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Is Rhode Beauty by Hailey Bieber Cruelty-Free?

by Charlotte Pointing

Jun 23, 2022

After teasing its launch back in 2021, Hailey Bieber has finally launched her skincare brand Rhode. And it's vegan and certified cruelty-free.

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Cruelty Free Kitty has confirmed that Rhode is truly cruelty-free. With a Leaping Bunny Certification, it doesn't test finished products or ingredients on animals and neither do its suppliers or third parties. The brand also doesn't sell in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Rhode launched earlier this month with three products, all of which cost less than $30. The first: Peptide Glazing Fluid. To help you achieve that Bieber "glazed donut" look, the lightweight serum features brightening niacinamide and collagen-stimulating peptides. It also contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and softening marula oil.

Rhode's other products include its Barrier Restore Cream and a Peptide Lip Treatment. The former is a lightweight cream with moisturizing shea butter, plant-based squalane, niacinamide, peptides, and antioxidant-packed AÇAI. The latter is a glossy, nourishing, plumping lip formula, available in three varieties: Unscented, Salted Caramel, and Watermelon Slice.

Affordable skincare

Rhode, which utilizes recyclable materials in its packaging, has been in the works for some time, developed with the help of a cosmetic chemist and a dermatologist.

But Bieber was also heavily involved. She noted she ordered "crazy amounts of skin care" during the research and development stage of creating the brand. "[I tried] everything that was expensive to inexpensive to mid-range,” she told Allure.

“I found that the most tried-and-true stuff was the solidly formulated products that were affordable," she added. "I could tell people kept on going back to [them], and that’s what I kept going back to as well.”

Rhode's first drop has been a success, with all three of its products now sold out. It's not all been plain sailing, however. A fashion brand, which also operates under the name Rhode, is currently suing Bieber's skincare line. Bieber named the brand Rhode after her own middle name. However, the fashion brand maintains there is now consumer confusion between the two companies. It's not yet clear if Bieber will change the name of her brand.

If you're interested in getting your hands on any of the model's skincare products, you can join the brand's waitlist to be first in the queue for the restock.

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