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The Epic List of 47 of the Best Vegan Leather Backpacks

by Kirke Männik

Jul 13, 2021

From time to time it might seem that going fully plant-based means that you need to give up a lot. I wish it were as easy as just not eating meat or dairy. Unfortunately, many things that we might not consider harmful to living beings still contain animal products (yes, even in 2021) in one way or another. Leather bags fall into this distressing category.

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If you’re like me, you might’ve naively thought that in the 21st century, leather accessories, including leather backpacks, boots, and wallets, are mostly made of faux leather. After all, artificial leather is way cheaper than the real one, it is very durable and will last for a long time, plus it is easier to sew and cut than animal leather. Despite all that, many companies still decide to use real leather in their products.

After all the bad news, we've got some good ones! New cruelty-free fashion brands are coming to the market faster than ever, and they make sure you walk out of the door with a stylish leather backpack that is 100% animal friendly.

We’ve made a list of over 45 amazing companies that make vegan leather backpacks, and their most stylish picks that you should definitely check out!

  1. The Drawstring Backpack by JW PEI
  2. Alex Vegan Backpack by Matt & Nat
  3. Brooklyn Lavender Backpack by Melie Bianco
  4. Debut Slim Backpack by Doshi
  5. Cosmopolitan - Frapp by Fablou
  6. Hako One Randoseru Backpack by Tokyo Bags
  7. The Small Backpack by Von Holzhausen
  8. Noir + Silver Liaison Backpack by SANS BEAST
  9. The Irving (Onyx) Backpack by Filbert
  10. Claudia Backpack by Miomojo
  11. Lovesome Backpack by Urban Originals
  12. Dahlia - Minimalist Women’s Backpack by Lawful London
  13. Wanderlust Rolltop Backpack Tote by Lee Coren
  14. Mishi Backpack by FruitenVeg
  15. Cork Backpack by Corkor
  16. Acacia Vegan Laptop Backpack by Labante
  17. Greenpoint Convertible Backpack Tote by Canopy Verde
  18. Akita Recycled Backpack by Charlie Feist
  19. Little Zoe Backpack by Lux and Nyx
  20. Kim Vegan Leather Backpack by Pixie Mood
  21. DR Leather Backpack by Denise Roobol
  22. Sabrina Button Snap Vegan Backpack by Jeane & Jax
  23. Raphael Vegan Backpack by Ashoka Paris
  24. Metropolitan Backpack by Lee Coren
  25. Farrell AppleSkin Vegan Leather Backpack by LUXTRA
  26. Arezzo Unisex Vegan Leather Backpack by Noah
  27. B Backpack/Briefcase by Boita
  28. The Shopper Vegan Nappa Leather Backpack by Jenah St
  29. Gemma Vegan Leather Backpack by Svala
  30. Upper Westside Vegan Leather Backpack by Expressions NYC
  31. Urban Vegan Leather Laptop Backpack by Canussa
  32. Minimal Envelope Backpack by Sugolovas
  33. JoJo Plus Diaper Backpack by Paperclip People
  34. Vegan Scarlett Faux Leather Backpack by Marsi Bond
  35. Floral Embroidery Leather Backpack by Olives
  36. Vegan Leather Unisex Backpack by Three Box
  37. Vegan Leather Retro Style Unisex Backpack by Vegia
  38. DUSK - Women's Vintage Backpack by Ecosusi
  39. Vintage Style Vegan Leather Backpack by Tinkin
  40. Classic MÄRSS Backpack by Märss
  41. The Sticky Sis Club Backpack by Sticky Lemon
  42. Grey "Vanilla" Backpack with Navy Details by MOONstruck
  43. Baby Travel Crib Changing Rucsac - RucPod by Bizzi Growin
  44. Herb backpack by Monk & Anna
  45. Water Resistant Vegan Leather Backpack by Sakka Handmade
  46. Vintage Style Vegan Leather Backpack by Zua Accessorize
  47. Rustic Distressed Vegan Leather Backpack by Red Maus

Tokyo Bags

Tokyo Bags is one of the first men's bag stores that is sustainable and fully vegan. They choose quality over quantity and refuse to be part of the fast fashion industry. Although Tokyo Bags is a company made mostly for men, it is possible to find environment-friendly chic backpacks for both men and women on their website.

Tokyo Bags’ physical stores are located all over Asia and North America, but luckily, they deliver worldwide.


“Designed with love, not animals," SANS BEAST is an Australian company that really does love animals. SANS BEAST donates 1$ from every purchase to an animal rescue sanctuary in Central Victoria. Needless to say, the animal-friendly company is 100% vegan and strictly cruelty-free. Knowing that plastic is a problem in today’s world, they do their best to use alternative materials whenever possible.

SANS BEAST provides international shipping and all orders above $149 are completely free.


FruitenVeg is a luxury accessories brand based in NYC. Their designs are playful and exotic, combining unique prints, textures, and fun colors. They aim to show the world that luxury bags don't have to come at a cruel cost of animal suffering. FruitenVeg focuses on minimizing material waste and choosing as planet-friendly materials as possible.

FruitenVeg offers free shipping until the end of the month!

Ashoka Paris

The French company Ashoka Paris is a luxury brand that designs high-quality leather pieces while keeping its production vegan and eco-responsible. The brand is run by an animal-loving couple who do their best to increase the company’s footprint. In addition to recycled plastic, Ashoka Paris also uses apple skin as a material for its trendy bags. Ashoka was the first brand in France who made a bag from apple skins! Their bags and backpacks are young and fresh, representing the vibe of Paris. To show they care about living beings, Ashoka Paris donates a part of their profits to animal rights groups.

Ashoka delivers all over the world, and the shipping is free in Metropolitan France.

Expressions NYC

A veteran in the vegan fashion industry, Expressions NYC is a cruelty-free brand founded in 2005. Each of their collection is named after a street or an avenue in New York, conveying the vibe of the metropolis. Expressions NYC's goal is to incorporate sustainability into all channels of the company, including materials, design, packaging, and transportation.

Expressions NYC provides free shipping in the USA. They also deliver their trendy goods to Canada, Japan, UK, Spain, Germany, and France.

Denise Roobol

Denise Roobol is a 100% vegan fashion brand from the Netherlands that makes beautiful bags and accessories without harming animals. The company proves that vegan products can be super stylish, and how easy it is to implement cruelty-free fashion in your everyday life. Sine 2020, all of Denise Roobol products are made with a lining of 100% recycled bottles.

Denise Roobol offers shipping worldwide to ensure you stay stylish wherever you live.


Ecosusi is a cruelty-free fashion brand that combines vintage and modern style to create ageless pieces. The people behind Ecosusi are inspired by the 1950s but include the latest fashion in their styles, too. They use vegan leather made from polyurethane and promise to continue using animal-friendly products.

The shipping is free on most orders. Due to the pandemic, Ecosusi is not able to provide delivery to all the corners of the world but they do out best to get back on track.


MÄRSS is a small fashion brand based in Estonia, specializing in making awesome vegan backpacks. Their products are handmade and meant both for men and women. They use new and upcycled fabrics to make the original backpacks earth-friendly. MÄRSS approaches each customer personally to create unique bags that are one of a kind.

Lucky us, MÄRSS ships worldwide! The cost of the delivery is usually between 13€ and 20€.


LUXTRA is a brand whose mission is to create beautiful pieces while promoting responsible production and consumption. LUXTRA creates fashion that is focused on sustainability and a cruelty-free lifestyle. Their plant-based materials include apple, cactus, pineapple, mango, and corn. In the past 3 years, LUXTRA has donated 2.3%-3.2% of its turnover to the charity.

They provide worldwide delivery, no matter where you’re located!


Colors, shapes, and fun unexpected details – this is all that MOONstruck is about. The Lithuanian brand uses quality vegan materials to ensure the durability of its handcrafted products. All MOONstruck's backpacks and bags are water, scratch, and light-resistant. Who said your kid can't have a stylish vegan schoolbag? They design backpacks for both adults and kids!

MOONstruck offers worldwide shipping for all its products.

Sakka Handmade

Sakka Handmade is a Greek workshop founded in 2018. They make sure their bags are ethically made, and carefully cut and sewed by hand. All of Sakka’s materials are cruelty-free and mostly locally sourced.

This adorable Greek brand provides international shipping.

Whether you’re a fighter for animal rights or not, all of the amazing brands on our list are truly worth checking out. From breathtaking designs for your night out to trendy backpacks that fit your laptop - it’s guaranteed you’ll find more than one option where to choose from. In 2021, being vegan doesn’t have to be hard. You can be as stylish as ever, and keep it ethical at the same time, one cruel-free decision at a time.

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