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The 12 Best Natural Deodorants Ranked By Effectiveness

by Suzana Rose

Feb 5, 2021

After trying several natural deodorants over the last few years, I'm sharing my favorites in this post. Though natural deodorant will never be as effective as an antiperspirant, it's possible to find options that prevent odor all day. Please keep in mind that I'm sharing my personal experience and we're all different. Something that worked for me might not work for everyone, and vice versa. These are the best natural deodorants, in my opinion.

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How I Ranked These Products

These are the main aspects I considered when ranking all the deodorants.


The main thing I considered was how effective the products are. Do they protect against odor? How long does the protection last? The top natural deodorants on this list have what I called "good" odor protection, while the ones lower on the list have a "medium" protection.

The experience (application)

The overall experience includes things like application and texture. Some products are pleasant and easy to use, while others are more inconvenient, or dare I say frustrating. Some deodorants have a smooth texture which makes for a pleasant experience, others not to much. Scent also falls under the experience, though it's more subjective.


Since some people find baking soda to be irritating (myself included), I included many options that do not contain it at all, or that didn't personally give me any irritation.


The top options are the most ethical, and they all offer sustainable, plastic-free options.

Price Lowdown

Since these deodorants vary greatly in size, I've calculated the price per ounce for each product to give you a better idea of the true value. Here's the cost, from least expensive to most expensive.

There are some luxury-priced natural deodorants out there, however all the options I've chosen are on the affordable spectrum. This is because deodorant is repurchased several times a year, and very few of us want to over-spend on something as basic as deodorant. I also don't believe there are huge differences between the mid-range deodorants and the high-end deodorants.

The "odor protection" is added next to the price per ounce.

  • JASON ($2.80/oz) -- Medium
  • Schmidt's ($3.06/oz) -- Good
  • Attitude ($3.33/oz) -- Good
  • Nubian Heritage ($4/oz) -- Medium
  • Little Seed Farm ($5/oz) -- Good
  • Meow Meow Tweet ($5.83/oz) -- Medium
  • Lovefresh ($6.49/oz) -- Good
  • PiperWai ($6.29/oz) -- Good
  • Ursa Major ($6.92/oz) -- Good
  • Kopari ($7/oz) -- Medium
  • Farmacy ($8.82/oz) -- Medium
  • Coconut Matter ($12/oz) -- Good

Ingredient Lowdown

None of these deodorants contain aluminum, and all of them are from brands in the clean beauty space, be it drugstore or mid-range. That being said, some products are definitely more natural than others.

If you'd like a deodorant that's as natural as they get, I recommend going with one of the following products:

  • Little Seed Farm
  • Coconut Matter
  • Lovefresh
  • Schmidt's
  • PiperWai
  • Ursa Major
  • Meow Meow Tweet

For all other products, please consult the ingredient list to make sure that they don't contain any ingredients you'd rather avoid, as I've spotted some synthetics.

1. Little Seed Farm Deodorant Cream

I've only tried this deodorant recently assuming it's from a not-so-well-known brand. I was wrong, as this deodorant racked up thousands of rave reviews on Amazon.

Even though it comes in a jar, application is easy because of the creamy, spreadable texture. It has a pleasant yet subtle minty scent, and the deodorant itself lasts all day long despite being free from baking soda.

The first few deodorant have good odor protection, however there are a few bonus reasons why I'm ranking this one first. For one, it doesn't contain baking soda, meaning it's suitable for most people, even those with sensitive rash-prone pits.

But it's also more ethical than other options on this list, which is a big plus when shopping for cruelty-free deodorant. It's Leaping Bunny certified, plastic-free, made with organic ingredients, and made in the USA on a sustainable solar-powered farm.

Product Overview

Odor Protection Good
Baking Soda? No
Packaging Glass with aluminum lid, wooden spatula
Price per Ounce $5
Price $11.99 for 2.4oz

2. Coconut Matter All Natural Deodorant

I love everything about this product besides the price tag. Unfortunately, the deodorant is about half the size of a regular deodorant with the same price tag. Because of this, you have to repurchase more frequently.

The formula itself is smooth, has a pleasant scent, and is one of the most effective I've tried when it comes to odor protection. I wholeheartedly recommend the scent Bliss if you're a fan of citrusy scents. It's also free from baking soda, which means it's suitable for sensitive armpits.

I love that this comes in a sustainable packaging made from cardboard, though it takes a few uses before the top is able to "stick" to the bottom without a loose fit. It's not as easy to use as a typical plastic deodorant, though it's a small inconvenience for a bigger cause, and I do enjoy it more than having to dip into a jar!

*This product was received as a PR sample with no obligation to post.

Product Overview

Odor Protection Good
Baking Soda? No
Packaging 100% Cardboard, plastic-free
Price per Ounce $12
Price $12 for 1oz

3. Lovefresh All Natural Deodorant

This deodorant isn't as popular as other natural deodorants on the market, however it's one of the most effective I've tried. I also love the smooth texture which is one of the closest I've tried to a "traditional" deodorant. It does contain baking soda, however it did not give me a rash unlike other deodorants which contain baking soda. It's not vegan as it contains beeswax.

This brand is based in Canada and made in Toronto, so I recommend them to all the Canadians out there. Though it seems pricey at $24 per stick, the price per ounce is comparable to the other options on this list, since you do get a lot of product per stick. I find that this is one of the most pleasant or "luxurious" deodorants on this list.

Lovefresh also came out with sustainable packaging options. You can now find the deodorant in a glass jar format, which I've also tried. The formula is on the drier side (not super creamy) but just as smooth and easy to apply. If you're a rose lover, definitely try the scent Moroccan Rose!

Product Overview

Odor Protection Good
Baking Soda? Yes
Packaging Plastic, cardboard, or glass with plastic lid
Price per Ounce $6.49
Price $24 for 3.7oz

4. PiperWai Charcoal Deodorant

This deodorant contains both charcoal and baking soda, and it's pretty smooth as long as it's in contact with your body before application so you can warm up the product -- as far as the stick form is concerned. It's effective, offers good protection, and lasts all day.

They offer both a glass jar format as well as a plastic stick.

It does contain baking soda, however it's advertised as being safe for sensitive skin considering the soothing and moisturizing ingredients that it's paired with (coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E oil). They claim that it's gentle enough for eczema or psoriasis.

Product Overview

Odor Protection Good
Baking Soda? Yes
Packaging Plastic or glass jar with plastic lid
Price per Ounce $6.29
Price $16.99 for 2.7oz

5. Schmidt's Deodorant

Schmidt's is pretty much the king of natural deodorant, and they were even bought by Unilever recently. I've tried quite a few of their deodorants, and I have some thoughts to share.

They have 2 versions: one that contains baking soda, and one without baking soda which is marked "sensitive". Most of their regular formulas have a rough, hard texture in my experience. It makes application less easy and somewhat unpleasant, however I wouldn't describe it as a big deal.

The main problem with their regular deodorant which contains baking soda is potential irritation. Personally, I usually can't wear this deodorant for an extended period of time without noticing some irritation. Others have reported a pretty bad rash. If your armpits are sensitive, I would definitely not recommend their regular deodorant.

I would however recommend their "sensitive" deodorant. Not only will it not cause irritation, but it's also a much smoother formula and glides on easily. The downside? It won't be as effective as the regular version.

If you're not sensitive to baking soda, you could definitely try their regular version as it's effective and lasts all day. It's also easy to find in drugstores or online, and reasonably-priced.

Although their traditional plastic stick deodorants are available more prominently, you'll also find a glass jar version available. These do however come with a plastic lid and a plastic spatula.

*Some products were received as PR samples with no obligation to post.

Product Overview

Odor Protection Good (medium for sensitive version)
Baking Soda? Yes (except their sensitive version)
Packaging Plastic or glass jar with plastic lid
Price per Ounce $3.06
Price $7.99 for 2.65oz

6. Attitude Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant

I purchased this deodorant on Amazon when looking to try more eco-friendly deodorants. The packaging itself is made from cardboard and is easy to use for what it is. There's a lot of product and the stick is quite huge, which will definitely last a long time.

The deodorant itself is effective, and it goes on smooth. The downside of this product is more of a personal preference: it's super fragranced. I tried their "White Tea Leaves" scent and the scent is so darn strong and smells very artificial. For this reason, I haven't reached out for this deodorant too much, however I'd like to reiterate that it's effective, lasts all day, and a great eco-friendly option if you're not sensitive to fragrance.

Because I haven't tried it for an extended period of time, I can't vouch for the baking sofa being irritating or not. It is however a bit high on the list of ingredients, so I wouldn't recommend this one for sensitive skin (especially considering the potentially irritating fragrance).

Product Overview

Odor Protection Good
Baking Soda? Yes
Packaging Cardboard
Price per Ounce $3.33
Price $9.99 for 3oz

7. Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant

Ursa Major offers three different deodorants, one of which is baking soda-free and fragrance-free. Although I haven't tried this one, it's highly recommended and talked about in the clean beauty space.

It applies smoothly and Hoppin' Fresh scent is unisex and minty, and it has decent odor protection and lasts all day based on reviews. At $18 per stick, the price tag might seem steep, however it's not the most expensive deodorant on this list in terms of product per ounce.

If you're looking for a fragrance-free version, Base Layer is the option for you and it's also baking soda-free. However, the odor protection won't be as good with this option.

Product Overview

Odor Protection Good
Baking Soda? Yes (option without baking soda)
Packaging Plastic
Price per Ounce $6.92
Price $18 for 2.6oz

8. JASON Deodorant

This product can often be found at Marshalls, Winners, or TJ Maxx and it's very reasonably-priced when you find it there. It's also widely available in drugstores and you can find it on Amazon.

The formula is very similar to a traditional deodorant and it applies smoothly. Although it's not as effective as the top deodorants on this list, it's still a decent natural deodorant to wear if you're lounging around the house. It won't last all day if you're exercising or sweating.

Because it's widely available and reasonably-priced, it made it fairly high on the list. Keep in mind that the price varies a lot depending on the retailer.

Product Overview

Odor Protection Medium
Baking Soda? Yes
Packaging Plastic
Price per Ounce $2.80
Price $7 for 2.5oz


This is another option without baking soda. They also offer one version with charcoal, which is effective at keeping your armpits dry and in my experience it's not at all irritating. One downside is that this deodorant feels a bit wet upon application (similarily to the Nubian Heritage one). Despite this, it has a great formula when it comes to the smoothness and to application. It's pleasant to use and goes on clear, unlike other deodorants on this list.

However, it's not as effective as the top deodorants on this list, which is why it's ranked lower. Still, it's pleasant to use, available at Sephora, and comes in a few different scents including an unscented, fragrance-free version.

Product Overview

Odor Protection Medium
Baking Soda? No
Packaging Plastic stick
Price per Ounce $7
Price $14 for 2oz

10. Nubian Heritage 24 Hour Deodorant

Don't be fooled by the name of this deodorant, as it doesn't last 24 hours. Unfortunately, the protection level is even a bit weak compared to the top deodorants on this list. It does however do a good job at keeping odor at bay on days where you're just lounging around and aren't sweating or exercising too much.

Nubian Heritage uses certified organic and fair trade shea butter in their products, and it can be found in this deodorant as well.

Because it comes in so many wonderful scents, and because the texture is extremely smooth, I had to include it in this list. I tried the scents Abyssinian Oil & Chia Seed as well as Coconut & Papaya, and both are absolutely divine (just like many products from Nubian Heritage). Unlike Attitude's fragrance (above) this fragrance does not smell as artificial, though it is fairly strong. If you're sensitive to fragrance, I would still steer clear of this one.

The formula is one of the most pleasant to use. It's a bit wet though it does dry down. Unlike other deodorants in this list, it's more slippery and not as creamy or gritty. It's definitely a nice, high-quality natural deodorant for the price, though it doesn't last 24 hours as advertised.

Product Overview

Odor Protection Medium
Baking Soda? No
Price per Ounce $4
Price $8.99 for 2.25oz

11. Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant

This baking soda-free deodorant is from a smaller brand which is available at Ulta. They're big on natural, vegan ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and giving back to charity.

All their products have sustainable packaging, and their deodorant either comes in a cardboard or glass jar packaging with an aluminum lid (100% plastic-free). They offer both a version with baking soda, and without. Since I've tried the one without baking soda, it's the one I'm currently reviewing.

The consistency is similar to Schmidt's (in the glass jar packaging), meaning it's not super creamy and not super smooth either, but it's easy to use and blend.

The protection level is on the medium side and is comparable to Schmidt's baking soda-free deodorant. Overall, I enjoy the cute, eco-friendly packaging as well as what the company stands for, which is why this one made it on the list.

Product Overview

Odor Protection Medium
Baking Soda? No (options with baking soda available)
Packaging Glass jar or cardboard
Price per Ounce $5.83
Price $14 for 2.4oz


This one does not contain baking soda, and unfortunately it's not as effective as other deodorants on this list. It has a subtle yet pleasant fresh scent, and it feels cool on your armpits after application. If you're sensitive to "minty sensations", you might find this strange.

Because of it being more on the luxurious side, I decided to include in this list. It's definitely closer to a traditional deodorant than many options on this list, as it's very smooth and clear, and pleasant to use. It's a nice deodorant for days where you're not very active.

At $15 a pop, it's not one of the most expensive deodorants on this list when it comes to price per ounce. It's also , which might be a plus to some since it's easy to find.

Product Overview

Odor Protection Medium
Baking Soda? No
Packaging Plastic stick
Price per Ounce $8.82
Price $15 for 1.7oz

In Conclusion

The best bang for your buck is Schmidt's ( or Amazon). Their baking soda deodorant is effective, however it may not be for you if you have sensitive armpits.

My number 1 recommendation overall is baking soda-free yet very effective, and it's from Little Seed Farm (buy on Amazon).

If you're not fond of cream deodorants that come in a glass format, Coconut Matter (buy on Amazon) and Lovefresh (buy on Amazon) both make effective biodegradable deodorants in stick form.

For plastic stick deodorants, Lovefresh (buy on Amazon) and PiperWai (buy on Amazon or ) are my top recommendadtions. You can find them both on Amazon, and PiperWai might also be available in some natural stores or the natural section of your drugstore.

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