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Brighten And Nourish Blonde Hair With These Vegan Purple Shampoos

by Charlotte Pointing

Nov 16, 2022

Purple shampoo is a blonde's best friend, but really, anyone can use it. If you're looking for vibrant color that looks like you've just walked out of the hairdresser, we've gathered all the best vegan and cruelty-free options just for you.

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How purple shampoo works

Often recommended for use on blonde, bleached, grey, or silver hair, purple shampoo includes crushed violet pigments, which help to neutralize orange or yellow tones. (That's because purple is the opposite of yellow.)

While your hairdresser may use a toner to achieve your ideal shade of blonde, regular use of a purple shampoo can help you to keep your desired color long after you've left the salon.

How often you should use purple shampoo varies from product to product, but ideally, once or twice a week should be enough to keep your color looking fresh.

Is purple shampoo vegan?

Just like regular shampoo, purple shampoo can sometimes include ingredients that are derived from animals.

Keratin, for example, is a protein naturally produced by the human body (it's in our hair, skin, and nails). But because of its cell-smoothing abilities (which help to de-frizz and straighten hair), the protein is also added to shampoo, and in this case, it usually comes from animal sources, like horns and wool.

Other animal ingredients often found in shampoo include milk protein and bee products, like honey.

The former is added to shampoo for its ability to restructure, protect, and revitalize hair. However, it's a product of the dairy industry, which is detrimental to the planet and commonly associated with animal welfare concerns.

Honey is an emollient and humectant, which means it's ideal for adding moisture to your strands. But many argue that it should be left to the bees, as it's produced by the pollinator as a valuable source of winter nutrition.

Lanolin (which comes from sheep wool grease), beeswax, carmine (which comes from Cochineal beetles), and collagen are just a few more examples of non-vegan ingredients in shampoo.

Which purple shampoo is best?

Not all purple shampoo contains animal ingredients. There are a number of totally vegan options on the market. And more products are launching all the time: by 2028, the vegan cosmetics market (which includes hair care products) is set to hit a value of more than $24 billion.

Here are all of our top product picks to help you find the best vegan purple shampoo for you. And of course, as always, everything on this list is 100 percent cruelty-free.

Additional benefitsHydrating, softening
Sustainable packaging elementsRecyclable bottle
Vegan brandNo
Parent company tests on animalsNo

Pro-grade violet pigment and açaí extract give this purple shampoo its brightening superpowers. The latter is nicknamed "purple gold," because it really is your hair's dream: it contains a blend of fatty acids, as well antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin E, and it's rich in protein too. All of this results in stronger, softer, healthier hair.

Verb's product also contains coconut fatty acids. These help to give your strands a boost of moisture, reduce frizz, and support growth.

Additional benefitsHydrating, infused with antioxidants
Sustainable packaging elementsFeatures recycled plastic, recyclable bottle
Vegan brandYes
Parent company tests on animalsNo

Frequent trips to the colorist are expensive. But with Noughty's Purple Reign shampoo, you can cut them down considerably, because this product is seriously good at counteracting brassy or yellow tones.

The product is infused with synthetic, color-correcting violet pigments, which are supported by a range of natural ingredients, like blueberries and blackcurrants.

Blueberries are great for hydration, and, according to some research, could even help with scalp health and hair growth, while blackcurrant is packed with vitamin C.

Best for damaged hair:

Additional benefitsHydrating, revitalizing
Sustainable packaging elementsFeatures recycled plastic, recyclable bottle
Vegan brandYes
Parent company tests on animalsNo

Olaplex has earned quite the reputation in the hair care world, and for good reason. Its science-led formulas truly work wonders on colored hair.

The products go one step beyond adding shine and moisture and actually work at the molecular level to repair disulphide bonds, which are damaged when hair is bleached.

This Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo was designed specifically to cleanse, tone, and fix the damage on all hair types, and guarantees to leave you with vibrant, silky soft strands.

Seriously, you'll be recommending this one to every blonde you meet.

Best for the planet:

Additional benefitsAdds shine, softening
Sustainable packaging elementsPlastic-free
Vegan brandYes
Parent company tests on animalsNo

Every year, in the US, households throw out roughly 550 million empty shampoo bottles. And pretty much all of them are plastic. More and more brands are trying to reduce this waste by making their packaging recyclable, but Ethique has gone one step further. Its solid range of beauty products is totally plastic-free.

But a lack of bottle does not equal a lack of quality. This purple shampoo bar will help to neutralize yellow tones, and, thanks to the addition of cocoa butter and babassu oil, will leave your hair feeling soft and nourished too.

Important note: the color that comes out of this bar is vibrant, so if you've got white tiles or a white bath, bear in mind you may have to give them a scrub down after use.

Additional benefitsCleansing, conditioning
Sustainable packaging elementsMade with some recycled plastic
Vegan brandYes
Parent company tests on animalsYes - Estée Lauder

According to Aveda, this purple shampoo contains eight times the toning pigments in other products. As a result, it produces a cool, fresh blonde, with absolutely zero brassiness.

The shampoo, which can also be used on grey or silver hair, also contains a super hydrating blend of natural oils, including acai and passionfruit. The former, which is packed with antioxidants, is known for its ability to decrease frizz and maximize shine, while the latter can help to prevent breakage.

Plus, the packaging features post-consumer recycled plastic and the product was manufactured using renewable energy.

Additional benefitsSweet scent, softening
Sustainable packaging elementsRecyclable bottle
Vegan brandYes
Parent company tests on animalsNo

This toning shampoo from Umberto Giannini is simple yet effective. When used two to three times a week, the product will help to eliminate brassy tones, leaving your blonde strands looking brighter than ever.

It also contains chamomile flower, which is known for brightening hair and promoting strength, and lavender oil, which may help to boost circulation, resulting in a thicker mane.

Additional benefitsSoftening, conditioning
Sustainable packaging elementsMade with recycled plastic
Vegan brandYes
Parent company tests on animalsYes - L'Oréal

Biolage, a salon favorite, has been going since the 1990s and is renowned for its top-quality range of softening and conditioning hair products. In August 2022, the brand announced that all of its formulas were vegan and cruelty-free.

Its Colorlast Purple Shampoo really lives up to its name, so you won't have to keep popping back to the salon for another toning treatment. With regular use, your blonde will stay fresh, and your hair will feel soft and silky.

The key ingredients in this shampoo are fig and orchid. The former contains a cocktail of hair-boosting nutrients, like vitamin C, vitamin E, and magnesium, which help to speed up growth, while the latter helps to leave your tresses shiner than ever.

Best budget:

Additional benefitsSoftening
Sustainable packaging elementsContains recycled plastic, recyclable bottle
Vegan brandYes
Parent company tests on animalsNo

This is one of the cheaper options on the list, but a low price doesn't mean a less effective product.

Formulated with chamomile extract, this Tone Enhancing Shampoo does exactly what it says on the label. It brightens and enhances your color to give you the fresh, creamy blonde you desire. Plus, the product also works well on naturally grey or silver hair.

Best for everyday use:

Additional benefitsPleasant scent, hydrating
Sustainable packaging elementsContains recycled plastic
Vegan brandYes
Parent company tests on animalsNo

Unlike many other products on this list, R+Co's shampoo has been specifically formulated for daily use, so you can simply swap out your regular shampoo for this one. No need to double up!

The brightening formula contains sunflower sprout extract, which helps to moisturize and condition hair while also protecting it from the sun's rays.

The brand also uses "vegan pearl extract." Rich in minerals and amino acids, the ingredient works in a similar way to its ocean-derived counterpart and helps to lock in moisture, leaving you with shiny, soft tresses.

Additional benefitsAdded shine and softness
Sustainable packaging elementsRecyclable bottle
Vegan brandNo
Parent company tests on animals No

British brand Lush is known for its vibrant, unique product formulas, which include everything from coconut rice shampoo bars to garlic-infused face masks.

This purple shampoo also includes an array of natural ingredients (but don't worry there's no garlic in this one).

With a sweet aroma reminiscent of Parma Violets, the product relies on violet leaves for its purple hue. After just a few washes, you should start to notice a difference in tone, with any brassiness neutralized.

Lime juice is also added for extra shine, while seaweed and coconut oil will leave your strands feeling soft and conditioned.

The verdict

If you've got blonde, bleached, or grey hair, the right purple shampoo helps to nourish and brighten your strands, neutralizing any brassiness or yellow tones. If you use it regularly, it could even help to keep your color fresher for longer, and cut down your trips to the salon.

To summarize, here are our favorite vegan purple shampoos on the market:

Best for...

Damaged hair: Olaplex Nº.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo
The planet: Ethique Tone It Down Shampoo Bar
Everyday use: R+Co Sunset Blvd Daily Blonde Shampoo
Budget: Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Cool Silver Tone Enhancing Shampoo

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