi Suzi,
      There s something new in Sephora, called Kaja Cheeky stamp. It is a K-Beauty brand. I could not find its testing information on Sephora’s website or google. I am wondering if it is cruelty-free? Also, is it been sold in China? Do u know it?

      Thank you,

    • Dear Suzi,

      I recently read that Dove is cruelty free and that PETA confirmed it and by 2019 all Dove products will have the PETA logo on it. Is it true? Is Dove cruelty free?

      Thanks for all you do and helping us live cruelty free!


    • Dear Suzana,
      I have recently been really interested in this nail polish brand called KB Shimmer. In their FAQ they say they are currently free. But I would like exactly sure that they are cruelty free. And if they are I want everyone to know that they are cruelty free. Here is their website if you would likely to dig deeper into. Thank you for your amazing website. I have recently been going through a deep cleanse of all products in my house and switching to cruelty free. I love that I can come to your website and learn more every day and put in a consistent standard to be cruelty free. Again thank you so much.

    • Hey Suzi,
      I was investigating on Elemis Skincare and I got an email statement from the brand stating they are a cruelty free skincare brand and I would love to share t with you to put in your website. If you are interested in receiving the email, i will leave my email down below and I can forward it. Thank you for reading this, love this website.

    • Hi
      Was wondering if W7 cosmetics (which does a lot of duped of famous products eg benefit, ABH) is cruelty free? They recently released a vegan line which is cool, and officially they say that they do not test their products on animals however I also read somewhere else that they do sell in China. Not sure how true this is. W7 is currently not on your list (unless I missed it which is entirely possible)
      Please are you able to clarify?
      Love your work, since finding your website I’ve gone 100% cruelty free and you’ve been so instrumental in making that happen!
      Thank you so much

    • I would love any information on helping you either with the site or in my community to support what you are doing. I think it is wonderful

    • I start changing my lifestyle to be cruelty-free, at the beginning was difficult but when I came across “Cruelty-Free Kitty” make it tons easier. Thank you so much! I love your blog.

    • Hello Suzi,
      My friend is trying to sell me a brand called Rodan +Fields she tells me it’s cruelty free but anybody could write that I just want to make sure it is because I will not buy anything that isn’t

    • Directions and W7 are also cruelty free brands. W7 has many vegan products too (there gel eyeliner pencils are amazing!!)

    • Hi Suzi – I noticed Monat is not mentioned on the Hair products list. Could you review this product?

    • Hi Suzi,

      I’m just wondering if you will start adding information on MLM companies and their cruelty-free/vegan status. I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne and would love to have a credible place to send potential clients where they can find Arbonne listed in the database and would love for your site to be that source. Arbonne has never tested on animals in its 38 years of existence and is certified cruelty-free. The company does not sell any products in China nor are there any plans that I am aware of to enter that market as being vegan and cruelty-free is very important to Arbonne.

      Thanks for your input! 😀

    • Hi Suzi – I discovered you a few weeks ago and have been replacing many of my cosmetics with cruelty free, as well as my kitty’s food! I can’t be happier with the products I’ve gotten. I do have a question though. I decided a few years ago to go gray and am very happy I did. However, I have problems with my hair that I never did before as the gray is very coarse and frizzy. I did buy “It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In” as suggested by my hairdresser, but she also highly recommended Redken’s Frizz Dismiss shampoo and conditioner. I’ve searched for cruelty-free alternatives/dupes for Frizz Dismiss and come up with nothing. Can you help? Thanks for much for all that you do. Next I’m going to start purchasing Seventh Generation cleaning products. Thank you for all the good work you do. I’ve told all my animal loving friends (which are ALL my good friends) about you!


      • Hi Tina, thanks so much! I wish I could help you find a replacement for that product, but honestly I’m not sure what to suggest. For shampoo and conditioner, I’ve been loving Giovanni and EVOLVh personally. Maybe take a look at the list of cruelty-free hair care brands and ask your hairdresser for suggestions based on those brands? All the best. 🙂

    • Hello Suzi,

      We’re a new for the US market brand of 100% Natural Skin Care SATIVA (, manufactured in Europe. Neither our products nor the ingredients are tested on animals (the manufacturer does only in-vitro products testing), so we’re a cruelty-free brand and it would be really cool if you could include us in your list:)

      Moreover, 99% of our products are vegan (besides one hair mask #48 that contains propolis), all our product are 100% metabolized by the skin and eco-friendly (biodegradable ingredients and recyclable packaging).

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      P.S.You’re doing a great job here, educating people and helping them. Thank you for that!

      Kind regards,
      Alena Burava

    • Hi! I was just wondering if Bella Terra Cosmetics is cruelty free. Their label says PETA certified but I can’t find any confirmation of their status anywhere. Thanks in advance!!

    • Hello Suzi,

      I am grateful to have websites like yours to find sources for cruelty free make up. I know its been a while since you have updated your list but I just wanted to inform you as an employee of the Body Shop that we are no longer owned by L’oreal but a company named Natura. Thank you again for this useful website.

    • Suzi, your cruelty free kitty site is such a wonderful resource. Your time, efforts, honesty & creativity are greatly appreciated.
      1) Any sources for cruelty-free, UNSCENTED, UNCOLORED Candles – with wicks of 100% cotton. ”Regular” candles are made with paraffin, which is derived from petroleum & a known carcinogen. There are very few online sources for Candles that are cruelty-free, vegan, unscented 100% cotton wicks. Can’t find definitive info re: best plant-based source to replace paraffin. Soy, palm, & other plant-based sources are recommended and/or rejected as safest substitute for paraffin. I would gladly make my own Candles if I knew exactly what to purchase/where to purchase. Suzi, thank you so much!

    • Dear Suzi,
      Has Living Proof ever definitively answered?
      Also, what happened to Mrs. Meyers?
      Thanks, you are awesome!

    • Hi Suzi,
      Do you have a TJ Maxx or Marshalls near to you? If so, there are a ton of “in-house” cosmetic brands they have there, including brushes, face masks etc, perhaps that would be a good series for you to feature on the website?

    • Hello, I just read your article about cruelty free pharmacy skincare brands and thought I should let you know something that was announced last month in Greece regarding KORRES since KORRES is/was a greek brand. They sold the majority of their shares to a Chinese group and are looking forward to opening up in the chinese market. I am afraid you will have to disqualify KORRES from the cruelty free list very soon…
      Thank for the great job informing us,

      • Hi Marianna, I wrote a post about Korres in China recently (it’s the most recent post on the front page right now). It turns out that Korres claims that they will only be selling to China online in order to bypass the animal testing laws, which is a relief.

    • Hi Suzi,
      Thank you for doing this for all of us cruelty free makeup users. I had 2 questions for you. Do you know the status of Hikari Cosmetics as well as Beauty Bakerie? Beauty Bakerie claims they are cruelty free on their website, but I haven’t seen it listed on any cruelty free sites.

      • I just added these to my list of brands to look into. If they’re cruelty-free, you’ll be able to find them using the search soon. 🙂

    • Could you please look at oolaboo. Its a Dutch outfit that have great products and claim to be 100% cruelty free.

    • Dear Suzi,
      I wanted to thank you for creating this blog & website. It has truly helped with my goal of going 100% cruelty free! I have discovered some amazing brands. I wanted to ask also whether you’ve heard anything about the new line of vegan, cruelty-free fragrances that launched at target this January: Good-chemistry. I discovered it by chance while shopping their natural beauty aile and I have to say that if they are indeed cruelty free they are a fantastic option for those of us who love good quality scents but are looking for a cruelty free option. They have quite a range of smells to suit most tastes and would love to add them to my list.
      Thanks again & keep up the awesome work!!

      • Hi Belle, thank you so much!! Glad that my site was helpful! I haven’t heard about the perfume brand you mention, but I’ll be looking into them. Have a great one! 🙂

    • According to your list L’Occitane in does test list but I think this is not true. could you please confirm it?

    • Thanks for this list!! There are so many others ways products can be tested than the torture of animals. I use Eminence organic skin products. They too are cruelty free and do not test on animals. Noticed it wasn’t on your list. Maybe you want to add it.

    • Dear Suzi,

      Although I have been an animal lover for years, I have recently realized that I use many products from brands that test on animals. I can’t believe I haven’t thought about this before and it just won’t do. This is why my resolution for 2018 was to use only cruelty-free products, and that’s how I stubbled upon your blog.

      Thank you for your AMAZING content and extremely helpful lists and articles. I love that you give descriptions about the products and address their quality as well as the fact that they are cruelty-free.

      I just wanted to say thank you. You have made my New Year’s resolution a lot easier to keep! <3

    • Hi Suzi,

      Thanks for the wonderful information you have on your site! I am new to becoming a more conscious shopper and love all the helpful tips you have posted here! While browsing your cruelty-free list, I noticed you didn’t have Seventh Generation as being owned by Unilever – so also just wanted to give you a heads up on that one!
      Thanks again!

      Jessica R.

    • I’m 13 now and became a vegetarian when I was 11. I started using more skincare and makeup not so long ago and your really helping me find good cruelty free skincare and makeup products! Thanks!

    • First off, I wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve put into this website. It’s really helped me in my quest for a more animal and environmentally friendly household.

      I did have a question though. Have you ever thought about doing a “shopping guide” for more men’s and unisex products? Things like deodorants/antiperspirants, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. I know a lot of brands on the list do offer at least a few and while I’m fine smelling a bit more neutral, my partner prefers that “man” smell (for lack of a better way to put it). Mostly we’ve switched him over to cruelty-free too but some things have been hard and I’m sure lots of masculine people or people who love them would appreciate such a list.

      Much love and many regards xx

      • Thanks so much! I’ll keep your suggestion in mind and you’re totally right. Let me know if you have any suggestions for brands your partner likes. Lots of love! 🙂

    • Hi Suzi!

      I absolutely LOVE your website here and I refer to it very often when I am shopping! 🙂 I recently found a new hair product on the shelves at the stores I go to called Maui Moisture. On the back of their bottles it states that they are cruelty-free, so I purchased them. However, I’m having some doubts as their website does not state cruelty-free anywhere (At least not that I could see) nor do they have a cruelty-free symbol, for example Leaping Bunny.

      Have you done any research into this company?
      Thank you so much!

    • I was really happy to see Marks and spencer as a supplier of cruelty free products. Being new to making cruelty free choices I was looking intbeur store specifically for hair shampoo. However when I visited I noticed none of their brands are listed on your cruelty free lists, in fact some such as bumble and bumble are on the animal testing lists. I guess in that case m&s should be removed?

    • This news comes under the don’t be fooled category. It is from the British Beauty Blogger website:

      “Next year sees a lot of new brands appearing… trends seem to indicate that make-up is having a bit of a down-swing while skin care is on the up. Shiseido is launching on-line only Recipist (only in Japan for now), Unilever is launching Love Beauty And Planet while L’Oreal is launching vegan hair line Botanea. Their key messaging is about the environment, sustainability and natural beauty, capturing millennials with any shade of pink or green you like. ”

      All these companies do animal testing, but they want to appear green and caring even though they’re not.

    • Dear Suzi,

      I am new to buying cruelty free products and your blog is really helpful! I do have a question about Erno Laszlo (as a huge lover of their product I was disappointed to see you removed them from this list) so I looked on their page and they seemed to be very adamant about being against testing on animals. If you could double check that I just want to make sure I am getting the right information.
      Thank you so much!

    • Hello,
      I am working on changing all of my makeup,body products and household products to be toxin free. I am overwhelmed with the process of making makeup for myself, so I am hoping to find great, performing alternatives which I can purchase.
      I see most of your information is about cruelty free, which is wonderful! How can I be sure they products are toxin free and which are going to harm my body as well as free from animal testing?
      Is there a difference in products which are not tested on animals and those which are vegan and or also safe for human use? Please help me distinguish the difference, or am I the one who is be tested when using the cruelty free cosmetics?

    • hi!! i’m about to buy some hair stuff from miss jessie’s but i wanted to know first if they are cruelty free? thank you

    • Just purchased NYX doll eye mascara as your list said it’s cruelty free. However both the box and the tube say made in China so it it cruelty free or not?

    • Hi Suzi,
      I have noticed Fenty Beauty is not on your list but I have seen some other websites state FB is cruelty free. Has your research confirmed this? Thanks.

    • Hi Suzi!

      My name is Sydni Smith. I wanted first to express my sincere appreciation for your website. Such a wonderful site boasting such an incredible mission should not go unmentioned, and I just wanted to let you know that you have created a much beloved and trusted source of information! To people like me who are wanting to pay more attention to what products we are using, you truly have been such a huge source of help and inspiration.

      I wanted to ask about a brand I found online. They claim to be vegan and cruelty free, but I wanted to ask for your opinion. It is Juvia’s Place–I am specifically looking at their eyeshadow palettes and their makeup brush sets. Do you know if these are cruelty-free and vegan as Juvia’s Place claims? Here’s their website:

      If you could check them out, I would so appreciate it. Thank you for everything you do!

    • Hi! First of all thank you very much for this website, it is a constant reference for me!!
      I have a question about Korean skincare. I’ve read on other similar blogs that some of the Korean brands are cruelty free, while others aren’t. Do you have any info on that?
      Also I am subscribed to the cruelty free beauty box, and they sent me some products from Juara, an Indonesian(?) brand. I really like the samples, and trust the subscription service to be thorough in checking the policies. So it’s a brand you might look into and add here ?

    • Can you recommend a cruelty-free alternative to ChapStick? Nothing else really works, but I refuse to use ChapStick.

    • I am trying to see if a new online hair color line, E-Salon, is cruelty free. They say they are but I can’t find any info on them.

    • Hi-a! Just saw a question regarding the brand “Creme de la Mer” which, as we all know, tests on animals. I was on Etsy the other day looking for Yule presents for my family and saw a shop called “Orglamix” that has lovely c-f skincare and cosmetics. Just for fun, I had typed “Creme de la Mer” dupes into the Etsy search and BAM! they have a c-f dupe of that very expensive, full of chemical nasties lux cream. I am not waiting for my payday to order some as a treat for myself before the holidays. Thought you all might like to know, maybe you could put it on a more viewed page. Cheers from Toronto, Canada!

    • Hey Suzi,

      I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. After reading your article “15 Great Reasons To Switch To Cruelty-Free Products Right Now” I began switching out all of my makeup, shower items, cleaning supplies, etc. Your blog has been an amazing reference and a real eye opener.
      Thank you for all you’ve done, and continue to do!

    • I am wondering how current and accurate the list is because I recently contacted Rimmel of London and Vichy and both companies told me that they do not sell in China.

    • Hi Suzi, I love your site. Beaufort’s of London perfumery emailed me back Hector from Beaufort’s says all their perfumes are vegan right now and they do NOT test on animals. He says that is why they do not sell their product in China. They use synthetic forms of ambergis,civet,ect…just thought I would everyone know!

    • Good day! When last in Sephora, I was told Fenty is cruelty free… is this true? I did see some stuff on Google about how Rhianna confirmed it is 100% cruelty free, buuuut I don’t always believe what Google tells me 😉 Love that I found this site, and LOVE that some of my fave brands, like Tarte and Urban Decay, are cruelty free. I just wish MAC was 🙁

      • They essentially told me that they’re cruelty-free, but they can’t give out any other information. That’s why I haven’t added them so far, but hopefully they can clarify in the future.

    • Hi Suzi,

      I was wondering if the company Frankie Rose Cosmetics was cruelty free? Wanted to double check before purchasing.

      Thank you very much in advance!

    • Dear Suzi
      I am not sure if Becca is animal cruelty free or not. Some websites say their animal cruelty free but some say their not. Please let me know. Thanks
      BTW love your blog

    • Dear Suzi,
      I am not sure whether or not Becca cosmetics is animal cruelty free or not. On a few websites it says their cruelty free but some says the do test on animals
      please let me know
      BTW love your blog

    • Hi! I recently found out that Eve Lom has started to sell officially in China (both in online stores and a retailer in Shanghai), which is very devastating as they are one of my favorite cruelty-free brands. When I did the research I found that they have changed their animal testing policy to
      “Eve Lom does not test on animals and never asks others to do so on its behalf. However, if an international authority demands such testing for safety or regulatory assessment, unfortunately, it is obliged to comply.”
      As I was googling about the brand, your website result came out first on google and shows that Eve Lom is cruelty-free and do not sell in China.
      Can you please check if this is true and update your website accordingly?

    • I absolutely love this site, it is so helpful!
      Medusa’s Make-up is another amazing cruelty free and vegan company, if you haven’t heard of them I strongly suggest you check them out 🙂

    • Hi Suzi! I am new to going cruelty-free in terms of cosmetics and your blog has been such a big help; thank you! ^^

      I have a question. Is Daiso makeup considered cruelty-free? Like the brand Ellefar. I look forward to your reply!

      • Hi Victoria,

        I have wavy and thick hair. I use both Natures Gate and Babo Botanicals and love both! I even use the Babo Botanicals on my baby.

    • Hey there, Suzi!

      I love your blog it has helped me transition to a cruelty-free lifestyle (I have even stopped eating meat!). I have done some research and I believe that Fenty Beauty is cruelty-free but am waiting for you “go-ahead”. Do you have any information that negates the claims?


    • Hi Suzi! i never really understood the procedure on testing animals and all… I’m living in Singapore. but i want to ask, if a company sells its products in China, but we dont live in China, does it mean its products are cruelty free in where I live or is it not cruelty free everywhere, in all countries? Sorry if this seems stupid,, i’m just so confuseeeeed and i hope you could help to clear this up :’)

    • Hi Suzi!
      I’m exploring the world of cruelty free makeup and skincare. And I was wondering about Isadora. Are they cruelty free? And if not – what are the criteria for them not being cruelty free? Love your blog and the site! So helpful.
      Take care.
      Caroline from Sweden.

    • At a Supercuts salon, I was recently given a small bottle of Regis Designline “Olive Oil for Healthy Hair” shampoo. On the product, it states, “Finished product not tested on animals.” Is this product not truly “cruelty free??” What does this mean? Thanks for any help that you can give!

    • Dear Suzi.

      I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and I really appreciate it. Your blog is very helpful and makes it easier to live cruelty-free.

      There is a brand called Rich Hair Care that has some really good products. I think it’s quite new on the market, but it has been covered in magazines etc. The problem is that I can’t find any information on if it’s cruelty-free or not. I couldn’t find any information on it anywhere. I tried to mail them about animal testing, but they never answered. Do you know anything about Rich Hair Care and their stance on animal testing?

      Thank you for the amazing work you do!

      With love from Sweden.

    • Hi, I’m desperately trying to find home bleaching or even salon quality bleaching kits and colour corrector/remover products and i can’t seem to find anything thats been rated highly online. I don’t have a vegan hair dresser near me so i’m having to look into home bleach/dye kits. Would love to see a post reviewing hair dyes and related products! I’m in the UK btw.


      Charlie x

    • Hello the first thing I want to clarify is that I speak Spanish and apologize if it is not well written
      I would like to know if kiko still does not test her products on animals
      thank you very much

    • Hello, just wanted to point out that Nars is on the list of cruelty-free, but they just started working with China, and released a statement saying they are NO longer cruelty-free and should be removed from here. Thanks!

    • Hi Suzi –

      I absolutely love your website – thank you for creating such a wonderful resource for those of us who care about animals and the environment.

      I wanted to let you know that d’avines hair products ( are cruelty free and are fantastic products (in case you’d like to research them and / or add them to your list).

      Thank you again,

    • Dear Suzi,

      Are you able to tell me if “Beauty 360”, which I believe is CVS’ brand, tests on animals? I don’t see it on either list here. Thanks!

    • Dermalogica brand is not cruelty free, i was going to buy their eve cream and squalane is listed in the ingredients.

      Squalane is extracted from sharks.

      • Squalane can be derived from animal and plant sources. When in doubt, I would recommend reaching out to the brand directly to find out what they source their squalane from!

    • hello ! i just want to go for cruelty free now in my make up and skin care!I is Sacha cosmetics cruelty free? i love their powder for dark skin

    • Hi Suzi! I love your blog and the wonderful information in it. I would love you to review my products. I am a young cancer survivor and I made my own vegan products to assist in my recovery and beyond. My company is called Pristine Beauty. We are super small but the products are ecofriendly, cruelty free, gluten free, vegan and super effective!!! Would you please consider adding them to your list?

    • Hi Suzi,
      What really bothers me is The Body Shop.. They are promoting themselves as anti animal testing, super clean products and so on. BUT they are own by Loreal.. I have hard time believing that their ingredients haven’t some when in the production been tested on animals. The ingredients could have been tested ages ago..
      For me it is very hypocritical ..
      Please help me clear this out =)
      Have a lovely day!!!

    • Dear Suzi,

      I was poking around Sephora’s website and saw this new(?) brand called “Pretty Vulgar”. Packaging looks vintage and beautiful, Sephora says they are cruelty free and their website says they are cruelty free, but they aren’t on your list so I wasn’t sure! =( Do you know anything about the brand and whether their cruelty free status is genuine?


      • Good question! I am looking into it and will provide an update once I get a response from them on their cruelty-free status.

    • I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this. How about LXMI. I have been using if for about a year and I really like their products. There are only two. I did contact the company to ask if they, or any of their suppliers tested and they said no. It’s also on their FAQ’s – No Animal Testing, but I wanted to make sure. Their a small company, woman owned, Free Trade. Be nice to get them on the list. Thanks.

    • Suzi,

      Wonderful blog you have here. I wanted to ask, do you happen to know any brands that offer women’s cruelty free (if not natural as well) shaving cream?

    • Hi Suzi
      I want to ask about 2 drugstore brand bar soaps, Yardley and Shugar Soapworks. You can actually get both at the Dollar Tree. Woo hoo! Yardley’s website says they are cruelty free and Shugar’s shows a logo, but I could not find an official policy.
      I love your site, I depend on your info for my shopping!

    • Dear Suzi,

      I have recently discovered your site and it is amazing! You explain everything in such a great detail! However, I still have a question I would like to ask you. In the L’Oreal site they state they don’t do animal testing,although L’oreal is not in your cruelty-free lists ( the article’s name is The Question of Animal Testing,if you read it I thimk you can understand better my question ).But I am still confused! Could you please clarify ?

      • Yes, L’Oreal’s policy is very misleading. Unfortunately, they are not cruelty-free as they do fund animal testing of their finished products in China, where the practice is required by law.

    • Some of the drugstore brands you mentioned have some products that are made in China. This is something I always check. I believe Wet n Wild is one of them but I know there are several. What’s with that?

    • Hi,

      I didn’t see the brand “Alaffia” on the list but they claim to be cruelty-free and vegan.

      Do you know anything about them?


    • Hi Suzi,
      Love your blog! 🙂 What are your thoughts on Kate Somerville products? People have said it’s cruelty-free but I wanted to make sure.

    • hi suzi just wondering why napoleon isn’t on your lists anywhere they are cruelty free and not owned by any company. some products are vegan also. can you confirm?

    • Hello All! I’m not sure if this is 100% true, but I emailed the company and they came back with a statement that they DO NOT Test on Animals. It is LA’s Totally Awesome Products. They can be found at Dollar General. I’ve been using them for years – I am on a budget and i just hope and pray that they are being truthful about it!

    • hi, i’m just curious if you’ve heard of senegence/lipsense. they’re cruelty free and i really think they should be added to the list 🙂

    • Wet n Wild is on your list of cruelty free brands. Are you sure about this? Their nail polish is made in China, according to tag on bottle? China tests on animals.

      • Yes, products that are made in China can remain cruelty-free. Brands that are made elsewhere and sold in mainland China are not cruelty-free since animal testing is mandatory for foreign cosmetics sold in China. Hope this helps!

    • Hi, I love this website, its fantastic! I’ve been wondering about a haircare brand called Davines, thats popularly used in hair salons in the UK… any idea if its cruelty free? x

      • Hi Janine, I reached out to Davines to find out about their animal testing policy but I have not heard back yet! You can also reach out to them directly to see if you have better luck getting a response. Make sure to ask them about their finished products, ingredients, suppliers, as well as third party testing. Another thing to consider is whether or not they sell in mainland China, where animal testing is mandatory by law. I will update the Ultimate Guide to Cruelty-Free Hair Brands as soon as I find out! 🙂

    • The Body Shop used to be a paragon in the crusade to end animal testing, but after the passing of Anita Rodick it became a part of the Nestle/ Loreal juggernaut, Loreal tests on Animals and exploits quite a few loopholes to call itself cruelty free, can the Body Shop still call itself Cruelty free?

      • Yes, brands can still remain cruelty-free despite the status of their parent company. That being said, a purchase with a cruelty-free brand that is owned by a parent company that tests will inevitably benefit the parent company financially. Some would argue that this also sends a message to the parent company that you choose to only support their cruelty-free brands. Ultimately it’s up to you to do what feels right!

    • Dear Suzi,

      I recently discovered your site and I am so grateful I did! I’m shopping all cruelty free products from now on. I read your list of cruelty free skincare products, but can you recommend a cruelty free eye makeup remover? The brands I checked out don’t have one. and I don’t want to buy one from a bad company!

      Thank you!


    • Hi, I’ve just transitioned to a vegan and cruelty lifestyle and i got thinking the other day why I shouldn’t buy products from places like mac. I live in Australia and Mac says that they do not test their products or ingredients on an animal unless required by the law, therefore they do not test on animals in Australia. For example if i buy oreos in Australia or something that’s vegan but in another country, they are not vegan, does that mean that i shouldnt buy these things because of the cause harm to animals in other parts of the world. My point is the oreas or whatever im buying is in a sense “cruelty-free” because those particular oreos are vegan, and if the individual makeup product im buying is not actually tested on animals then whats the harm? Ive been wondering this for a while and i would like to know if im wrong in what im saying or if there is another reason. Thank you so much for your time

    • I’ve recently gone Vegan and am looking to switch over all my brands. Do you know if Rodan & Fields Skincare is cruelty-free? My rep said it was… but I have read conflicting things online. Since I’m new to the makeup side, I’m not sure what I should look for/ask specifically? Love your page!

    • Hey I’m hoping I could convince you to include nail related products like gel, acrylic, monomer ect not just nail polish but as a nail tech I know kiara sky brand is cruelty free but what about other big name brands? I would love to help educate my fellow nail techs on cruelty free nail supplies! Please consider it

    • Hi Suzi

      Do you know for sure that Klorane is not cruelty free? Because I looked on there website and they stated that they do not test on animals. Do you know if maybe they sell to mainland China? Or have testing done with there suppliers?


    • Why don’t you consider Aveda Cruelty free? On their website they claim to be cruelty free, but on your most recent list of brands they were removed. Why is that?

    • SO happy to have found this page! I am trying to shop smarter when it comes to my makeup supplies and this page has been super helpful and easy to navigate, so thank you! I didn’t see Luxie cosmetics on here and I was under the impression that they were both vegan and cruelty free, can you confirm this? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey, i’d appreciate your opinion on the nail polish brand ‘little ondine’. They claim cruelty free status but openly sell in China. When i contacted them they basically gave me an “if you don’t like it don’t buy it” response. They said Chinese laws have changed enough to allow them to remain cruelty free but i just don’t trust it. I’m not very knowledgable about these things so if you have the time at some point to look into the brand that’d be great. Keep up the great work.

    • What do you have on animal testing…what animals for what and how….in PDF or in booklet form? Or can you tell me where to obtain this info to reproduce. Also, may I link you to my FB page/wall?

    • Have you looked into Karity or DECIEM? Karity is mostly brushes, but DECIEM appears to be a whole host of products. Both websites say they are cruelty free but I haven’t seen them on the site yet.

    • Hi Suzi, I am trying to find a cruelty free version of BOBBI BROWN Pot Rouge. I love the fact it works as lipcolour as well but am gutted that she is part of the Estee Lauder evil animal cruelty empire. Can you recommend a replacement?

    • Dear Suzi,

      I was wondering if you could help me find out whether the brand Fresh is cruelty free. They sell on Sephora and it seems like the brand is from Russia, if that helps because I haven’t been able to find anything else on the brand. Love you and your work!


    • hello I was wondering if the brand Kleancolor was cruelty free? On the website that sells their products it states that they are, but they are not on your list….

    • Hi Suzi:
      I notice that you do not include the Lise Watier cosmetics brand on your cruelty free list. This is a Canadian company which has been around for a long time. Their products are good quality and have never been tested on animals.

    • Dear Suzi,

      Have you heard of KORA ORGANICS? They say that they are 100% cruelty-free but your blog is my go-to for organic beauty products. If you would check into that for me that would be great!



    • Hi Suzie, this site is my daily go to for all things cosmetics, I literally keep a page open on all browsers at all times.

      I’m desperate to try my luck at launching a vegan, cruelty free eyelash line but can’t find any suppliers that are explicit to be such. Do you happen to know of any?

      All advice greatly appreciated as always.

    • Hi Suzi, I’m just curious if you know of the company Rituals and if they are cruelty free? They state on they’re website that they are cruelty free but the company name does not appear on PETA’s website or any other list including yours.

    • I am so grateful for your newsletter and information. It has totally changed the way I buy I used dove soap forever but now have changed. I thank you so much for all your investigation and for putting out the newsletter it is my guide to buying

    • Hi Suzi!
      I’ve recently tried a few products from Ilia Beauty and I’m in love! They are certified with leaping bunny and gluten free. They’re definitely a little more on the higher end cosmetic range so I haven’t had the opportunity to try more than just a few of their lip items. I would love to see if you’ve tried anything from them or if you could contact them to try some of their line!


    • Dear Suzi,

      I just found out that EVELOM is sold in China. The counters and boutiques are everywhere in major cities of China (Shang-Hai, Beijing…). Are they still cruelty free?



      • Hi! I’m not familiar with the cruelty-free status of Pure Haven Essentials right now, but I definitely recommend reaching out to them directly! Make sure to ask them about their finished products, ingredients, suppliers, as well as third party testing. Another thing to consider is whether or not they sell in mainland China, where animal testing is mandatory by law. Hope this helps!

      • Hi Camilla, I am not sure of the cruelty-free status of Britney Spears perfume right now. I would definitely recommend reaching out to them directly! Make sure to ask them about their finished products, ingredients, suppliers, as well as third party testing. Another thing to consider is whether or not they sell in mainland China, where animal testing is mandatory by law.

    • it is my understanding that charlote tilbury products are NOT cruelty free at all. More research is needed. The same goes for Tarte brand. Tarte was acquired by another company. Perhaps certain products of these lines are cruelty free but not all. In fact I find the fact that this list is so long to be circumspect. Most companies producing facial cosmetics and skincare are not cruelty free. Appreciate your research, but as a consumer I would do my own research if you are truly wanting to support cruelty free products.

    • Hey, Suzi. I was mega-intrigued by the ad for Schmidt’s rose-vanilla cruelty-free deodorant on the side banner! It links to Amazon (which we all love), but Amazon does sell Trump products, which may conflict with our future debates on the environment and animal testing. If you’re interested, you can download the DoneGood Chrome extension which will alert you to sites that sell Trump stuff. Then you can click the notification to tweet Amazon directly (and tag the president) urging them to stop selling Trump stuff. In any case, I hope this is helpful.

    • Dear Suzi,

      Have you heard of the hair brand Oway? They are certified cruelty-free, but I didn’t see them on your list!

    • Dear Suzi.

      Do you know something about the brand POLYSIANES from KLORANE laboratories?
      I search and search & i can’t find anything, of course they said that they don’t test on animals in his page, but you know that a lot of company said that and then sell on China, & I don’t know if they sell on Mainland.

      Anyone knows?

      Love from CHILE

      Nicole x

      • Hi Nicole! I’m not certain about Klorane’s status so I can’t comment on that. I’ll be looking into it though!

    • Naturtint and other cruelty free hair color brands are sold in Natural Grocers stores. I hope this information is helpful. They also sell cruelty free nail products.

    • Hi Suzi, I love your blog and it’s so helpful! However, there are brands that aren’t in here. K-beauty (Korean brands) is so popular nowadays, and they have their own space in Sephora stores. I’ve seen brands included here such as Dr.Jart+ and Tony Moly, though. I love Korean brands, but it would be better if you could provide us some information about them. Popular brands: Etude, Laneige/Amore Pacific, Innisfree, Aritaum, Face Shop, Banila Co, and many more.

      Also, I have found a PETA certified brand of skincare called Juara. They are also made of natural herbs. People may want to learn about this natural and cruelty free brand. This is just a suggestion for you. Hope you keep doing great with the blog!

    • Hi I’ve been approached by Younique & despite repeated queries regarding their claim to be cruelty-free, I can’t find them listed on any approved cruelty-free brand sites & they don’t carry the Leaping Bunny logo. Now they’ve just announced a collaboration with Cory who do test and sell in China…….that along with their evasive nessa makes me wary so does anyone have any concrete information on Younique cruelty-free claim please?

    • Great list! Thanks for your dedication to cruelty free products. One thing that surprised me was you stated Pacifica is not cruelty though they are vegan. Their website and their products state that they are indeed cruelty free and vegan.

    • Dear Suzi,
      I am so in Love with your site! I found it by pure chance a couple of days ago.
      The extensive information, lists and research has me beyond impressed! It’s so pretty as well. ✨ I’ve started following you on Facebook and Pinterest so that I simply don’t miss anything. ? I’ve always been against any and all types of cruelty towards animals but never really took the time to think about what products I’ve been buying… until now. I am in the process of getting rid of any products I have that aren’t cruelty-free and starting to buy those that are. I was feeling a little overwhelmed until I found your site. Thank you so much for all the effort and awareness you put into this… and also for making my shopping so much simpler. ?✨?

      ~ Melissa xo ~

    • Hey Suzi,
      I have been reading your blog a few times and I really like it.
      I am looking for some antiaging creams but I don’t know any Cruelty-Free brands.
      Would you tell me some?
      PS: Sorry about my english, I am spanish.
      Concratulations with your blog.

      • Yes, I’ll have a post coming up! I can’t guarantee it’s going to be super soon but it’s on my list. In the meantime, check out Paula’s Choice because they’re great at antiaging. Thank you for your kind words and I’m sending positive vibes your way!

        • I haven’t seen Skyn Iceland mentioned on your site anywhere. They make some great anti aging products and are labeled 100% vegan and cruelty free on their site. They’re also mentioned on peta.

    • To sell or not to sell in China…. that is the question
      If they need the money so bad to sell in China, then the agree to animal testing… it’s as simple as that

    • Do You know anything about cruelty free contact lenses, or circle lenses? I know, only about DaySoft, but they don’t have toric lenses, so I need to buy lenses from brands, that I’m not sure they’re testing. I can’t wear glasses because after few hours I’ve got horrible head ache 🙁 I don’t know what to do in this situaton.

    • Hi Suzi,

      First of all, let me congratulate you on your efforts to not only create such a comprehensive list of brands that are cruelty free but also to post updates on them regularly. You are helping people like us to easily identify cruelty free brands. And doing so much good for the animal community! So pls keep up the good work and thank you so much for your efforts towards this cause.

      I wanted to check with you if you have any information on the brand ‘Natio’ Natural Australian Beauty.. who claim to be cruelty free and their website says they are certified by the organisation ‘ChooseCrueltyFree’ (CCF) since 1996. But when I checked on the CCF website, there is no mention of Natio or Natural Australian Beauty anywhere. Can you pls tell me if you have any info regarding this. Thank you in advance,


      • Hi Archana! Thank you so much for your kind words.

        If you can’t find that brand on CCF, I would contact CCF and let them know/ask them about it. Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with Australian brands (yet), and I think CCF is going to give you the best answer here. It seems odd for them to claim being certified when they’re not, so maybe they got removed.

    • I love your comment Drea. I wish someone like you could spread the world in schools. I am sure you already inform people around you. Education is the key! When I read that Dawn was campaigning about cleaning birds after an oil spill but heavily testing their products on animals, when I saw that the extremity of the feathers in my duvet were black therefore torn from an alive goose,…, I was so disgusted. But we cannot know what we don’t know. That’s why your blog is so important Suzil! It’s a door to access this knowledge. It should be certified of public interest.

    • Hi Caitlin! Thank you for your kind words and support! I’ll try to explain my position a little better.

      I don’t add any company that “tests on animals where required by law” to my list of cruelty-free brands. There are 2 main reasons to this.

      1. If they tests on animals where required by law, they technically test on animals. It’s their official policy to test on animals, so it wouldn’t make much sense to consider these companies as cruelty-free. By the book, they claim to test on animals.

      2. There’s a reason why these companies “test on animals where required by law”, even if they don’t currently sell in China. Since they’re opening themselves up to it, they might already be working on entering the Chinese market. There’s the constant possibility.

      That being said, Smashbox just removed its “unless required by law” policy from the FAQ on their website. I’m going to reach out to them and see what they have to say about it. Although I wouldn’t feel comfortable supporting Smashbox (since they already sold in China and therefore paid for animal testing being done on their products), it’s possible they could be considered cruelty-free as of right now.

      Let me know if this helps, or if you have more concerns.

      • Hey Suzi, thank you so much for taking the time to read my comment and respond! I understand why they are not on your cruelty-free list now. Please let me know what Smashbox says regarding their new policies and if they have permanently pulled out of the Chinese market, meaning they would never test on animals again. Hopefully that is the case, but if not then I will not be buying from them. You did a really great job of explaining and answering my questions and I totally understand now! Have a great day!
        Caitlin Galloway

    • Dear Cruelty free kitty 🙂
      I am curious to know why Arbonne is not listed on your page, I know it to be cruelty free 100% & certified vegan also backed by PETA 🙂 love to hear your thoughts or perhaps it has been simply missed.

    • Hi Suzi. do you know whether T Leclerc is cruelty free or not I cant find anything on it on PETA or anywhere Thankyou xx

    • Any good cruelty free pads (other than natracare) and razors (are there any cruelty free electric razors) and a product similar to the vera mona color switch?

    • Love the info here! Forgive, me, new at this and may be a bit naive, but, anyone else sad IT Cosmetics is now partnering with L’Oreal? I was very surprised to receive the announcement in my email 7/22/16.

    • Hello Suzi, I am wondering on what basis is Alberto not cruelty-free? From my research I have found the parent company is cruelty free. I may be wrong and I am finding it hard to find a simple answer for this brand! Its a shame as I like this brand due to low price and supplied almost everywhere.

    • Does anyone know about INCC Parfums?(Parent company) I looked on their site and it said nothing in regards to being cruelty free so I’m assuming they aren’t, but does anyone here know for certain? I also heard that garnier have gone cruelty free recently but only found one small article about it, anyone know if its true or not?

    • Dearest Suzi,
      Just wanted to say thank you for creating this site and for sharing your info on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I follow you on all 3 and visit this site on a daily basis, as well as share your things on Facebook & retweet you ALOT on Twitter LOL! Your doing a wonderful/marvelous/loving thing and people like me as well as animals all over the world thank you. I just wanted you to know how awesome you are and how much you mean to people like me.

    • Just wanted to share… sounds like Australian government is planning to ban cosmetic testing on animals next year! Yay, not perfect but a step in the right direction.

    • Hi Suzi,

      I was just wondering if you’re based in the USA or UK? I am an Ambassador for Tropic Skincare, a UK based company, and all our products are certified by the Vegan Society in the UK and by Cruelty Free International but they don’t appear on your cruelty free list

    • Hi, I am writing a paper on Animal Research… Could you answer a few questions for me? If so, here they are: 1) Is some animal testing required by law? 2) Doesn’t federal law ensure that animals used in research and testing are treated humanely? 3) What are the alternatives to using animals in medical experiments? 4) How can I find out if a company tests its products on animals?Thank you for taking the time to answer. Just for the record I’m against the cruelty of animals! Sincerely, Emilie F.

      • I’m not Suzi (obviously!) But I believe this all depends on the country in question. China requires animal testing but other countries do not.

    • Hi Suzi,

      How do you know for sure what makeup brands are cruelty-free? I contacted Bobbi Brown and they said they do not conduct animal testing or animal ingredients except they sell in China and we all know the makeup sold there is tested on animals. Also I know brands like It cosmetics who claim to not test on animals yet their product is made in China and is full of animal ingredients. How do you decipher?

    • Hi I was just wondering does your cruelty free brand list include cruelty free companies that are owned by companies that are tested on animals? For example I was under the impression L’Oréal and Unilever were not cruelty free. Does that make the companies they own guilty by association? I’m so confused so if you could clear this up for me I would appreciate it heaps ?

    • Hi Suzi, you’re doing an awesome job and you have become my go to website for anything cruelty free. I just wanted to know if you could add a list of cruelty free hair care brands that are most popular for black people. It’s really difficult to find the most popular brands I use on any cruelty free or cruelty list. Please help a sista out.

      SN a few of the most popular brands are Shea Moisture, Miss Jessies, Carol’s Daughter, Kinky Curly, Organic Root Stimulator, Organix, Eden body works, Creme of Nature, Cantu Shea Butter, Morrocanoil, Mixed Chick, Kera Care, Jane Carter, It’s a 10, Mizzani, Motions.

      I know that this would be greatly appreciated by myself and the natural hair cruelty free community.

        • You’re so welcome! I listed them in hopes it made it a tad bit easier for you. 😀 N thank you for your help and quick response.

      • I’m curious about this, as well, as I really want to use Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls product, and I can’t find it on any Vegan Certified list.

    • Hi! Your blog is a complete lifesaver! And I’m she you’ve heard about tarte, but in case you haven’t seen it or heard of it, Emma blackery recently made a video on boxes of foxes talking about how tarte, nars and urban decay are not cruelty free :/ thought you would be interested to check that out <3

    • I’m so confused! According to your list, Laura Mercier does test on animals, but their website states:

      17. Does Laura Mercier Cosmetics test on animals?

      We do not, nor have we ever, tested our products on animals. We also do not contract outside companies to test on animals for us.

      And there is no info on PETA about them. Why do you say they test?

      • Hi Suzi,

        I do not see Laura Mercier on either the Cruelty-Free or Animal Tester list could you please update us on this brands status, thank you!

    • Hi Suzi,
      Thank you for creating and updating your website! You are my go to when it comes to researching which companies are truly cruelty free. i had a question though, because i was unable to find the answer on your website and couldn’t find a definite answer elsewhere on the web…ULTA brand products are not 100% clear to me. I noticed on their cosmetics they do not have anything listed however on others such as lotions and body washes they do list ‘not tested on animals’. I contacted customer service and asked them why that was, if they go thru a 3rd party who tests their ingredients on animals, and if they sell in China. They replied that all their products are cruelty free and they only sell their products in the United States. They seemed to have ignored my question about where their ingredients come from, so i sent another email asking them again, are the ingredients tested on animals before they become the finish product. Unfortunately, again they did not answer my question, only repeating themselves with ‘our products are humane and are not tested on animals.’

      I was curious if you have heard anything different that would make it more clear? At this point I refuse to purchase ANY of their products now because I feel that if you can’t answer a simple question, then you must be hiding something.

      • Hi Tasha, thanks for your kind words! I can’t be of any help regarding Ulta, as I haven’t personally heard about their ingredients either. I’ll look into it in the upcoming days.

    • Hi Suzi! I am so excited that I found your blog. I’ve been a cruelty-free shopper for years, and it’s very difficult to keep up with because things change so often and the sources aren’t necessarily consistent with their methodologies and standards. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to clear it up for us! Also, I love the blog name (crazy cat lady over here!)

      Anyway, I actually do have a question. My understanding is that the EU banned cosmetic testing, to include tests done in other countries as a loophole. And yet, these brands are sold in China, the U.S., and other places that do allow it (or even mandate it.) Let’s take… Laura Mercier or Neutrogena, for example. How can they be sold both in Europe and in China? I don’t understand how the EU won’t sell products that test, yet they are sold in places where they have to test. Am I making sense?

      • Hey Nikki, thanks for your kind words! I’ve actually been working on a post about the EU’s animal testing laws, and I asked the exact same questions you’re asking to a source from HSI that’s helping me shed some light on the issue. The post is on hold right now, but It’ll be up ASAP. Hopefully it will answer all these questions, so please stay tuned. 🙂

    • Hi, I am looking for advise on cruelty free fragrances. I can’t seem to find much info on it. Can you tell me of any great brands and if there are any available in any high street stores. Buying perfum online can be risky as you can’t smell it first. Any info would be great.

      Thanks 🙂

      • Kelly, thanks for your question. I’m working on a post all about cruelty-free fragrance and want to make sure I have the most updated info before spreading it. I’m sorry I can’t give you much info yet, but hopefully you’ll stay tuned for the post. 🙂

    • Dear Suzi,
      Can you tell me if the Nuance brand by Salma Hayek is cruelty free? Their labels says not tested on animals, but I can’t find them on any cruelty free lists. Thank you. Your site has really helped guide me in a better direction.

        • Thank you for your time and assistance. I just recently started switching to cruelty free products, and your site has been a tremendous help and a great eye opener. Thanks again and keep the great information coming.

    • Hi Suzi! 🙂
      First off,its wonderful what you’re doing and i really admire your achievements and burning passion! Thank you for helping us make wiser decisions and saving us from indirectly bringing harm to animals. Im new here and i think i noticed that you do not include korean brands in your list of cruelty free brands. Korean makeup is becoming increasingly popular. do you think you are going to add international brands to your list soon?
      Cheers! 😀 and have a great day!

      • Hey Jolene and thank you! I actually looked into a few Korean brands and they were not cruelty-free. The problem with them is that they tend to sell in mainland China. If you’d like, please post a list of the Korean brands you’d like me to verify! South Korea itself is gradually working toward cruelty-free cosmetics, so there is still hope. 🙂

    • The Balm is selling to China. China wants all * imported* make up coming into their country tested on animals. Japan is also specifying testing although they supposedly made some progress with testing in their own nation- they want imported products tested too

    • I am new to the cruelty free cosmetic community and I just want to say that I have become absolutely dependent on your blog! Anything I hear I think, “What does Crueltyfreekitty have to say about it?” Thanks so much! You’re such a big help! @

    • Is Japonesque cruelty free??? Can’t find that info anywhere….also…I didn’t see it mentioned here that tarte is owned by kose (I believe) who does test on animals…

    • I have been told Dermalogica is Cruelty free…I wrote to them they are a great…did wonders for my skin…you could add that to your list…

    • hello—love your blog…wanted to find out tho…am I mistaken?…I thought tarte was owned by Kose who tests on animals…I have been looking everywhere to learn more about japonesque as well….I found a great foundation by them but not sure if it’s cruelty free…

      Thanks, Danyell

    • Hi Suzi! I’m really trying to find a cruelty-free scented candle brand, since bath and body works do test on animals. Wether their candles are or not, I still feel uncomfortable buying their products. :/

      I have had no luck so far, I just wanted to know if you use any scented candles and what are their brands, or anything else that helps make your room smell good. I know that there are such brands like method that create air freshers and such, but I would really love a candle. I’m also trying to avoid online purchases as shipping can be quite expensive in Canada, Montreal.

      Anyways either way please let me know. I would love to know how you freshen up your house!
      In the meantime I will keep on searching 🙂


      • Hi Olivia. 🙂 Scented candles are not generally tested on animals. The fragrance they use has a long history of proven safety, so you shouldn’t worry about that. With Bath & Body Works, the issues were more related to their bath and detergent stuff and not the candles (although obviously I wouldn’t purchase candles from them either). Most candle companies nowadays also don’t use beeswax, but rather a cheaper non-animal alternative which is paraffin.

        Anyhow, you should be safe buying from any candle brand available at Winners/HomeSense or in retail stores!

    • Dear Suzi,

      I have been a reader of your blog for a few months now and I really like the content! Having a cruelty-free blog myself, I was wondering, if you would be interested in collaborating with me on a post, which would be published on our blogs.

      Please let me know, if this sounds interesting to you.

      Have a lovely day,

      Aniqa x

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