Last Updated: May 18, 2016

List of Officially Cruelty-Free Brands (2016)


Welcome everyone! The following list of cruelty-free brands aims to make it easy for you to find brands that are truly cruelty-free.

I indicate brand certifications as well as my own research where you see the logos and symbols. If you want to read the brand’s official policy as well as correspondence, click the little envelope! I want this list to be as transparent as possible so that you can use it as your own tool, and decide which brands you personally choose to support.

The list is updated frequently! Check the bottom of the page to see if any brands have recently been removed.

About This List

There are 3 types of cruelty-free brands in this list: those that are certified by the Leaping Bunny, those that have signed PETA’s pledge, and those that aren’t affiliated with any cruelty-free organization.

If you want to know more about the differences between Leaping Bunny and PETA certification, I break it down for you in this post.

Because of the more lax criteria that PETA has, I often seek additional proof regarding the cruelty-free status of those companies. Overall, I would say that a PETA-approved company is cruelty-free until proven otherwise.

Since cruelty-free certification is done on a voluntary basis, not all cruelty-free companies are certified.

If a company or brand has an official cruelty-free claim, and if they don’t test products nor ingredients on animals, don’t hire third parties to test on animals on their behalf, and don’t sell their products in China, I consider it a cruelty-free company, and I make sure to include it on this list, as well as include proof and correspondence.


100% PureLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
3rd Rock SunblockLeaping-Bunny-logo-small


A Perfume Organicpeta-logo-small
Adornpeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
AFK CosmeticsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Afterglow CosmeticsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Alba BotanicaLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Alima PureLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
American Apparel Nail Polish
Amika peta-logo-small
Anastasia Beverly Hillspeta-logo-small
Andalou Naturalspeta-logo-small
Arctic Foxpeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
Ardency Inn
AromiLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Aubrey OrganicsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Au Naturalepeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
Avalon OrganicsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small


Balm BalmLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Bare Bones Body CareVegan Brand
Barry M
Beauty Without CrueltyLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Becca Cosmetics
BH CosmeticsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Bite BeautyLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
BlissomaLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Booda Organicspeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
Butter London
By Terry 


C.O. Bigelowpeta-logo-small
Cailyn CosmeticsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Cate McNabbLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
CertainDripeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
Charlotte Tilbury
China Glazepeta-logo-small
Christopher Drummondpeta-logo-small
Coloured Raine peta-logo-small
ColourPop peta-logo-small
Cover FXpeta-logo-smallVegan Brand 
Crazy Rumorspeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
Crystal Body DeodorantLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand


Das BoomLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Deborah Lippmann 
Deep SteepLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
DemesLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Desert EssenceLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
DeVitaLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Dose Of Colors Leaping-Bunny-logo-small
Dr. Alkaitis
Dr. Bronner’s Magic SoapsLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Dr. Hauschka 
Drunk Elephant
Drybar Leaping-Bunny-logo-small


Earth Friendly ProductsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Earth’s BeautyLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Earth Tu Face
Ecco Bellapeta-logo-small
EcoTools Vegan Brand
Edward Bess 
ella + mila peta-logo-small
Ellis Faas peta-logo-small
Ellovipeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
Emanipeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
EO ProductsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Epic Blend
Erno Laszlopeta-logo-small
Eve Lom
Everyday MineralsLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand


FACE AtelierLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Fairy Girl Leaping-Bunny-logo-small Vegan Brand
First Aid Beauty




Hard Candy
Hello Products Leaping-Bunny-logo-small
Hugo NaturalsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Hurraw! BalmLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Hush & DottiLeaping-Bunny-logo-small


I Am SelfcareLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Indie LeeLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Inika peta-logo-small Vegan Brand
IT Cosmeticspeta-logo-small


Jack Blackpeta-logo-small
Jane IredaleLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Jin Soon 
John Masters Organicspeta-logo-small
John Russo BeautyLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Josie Maranpeta-logo-small
J.R. WatkinsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Juice BeautyLeaping-Bunny-logo-small


Kahina Giving BeautyLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Kat Von D peta-logo-small
Kevin Murphypeta-logo-small
Kiss My FaceLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Kirkland Signature
Kjaer Weis
Koh Gen Do
Kora Organicspeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
Kryolan peta-logo-small
Kylie Cosmetics


Lavanilapeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
Level NaturalsLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Lily Lolopeta-logo-small
Lulu Organics
LVXpeta-logo-smallVegan Brand


Mad Hippie
Makeup Geek
Manic Panicpeta-logo-small
Mario Badescu
MD Formulationspeta-logo-small 
Mehron peta-logo-small
Meow Meow TweetLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Merle Normanpeta-logo-small
Method ProductsLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Mineral FusionLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Molton BrownLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
MuLondonLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
MUN Vegan Brand
Muradpeta-logo-small (Soon to be owned by Unilever)
My Konjac Sponge Leaping-Bunny-logo-small


Nature’s GateLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
NCLApeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
Nourish OrganicLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Nubian Heritage peta-logo-small
NUDE Skincare
nyl skincare peta-logo-smallVegan Brand
NYR OrganicsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmeticspeta-logo-smallVegan Brand 
Odacite peta-logo-small
Odylique peta-logo-small
Ofra CosmeticsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
One Love Organicspeta-logo-small
OseaLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Oz NaturalsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small


Pacificapeta-logo-small Vegan Brand
PaiLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand 
Painted EarthLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Pangea Organicspeta-logo-small
Paul MitchellLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Paula’s ChoiceLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Perfekt peta-logo-small 
Physicians Formulapeta-logo-small
Primal Pit Paste Leaping-Bunny-logo-small
Priti NYCLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Province ApothecaryLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Puracy peta-logo-small
Pur Mineralspeta-logo-small
Pure AnadaLeaping-Bunny-logo-small


Queen HeleneLeaping-Bunny-logo-small


Radical Skincare
Real Techniques Vegan Brand
RENpeta-logo-small (Soon to be owned by Unilever)
Red Apple Lipstick Vegan Brand
Renee RouleauLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Rituel de Fille 
RMS Beauty
Rouge Bunny Rouge 


S.W. Basics peta-logo-small
Saavy NaturalsLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Samana NaturalsLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Schmidt’s DeodorantLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Scotch Vegan Brand
Seventh GenerationLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
SibuLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Silk Naturalspeta-logo-small
Sonia Kashuk 
SoapwallaLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
SpaRitualLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Sugar Venom Vegan Brand
Sunday Riley
Supergoop!peta-logo-smallVegan Brand


The Gnarly Whale Vegan Brand
Thesispeta-logo-smallVegan Brand
Tata HarperLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
The Rad KatLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Too Facedpeta-logo-small
Trader Joe’s peta-logo-small
Trish McEvoypeta-logo-small


Vapour BeautyLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Verb peta-logo-small
Vered Organic BotanicalsLeaping-Bunny-logo-small


W3LL PEOPLEpeta-logo-small
WEN by Chaz DeanLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Whole Foods 365 peta-logo-small


YarokLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand
Yes ToLeaping-Bunny-logo-small
Youngblood Mineralpeta-logo-small


Zoya Vegan Brand 
Zuii Organic peta-logo-small
ZuZu LuxeLeaping-Bunny-logo-small

Removed From This List

EOS (Sold in mainland China)
Caudalie (Sold in mainland China)
Smashboxpeta-logo-small (Tests When Required By Law)
Ruskpeta-logo-small (Suppliers Might Test)
Organix Hairpeta-logo-small (Policy Change – Sold In China)
Omorovicza (Sold in mainland China since Nov. 2015)

Owned By Parent Companies That Test

The brands listed below are cruelty-free, but are owned by a parent company that tests on animals. Supporting a brand that’s 100% is best, and purchasing from brands owned by a parent company that tests on animals has pros and cons.

BareMineralspeta-logo-small (owned by Shiseido)
Avedapeta-logo-small (owned by Estee Lauder)
Burt’s BeesLeaping-Bunny-logo-small (owned by Clorox)
Buxom peta-logo-small(Owned by Shiseido)
Carol’s Daughterpeta-logo-small(owned by L’Oreal)
güdLeaping-Bunny-logo-small (owned by Clorox)
Kate Somerville (Owned by Unilever)
Le Labopeta-logo-small(owned by Estée Lauder)
Liz EarleLeaping-Bunny-logo-small(owned by Avon)
NARS (owned by Shiseido)
NYXpeta-logo-small (owned by L’oreal)
Philosophy (Owned by Coty)
Tartepeta-logo-small (owned by Kosé)
Tom’s of MaineLeaping-Bunny-logo-smallVegan Brand (owned by Colgate-Palmolive)
Urban DecayLeaping-Bunny-logo-small (owned by L’Oreal)
The Body ShopLeaping-Bunny-logo-small (owned by L’Oreal)

Further Reading

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cruelty-free brands

  • Lindsay

    Hey– do you if OPI is cruelty-free? I’ve conflicting opinions. Also– what about Kiss My Face and Nature’s Gate? I love these brands and am positive they’re cruelty-free! :)

    • Suzi

      As far as I’m concerned, OPI is not cruelty-free. Both Kiss My Face & Nature’s Gate are on this list, in the Leaping Bunny section! Definitely adding Jason though, thanks for that! I saw their stuff at Target and Marshall the other day (available in stores is a good thing), plus I love their hand soap. I’m working on re-arranging this list so it’s easier to find a specific company! <3

      • Becca

        why would nail polish be tested on animals anyway?

        • Sbrumlik

          They put it on the bodies of animals to see if it has any side effects. If it does have side effects then they just hurt an inoccent animal.

  • Lindsay

    Oh– and Jason! Great cruelty-free brand!

  • Corrin

    What about brands that aren’t certified? Like Coastal Sents or other brands that say they are cruelty free?

    Thanks! :)

    • Suzi

      If a brand isn’t certified, your best bet is to e-mail the company directly and ask them the right questions. Often, a simple cruelty-free claim isn’t reliable. It’s possible that Coastal Scents might test on animals based on what I’ve read, even though they claim to be cruelty-free on their website. Do you have any particular brands in mind besides Coastal Scents?

  • Corrin

    That’s so upsetting :( I’m going to e-mail them and see what they say. Do you know anything about Freeman Beauty or Makeup Geek? They both say they don’t test, but who knows.

    • Suzi

      Freeman Beauty is on PETA’s cruelty-free list, but I personally won’t vouch for them (PETA link: Marlena, who owns Makeup Geek, seems really nice and I’m sure you can e-mail Makeup Geek and ask them! They seem pretty legit as far as I know.

    • sharon

      Freeman is leaping bunny certified.

  • Kate

    When did Smashbox become not cruelty-free?

    • Suzi

      They most likely pulled out of China very recently and updated their FAQ accordingly, but I personally don’t consider them to be cruelty-free. You can see screenshots of the change here.

  • Corrin

    I saw this article on My Beauty Bunny saying that Milani is no longer cruelty free :(

    Hope I’m not bothering you with all my comments!

    • Suzi

      No bother at all. :)

      I’m aware of that post; it’s from a few months ago. Milani is still cruelty-free as far as I know, and the company claimed that the team member who provided it was incorrect. This could mean that they’re just trying to cover their mistake, but I have my own opinion on what might have happened. Since the practice of animal testing is something that many mainstream companies are pulling out from, I keep in mind that companies who signed PETA’s policy within the last few years HAVE at some point tested products or ingredients on animals. Signing PETA’s policy means putting a stop to animal testing starting from a certain date that the company agrees to. For this reason, I believe that the information given in that post is probably just outdated. Milani did sign PETA’s claim, and the e-mail reply I got from them states that they don’t test their ingredients on animals.

      • Vicki Brust

        signatures don’t mean shit…..

        • Peggy Derr

          It means someone can be held accountable.

  • Camila

    Thank you for your hard work :)
    I was wondering, why is organix hair out of the list?.

    • Suzi

      Hi Camila, thanks for stopping by! Organix recently started selling in China and has been removed from PETA as a consequence. I updated the list by linking to the recent post I made. :)

  • PalettesnFerrules

    Hi Suzi! Here I am again. :) Any word on LA Girl? I read it somewhere before that they are cruelty-free. :)

    • Suzi

      I’ll be looking into it!

  • Annie

    I’m so confused, or maybe I’m just in denial! I just started throwing out all on my makeup, I’m starting all anew! For the most part I love brands like Too Faced, Tarte, Urban Decay and NYX but I’m still unsure about brands like Stila, Benefit and Kat Von D cosmetics I’ve been to their websites and I’ve even emailed Kat Von D cosmetics asking if their products are cruelty free. They all claim they are but why are they not included on PETA’s cruelty free list or this list either?? I only have a few items from these three brands I’d hate to continue purchasing their products if they’re lying but at the same time I think I’d have a hard time parting with them!! Please clarify my confusion

    • Suzi

      It can be tricky. Stila and Benefit sell in China, so they test on animals when required by law, meaning they’re not cruelty-free brands. I’m still not 100% sure on Kat Von D and they haven’t replied to my e-mails. This is what I do in order to make sure a brand is cruelty-free. Did you check out the whole Cruelty-Free 101 series? :)

      • Alexandra

        Kate Von D tests on animals.

        • Océane Olzon

          Mmmmm no she dont. Most of her make up is even vegan.

      • Beth Brootality

        Kat is a complicated issue. She is a Sephora original brand (many of her packages will say Sephora on the side, even); meaning she’s owned by Kendo, which is owned by LVMH. For that fact alone, her parent company tests. That puts her in the same pocket as Benefit, Dior, Bite, Sephora, etc. That said, if you are comfortable buying BITE, then you should be just fine buying Kat Von D.

  • kate

    Hi!! I really enjoy everything that you have put together!! I feel like it would really help those just starting out on their cruelty free life change!!
    I was wondering if you know anything about Bath and Body Works and their policies? Read that they have changed recently. Also, do you know of any decently inexpensive candles that would be cruelty free?
    Thank you for your time!!

    • Suzi

      Hi Kate! Thanks so much! Sadly Bath and Body Works is definitely no longer officially cruelty-free (and I never considered them cruelty-free on my site). I’m going to look into cruelty-free candle companies more in depth and have a post up for you though!

  • Krissy

    Korres is not cruelty free. Here is an answer from their FB site:

    • Suzi

      That’s outdated. I included correspondence and sources to my page about Korres here.

      • Krissy

        I have read that, but China got the law in 2012, and Korres reacted in 2014? 2 years to make a statement? But Smashbox are banned from your list for the for the same thing?

        • Suzi

          I get the confusion. The brands have very different philosophies, which is why I support one and not the other.

          Korres explicitly stated that they closed their Chinese stores for animal testing reasons, while Smashbox blatantly pulled out of China because the brand wasn’t making enough sales there. Smashbox is also owned by Estee Lauder, and ALL other Estee Lauder brands are sold in China. This gives Smashbox less credibility in my opinion and they could re-enter the Chinese market at any time. Korres on the other hand is an independent brand that also doesn’t collaborate with suppliers who test on animals.

          • Krissy

            Ok, thank you for your answer :)

  • Suzi

    Bath and Body Works isn’t cruelty-free. PETA isn’t always a reliable source, sadly.

  • Suzi

    Bare Minerals is a part of Bare Escentuals. They’re cruelty-free but owned by Shiseido, which isn’t cruelty-free.

  • Chavy

    I just wanted to share how happy and grateful I am to have found this page and that you made this list.

    I recently (about 3 weeks ago) became vegan. Prior to that I was veggie. I do not know anybody that is vegan so I have to do a lot of research on my own.. this helps me out a lot!

    It also warms my heart that there are a lot more vegans out there!! Kuddos to everyone!

  • Suzi

    Hi Shani. This is their reply: “Nars does not test on animals, nor do we have any other parties, including our suppliers, conduct animal testing on our behalf. Nars uses only the highest quality ingredients which have a proven safety record and are widely used in the cosmetics industry.”

    • Shani

      Oh great! Thanks for your response. I really love your blog! It’s very helpful.

      • charlie

        Nars is also owned by Shiseido

  • Zahara

    Hi Suzi, I’ve just come across your blog and love it :) Quick question, I’ve read conflicting articles on whether or not Rimmel London is cruelty free? Also what about Bioderma, I was under the idea that the company wasn’t cruelty free however I’ve recently heard otherwise? Your thoughts would be much appreciated!

    • Suzi

      Hi Zahara, and thanks. :) Rimmel specifically mention on their website that they “don’t test on animals… except when required by law”. Definitely not truly cruelty-free. Bioderma is on PETA’s list of brands that test on animals, which I find reliable.

  • HopnRocket

    so whats the deal with Kat Von D? I’ve heard it was NOT cruelty free based on that it was produced under Sephora (or some sephora connection) and then I’ve seen lists saying it is cruelty free along with a facebook post from Kat herself…see below

    Because it was brought up, Kat Von D brand is Cruelty Free. Sephora brand is not.…/

    ““my line is cruelty free. It’s in my contract w the production company (not sephora) that sells to sephora. Although I understand where you are coming from, I think it’s always best to get all info before pointing fingers. I think anyone who spends 5 minutes w me knows how much I adore animals. I don’t eat them, nor promote testing. Xo”
    — Kat von D [July 30th, 2014]”

    Please HELP!!! as I would really like to go back to her foundation if possible!

    • Suzi

      Kat Von D failed to answered all relevant animal testing questions and is NOT cruelty-free in my book. Kendo’s claims (Kendo owns Kat Von D) just didn’t align with Kat Von D’s words, and I’m more inclined to trust Kendo over “I’m really passionate about animals” as proof of no animal testing!

  • Rae Black

    Hi There, Just wondering how cruelty free Nars and Buxom are with them being owned by Shiseido, I cant seem to find Shiseido on any cruelty free lists? x

    • Suzi

      Shiseido is definitely not cruelty-free. Buxom and NARS are cruelty-free BRANDS, but the companies that own them are not.

  • S

    Hi Suzi, I was comparing my list to yours and found that Sainbury’s and TanTowel are missing. I wonder if that’s because you removed from the list or didn’t recognize them yet… Anyway thanks a lot for the full list! This is truly helpful.

  • S

    Also, I’d recommend you to remove Amore Pacific from the list. I was doubting on their statement, because they sell their products in China, and as I checked their Korean website, they state, “We banned animal testing by May 1 2013…except the law requires in other countries…” which means they still continue to do animal testing in China, I suppose. If you or your friend can read Korean, please refer to this website:

    • Suzi

      What a shitty lying company! Thanks. Do you speak Korean? The translation is wonky and I didn’t get that’s what it meant. I just want to make sure, as they claimed not to sell in China and not to test when required by law in my correspondence with them.

      • S Here’s the English version. Sorry for flooding your comment thread! I couldn’t see my comments right away so I thought I did something wrong. lol. I really wanted Amore Pacific to be cruelty-free because I found a fantastic product from there but oh well… Now I’d have to say good bye.

        • Suzi

          I looked into it again. AmorePacific itself actually isn’t sold in China. A few of their other brands are.

          The claim about their suppliers possibly testing on animals when required by law is fishy, as they also claim that their suppliers never test on animals. It leads me to believe there’s a possibility that their suppliers do test on animals, period.

          TL;DR I removed AmorePacific until this is clarified. It should be known that AmorePacific brand products AREN’T sold in China though.

          • S

            I actually had the same assumption you had too, it seems like AmorePacific as a company sells other products to China, except the product, AmorePacific. But since I do care about the company’s ethos not just a single brand, I personally will not buy their products. :( Thanks for checking it out, Suzi!

          • Suzi

            Exactly, I won’t be adding them back to the list!

  • S

    Hi Suzi, I’d recommend you to reconsider listing Amore Pacific as cruelty-free. In their statement on the website, they say “we banned…unless otherwise required by other countries or other laws and regulations” which sounds like they do join animal testing if necessary: Hope this helps.

  • Suzi

    It’s up to you to decide if you want to support them, as they’re cruelty-free themselves and the brand is committed to the cause of animal testing. But they’re owned by L’Oreal, who tests on animals. They’re on my cruelty-free list.

  • Amy

    Hi, Suzi. Thank you so much for putting this list together. I have found a brand that I like, and I would love for you to consider putting it on the list. The make-up brand is Bella Mari, and the skincare line is Herbal Choice Mari. Both are divisions of Nature’s Brands ( Herbal Choice Mari is listed as vegan and Leaping Bunny certified. I believe the make-up is as well, but maybe you could help me discover whether it truly is or not. Thanks!!

  • Jenny

    Hi, love this site btw. Anyways, I saw that on the list above, it said Urban Decay but then it said “owned by L’oreal”. I remember you writing about how L’oreal was not cruelty free and is decepting its consumers. So if UB is owned by L’oreal, doesn’t that make UB not cruelty free?

    • Suzi

      Urban Decay is still cruelty-free as a brand.

  • EvaVeggie

    Nubian Heritage is another great brand that does not test on animals. Their products carry the PETA bunny logo.

  • Wigs Place

    The best hair dye company is Manic Panic, Wigsplace is the best wigs provider throughout the whole world.

  • Suzi

    Nope, no reason! Supergoop is cruelty-free and vegan! Added.

  • Suzi

    Marc Jacobs definitely sells in China. Not cruelty-free!

  • Suzi

    Bite got acquired by Kendo only recently. They got their Leaping Bunny certification before the buyout. They’re still cruelty-free but I’m keeping an eye on it. :)

  • Suzi

    Thanks so much Kris! :)

  • Suzi

    Great point! Not a fan of Avon.

  • Rachel Lindsey Howe

    Is Mary Kay makeup cruelty free??

    • Suzi

      Sadly nope!

      • Rachel Lindsey Howe


  • Katie Nichole Taylor

    Hi Suzi! When you say cruelty-free, do you mean just companies that don’t test on animals, or do you also include companies that don’t use animal by-products in their items? Thanks

    • Suzi

      Cruelty-free as in no animal testing. I also list all vegan companies with a V. :)

  • Yuna

    I’m confused about including Aveda in this list? It does sell in China and states this on its site: “Aveda does not conduct animal testing, nor ask others to do it on its behalf, except when it is required by law.”

    Thanks :)

    • Suzi

      Aveda does not sell in China (yet). They state the Estee Lauder animal testing policy because they fall under that umbrella, and I’m going to remove them if/when they start selling in China.

      • Yuna

        Ah, ok. Thank you for clarifying :) And thank you for keeping such a thorough and helpful resource!

  • Kayla

    Im looking into getting a few brushes. I jist bought some from luxie beauty they are a cruelty free and vegan company you may want to concider adding. Also do you know if real techniques is truely cruelty free?
    Thank you for the list, its super helpful :)

    • Suzi

      Real Technique is definitely cruelty-free and vegan. I’ll add them to the list to avoid any confusion!

      • Kayla

        Thank you! Im new to cruelty free, actually makeup all together so i wasnt sure lol. I was about to buy the costal scents brushes but i heard conflicting information posted a couple years ago so im trying to go with a different company.

  • Solange

    Stowaway Cosmetics. Actually cruelty free? Im trying to find a miniature cosmetics travel set and they have an entire line of minis. their site says cruelty free. the truth?

  • Amy Johndro

    Thanks so much for this list. I mostly by physicians formula but some of their eye make-up I don’t like. I would like to expand to other brands and this is a great resource.

  • bbopi

    Does anyone know if Tocca Perfumes are cruelty free??

  • Rachel White

    Hi There, Sorry if you have already mentioned and i have missed it – but do you know if Soap and Glory are cruelty free? They state that they are and that they have vegan products but just not sure on the China sales side of it. Thank you :)

    • Suzi

      I’m 98% sure they’re cruelty-free but I’ll look into it! Still not 100% though. I remember their statements being a bit vague.

  • Suzi

    Hi Sara! Thanks so much for the kind words! It’s great that you’re trying to get your family on board! I know that CAN be hard!

    I actually do have a printable list! It might be a little bit big for the fridge, but if you’re still interested you can get it by signing up to my newsletter below. You’ll get the link to your inbox.

  • Sophia

    Is Laura Mercier cruelty free again now that they pulled their products from China?

    • Suzi

      I didn’t hear about this being the case, but I asked them.

      Do you have a source? The only one I found is a blog with no references. :/

  • Brianna

    Does anyone have any recommendations on kiss proof lip products? I am trying to find one to wear on my wedding day.

  • Brianna

    I am also on the hunt for the perfect eyeliner for the waterline. I have tried so many and all have failed so far. The best one that I have tried is Jordana 12 hour one, but sadly they only have two matte shades. Is Ardency Inn cruelty free?

  • Suzi

    The update I just got, for anyone who’s interested:

    Laura Mercier never sold in China.

    That appears to be true, as they’re sold in Hong Kong but not mainland China. However the last time I checked their FAQ, their position clearly stated that they don’t test on animals “unless required by law”.

    Right now I’m looking to see if that position changed.

  • Beth Brootality

    I link out to your list on my blog. Just wanted to let you know first hand, haha.

    • Suzi

      Thanks so much, makes me happy! 😀

  • celene

    HI do you know if mally beauty id cruelty free?

  • Elizabeth

    Younique is cruelty free but they are in the red tape getting certified. They will be on the list soon!

  • Bianca van Schaik

    hi i’m missing the brand urtekram but awsome list do !

  • Karla

    Just found your blog. Love it! I’ve been on a cruelty-free quest for years. Lot easier now with the internet, but still. If NYX stops being cruelty-free, I will cry. Their liquid eyeliner is second to none. Nothing else compares and it’s dirt cheap. Why why why don’t more companies care?? So many things I would use if things were different

  • Christine Sommerfeldt

    What about Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford and Bath & Body Works?

    • Suzi

      Hi Christine! Bath & Body Works tests, and I’ll have to look into Meaningful Beauty.

  • Natali

    Aesthetica Cosmetics is also cruelty free and certified as so by PETA!

  • Carla Pierina Tejada

    Hey, I recently read that Victoria’s Secret tests on animals because they’re marketing in China. Can this be confirmed by a relatable source?

  • Jamie

    Hello everyone who supports cruelty-free products! I would also like to say the hair care brand Renpure DOES NOT test on animals. :))

  • Marta Bryant

    Ive seen on a few lists that both Ingot and Ulta Beauty are cruelty free. . . but since I don’t see them on yours (the one that I trust the most!) I’m a bit hesitant. Can you confirm?

    • Suzi

      Marta, thanks for the kind words. :) I’m fairly certain that Ulta is cruelty-free. I’m working on a post about store brands so I’ll have the info up soon. As for Inglot, I’ll take this into consideration and look into it.

  • Trish

    Do you know anything about Palmers being cruelty free? Their bottles lack any sort of certification, however it says “Palmers is against animal testing” on the bottle. Do you know any more about Palmers being cruelty free or not ?

  • Suzi

    Thank you! I’ll look into Palmer’s to make sure. :)

  • hoondu thevw

    Can I suggest Innoxa as another brand to possibly list? This is their statement on being cruelty free

  • Whitney

    Arbonne should be on this list, right? They’re listed as a Leaping Bunny approved brand but apparently don’t use the logo. I love all their skincare and nutrition!

  • Angelica

    Hey Girly,

    Such a helpful list! I’m pretty new to being more cruelty-free conscious. I never knew how much of an impact the beauty industry has on animals (me being naive, until now). I’m so glad I found your blog. I have recently found a skin care line which I’ve been loving. La Neige. They claim to be cruelty free water-based skin products. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some good news! I’ve checked their website and it looks good so far!

    Would love some clarification!



    • Suzi

      Hey Angelina, thanks for your kind words! Unfortunately I don’t have any info on La Neige right now, but I’m adding them to my list and I’ll do my best to look into them very shortly.

      • Angelica

        Hey Suzi,

        After reading your blog I emailed LANEIGE to no avail unfortunately. I was wondering if you maybe had luck getting in contact with them. They do fall under the AMOREPACIFIC umbrella, so that in my mind is a good sign, but you just never know.



        • Suzi

          They do have a Chinese website, and I know many Amorepacific brands do sell in China. That being said, they might only have stores in Hong Kong. I’ll get more info for my post on K-brands though!

  • Suzi

    Hey Sydney, thank you! I’ll definitely be looking into H&M’s beauty brand. I’m not yet 100% about KVD, and I believe Cerave is unfortunately not cruelty-free.

  • Myriam

    Is Perricone MD cruelty free?

    • Suzi

      Based on my correspondence, yes.

  • Alexandra

    Hi there, love your lists (they’re far more comprehensive than, well, PETA for example, & some of these other blogs)! <3

    2-part Q:

    1. Does Pravana or Joico test on animals (hair coloring stuffs)?

    2. Will or are you planning to compile a list of hair coloring & bleaching products (this has been a really difficult one for me to find, and searching through massive lists that aren't specific to this topic has been really difficult)?

    • Suzi

      Thank you! I believe Pravana is cruelty-free, and I’ll look into Joico. Great idea with the bleaching & coloring list. I’ve always used Manic Panic or salons, but I’m working on finding new brands so I’ll have some info up soon!

      • Sharon Phinazee

        Is this Pravana Nevo I wanted to know about this also Redken chromatics I am sure does test on animals. Thank you

        • Suzi

          Redken does test on animals, unfortunately.

          • Sharon Phinazee

            Thank you

          • Sharon Phinazee

            but is Pravana Nevo cruelty free

      • ofe

        Hi, I very much appreciate this list, and have even added it to my phone that way I can keep tabs on it whenever I’m out and about doing some shopping. I was wondering, now that you mentioned you’d be adding new info, if you’d add at the beginning or the bottom of the page the date you last updated this list, or even the most recent changes made to the list (you have a removed from section, maybe a recently added section could be added?) that way I can make the note on my phone as well :)

        Much love

        • Suzi

          That’s a good idea, I’ll add a “last updated” note and see what else I can do!

    • Cere

      Joico tests on animals “where required by law”, which means they test on animals in China, which means they are not cruelty-free.

  • dreamer1288

    What about Arbonne? They claim to be vegan and cruelty-free.

    • Sharon Phinazee

      Arbonne is listed on the leaping bunny page

    • Caroline

      We are Vegan/ Peta Certified Dreamer1288 😊

  • Ashley

    Perfectly Posh needs to be on this list!

  • Rhonda Rànieri

    Missed Arbonne International

  • Suzi

    Gloria, unfortunately I believe that Clarins sells in mainland China, where animal testing is mandated by law. They’re on PETA’s list of companies that test on animals.

  • Ace

    What about Rituals and Acorelle? Both claim to be cruelty free?

  • Denise Gordon

    I understand that Liz Earle is now owned by Boots having bought it from Avon.

  • Suzi

    Thanks for pointing that out! It just slipped when I updated my list, but I added it now. :)

  • andy

    Why isn’t Arbonne on your list?

  • Jemma Steinberg

    I’ve seen this – Aveda…

    We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. We evaluate our finished products in clinical tests on volunteer panels. Aveda does not conduct animal testing, nor ask others to do it on its behalf, except when it is required by law.25 Jul 2014

  • Maxie

    you guys have created such an amazing website! Decided 2 do my speech after reading this,!!

  • Shaeker Fries

    Hi Suzi! Just wondering why Inglot isn’t on the list? When I went to their physical store here, they have a sign showing that they are Leaping Bunny certified 😮

    • Suzi

      Where did you see the Leaping Bunny logo? They’re NOT on Leaping Bunny’s list.

      • Shaeker Fries

        It was on their counter, stating that they are cruelty free and leaping bunny certified. I trust your facts on this more than mine, but it’s just shocking that they could get away with faking a certification.

  • anna

    why is Bath And Body Works not on this list? They have printed on their products that they are not tested on animals, and I think they are PETA approved.

    • Suzi

      They’re no longer cruelty-free.

    • Jodi Bonhomme

      According to other posts and comments if a product has stores/sells in mainland china they DO test on animals as required by Chinese law, so they are not considered 100% cruelty free.

  • Nikki


    I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog. I have recently started the transition to using cruelty-free products and most of my research is done on this blog, so thank you SO much for that. You must put so much effort into this important issue, and it is very much appreciated! :)

    I just have one question: is Marc Jacobs and Kat Von D now cruelty free? I saw this article: and I’m just wondering how true this is. I realise this was six months ago.. 😛 Would you happen to know anything about this?

    • Suzi

      Kat Von D is cruelty-free but their parent company Kendo is not cruelty-free in my opinion. Kendo is a branch of Sephora, and Marc Jacobs sells perfume in China as far as I know. You can find MJ on Sephora China’s site.

  • Sarah van G

    Do you know if the makeup that h&m sells is in any way cruelty free?

  • PunkWorldViews

    You’re missing ALBA on the list!

  • Breea TheShadowkissed

    Why are things that are owned by L’Oreal on here? Isnt L’Oreal an animal tester?

    • Erika

      Those brands owned by L’Oreal don’t test on animals.

  • Angela

    MD Complete is another brand. They are PETA certified, not sure if they’re vegan or anything else, though.

  • Angela

    Would be great if you could find out about ORLY, also :-)

  • kikiluvsyou

    Hi Suzi! I was wondering if AVON was considered cruelty free, because they have some nice bath products and eyeliners…

    • Suzi

      Unfortunately not!

  • Beth Kobly

    Arbonne is also 100% vegan plant based and cruelty free. Their skin care is amazing!!!

  • Crystal Rae Beiner

    I thought Colorproof was cruelty free also

  • Trudy

    Love this blog! Thank you for all your hard work Suzi! I was wondering if you know if Inglot is cruelty-free? They claim to be…

    • Suzi

      Thanks so much! I’m trying to look into Inglot. I’ll keep you posted!

  • Michelle Cooper

    Hi. … I’m looking into becoming an Arbonne consultant. My understanding is they are cruelty free and also vegan. Could you please clarify? :)

  • Bengali Girl

    Hi Suzi! I am curious to know whether Benefit is cruelty free or not. Based on their FAQ site, they are… Is that dependable?

    • Laura

      Benefit sell in china therefore they aren’t cruelty free :(

  • Grace Cook

    I contacted Lord and Berry and they answered no to all my questions re animal testing and they do not sell in mainland China.
    Does anyone know if nails inc are?
    Thanks x

  • Brianna

    Is Ardency Inn or Kiko Cosmetics cruelty free?

  • Brianna

    The only product that I use that’s not cruelty free our the razors I use because I haven’t been able to find cruelty free razors.

    • PanyaV

      Just use razors without moisturising strips, which would mean they’re just metal and plastic. Or buy an old-fashioned razor that’s all metal.

      • Brianna

        Which razors do you use?

  • Camila

    Hello! Why is smashbox removed? :(

  • Adrienne Grace Repass

    Hi! I would love to see Ava Anderson Non Toxic on your amazing list! Thanks for all this incredible info

  • ava

    Urban Decay sell in China (not just L’oreal but UD).

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      I don’t believe that UD sells in China based on my research! They’re also Leaping Bunny-certified. Let me know if you have any sources/info, though! They might have some counterfeit products in China.

  • Veronika Kostrouchova

    Hi, great list:) Just wanted to ask, isn’t MakeUp Revolution also cruelty free? I was looking them up before purchasing theor products and I thought they are cruelty free, though I don’t know if they sell in China (didn’t look that up).

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    It’s a slip-up, thanks for noticing! They’re definitely cruelty-free and I just added them to the list!

  • Faerie

    Is Moroccanoil still cruelty free? I heard they began distributing to China. They had said awhile ago they didn’t to mainland China though, but wasn’t sure!

    Thanks :)

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      They’re only in Hong Kong as far as I know! I’ll look into it to see if this changed.

  • Jen

    Are palmers and napoleon cruelty free ??

  • Heather Brown

    Why was NYX removed from the list?

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Is was acquired by L’Oreal, and I’ve just removed all cruelty-free brands owned by a parent company that tests on animals. Scroll down to “removed from this list”. :)

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    They’re still “cruelty-free” to me, I just favor brands that are 100% cruelty-free. I made a post about it here. :)

    • Heather Brown

      Ok, thank you so much!

  • Sarah Darwin

    Just to add – some companies use glitter in their products for example Lush’s bath bombs. This glitter goes through the drains and ends up as tiny plastic particles in our seas and rivers. Please shop cruelty free and boycott all products containing microplastics.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      That’s a really good point, Sarah.

  • Erin Ahern

    Thank you for updating!

  • Louise

    Hi! I absolutely adore your site. Super helpful. I’m just checking in because I’m a little confused – up until a week or two ago (I think) both NYX and Urban Decay were on your “does not test”-list even though they are owned by L’Oreal. Has your stance changed on when you regard a company as being cruelty-free or are they now sold in China?

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      I recently decided to stop supporting brands that are owned by a parent company that tests on animals! I explained everything in this post. :) Everyone is totally free to support NYX, UD and the like and these brands remain cruelty-free themselves. They’re still on the bottom portion of the page although “removed” from the main list.

  • Andy

    Hey! Thanks for writing this blog and keep us informed. I have some questions to ask. Do you know if Urban Decay and The Body Shop are still certified by the Leaping Bunny? Because if they do, even if they are owned by L’oreal they can’t test on animals right. I say this based on your article where you explain the difference of being certified by PETA or The Leaping Bunny. Thanks a lot!! Because I really love this brands and hope to be able to continue buying from them :)

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      The Body Shop and UD are still certified by the LB, don’t sell in China, and are basically 100% cruelty-free brands themselves. :)

    • Cere

      Both of those companies are owned by companies that test on animals.

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    I actually have to look into BH Cosmetics, as it’s possible they’re selling their products in China even though they’re LB certified. I’ll be looking into XO Beauty and Morphe as well. I think Morphe is cruelty-free, but I’m really not 100% on this yet. Please stay tuned. :)

  • noggin5

    Arbonne is also cruelty-free and vegan!

  • Bea

    Hello, please, why don’t you have ella + mila listed here? I am really into looking for the best nail polish now, and before I buy any nail polish, I am checking both PETA’s site and your list, and this is the only brand from my TOP choosen brands that is not listed here.. :-) It would be very sweet if you would answer! by the way, really good site. :-) I am not from english speaking country and I find your site really informative and easily understandable, thank you for that! :-)

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      I believe ella + mila is cruelty-free so I’ll look into it! Thanks for your lovely words, Bea! :)

  • Leah

    I’ve read up on it and as far as I’m seeing NYX is still cruelty free.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      It’s still on the page but I removed it from the top! I recently preened my list of brands owned by parent companies that test.

    • Cere

      They were purchased by a company that tests.

  • Sake S.

    How about Inglot? I heard they are CF

  • Xochitl Duarte

    Do you know if Jeffrey Starr is actually cruelty free? It says they are on the website but idk for sure.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      I believe they’re cruelty-free, but I haven’t heard back from them. :(

  • Raven

    I’ve been trying to find out if Davines tests on animals. Their website says no and that most products are vegan but it’s hard to tell. They have great products so it would be awesome it they were cruelty free too!

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      I’ve been trying to find out more about Davines as well, so I’ll keep you posted!

    • Jordana R

      I have been trying to find this out aswell. They’ve checked out on everything aside from selling in countries where testing is required by law as they didn’t answer that question for me so I’m still dubious at the moment.

  • Rachel Calderhead

    This is an awesome post!!! Please would you add Younique in where you feel appropriate? I work for them on the basis that they are cruelty free although as such a new company they are not yet certified….so I would love to see them on such a respected list <3

    • Sharon Phinazee

      Hi I also would like to know for sure if they are cruelty free I am considering selling with them

  • Mia

    SO upset… I thought Smashbox was a animal cruelty free brand… watched an animal cruelty free make-up tutorial and Smashbox was mentioned in the video. :'(

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Their status is unclear. They’re owned by Estee Lauder which tests on animals where required by law, but Smashbox pulled out of China a year back. As far as I know, most Estee Lauder tend to mimic the parent comapny’s policy which is to test on animals where required by law. This is why I didn’t add Smashbox to my list! I hope this helps clear it up.

  • b

    i couldnt thank you enough for this list! much love <333

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Glad it’s helpful!! <3

  • Becca

    so i just have a few questions. if a brand tests when required by law they can’t be certified by peta or leaping bunny? and if i live in america and bought from these companies i wouldnt be using products tested on animals right? (unless they werent trustworthy)and if so, why wouldnt i buy from them? is it just an moral principle of not wanting to support a company thats more focused on profit than cruelty-free? hope that all makes sense
    also, does almay test on animals? their website says they dont and the dont specify about when its required by law

    • PanyaV

      If a company tests on animals [whether on their own, or when required by law], it doesn’t matter where in the world you buy their products, they’ve still been tested on animals.

      Almay does test when required by law [as stated on their website], which means they’re not cruelty-free. They also use carmine, which isn’t a cruelty-free product IMO.

  • Heather Watterson

    Original source, Astonish, MUA, Aren’t these cruelty-free?

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Bubbles!! You’re right though, I recently looked into MUA and they’re cruelty-free. I’ll add them shortly! Same for Astonish.

  • Tania

    Do you know if “Organix hair products” are cruelty free? I know it states on the bottle but I have read somewhere that it is not. Does anybody have confirmation of this?

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      They’re not cruelty-free! I wrote a post about this last year. They started selling in China and lost their PETA certification.

  • Evelyn M

    is it still ok to use cruelty free brands with non cruelty free parent companies? because i live in hong kong and some of the things listed on the 100% list are not sold here/ very hard to find.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Absolutely! Whatever works best for you.

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    Yes, they’re certified by the British Leaping Bunny! I e-mailed them about China just in case, since they do sell in Asia.

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    Yay, glad it helped you, Nicole! Unfortunately the Jeffree Star team isn’t being very responsive when it comes to animal testing inquiries. The finished products aren’t tested on animals, but I don’t know about their suppliers. I’ll keep trying though.

  • Mel

    Hey, I thought the makeup brand Laura Geller were cruelty free, well it says that on the website & Laura herself says this but it’s not on the list, just wondering if the products are actually cruelty free? x

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Hey Mel, I haven’t been able to confirm that Laura Geller is cruelty-free yet. I’ll post an update if this changes!

  • Chantal

    Does Hong Kong have different regulations than mainland China? I know Lush is being sold in Hong Kong.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Hi Chantal – Yes, Hong Kong doesn’t require animal testing.

  • Tilesh Patel

    Hi Suzie , can you confirm why forever living has been removed ? They were in 2013 listing

    all the products can be used in animals but arnt tested on them, Thanks

    • Tilesh Patel

      Hi Can you confirm thanks

  • Narelle

    You missed Arbonne. Vegan certified for 35 years

  • Jo

    Arbonne is PETA & Vegan & been around for 35 years too. 😊

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    Hey Conny! They ARE cruelty-free. They’re marked as cruelty-free on my spreadsheet but they somehow slipped! Adding now. :)

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    I was just about to add them as part of the next update!

  • Noelia

    Hi Suzi! Great list! Wondering if Kenra hair products are cruelty-free? Also, last year I believe Certain Dri deodorant was on your list but not now. Is it still? Thanks for the help/info.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Hey Noelia- Certain Dri is still on my list, and I’ll look into Kenra!

  • Nicole

    Isn’t Younique cruelty free? That’s the only reason I signed up to sell their make up aside from loving their products.

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    I’ll look into Sleek. :)

  • Kirrilly Thompson

    Please add Arbonne! #petaapproved #vegan certified

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    That’s AWESOME that you’re building a cruelty-free kit! Congrats on finishing the course. :)

  • Tilesh Patel

    Hi Suzie , can you confirm why forever living has been removed ? They were in 2013 listing


    all the products can be used in animals but arnt tested on them, Thanks

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Removed from what? They were never in my list and they’re still Leaping Bunny certified.

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    Making sure they haven’t started selling in China, since there have been rumors.

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    They would only lose their cruelty-free status if they start selling in China, which is a possibility. That being said, not everyone supports cruelty-free brands that are owned by a parent company that tests on animals as profits still fund animal testing down the line. As far as Ren and Murad are concerned, they’re still cruelty-free for the time being. :)

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    Hey Elise, I just saw your other comment. :) To clarify, Marc Jacobs sell their fragrance in Sephora stores in China.

  • BeccaM

    I recently was looking at a Barry M eyeshadow palette at my local store and when I turned it over it said Made in China on the back. I didn’t know whether this was relating to the whole make-up palette, or just the packaging. But it made me wary so I put it back. I didn’t know whether this meant that the products had also been animal tested.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Made in China is totally okay and doesn’t mean it was tested on animals! A company can manufacture products in China and NOT have to test on animals as long as they don’t sell their products there. Hope this helps!

  • Sharon Phinazee

    I am trying to find out about Younique. They do not sale in China. The company says they are cruelty free but they are not listed on any lists under if they test or do not test.
    Thank you

    • Savannah Burke Marcos

      Hi Sharon, I’m a Younique Presenter. We are not supposed to claim “cruelty free,” as we are not officially certified yet. Presenters who make that claim are violating our agreements and can get into trouble. However, I’ve been told that we are currently trying to get certified, I’m just not totally sure if that’s true or not. I do know for a fact that we don’t test any of our products on animals. Some products are vegan, but not all. Hope this helps. :)
      Savannah Marcos

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    I just haven’t looked into them. If they’re LB certified, they might be cruelty-free though. :)

    • Tilesh Patel

      so can we add them on your list then :) ha ha thanks Suzi

      • Ruth Fernanda Ureña Cueto

        Leaping Bunny is the highest level of certification of cruelty free and not animal testing, to me the LB is more trusty because i read stories about some people which works for PETA and have some bussiness in cosmetics & makeup, but you can clafify that doubt.

  • Haley Graves

    Please add LimeLight by Alcone.
    We are Leaping Bunny certified.

  • D1

    hey do you think it’s wrong to by things like bags for example that are vegan (I’m a vegan ) but that test on animals on products like perfume for ex: Micheal Kors that sells bag shoes etc but test on animals on other products .Or Victoria secret for ex : they sells mainly lingeries but also sells perfumes etc . Isn’t like going to a store that sells meat and vegan , vegeterian stuff ?Do you think it’s wrong ? By the way I by only cruelty free and vegan products since a vegan .Just would like to know other opinions to do the right thing .Sorry for the english

  • Say No to Gender Inequality

    Hi :) Your article about the fake cruelty free brands piqued my interest. I was concerned about the make up brand: ”Eye of Horus”

    They claim to use natural ingredients and be animal friendly but I don’t recognize the symbol they use..I was wondering if you have ever heard of them or know anything about them. Their products are also being sold via beautybay…

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Hey! Looks like Eye Of Horus is cruelty-free. Their statement checks out and they address every point in it. As long as they don’t sell in physical stores in China, their products don’t have to be tested on animals there.

      • Say No to Gender Inequality

        ok thanks for checking it out as well :) Oh that’s good to know, I thought if they sold their products virtually to China it would also mean testing on animals would be done! Thanks for the info :)

        P.S. Everyone says kiko milano is cruelty free and so does their statement, they don’t get sold in China (A.F.A.I.K), however they haven’t opted to be certified. Is that a red flag?

        Sorry for all the questions but I’m trying to be informed enough through this resource so I will make positive choices in my purchases :)

  • Elise Martin

    Suzi, apart from Maxim are there any other cruelty free brands that produce sanitary napkins? I currently use Kotex, but Kotex isn’t owned by a cruelty free company as far as I know, and I want to change that. Everything is changing to cruelty-free in my home, and I was wondering if you could help me? That as well as razors for shaving, I love that Kiss My Face has a great shaving cream, but I don’t know what I’m gonna do about razors >.<. Your help would be most appreciated!


  • Kiwi

    what about w7 ?

  • Alex Simone

    Many brands are lying and saying that their products use natural ingredients and be animal friendly. Its was getting difficult to know their true nature. Our opinions matter the most and brands are ignoring us. A friend told me that A good place to start is the Leaping Bunny guide, Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics compiled a list of cruelty-free brands.

  • Jo

    Hello, can you confirm if Golden Rose cosmetics are cruelty free please? Thank you x

  • Megan Stowell Hall

    Thank You for this list!! It’s been a FANTASTIC resource!! I’m making the switch!! I’d like to request that you add Eleve Cosmetics to your list. My understanding is they are a vegan & cruelty free company, fairly small/new too, based in Austin TX.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Thank you Megan! I’ll look into them. :)

  • Judith Gautestad

    I use Origins. It says without animal ingredients. And that their products are tested on volunteer panels…..

    • Dia

      Hi Judith, Unfortunately Esteer Lauder, the parent company decided to sale in China so they do test on animals when required. At least that is what it is stated on their website.

  • Dia

    Its a bit disappointing that Murad got bought by Unilever. I love the products but I do find it hard to give my money to a company that has done so much harm for animals. It is indeed a hard decision. Looking for a new brand to buy. Thanks for the list.

  • Louise

    Superdrug own brand is vegan and cruelty free. I know some people are reluctant to purchase these products since Superdrug stock products that are animal tested elsewhere in the world but I personally am okay with buying their own brand products (some, not all, of the products on the list above are expensive and Superdrug are extremely reasonable if you’re on a tight budget). I’m also not aware if this is a UK-based list or not but if you’re in the UK Marks and Spencer’s and Sainsbury’s own brand is also cruelty free – just thought I’d pass this along, feel free to correct me :)

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    Hey Ayla, I’m looking into Chosungah 22!

  • AdaFaris

    colourpop isnt vegan they do animal testing

    • Lola

      When did they start testing? I believe they’ve always been CF. They are also on PETAs list. I’ll be upset if they are no longer CF.

    • Megan Sprader

      Colourpop doesn’t test on animals… I don’t know about them being vegan, but they are cruelty free

  • daniella

    What about Thymes and Lipstick Queen?

  • Lola

    I’ve heard Mario Badescu has been selling in China. Have you been able to confirm they aren’t? I stopped using them when I heard about China, but they are one of my favorite brands.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      As far as their website goes, they only sell in Hong Kong which doesn’t share the same animal testing laws. I’m on the fence about keeping them on this list, and I’ll make an update as soon as I gather more info.

      • Lola

        Thanks! I’ll keep checking back :)

        • thegrumpygirl

          I asked them on Facebook about half a year ago and they insisted they don’t sell in China.

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    Hi Yhaz! I’ll do my best with the info I currently have! Cruelty-free: Black Radiance, Ben Nye, Ardell, Melt Cosmetics. Not cruelty-free: MUFE, and possibly SheaMoisture (readers have mentioned that they sell in China but I haven’t confirmed this yet). Unconfirmed: all the rest.

  • chameleon_girl

    Lunatick Cosmetics Labs needs to be added to 100% cruelty free (and AMAZING!!!)

  • Julia

    Great blog!!!! Really helpful :) may I know as well, What about limecrime?

  • Megan Sprader

    Hey, I love your blog!!! The past year I have been really trying to switch to cruelty free make up products!! but I really want to start being cruelty free around the house, with house hold products… since airwick and glade are not cruelty free do u know the brands that are cruelty free that will make my house smell good :) thank u!!

    • Ribon

      I use Method, they sell cleaning/dusting sprays, dish detergents, candles, and I believe air fresheners and laundry detergents as well. They’re 100% vegan and cruelty free plus their products smell delicious

      • Ruth Fernanda Ureña Cueto

        Can you tell me an alternative for toothpaste and bucal hygiene? And another alternative for Obao Deodorant and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, I need change my products to be cruelty free consumer.

        • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty
          • Ruth Fernanda Ureña Cueto

            Thank you

        • Esther Rees

          I supply Forever Living products, they are Leaping Bunny certified, many products are vegan, halal, kosher etc too. There are over 300 products to choose from ranging from health supplements, cosmetics, skincare, pet & home.
          I can certainly recommend the deodorant and Toothgel, they also have a beautiful fragrance line too. I can send you a link to browse the brochure on line if you wish.

          Suzi, please have a look into Forever Living too, they’re over 37years old xx

        • Caroline

          Ruth Arbonne also do toothpaste and deodorant which is Vegan and Peta Certified.

  • Megan Sprader

    Ulta brand is cruelty free… but sephora brand is not just so u know :)

  • Noelia

    They are if you scroll down. They are owned by parent company that tests on animals and Suzi is separating the two. But they are still CF. I love Tarte so I almost freak out at first

  • Noelia

    I recently went to Ulta to buy The Body Shop lotion I like. I happen to turn the bottle around and noticed that the Leaping Bunny was absent so I went to my LB app and they are still on list. I was really confused then so I opened the flap on the label and still no LB insignia. Instead they now say Against Animal Testing. This looks like red flag to me. I didn’t buy so anyway to check?

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Hey Noelia. A company can be certified by the Leaping Bunny without displaying the logo. The logo is just a matter of choice. I verified on the website and The Body Shop is still certified. :)

  • Julie Wilmes

    Do you know about Atelier Cologne or Kiehl’s?

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      I believe both sell their products in China. :(

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    I could never get a full confirmation! :(

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    Hi Katie! I’m working on it! :)

  • Elise Martin

    Is Aztec Secret Indian Clay cruelty-free? Out of curiosity.

    • Katie

      Yes :) says it on the tub! I swear by that stuff x

  • faithinstyle

    Hi Suzi!

    Love your blog and this list of cruelty free brands is amazing! So important to get this information out to the public so they can make more educated decisions.

    I work with an organic skincare line called Eavara and we’re certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny ( Would be honored if you checked us out and maybe added us to your list if you feel that we meet your standards.

    Keep up the amazing work! :)

  • christine sanders

    how about Rilastil?

  • Dani

    Do you know about kenzoki at Sephora?

  • élise

    Milk Makeup is another company that isn’t on the list , though i don’t think they’re certified cruelty free . according to their website , they don’t test on animals , their line is 60% vegan , and their packaging is 100% recyclable : great stuff and love styling

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Hey Elise! I reached out again, have yet to hear back.

  • Vix

    Have you looked at the ‘Tropic’ brand? Advertise as natural and vegan.

  • Vixtar

    Have you looked at ‘Tropic ‘ skin care and make up. Advertise as vegan and cruelty free.

  • Maria-Elena Kaser

    is the brand Milk_shake cruelty free?

  • LoriAnn

    Thank you so, sooo much for this list!! ♡

  • Jordan

    Who Is She Cosmetics is cruelty free! (and gorgeous)

  • Annette Hodge

    Out of this long list, I have only heard of 14 of these lines, and Wen makes your hair fall out. We pretty much will have to start making our own skin care, hair care, makeup and perfumes!

  • MsVanillaRose

    It doesn’t include fairypants or PHB, both of which are 100% vegan. I hope the next list will include them.

  • Bree V.

    Any certain skin care lines for sensitive acne prone skin you recommend? I’m having a really rough time finding something natural, cruelty free, with no acne causing ingredients including fragrances.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Check out Paula’s Choice! They’re completely fragrance-free too.

  • Erin Pawlicki

    Hi, I have found your blog so helpful with buying cruelty free cosmetics. Can you explain why dermologica isn’t on the list? It says on their website they are independently owned.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Hi Erin! Dermalogica was acquired by Unilever last June, so there’s little info yet.

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    I e-mailed them again. If I hear back, I’ll mention it in my next update. :)

  • Nora Osorio

    Can you see about the status of Doll 10 makeup? I had trouble looking online for an answer.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      I contacted them! If they’re cruelty-free, they’ll be part of my next update.

  • Rachael Eve

    hey! this list is extremely helpful! but i am having trouble finding a good cruelty-free foundation which has good coverage since i have acne. I currently use maybelline and really want to ditch this awful brand. id really appreciate your recommendations!

  • Kathi Campbell

    Arbonne has fabulous botanically-based products: skin care, personal care products, spa/detox, aromatherapy, nutrition, and even a baby line. Over 400 products and growing. 100% vegan/PETA certified, cruelty free (Arbonne has never tested on animals in 36 years), gluten free, no dairy, no soy, no artificial colors, dyes, fragrances or flavors, no paragons, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde-donating preservatives, sodium laurel sulfate, PABAs… and free from many more ingredients that are not safe (too many to list). Swiss-formulated skin care, but all products are manufactured by Arbonne (not another company) here in the US. Arbonne has a strict ingredient policy, and adheres to the European Union standards rather than US; the EU has banned approximately 1200 products, while the US has banned less than one dozen.

  • Kelly

    Hi, can you confirm at all if Fudge Urban hair products are tested? It says on the back in very small writing “against animal testing”, but can’t find any further information than that. Thanks 😊

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    I checked with them recently and they’re cruelty-free!

    • Joanna

      Awesome!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Marty

    Important question, are Santee brand cosmetics cruelty free? I can’t find any information on whether they are or not, and I’ve tried searching in both Japanese and English. If you can dig up any information on it that’d be awesome. <3

  • Eto Yoshimura

    And Jeffree Star Cosmetics?

  • Lisa Witzig

    The Brand “Kneipp” is also cruelty free

  • heather gregory

    Add Oway organic professional color, products and they recently added skincare.
    They are cruelty free and vegan

  • Christie

    Vasanti also does not test on animals if you’d like to add this to the list. I just confirmed it on their website today :)

  • Kaela Chrystine

    Also do you know anything about younique?

    • Diana Slater

      Younique does not test any of their products on animals. They have not gone through the stringent hoops to be labeled cruelty free though. You can check out their products at

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    Thanks Kaela! Queen of typos here.

  • Brooke Dillbeck

    Lemongrass Spa is also certified cruelty free!

  • Cierra

    You should add Shea Moisture (PETA certified) and you should add Jeffree Star COsmetics (100% Vegan AND cruelty free).

  • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

    The ads are random and mostly based on browsing history. I’m sorry about that, I don’t support Avon! :(

  • lulu

    Hi! I have never seen Becca listed as cruelty free before. How is a company added to this list? Do you have more information to confirm this? Thank you! :)

  • Xoana Costa Rivas

    Neve Cosmetics is a good cruelty free brand with lots of vegan products :) and also beauty bakerie

  • Juliet Fallah

    Hello! I’ve heard that Urban Decay is in fact cruelty free even though they are owned by L’Oreal. Can anyone confirm this? I’m so confused! Thanks:)

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Yes, they’re cruelty-free. :)

  • Jess

    Do you know if Australis, simple colours or chi chi tests? Thanks.

  • CarolCats

    I gathered up ALL of my unopened Avon products to donate tomorrow. Does anyone have information regarding Hempz Herbal Body Moisturizer and Body Wash? The back labels reads “100% Vegan.” I do like this product! No certification appears on the back label. Does anyone have up-to-date information regarding Boot’s No. 7? I just started using First Aid Beauty, and I do recommend this skin-care company. I shop for cosmetics at Ulta.

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Looking into Hempz. I’ll make a guide for Ulta as well. :)

      • CarolCats

        Thank you, Suzi. Hempz is a great body moisturizer – especially the Age Defying body lotion. And can you comment on Boot’s No. 7?

  • Helena

    Neal’s yard remedies is also cruelty free

  • Tammy Pearson

    what about Younique?

  • Caroline

    Absolute amazing Dia. I love knowing what I’m buying and that they actually work. Having no toxic chemicals ie parabens, mineral oils etc makes them an all round winner. Here’s my website, you’re welcome to take a look.

  • sarah

    Hmm, I just looked at Smashbox’s website, and although they say they will test when required by law, they also say they don’t sell in China or other countries that legally require animal testing? So it seems like a strange caveat to make:

    “Animal Welfare

    Do you test on animals?
    We don’t test on animals, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except where required by law.

    What countries require animal testing?
    China, most notably, in addition to a few others that conduct testing by law of cosmetic products or ingredients to demonstrate safety.

    Does Smashbox sell in any of these countries?

    What are we doing to end animal testing?
    Our founders launched with a commitment to end animal testing, and that commitment remains. For instance, we only conduct or commission in vitro/human volunteer testing to show our products are safe, and we’re part of the European Partnership for Alternatives to Animal Testing, among other efforts.”

  • Abby

    what about limecrime and morphe?

  • Michelle Wilkins

    This list seems to be missing companies like Sweet Minerals – and Posh –

  • Fiona Kirkpatrick Parsons

    Hi there. I see a few folks have asked why Arbonne is not on the list. The company is both Vegan Certified and Cruelty Free. It has never tested on animals in its 36-year history. Can you please add it to your list? Love your website, BTW! (Full disclosure: I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant and one of the reasons I started my business was because of its commitment to being cruelty-free.)

  • Erin Pawlicki

    Hi Suzi, do you know if Mychelle is cruelty free?

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      I received their products in a vegan beauty box so I would assume they’re cruelty-free, but I didn’t look into it yet!

  • Shelby

    Hi there! I’m sorry if this has already been brought up, but have you looked in to Jeffree Star Cosmetics? It’s growing in popularity and they claim to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free (as well as paraben- and gluten-free so far). I don’t happen to know if they have any kind of certification, as they are still considered an indie brand. It does state in their FAQ on the website that, “We have also researched our manufactures and know 100% they don’t affiliate or get ingredients from places that are not cruelty-free!” Also, it states on each of their product listings that they are vegan, and they provide a list of ingredients for each product as well. If you wouldn’t mind checking it out, I would love to see them on this list because their products are absolutely wonderful and they deserve to be known more for making high-quality products without having to harm animals to do it (assuming that their claims are true, of course).

    • Suzi | Cruelty-Free Kitty

      Yes, I’ll be adding Jeffree Star to my list!