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Honest Review: I Tested Evolvh’s Entire Line of Hair Products

by Suka Junin

May 20, 2022


EVOLVh is a multi-product haircare line dedicated to using natural and organic ingredients. All of their products are completely free of harmful chemicals and hormone disruptors, including sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance and more. And most importantly, it’s cruelty-free.

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They’ve been involved in the clean haircare business since 2009 and the brand already has an impressive range of products. This includes a range specifically formulated for curly hair, which you seldom find in the clean beauty industry. 

EVOLVh promises to deliver high-performance clean haircare and we’re here to see how they fare. I tested out eight of their products for a few weeks as part of my haircare regimen. Find out more about EVOLVh here and whether or not they’re worth adding to your bathroom cabinet. 

It’s hard to find shampoo that can do everything. Be color safe, natural, and cleans as well as it smells. Unfortunately for me, the latter has happened to me one too many times. But EVOLVh’s UltraShine range–particularly the shampoo–has not only left my hair with just the right amount of a mild citrusy scent, but it also feels squeaky clean. It might take a few more extra drops if you prefer plenty of lather, but the shampoo’s formula is rich enough without the extra foam or bubbles. 

Speaking of formula, this shampoo contains antioxidants, amino and fatty acids (for boosting elasticity) and low ph (4.5-5.5). Key ingredients also include safflower oil which moisturizes hair and scalp, and promotes vasodilation for improved scalp health. It also has seaweed extract to promote growth and shine. All of this combined works hard to give healthy hair and my locks feel much softer and shinier after about four washes. 

Recommended for:

  • Dry, over-processed or frizzy hair that needs moisture.
  • Curly, thick, or coarse hair that requires softness and less frizz.

As someone with partially colored hair, split ends can sometimes occur. This, plus dry hair, requires intensive moisturizing. Without the harshness of very chemically-strong ingredients, the UltraShine Moisture Conditioner is really nourishing. In the shower, I combed the length of my hair with the product on my fingers. Then, I let it sit for a few minutes before I rinse the product out.

The conditioner has the same key ingredients as the shampoo, which means when used together, it can really improve the manageability of stubborn hair. Post shower, my hair detangles easier and it reduces the frizz that often happens on the bottom half of my hair.

Recommended for:

  • Straight, fine, thick, chemically or color treated hair.

Despite not having curly hair, I reaped the hydrating benefits of this shampoo. Thanks to one of its key ingredients, kiwi seed, this shampoo aims to add moisture. While the shampoo gives a squeaky-clean feel, my hair didn’t feel like it was stripped of its beneficial oils. Other ingredients include castor oil to smoothen rough hair cuticles, and sweet almond oil to combat split ends by sealing moisture in the hair for longer.

A heads up with this product: this shampoo (as well as the UltraShine Shampoo) has zero additives, including sulfates, which means it won’t lather as much. You might find yourself using more product or double-washing your hair than you would with commercial shampoos.

Recommended for:

  • Curly, thick, or coarse hair that requires moisture, softness, and definition.
  • Livening up curls.

Similar to its shampoo counterpart, the SmartCurl Conditioner is equally hydrating. It leaves behind the freshest scent and no sticky or soapy feel after. The formula absorbs as soon as you apply to the hair and it’s easy to rinse out thoroughly. With or without curls, this conditioner helps to achieve for frizz-free locks. As I don’t have curly hair, I wasn’t able to tell much of a difference in terms of results between the SmartCurl Conditioner and the UltraShine Conditioner. Both had the same consistency, similar scent and hydrating properties.

Recommended for:

  • All curl types.

One spray for all things hair? That’s a gamechanger! The SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner can be used to smooth strands, make them shinier, or used as a heat protector. It’s effective when spritzed on wet or damp hair, as well as in between washes to smoothen out your locks. It’s also good for when your feels dry. The spray is free of that sticky feeling and it doesn’t smell like it’s full of chemicals. 

When used as a heat protector, the spray is really effective. I found my hair to be shinier after being put through the ringer. Rice bran extract and cumin seed oil help to protect against heat damage. It also closes the hair cuticles to keep the beneficial ingredients in. Plus, I didn’t get much of that burnt hair smell after a straightening iron session. Other ingredients include bergamot fruit oil to soften and red raspberry seed oil to moisturize and strengthen.

Recommended for:

  • All hair types.
  • Tangled and dry hair.
  • Beach goers, as the spray is known for revitalizing chlorine and salt water-damaged hair.

An interesting hybrid of a strong-hold gel and hair oil, EVOLVh calls their aptly named WonderBalm a “shaping potion”. This balm truly holds the shape when applied to damp hair. My hair is wavy and is almost always frizzy when left to air dry, but the WonderBalm controlled the frizz in place. I even twisted my hair with my fingers into loose waves and it remained smooth and intact the next morning. There were hardly any crunchy strands! It also works as a smoothing gel if you’re not curly-haired. As per the directions on the bottle, I applied a pump and blow-dried out my hair smooth.

A single pump is plenty for mid-length hair and all you need to do is apply from the roots to ends. You can apply more pumps if your hair is longer or if you want to add more definition. From your fingers to your hair, there is no single trace of stickiness. Key ingredients include capryoyl glycerin/sebacic acid – a natural and eco-certified ingredient, which is responsible for the smoothing sensation and silky soft result.

Recommended for:

  • Curly hair that needs definition or if it feels a little dull, as this balm will shape it back to life.

For a go-to styling or volumizing product, EVOLVh has their own Volumizing Mousse. Its formula is ideal to style, hold, define, and shine. The mousse is in the form of a thick foam formula, which is easy to apply and disperses effortlessly into the hair. We’re often put off by the sticky residue that most mousses leave behind, but this InstaVolume Mousse has a natural clean feel. For best results, apply to your roots when damp and blow dry while lifting your hair in an upwards motion with your fingers. 

With tapioca root in the ingredients list, it helps to absorb excess oil that often weighs hair down and reduces volume. While it’s a light mousse, I suggest applying a pea-sized amount. This way, it’s easier to gauge how much product you actually need. It’s easier to keep adding rather than removing product, especially when it adds volume. The mousse also contains flax to restore shine and builds body, while black cumin seed oil helps protect against heat damage and UV. 

Recommended for:

  • Hair types that need volume.

One of the brand’s latest products: a creamy multi-tasking gel. We’re talking about defining, controlling, and smoothing, and nourishing. It claims to hold all day, which I can concur. It tamed my flyaways, especially when trying to rock the sleek updo ponytail. The DreamGel is also a convenient solution to fix a bedhead and when you just don’t have the time to style your hair loose. In the midst of keeping your hairstyle together, applying the gel can help strengthen locks and protect against breakage over time.

Just like the Volumizing Mousse, the gel also contains tapioca root – a natural solution to holding your hair. Another key ingredient in this lifesaver is soy amino acids, which is said to strengthen your strands and protect against breakage. 

Recommended for:

  • All hair types.

Overall Thoughts

Based on the above products I’ve tried, it’s clear that EVOLVh is serious about clean haircare. The natural and organic ingredients they emphasize in their products are really felt, as they feel different to those that aren’t 100% clean. Their shampoos don’t lather as much due to the lack of sulfates, but that doesn’t matter as much when you look at the bigger picture. The leave-in conditioner spray has no traces of any chemical-like smell: another plus for clean beauty.

For reference, my hair is partially colored at the ends, and can get quite dry. I really benefited from the SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner, as it not only nourished my strands but it also worked great as a heat protectant.

I also used the products together in order to get the results I got. For instance, I applied the leave-in conditioner prior to applying the WonderBalm gel for a smooth blowout. The UltraShine Shampoo and Conditioner are good products to try out, as they are best suited for most hair types, but especoally for those who need extra help in the moisture department.

Regardless of your hair type or your hair goals, figuring out your haircare regimen takes practice. Not every hair is the same and one method won’t work for everyone. When it comes to trying new products, it’s always good to start with less to see how it fares, especially since EVOLVh is on the more costly side. In the end, EVOLVh’s products are fairly easy to use with almost instantaneous results for healthier-feeling hair.

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  • Tonda G Bailey says:

    Would love to try the Miracle Balm but it contains glycerine which is known to cause frizz in humid AND arid environments.

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