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The Epic List Of 45 Vegan Leather Boot Companies

by Kirke Männik

Jul 2, 2021

No matter if you’re a fashion guru or not, a good leather boot is a must in one’s wardrobe. Over the years, the meaning of leather has changed quite a bit – it no longer has to mean hurting animals. That being said, there are new vegan boot brands coming to the market every year. You no longer have to settle for a cruelty-free shoe that doesn't suit your style.

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We’ve made a list of 45 epic companies that produce vegan leather boots, from budget options to high-end, to ensure you find the perfect match!

What is vegan leather made of?

Vegan leather is made of materials that did not come from animals. No animals are hurt in the process of making vegan leather. Very often, it is made from polyurethane, a type of polymer. It can also be made from sustainable materials like apple peels, pineapple leaf fibers, cactuses, cork, and plastic.

Choosing vegan leather over the animal-based version does not always mean that you're saving the world (although in many cases the materials are sustainable) but it assures you're saving lives, one purchase at a time.

Here is the epic list of vegan leather boot brands that you should check out:

  1. AERA (USA)
  2. AHIMSA (Brazil)
  4. ALLTRUEIST (Canada)
  7. BHAVA (US)
  10. BOHEMA (Poland)
  12. CALL IT SPRING (Canada)
  15. (UK)
  16. FAIR (Portugal)
  17. GIANVITO ROSSI (Italy)
  19. GURU MTP (France)
  20. HUMANS ARE VAIN (Sweden)
  22. KWEDER (Italy)
  23. LULUS (US)
  24. MATISSE (US)
  25. (Canada)
  26. MINUIT SUR TERRE (France)
  27. MIREIA PLAYÀ (Spain)
  29. NAE (Portugal)
  30. NOAH (Germany)
  31. (Canada)
  32. NO ONE’S SKIN (Italy)
  33. NOVACAS (US)
  34. RAFA (US)
  35. (UK)
  36. (UK)
  42. VEERAH (US)
  45. ZETTE SHOES (Australia)

BC Footwear

BC Footwear is an American vegan brand known for combining style and comfort. Their boots are for women, who make bold decisions and are not afraid to showcase their personality through fashion. Their shoes are made of 100% cruelty-free components and certified as PETA-vegan.

Where are the boots made?

BC Footwear’s boots are made in a family factory in Southern China. They personally visit the employees and owners of the place once every two years, to inspect the process, and meet the people and their families.

Where do they ship to?

At the moment, BC Footwear is only available in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Price range:

The prices for their fashionable boots range from 79$ to 129$.

P.S. Check out their SALE page, to get amazing styles for an even better price!

Beyond Skin

From trendy styles to a range of different colors, fabrics, and heel styles, Beyond Skin is a luxury plant-based brand whose products are not only beyond classy but also sustainable. Every pair of these UK designs are lined with 100% recycled faux leather, and a vegan polymer coating. You can find high-end boots for every occasion and dress code.

Where are the boots made?

Beyond Skin makes all their shoes ethically in Spain.

Where do they ship to?

Beyond Skin provides international shipping. You can get their luxury boots no matter where you live!

Price range:

The cost of the boots starts at 310$ and reaches up to 550$.

Call It Spring

Call It Spring is a playful and trendy 100% vegan company based in Canada. Most of their designs are sustainable, and they put great effort into taking care of our planet. Their boots are perfect for all men and women who want to look stylish without hurting their wallets. Call It Spring was founded by the owner of Aldo and is now completely cruelty-free.

Where are the boots made?

Most Call It Spring boots are made in China and Brazil.

Where do they ship to?

The brand only ships to addresses in the US. Luckily, they have many physical stores all around the world!

Price range:

Call It Spring’s boots are reasonably priced from 30$ to 50$.

Matt & Nat

is a Canadian company that has successfully spread across different continents. They make 100% plant-based boots for men and women, that can now be found in Canada, the US, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and Germany. They experiment with recycled materials and put an effort into becoming more and more sustainable with every collection.

Where are the boots made?

Matt & Nat’s boots are made in small factories in China.

Where do they ship to?

Their eco-friendly and stylish boots can be shipped anywhere in the world!

Price range:

Matt & Nat’s are priced from 70$ to 130$.


If you're looking for a quality, and ethically produced shoe, NAE is for you. They manufacture all their shoes in a family business in Portugal. They stand up for human rights, refusing to lower the quality of the product and the worker's lives, which also makes their boots a bit on the pricier side. They were environment friendly before it became popular, and they have stood by sustainable principles.

Where are the boots made?

NAE makes all their boots in a family factory in Portugal.

Where do they ship to?

NAE ships their amazing boots worldwide.

P.S. As long as you’re chosen shoe costs over 60$, the shipping is completely free of charge.

Price range:

Their prices vary between 138$ and 219$.

No One’s Skin

No One’s Skin is a unique designer brand that, as the name indicates, does not use animal leather to create their stylish boots. This English company focuses on making high fashion eco-sustainable and organic while keeping the designs original and eye-catching. They use recycled materials and make sure no silkworms get harmed in the process of manufacturing silk for some of their trendy designs. In addition to being vegan, No One's Skin's boots are also breathable and comfortable, making sure your feet won't have to suffer while looking fabulous.

Where are the boots made?

The luxury boots are handcrafted by Italian artisans in the United Kingdom.

Where do they ship to?

Although the website of No One’s Skin is currently under construction, you can find their designs at the online vegan marketplace Veenofs. Veenofs provides worldwide delivery.

Price range:

These high-end boots are priced between 420$-650$.

Stella McCartney

has made leather, fur, and feather-free designs since she started. Her products are environmentally friendly, and as luxurious as it gets. This UK designer has committed to showing the world that high-end designs can be made vegan, while not hurting the planet.

Where are the boots made?

Most of Stella McCartney’s boots are made in Italy.

Where do they ship?

Stella McCartney delivers worldwide free of charge.

Price range:

The price of these ultra-stylish boots ranges from $475-$975.


You shouldn’t give up fashion for a more sustainable lifestyle – and that’s exactly why Veerah was created. Veerah’s shoes are made for warrior women who want to look good while conquering the world. One percent of their income goes directly to social impact causes, and they support girls who don’t have access to a good education. This American company works with factories that pay fair salaries.

Where are the boots made?

Veerah’s boots are made in a family factory in China.

Where do they ship to?

Veerah ships their shoes all over the world.

Price Range:

Veerah’s fabulous boots cost 398$

Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes is a vegan shoe brand that dates back to the 90s. Their shoes stand out with impressive quality. A laced-up biker boot is what Vegetarian Shoes is best known for, and of course, it is not made of real leather! They also use materials like hemp and cotton and try to make the boots as environmentally friendly as possible. This English company makes awesome vegan boots for both men and women.

Where are the boots made?

Their shoes are made in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Poland.

Where do they ship?

Vegetarian Shoes provides shipping worldwide.

Price range:

Vegetarian Shoes’ boots are priced between 65$ and 175

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Will’s Vegan Shoes is an English company that focuses on creating a healthier planet by making healthier choices. All their products are 100% carbon neutral, even the shipping and returns. The vegan leather they use is plant-based and environmentally friendly. Their products are ethically made, and their workers are protected. Will’s Vegan Shoes is passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle, and that’s why you’ll never see any of their products on sale – when you buy quality, you don’t have to buy quantity. Their boots, both for men and women, are water-resistant, breathable, and will survive road salt and slush in winter.

Where are the boots made?

All their boots are made in Italy and Portugal under European Union employment, discrimination, and health and safety law.

Where do they ship?

Will's Vegan Shoes delivers its boots worldwide. In most countries including UK, USA, Europe, Australia, Canada & New Zealand, returns and exchanges are free for 365 days.

Price range:

You can find Will’s sustainable boots ranging from $84-$214.

Fashion is so much more than just wearing trendy clothes and looking fabulous. By choosing the way of life that does not harm others, we create a world that is more peaceful to live in. When a few decades back it was indeed difficult to find cruelty-free fashion, it is now easier than ever. And it is not like you only have one style to choose from! We have a world of possibilities around us, where we don’t have to hurt animals or each other to get what we desire, and we shouldn’t.

Wear no evil, do no evil.

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