Several ladies have been asking about the brand Kiko. Getting a hold of their full animal testing policy wasn’t easy and took a few different tries, but here it is!

So, is Kiko cruelty-free? Yes, Kiko confirmed that they don’t test finished products or ingredients on animals. They also stated that their suppliers don’t test on animals, and no third parties test on animals on their behalf. They don’t test on animals where required by law and their products aren’t sold in China.

Keep reading for the full policy as well as a Q&A.

At A Glance

  • Finished products tested on animals: No
  • Ingredients tested on animals: No
  • Third party animal testing: No
  • Tested on animals where required by law: No
  • Sold in mainland China: No
  • Certifications: None
  • Parent company: None
  • Parent company status: N/A

From The Website

Kiko’s official site has a full page devoted to their animal testing policy. Unfortunately, this page doesn’t go in much detail and only tells us that Kiko is conforming to the EU animal testing ban. It reads:

“KIKO does not carry out or order testing on animals, pursuant to the relative European laws.

This guarantee does not only include finished products but also the latest generation raw materials, tested from 2004 onwards. In fact, European legislation for cosmetics has prohibited animal testing since 2004 on finished products, a practice stopped by the cosmetics industry 15 years before the law went into effect. A ban, valid in all EU territories, not only on the sale of final cosmetic formulations which have undergone animal testing but also products containing ingredients tested on animals outside of the European Community came into effect on March 11, 2009.

In March 2013, a ban on the sale of cosmetic products containing ingredients tested for specific toxicity trials came into effect (toxicity from repeated use, reproductive toxicity and toxicokinetics) on substances to be used for cosmetic purposes.

KIKO is committed to the pursuit of progress in Italian and European cosmetics through research into alternative tests to animal toxicological tests that protect consumer safety.”

Animal Testing FAQ

Their website also has a short animal testing FAQ.

To the question “Are Kiko products tested on animals?”, we get a similar (and more brief) answer: “KIKO MILANO does not carry out or order testing on animals, pursuant to the relative European laws.”

In this FAQ, they also claim they choose not to become certified cruelty-free because they’re focusing their budget on something other than “cruelty-free registration and annual fees”. They state that since the EU laws ensure that cosmetics companies remain cruelty-free, certification isn’t needed.

Critically, I can’t say this position makes much sense. Leaping Bunny certification isn’t exactly expensive, and the smallest mom and pop brands become certified. For an international company like Kiko, I have trouble seeing how cruelty-free certification doesn’t fit in their budget. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that they’re not cruelty-free.

Q&A With Kiko

Since the policy on their website isn’t complete, I reached out to Kiko to ask them additional questions. Here are their answers, with my questions in bold.

1. Does your company test on animals, either for finished products or ingredients?

KIKO MILANO does not carry out or order testing of ingredients or finished products on animals and is in line with European laws on this matter.

2. Do your suppliers test on animals?


3. Does your company hire or allow third parties to test on animals on your behalf?


4. Do you test on animals where required by law?

Our products are sold in Russia where we sent a request that we be exempted from animal testing previous to launching there, which was granted, and so we remain in line with EU regulations on this matter.

5. Are your products sold in mainland China?

Our products are sold only in Hong Kong and so we are able to remain in line with EU regulations with this matter.

Sold In China?

Looking at their website, I noticed they do have a Chinese version of the site.

On the Chinese site however, the store locator only brings up Hong Kong results. Right now, Kiko confirmed that they’re not sold in China outside of Hong Kong, which means they’re not subjected to the “required by law” testing laws.

I’ve added Kiko to my cruelty-free list and I’ll be keeping an eye on their international expansion to make sure nothing changes.

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Melodie | Happy Melodie Blog

Thank god, i’ve made a lot of research before grabbing a whole bunch of stuff from them and for a second i was a bit scared there! Feel releaved thanks girl!! You blog is basically my bible for Cruelty Free makeup, you truly are the best and THANK YOU again for the hard work you put in here to help us get the best products that don’t stain our ethic and beliefs!
Much love to you!
Melodie –

Suzi Scheler

Thanks so much Melodie! Appreciate the kind words! 🙂 xx

Kiss & Make-up

I have yet to try Kiko. Thanks for the insight!

Suzi Scheler

Thank you Shari!

Suzi Scheler

Thank you Heather! They claim that most of their products are vegan, but not all. If I can get a hold of their vegan list, I’ll update this post. 🙂

Gothic Dolly

This is awesome!

Suzi Scheler

Have you tried NYX and Flower Beauty BB creams? I just wrote a post on cruelty-free BB and CC creams (basically tinted moisturizers) here:

Marlo McDonough Orchard
Marlo McDonough Orchard

Thank you, I have not yet tried NYX, but it’s on my list! Thanks for all you do also. I’m slowly converting all my products to cruelty free and you have helped a lot!

Marie Fawcett

THanks for this I was wondering for a while. When you search it into google it’s quite a confusing statement.

Stéphanie B.

Thank you so much for doing your research on this brand! I was wondering about Kiko for a long time now..

Koi Cat

I only recently became aware of cruelty free cosmetics (your website has been super helpful btw thank you!) So I looked up most of the stuff I’ve been using, and i couldn’t find anything about Kiko which saddened me because I love their nail polish. Really glad to see that I can continue buying from their great range of colors, and thank you again for all the work you put into this website 🙂

Suzi Scheler

Thank you, glad to help! 🙂


My fave brand ever! So glad it’s cruelty-free.

Nicola Dsouza

Its been a little more than a year since I started using cruelty free products. Your site was the one I kept coming back to . Its like a guiding light for me. Thank you for your hard work and persistence. Kiko has recently started selling in India, and the first thing I did was to check your website and see if you had them on your cruelty free list. Such a relief that they are. Sincerely hope they do not start selling in China. Just want to say Thank You. Truly appreciate all that you do. Love and Blessings.

Cat Lady
Can’t thank you enough for this. I’ve struggled to find good cruelty free makeup but desperately wanted to ditch the products I’ve been using, namely L’Oréal. I tried Bare Minerals but not only did I react to it, I found their coverup not good at all. Kiko is brilliant. I thought I couldn’t find a better match than L’Oréal but not only are the colours and coverage great, the consistency is perfect. Just goes to show that the more expensive brands aren’t always necessarily the best. It’s a shame about the bunny mark though. I think it would stand them… Read more »
Thank you for your post! I really do like Kiko. But the things is, in Europe, we have this “REACH” regulation and (I copy-paste from Lush UK here): “According to the REACH Regulation, companies all substances manufactured or imported into the European Union in quantities of 1 tonne per year or more shall be registered”. And this implies testing on animals 🙁 – If you want more info, go on “Animal Testing: Our policy” on the Lush UK website. – So even though Kiko are “in line with EU regulations”, it doesn’t mean they do not test. I didn’t find… Read more »
Elizabeth Braun

You don’t say why complying with REACH implies possible animal testing. Maybe you could elaborate?? 🙂


Thank you for clarifying! They have great make up and good value so I am happy I can buy there guilt free 😀

Aly Laughlin

Thanks Maryam! So glad it was helpful! 🙂


I love Kiko and I’m about to have a heart attack because they now have a Chinese version of their website. Why would they have a Chinese page if they don’t sell in China?

Elizabeth Braun

There can a number of reasons including that their products are available to buy online (Chinese animal testing laws apply, to the best of my knowledge​, only to high street sales outlets, not web retail). Some overseas companies fulfill individual orders to Chinese customers too.
Another reason can be that the Chinese website may be mainly for other chinese speaking territories such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan etc. That’s not the case here, but it can be for some companies.
Hope that helps calm your fears. 🙂

Rachel Fausak

CFK stated in her post that they have a Chinese page on their website because they sell in Hong Kong. Hong Kong doesn’t require third party testing, so Kiko can sell there and be compliant with the rules necessary to keep their cruelty free status. It looks like they’re still CF and, hopefully, they’ll be for the duration of their brand…They have some GORGEOUS shadows!!! I hope that helps!


Do you add companies to your ‘cruelty-free’ list if they are vegan, or only if they do not test on animals? Thanks!