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Bella Hadid Launches New Fragrance Brand Orebella – Is it Cruelty-Free & Vegan?

by Sara Kelley

May 10, 2024

Bella Hadid Is Orebella Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Bella Hadid, renowned model and fashion icon, has recently made waves in the beauty industry with the launch of her new fragrance brand, Orebella. But is Orebella cruelty-free & vegan?

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When Hadid isn't hitting the runway, she's the face of various beauty and fashion brands, including cruelty-free beauty company Charlotte Tilbury. Now, the supermodel-turned-entrepreneur has ventured out, launching her own line of fragrances. And not just any fragrance line, but one that infuses wellness benefits into a collection of skin-loving scents. Or, as the brand calls it, the "skinification of fragrance".

"...being vegan and cruelty-free, and honestly, just good for you, is something that excites me about moving into the wellness and fragrance world."

- Bella Hadid

Orebella launched with three hydrating perfumes that nourish the skin while evoking a sense of confidence and allure. From the enchanting floral notes to the seductive musky undertones, each fragrance claims to help wearers feel radiant and embrace their individuality.

Is Orebella Cruelty-Free?

Although Hadid states that the brand is cruelty-free, our goal at Cruelty-Free Kitty is to sift through the claims and uncover the truth. That's why we abide by our strict CFK5 Standard. This means that neither a company nor its suppliers can test their products or ingredients on animals anywhere in the world. The brand also cannot pay third parties to test on animals for them. Additionally, they cannot sell in global markets that require animal testing unless they're able to legally bypass these tests.

We can safely confirm that Orebella is a cruelty-free brand. Not only does this brand meet our CFK5 standards, but Orebella is also certified cruelty-free by both Leaping Bunny and PETA.

Orebella is also 100% self-funded by Hadid, as she owns the parent company, BKH Essential, which is also cruelty-free.

Is Orebella Vegan?

According to their website, all Orebella products are 100% vegan, meaning that none of their formulas contain animal-based ingredients. Therefore, Orebella products are considered vegan-friendly.

Are Orebella Products Sustainable?

Each Orebella perfume is formulated using bi-phase technology that infuses hydrating skincare ingredients. With that, the brand claims to use responsibly sourced ingredients such as essential oils.

Along with alluring and complex scent profiles, all Orebella products are formulated to abide by the European standards for safe cosmetics. Meaning, the brand omits more than 1,300+ ingredients that are deemed unsafe for humans and the environment. Plus, Orebella uses 100% FSC certified sustainable outer packaging, and bottles are made with recyclable materials.

Notably, alcohol is omitted from the formula, and all products are dermatologist tested, making them suitable for sensitive skin beauties. To fully activate each parfum and soak in all the benefits, Orebella recommends shaking well before spritzing.

Where to Buy Orebella Fragrances

Currently, Orebella products are sold exclusively at Ulta stores across the US. You can also shop directly through their website.

Which Brands Are Cruelty-Free?

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