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Biolage Is Now Vegan and Certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny

by Charlotte Pointing

Aug 4, 2022

Global haircare brand Biolage is now officially certified as cruelty-free. Plus, it has also introduced new bottles made with 100 percent recycled plastic.

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Biolage Professional has been around since the 1990s. Founded by Arnie Miller, it's a long-standing favorite of salons around the world. Now, all of its formulas, from its best-selling HydraSource Conditioning Balms to its Volume Bloom Shampoo, are totally vegan and cruelty-free.

The brand (which is owned by non-cruelty-free company L'Oréal) has received the Leaping Bunny mark of approval from Cruelty Free International. This means that, despite its parent company, it has proven that no animal testing takes place anywhere in its supply chain.

Increasingly, consumers are on the lookout for cruelty-free cosmetics. In fact, according to 2019 research from GlobalData, 35 percent of people actively look for cruelty-free claims on products.

Earlier this year, popular soap brand Dial worked with Cruelty Free International to gain its own cruelty-free certification. And in 2021, Garnier and Stila each received a Leaping Bunny stamp.

Aurelie Croze, Biolage Professional's assistant vice president, said that receiving its own Leaping Bunny certification was "such a proud moment for the brand."

She added: "We can't wait for the new era of Biolage Professional."

Biolage is also trying to make its product packaging more sustainable. Last year, its bottles were made with 90 percent recycled plastic, now they're made with 100 percent.

The brand has also invested in green chemistry, which focuses on product formulation without the use of hazardous substances.

Celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook said she is "excited" about the new developments. Brook also serves as an ambassador for the brand.

She noted: "I know consumers and professionals alike are going to appreciate Biolage's efforts to move the haircare industry toward a more responsible future." 

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