Yesterday, I announced that Wet n Wild lost their cruelty-free status after deciding to market their products in mainland China. This is an unfortunate decision taken by Wet n Wild, and I hope they’re going to reconsider and pull out mainland China in order to regain their cruelty-free status.

Until then, there are plenty of affordable cruelty-free options we can shop. Here are the 10 best drugstore makeup brands that are also cruelty-free.

1. Covergirl

Covergirl recently teamed up with the Leaping Bunny program to pull out of China and go cruelty-free. They made drastic changes in order to make to comply with the Leaping Bunny’s requirements, and they’re now Leaping Bunny certified and cruelty-free. Covergirl is the biggest drugstore brand to gain a cruelty-free status.

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2. ELF

Elf offers a ton of affordable makeup options, and they’re widely available in drugstore across the world as well as online. Their full makeup line is 100% vegan as well, and although their makeup is manufactured in China, they avoid any potential animal testing by refusing to be sold there in stores.

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3. LA Girl

LA Girl offers some great quality makeup for their low price, and they’re available in drugstores like CVS and Ulta. Their foundations are often raved out, and they even offer an affordable white foundation which can be used to lighten any foundation that’s too dark.

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4. Essence

Another super affordable brand, Essence offers quite a few products that perform amazingly for the price point. Most of their products are even priced under the $5 mark, and I’ve read great reviews about their mascaras, lip glosses, and blushes.

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5. Jordana

Jordana also offers super affordable makeup, mostly priced under $5 per item. Their lip liners and lipsticks in particular receive rave reviews. They also have a vegan section on their website, which makes it easy to find all their vegan-friendly makeup.

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6. Hard Candy

Availably exclusively at Walmart locations across the US and Canada, Hard Candy offers fun, affordable makeup. If you’re looking for a colorful mascara or any glittery products, this is your brand.

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7. Colourpop

Colourpop is an online-only brand, but they offer a ton of great and affordable makeup. Their lip products are $7 a pop, and their eyeshadow palettes start at $12. They also offer free shipping over $30 to the US, or over $50 internationally.

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8. Nyx

NYX is a great makeup brand available worldwide, and they even have their own stores in some locations. They have affordable and high-quality makeup. If you don’t purchase from cruelty-free brands with non-cruelty-free parent companies, keep in mind they’re owned by L’Oreal.

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9. Milani

One of the best cruelty-free drugstore brands, although they’re a little bit higher priced than Wet n Wild. Milani offers a ton of great products, from their blushes to their lipsticks, and they also offer a full coverage foundation that’s great for oily skin.

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10. Pacifica

Pacifica’s makeup might be a little bit pricer than most brands here, but they’re also a highly committed 100% vegan brand. Their products are more “natural”, and they’re still quite affordable and available in drugstores and at Ulta.

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Feel free to leave your favorite drugstore or affordable makeup brands below!

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Photographer: Tom Medvedich