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Is ColourPop’s Cherry Crush Eyeshadow Palette 100% Vegan?

by Katrina Younes

Oct 29, 2021

ColourPop launched their cherry collection, and one particularly eye-catching product from the line is their "Cherry Crush" eyeshadow palette. The cherry-on-top is that the palette is advertised in the photos on their website as being 100% vegan and is excluded from their list of non-vegan products.

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However, if you take a closer look at the ingredient list for each individual eyeshadow in the palette, you can see that it "may contain" Carmine (ci 75470). As the name suggest, carmine is a bright red dye that is made from the Cochineal scale insect.

Brands may recycle labels from their other products to save money. So, if a product's ingredient list has a "may contain" section, such ingredients might not actually be in the product—they are listed there because of low-cost measures. Due to the lack of clarity on ColourPop's website, we reached out to the brand for clarification regarding their listing of carmine in “Cherry Crush”. ColourPop responded, assuring us that the palette is 100% vegan:

“Thank you for reaching out! We can confirm the palette is vegan as the ingredients do not contain carmine. The ingredients listed after the phrase "may contain" are listed due to other products that we produce containing this ingredient. It is for this reason that we include these as government regulations state that you can have individual listings per shade or a composite ingredient listing that covers all shades. Thank you!”

If you are in the market to buy vegan cosmetics that have red pigmentation, you should check the ingredient list for carmine under different names such as cochineal extract, CI 75470, E120 or Carminic acid (E120) and Red 4.

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