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The Leaping Bunny Loophole: Drugs And Supplements May Have Been Tested On Animals

by Suzana Rose

Oct 8, 2019

I mentioned in my Cruelty-Free Revolution post that the Leaping Bunny has a weakness that I believe everyone should be aware of.

Spread the word.

When searching for a brand in the Leaping Bunny's cruelty-free list, you should always check if the company in question sells products that could fall into the "drugs" category. This can mean anything from medication to dietary supplements.

If the company does sell drugs or dietary supplements, please e-mail the company to make sure that their drugs were not tested on animals. Same with any ingredients used in their formula.

This is because the Leaping Bunny only certifies cosmetics as being cruelty-free. The proof they demand to make sure the company doesn't test on animals only applies to cosmetics -- not drugs. And some dietary supplements are in fact tested on animals.

Therefore, be advised that you could be supporting a company that tests on animals even if they carry the Leaping Bunny logo. So be diligent and don't skip the research!

I've made sure every brand you see on my list of cruelty-free brands that sells dietary supplements or other drugs does not test on animals and does not work with suppliers that test on animals.

From The Cruelty-Free 101 Series:

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  • Debbye McCandless says:

    Hi there ! Do you know of any vitamins a/ supplements that ARE cruelty free ? Thank you for all you do to educate humans and stand up for animals ♥️

  • Judy says:

    Do you have a list of cruelty free vegan vitamins?

  • nat says:

    leaping bunny and peta sux
    damn assholes

  • I still feel that Leaping Bunny is the most comprehensive and thorough of all the cruelty-fee third party certifications. As a brand owner of a Leaping Bunny (and PETA) certified cruelty-free cosmetic company, I can tell you from experience that Leaping Bunny is very thorough. They randomly audit their certified companies. We were the lucky recipient of a surprise audit a few years ago and they looked through our entire supply chain all the way back to each raw material we purchased for years for each product to confirm that we were indeed sourcing 100% cruelty-free at every stage in the life cycle of the product. Of course we passed with flying colors and the audit only made me respect the Leaping Bunny seal more because I have experienced their dedication to ensuring their certified brands are walking the talk.

    • Suzi says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this, Kristin! I’ve always been curious about their audits but never heard anyone talk about them from experience. Leaping Bunny definitely is the best (small details aside, like I mention in this post) and it makes me so happy to hear they walk the walk.

  • Andy Diamond says:

    Thanks for this article. I also consult the Leaping Bunny list often as I think it is the most reliable one. However, it really isn’t perfect. Because as you mentioned in the article they could belong to a parent company that sells products that fall into the “drugs” category. Also, I don’t like that they have companies which are not completely vegan. At least they indicate whether a company belongs to a parent company that tests on animals, such as Body Shop, which belongs to L’Oreal. I also avoid these companies, of course.

  • clowangel says:

    …Um, every single medication *has* to be tested on animals in accordance to US law. There is *no way* around this. It is not the company’s fault in this case. All the medication we’ve taken when we were ill, taken to the hospital, etc. were all tested on animals. All the vaccines you’ve ever had and ever will have been tested on animals. Will you not take those vaccines from now on and risk being infected by diseases and viruses? Will you not take medication if you were on the verge of death?

    Leaping Bunny also only concerns themselves with Cosmetics and Personal Care products. They do what they can. And the companies who make medicine in order to HELP people can’t NOT test them on animals because, like I said, it is US law! I’m sure if they can help cure cancer and AIDs without testing on animals, they would, but the fact is, they can’t!

    Fight the battles that can be fought but don’t lay blame where it doesn’t belong.

    • Haley says:

      How dare you hate animals…. why don’t you go inject chemicals in your body until you die of poisoning.

    • Kaia Jordan says:

      kys cunt

    • Jacqueline Ruff says:

      If the government says it has to be tested on animals then that’s what they will do. But its completly false advertising to allow that company which allows animal testing to have the leaping bunny logo or any logo which the public view as a symbol for cruelty free.
      The company are not forced to do business in America and China ect. It is their choice to do so. And they should bare the consequences of that which is that the logo should be rekoved.

      Sorry you not going to win this argument.

  • RW says:

    Why isn’t Kat Von D’s line not listed in the article?

  • Rebecca Brown says:

    This completely defeats the whole point, doesn’t it really?

    I’ve never agreed with these cruelty free programmes because, even though you know the company might not test, a lot are not actually cruelty free as animals have still suffered for certain products. Animal ingredients such as carmine. The poor insect suffers a terrible death, yet this is apparently ‘cruelty free.’ :/

    Rebecca- The Vintage Vegan x

    • Jacqueline Ruff says:

      I do agree actually now when I started researching into peta and leaping bunny. So I tried looking for vegan products. I managed to find 1 brand called Gaya Cosmetics but even tho it says its cruelty free and vegan its not registered on peta or leaping bunny
      Tho now leaping bunny is not so trustworthy. Tho Peta isn’t trustworthu either.
      Thats it we are screwed we best start making our own make up using curry powder.

  • Kim Paschen says:

    Hi, it’s Kim from the Leaping Bunny Program. I wanted to point out a few issues with this article. We are a cruelty-free certification program for cosmetics, but ALSO for personal care products and household products. We do not certify supplements or medicines because the FDA mandates testing on many of those products. In contrast, it leaves the safety and efficacy assessment up of personal care/household products up to the companies manufacturing them and does not require premarket approval. Here is more information: http://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/GuidanceRegulation/LawsRegulations/ucm074162.htm

    • Suzi says:

      Hi Kim. The problem I see is that the Leaping Bunny is allowing companies that test on animals in their program, which you’ve confirmed.

      I’m amazed that this is the case, and that you don’t simply reject companies that sell supplements which you know were tested on animals.

    • Jacqueline Ruff says:

      So the article is true. But you are adding in the reasons why this is the case.

      So technically you can not have an issue with an article which has some truth in it.

      I think actually your reply basically makes it seem even worse. You are aware that you are encouraging false advertising. People believe that a brand is on the Leaping Bunny therefore its cruelty free because that brand has made 1 cruelty free lipstick. The other products are tested on animals however these bare the logo because of that 1 lipstick the brand had made.

      Am I wrong?

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