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Better Beauty Box by Cruelty-Free Kitty: August Edition

by Suzana Rose

Dec 8, 2023

Welcome to our sneak peek of the August box! The Better Beauty Box is a monthly cruelty-free and vegan subscription box. Each month, our subscribers a box of 4 to 5 full-size, conscious products ranging from skincare, makeup, hair care, and personal care products. Everything is verified by Cruelty-Free Kitty and thoughtfully-curated so you can switch to a cruelty-free household.

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This month, subscribers received a mix of top skincare and makeup products. Plus, you got to choose your shade options for not one, but two products! First, the Micro Brow Precision Pencil by Base Blue which is available in Taupe and Dark Brown. Second, a collection of breathable nail polishes from 786 Cosmetics available in 3 stunning shades. All the products in the box this month are full-size.

At a glance:

Here are all the products included and their price point:

  • Jazmine Beauty—Luxe Lash Volumizing Mascara ($24)
  • Oolution—Whole Again Nourishing Face Cream ($38)
  • Base Blue—Micro Precise Brow Pencil ($13)
  • Avani—Dead Sea Mud Mask ($33)
  • 768 Cosmetics—Breathable Nail Polish ($14)

Jazmine Beauty—Luxe Lash Volumizing Mascara

Retail price: $24

Mascara can be a fickle friend, promising volume and staying power, only to betray you with smudges and runs at the least opportune moments. That's why I was so happy to discover Jazmine Beauty's Luxe Lash Volumizing Mascara. From emotional moments to days spent under the hot sun, this mascara has proven itself as the reliable ally you didn't know you needed. The smudge-proof, no-transfer formula had me sold from the first application. It navigated through various climates with ease, making it perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle. What truly seals the deal for me is that this brand is 100% vegan and their products are formulated without any harsh ingredients.

Oolution—Whole Again Nourishing Face Cream

Retail price: $38

This one's for all our subscribers struggling with dry skin, although it works incredibly for any skin type as well. I've always been on the lookout for that perfect moisturizer, and ooLution's Whole Again might just be it. The blend of over 70 active plant ingredients seems tailor-made for my sensitive skin. Its richness doesn't just sit on the skin - it dives deep, nourishing and soothing from within. And as a bonus, the floral notes offer a gentle reminder of nature's beauty every time I use it.

Base Blue—Micro Precise Brow Pencil

Shade options: Taupe, Dark Brown

Retail price: $13

Diving into the world of brow products, it's imperative to find something that doesn't just fill in gaps, but does so with grace and precision. Enter the Micro Precise Brow Pencil by Base Blue. Its ultra-fine tip is a dream for those who crave the meticulous detailing of individual hair-like strokes. Perfect for both brow novices and aficionados, this retractable pencil brings a unique blend of ease and accuracy. I was particularly impressed by its long-wearing formula, ensuring that my brows remained impeccable for up to 12 hours without a hint of smudging. The added bonus? It's vegan, which isn't always easy to find in a brow pencil. If you've been on the hunt for a product that offers natural-looking definition and longevity, this might just be your brow's new best friend. Highly recommended for our subscribers who love a defined yet natural brow look.

Avani—Dead Sea Mud Mask

Retail price: $33

The AVANI Dead Sea Mud Mask is like a mini-vacation for your pores. By applying just a thin layer and letting it sit for a mere 5-10 minutes, it works its magic, pulling out excess oils and toxins. The blend of essential minerals and trace elements gives a deep cleanse, while simultaneously, the moisturizing ingredients ensure my skin feels refreshed and toned. We chose this product because it's suitable for all skin types, though oily and combination skin types will benefit the most from the mask.

768 Cosmetics—Breathable Nail Polish

Shade options: Dakar, Agra, Patagonia

Retail price: $14

I always found nail polish to be a fun addition to subscription boxes, and this is our first ever nail polish inclusion in the Better Beauty Box. In August, you chose between 3 shades from 786 Cosmetics: Patagonia, an icy minty light blue, Agra, a deep red, and Dakar, a delicate light pink. I chose shades that are pretty different from one another to make sure everyone can find something they love. Agra is a great shade for fall, and Dakar is the prettiest pink that can be worn all year round. All shades are vegan, of course, and I also love that they list all of their ingredients on their website, which isn't often the case with nail polish brands. Which one would you choose?

Total Value: $122

This month, subscribers received a total value of $122 for as low as $34.99 depending on their subscription plan. As usual, I included products that are as universally-appealing as possible and that you'll actually use and love. Did you like this edition? You can still get this box at Better Beauty Box if you subscribe until the end of the month.

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