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3 Cruelty-Free White Foundation Mixers To Lighten Your Foundation

by Suzana Rose

May 22, 2018

Using white foundation to lighten a foundation that's too dark is a quick and easy way to salvage a product. This is helpful if:

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  • You bought a shade that's too dark for your skintone and can't return it.
  • You want to transition your foundation from summer to winter.
  • You have pale skin and you can't find a light enough shade.


Having pale skin, this is a trick I've used with several foundations. My white foundation of choice is Illamasqua's , which I would recommend because of how much pigment it has. You need a tiny little drop, and its texture is on the liquid/runny side, making it easy to mix.

FACE Atelier

FACE Atelier also offers a foundation mixer: their Ultra Foundation is available in , a pure white shade -- you can buy it from with free worldwide shipping.

Manic Panic

As those can be a bit pricy, another great option is Manic Panic's Magic White Dreamtone Foundation, which you can buy on Amazon for under 12$.

To mix my white foundation in with my usual one, I simply use a clean small brush or a toothpick (if I only need a very small drop, a toothpick is a great tool for this!) to scoop a bit out, and use the back of my hand to mix the two foudations. Quick and easy!

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  • Mel says:

    Thanks for all your research. I always check with your cruelty free list when I’m considering buying new products. There’s nothing more disappointing than finding out a new wonder brand that is being raved about is not cruelty free but at least I can save myself time by cross checking it on your list.

  • I’ve been looking for this post my entire life – it’s so hard to find such a specific product that’s also cruelty free. My skin is particularly ghostly and most of the foundations with the perfect formula are too dark. Thank you!x

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