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We Removed First Aid Beauty From Our Cruelty-Free List After This Announcement

Today, skincare brand First Aid Beauty announced that they will start selling their products in stores, in mainland China. Although First Aid Beauty will do so in a way that bypasses any mandatory pre-market animal testing, their products might still be tested on animals as part of post-market surveillance under Chinese regulations.

The brand will still be approved by PETA, who made the following statement:

“PETA is very pleased to have First Aid Beauty on our Cruelty-Free list, and we are happy to report that the brand will maintain its no animal test status as it expands to China. We’ve worked with the company to ensure that the products as manufactured and sold will not require tests on animals under Chinese government regulations.”

Although PETA works with brands such as First Aid Beauty to ensure that no pre-market animal testing needs to be performed, there is no guarantee when it comes to post-market animal testing.

Post-market animal testing occurs in China if the authorities want to perform addition safety tests on products, for example in case of a consumer complaint. Animal testing is still listed as a safety testing method in these cases.

Unfortunately, PETA’s solution when it comes to the possibility of post-market animal testing is not enough to guarantee that products will not be tested on animals. They claim that in case of a consumer complaint, the Chinese authorities will alert PETA, and the brand will then cease to sell in China.

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Our concern is that post-market animal testing is written in China’s laws, which means that the authorities are highly unlikely to alert PETA in case of a complaint. Most likely, they would follow the protocol.

Although I appreciate First Aid Beauty’s transparency regarding entering the Chinese market, I no longer view this brand as cruelty-free, and I have removed them from Cruelty-Free Kitty’s list of cruelty-free brands.

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  • This is such a bummer. Living in a dry climate my skin goes nuts with out their cleanser and ultra repair cream. And I’ve recently started loving their sunscreen. Any suggestions for alternatives?

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