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Cruelty-Free Brand Owner Jeffree Star Under Fire For Selling Meat Made Of His “Pet” Yaks

by Suzana Rose

May 30, 2022

We haven't covered a controversy since the Lime Crime saga and the Naturium oopsie, both of which involved false vegan claims. This one's different, so brace yourself! Jeffree Star is now under fire for selling yak meat, after showing off his "pet" yaks which he referred to as "family" on social media. You can't make this stuff up.

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Jeffree Star has been a controversial figure since the beginning of his career. It's part of how he attracts all the attention he does, and it's part of why he became one of the largest beauty YouTubers. His brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, is also huge.

There's always a controversy with him. Whether he's destroying Chanel bags with a chainsaw for views (sure, not a huge deal, but it's a weird social status flex) or being straight-up racist on camera, multiple times. You might also recall that he named his eyeshadow palette "Cremated" in the midst of the pandemic, while millions of people worldwide were dying.

For these reasons, I didn't add Jeffree Star Cosmetics to our list of cruelty-free brands, despite them being a vegan brand. I know, I was being biased. But it's my list, and there are certain brands I choose not to promote. To this day, I don't add any MLM brands because of the ethical implications of pyramid schemes. I know some of you are upset about me not adding Arbonne and Beautycounter, but I can't in good conscience promote these predatory companies.

In 2020, Jeffree Star Cosmetics joined Leaping Bunny. He also had apologized for past behavior, and I knew that many cruelty-free shoppers were supporters of his brand. I decided to add them to our cruelty-free list, since his cruelty-free claims were vetted by Leaping Bunny.

The brand is also fully vegan, although Jeffree isn't. This isn't a problem, and any progress in moving away from animal cruelty in the beauty industry should be applauded. Regarding his vegan status, he claimed:

In 2020, Jeffree Star purchased a ranch in Wyoming, where he eventually started raising yaks. He posted several pictures of his yaks on social media, claiming that these yaks are his "pets" and part of his "family".

Little did we know, behind the scenes, he was butchering the yaks to sell their meat. The thing is, Jeffree Star never hid his yak meat business. They even have their own social media channel, where he showcases packs of yak meat. So we have to wonder, is this another publicity stunt for Jeffree to promote his new venture? I mean come on, the address of where you can go buy the meat is in the Instagram caption of the controversial post.

These are the same tactics used by Kim Kardashian and Nikita Dragun. As long as we give these stories attention, much like I'm doing now, the behavior won't stop. I chose to share this story because I have an ethical audience who might like to be warned before purchasing Jeffree Star Cosmetics. However since this story was picked up all over the media, I'm sure it was a net positive for Jeffree and his yak meat. Thoughts?

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  • Jennifer says:

    I’m in agreement with this. I draw the line with showing off his “babies” and then telling audience he kills them. Horrified is the word for my shock. He won’t escape karma.

  • Sylwia says:

    Glad I’m not the family member.

  • Rhonda Lewis says:

    There are people out there that will do ANYTHING for money or attention. I feel that he loves to be in the spotlight, whether it be for negative or positive purposes!

  • Kathy says:

    Exactly. Lisa’s comments indicate she is not understanding the situation. And, what’s with the name calling? Unacceptable.

  • Thisisme says:

    The problem wasn’t his makeup, that was very good product, so good in-fact it always made me wonder if he was telling the truth, i never actually bought any of it but family members have, my concern always was what was he was spending the money earned by it on, Fast cars(leather seats etc) designer bags and clothes from people who are NOT cruelty free, stupid items, is his household cruelty free, i very much doubt it, a very hypocritical view point from him, if he isn’t cruelty free at home then in my view his cruelty free business is just to fill a niche in the market (a money maker), i would like to know just how cruelty free he lives, he has never hidden his spending and what products he has, its for all to see in pictures, and thats what we need to think of with cruelty free, you are buying cruelty free but are your hard earned pennies going to carry on that tradition when its in their pockets.

    Suzana, if you feel a company is not in good favour then I’m all with you on that, you recommend who you want or don’t want and ignore the hecklers, keep up your incredibly amazing work we all love, you are the only one i have faith in for cruelty free accuracy please dont ever stop. x

  • Leslie jones says:

    A vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic line which is owned by a profitmonger who butchers his pet yaks?
    No, I won’t buy Jeffree StarCosmetics. Very disappointed in this line, and in Mr. Star. This may be short term profitable, but it’s unethical and just creepy.
    Count me, my two daughters, and their many friends out.
    We buy a lot of makeup.

  • Johanna says:

    Thank you for being even more then ???? about cruelity free brands. Like also with for example Mary kay

    And I agree this sick person Jeffree Star has gotten positive PR on the web????

  • Andy says:

    I just don’t put ‘cruelty’ in the same lane as ‘slaughter’. I’m completely cruelty free with products I use (cosmetic etc). But I’m not a full vegetarian.

  • Geraldine says:

    Thank you for giving me this info.Who understands humanity to its depths? find that One who will give insight & Comfort in these shocking episodes.The brutality that goes on is best left to the one who does it,Yet we are told by the Wise Ones that everyone must pay for every deed we do.None can escape the reactions, but we can stop doing these evils & stop our own suffering too…so this I try to fathom.
    I have witnessed evils with my own eyes: a little buck chased by =- 6 BIG dogs lead by a team of people out to kill the buck.I can only say, do not do anything yourself wrong, as it will bring its consequenses sooner or later.I am happy to know about the pure products you promote as we need so much purity in this world to help us
    Good wishes, Geraldine

  • Nadine says:

    Thanks for reporting this information. I never heard of this man. He’s doing such a cruel thing. Why is there even a demand for yak meat? Not enough other animals who are suffering in farm factories every day?

  • Anita says:

    Never heard of him until now. I am vegan but I wouldn’t buy his products since he slaughters yaks. Too many choices to even consider any of his products. Yuck!

    • Alina says:

      Well said!
      I’m so sorry I believed in him and bought as many products as I could!
      To have now my messages deleted and myself ignored, like he did to tons, on Instagram & Facebook!

  • Carol Anne Aitchison says:

    I will absolutely NOT BUY ANYTHING from Jeffree Star! What a scam and a hypocrite!!! Two character traits that I hate most!!

  • Kathy says:

    His distinction between torturing + killing makes no sense. He obviously has no idea what transpires when an animal is slaughtered. They most definitely are tortured both physically + psychologically as they are pushed, shoved + electrically shocked while surrounded by the sounds + smells of other animals being killed. Sorry so graphic but that is the reality. Obviously, he jumped on the vegan makeup bandwagon only as a means to secure a position to make money in a popular market. Hopefully, his little corner of that market will collapse when those of his followers who are truly interested in animal welfare, realize he is trying to make money in two diametrically opposed worlds.

    • Alina says:

      Perfectly said!
      I’m no longer buying from him!
      Plus, like I earlier wrote, deleting and ignoring all the comments and people that don’t agree with what he’s doing to those yaks?! Totally horrible!

  • Dorie Rakieten says:

    Thank you for all you do and for your due diligence. You give so much to our cruelty fee and vegan society.

    This S.O.B. Probably only started vegan makeup because it is in vogue at the moment to be vegan and to care about animals- it’s like saying you care about the environment and climate change and then opening a fossil fuel processing plant that blasts filth into the atmosphere.

    All he cares about is the bottom line and people like you have his number and thanks to you now so do we all. Thank you so much!

  • Gretchen Nora says:


  • Marie says:

    Gross. The rich keep getting richer. This person never cared about having a vegan cosmetics line for ethical reasons, they did it because it’s a marketing buzzword now. Stop supporting this line. Please post more information and stories about this person to warn truly ethical consumers about their practices! Pets are not food. Animals are not food. Period. I’d like to see this person kill and butcher these animals themselves.

    • Alina says:

      Totally right!
      I no longer support him nor buying his products!
      All the cosmetics I have from his brand are in the trash.
      Deleting all the comments and ignoring all the people who don’t agree with the yak meat?! Disgusting!!

  • Andrea says:

    Thank you, Suzanne, for the update. I will never buy anything from his company because he is a repulsive piece of crap, and was before he started slaughtering his pets.
    You, Suzanne, are allowed to put any companies on your lists, they are YOUR lists and you spend a lot of time and effort in this work! I support YOU and your ethics.

    • Alina says:

      Yes! And totally unprofessional and not moral to delete all the comments and ignore all the people who don’t agree with this!

  • Vanessa says:

    I will no longer buy any thing from Jeffery starr. I’m very saddened by what he is doing. If he saw them as family he shouldn’t be killing these innocent animals.

    • Alina says:

      So right….
      And to delete the posts and ignore all the people from his accounts just because they asked, like I did, how is it possible, how can he….

  • Alina says:

    He / his team deleted all the posts from the Instagram and blocked all the people who just not like what he’s doing to some of the yaks – including me – I simply asked how can he play with some and have others killed – in a matter of minutes they deleted my words and blocked me and tons of people like me! Every single post / fan that wasn’t kissing his ass got deleted and those followers ignored! During the years I invested hundreds in his cosmetics to now see I, we, have NO freedom of speech?! Shame!!

  • Carlie Seguin says:

    I am new to buying makeup. I have been scouring the internet to find the companies that are vegan inside and out. I did not Jeffree Stars line was vegan. However, now that I know about his yak meat venture, I’ll stay away from his products. I am a Vegetarian. I can’t, in good conscience, buy what he’s selling.

  • Elana Glass says:

    Thank you for the info. Biggest hypocrite ever. No vegetarian or person who cares about honesty or transparency should EVER BY anything from him

  • Grace Marrero says:

    Lisa, YOU are ignorant for posing this comment. Yes, to each their own for farmers doing their thing; however, he has, on several accounts, posted about them being his pets and family, which is what CFK is stating above and provided proof for, so there is no narrative to push. It’s facts that are out in the open that you can take two seconds to look up yourself, but instead want to push your own narrative that CFK is pushing a narrative, lol.

    CFK is pointing out the hypocrisy of calling them family and pets, while simultaneously raising them for meat. He also calls his Pomeranians family, so I guess you’d be ok with him breeding, butchering, and selling them for food as well?

    Other farm to table meat houses shouldn’t be in the line of fire and your “what aboutism” lacks foundation here because:
    1. don’t have a cruelty free and vegan cosmetics line
    2. certainly don’t consider their meat animals friends/family

  • Carrie says:

    This is so hypocritical and shocking level of no morals. This is all about cash profit. Disgusting human being. I would NEVER purchase anything from this monster!

  • Meredith says:

    I lived in LA when Jeffree Star was coming up. In the 00’s gossip and viciousness abounded. TMZ, Perez Hilton (Mario Lavandeira), paparazzi everywhere. Garbage human beings everywhere. Jeffree Star, while I’ve never spoken a word to him, was quite obviously intimidated by me. He would shrink away after I’d catch him staring at me all the time. Who am I? No one, just a high res empath. He, like most, can talk a good game behind the camera with no one to debate. However, in public, I saw him shrink away many times.

    This is just one more reason I don’t like him and one more reason I will never give him a penny of my money. He quite clearly knew that this would come to light. His ego of naming it after himself is proof of that. Just keep this in the back of your mind, he’s an insecure p.o.s. and tries to make himself feel better by attacking people from behind a computer screen.

  • Lisa says:

    You are really ignorant posting this. The man (the company), have “pet” yaks which are bred for things such as wool, now the ranch has bought and is breeding other yaks for meat (pasture to plate). This is what thousands of farmers do across the States and the UK. Why are you not going after them? I would like to see you have the facts straight and not push this narrative that the ranch is killing “pets”.

    • Suzana Rose says:

      What’s the difference between the “pet” yaks and the ones that are getting slaughtered?

    • Anita says:

      Thousands of farmers are not selling vegan cosmetics named after themselves and touting how wonderful they are because of their cosmetics. This is not a farm to table conversation btw. My farm to table are organic vegetables, legumes and fruits. I am vegan so I want an ethical vegan cruelty free cosmetics company that I make my purchases from. I worked too hard as a public high school teacher to waste my money on frauds and support the slaughter of innocent creatures business.
      You’re on the wrong blog with your attitude: the meat and dairy industry would enjoy your support.

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