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Huge Win! Chile Officially Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetics

by Sara Kelley

Jan 29, 2024

Chile Bans Animal Testing

We're thrilled to announce that Chile has officially banned animal testing for cosmetics, making it the 45th country to join the fight for promoting animal welfare through ethical cosmetic testing. This bill was passed unanimously on December 20th, 2023 after the Humane Society and ONG Te Protejo’s multi-year #BeCrueltyFree campaign. At Cruelty-Free Kitty, we are closely following this new law to learn when it will take effect.

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The bill was also supported by the Animal-Free Safety Assessment Collaboration, a global initiative that brings together both non-profit and corporate leaders across the beauty industry. Chile is now the sixth Latin American country to ban animal testing, following Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, Guatemala, and parts of Brazil.

Chile’s sweeping new regulation bans more than cosmetic animal testing within the country. The law also prohibits the manufacturing, importation, and marketing of cosmetics tested on animals anywhere in the world. Once in effect, this landmark bill will make Chile’s beauty market 100% free from animal tested cosmetics.

Animal testing bans typically don’t account for animal tests performed outside of the country where the ban has been passed. Chile is one of few countries to proactively advocate for a beauty market that omits animal testing on all levels. This all-encompassing approach helps set a new standard for countries looking to either tighten or implement cosmetic animal testing bans.

“This is a milestone for our organization and for animals. Thanks to this initiative, countless animals will be saved from unnecessary cruelty in Chile. In addition to suffering, these experiments are outdated compared to new methods that do not require living beings.”

-Nicole Valdebenito, Director of Awareness and Advocacy at NGO Te Protejo

Other Countries Have Recently Joined the Fight to Ban Animal Testing

While Chile is the latest country to pass regulation that ends cosmetic animal testing, other countries have recently made progress in this space. In 2023, Canada also passed legislation that banned cosmetic animal testing in the country. Unlike Chile's ban, Canada's does not 100% guarantee that all beauty products sold in the country are cruelty-free. However, Canada’s regulatory move is a step in the right direction for animals and cruelty-free advocates everywhere.

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