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Is Selfless by Hyram Cruelty Free?

by Katrina Younes

Oct 29, 2021

Hyram Yarbro, creator of Selfless by Hyram, enthralled the virtual world for many years thanks to his knowledge of skincare products. Key to his philosophy of skincare is ingredients because, in his own words, "ingredients don't lie". Although he's not a dermatologist, chemist or aesthetician, Hyram's knowledge of skincare and dedication to ensuring that his followers have the best possible skincare regime is enough reason to check out his new skincare line, launched in March of 2021.

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Selfless by Hyram reimagines how you can build a skincare regimen and a skincare brand. Most important to the brand is not simply quality ingredients that go along with gentle and effective skincare, but also social impact. Every product purchased helps to provide clean drinking water to those in need or to protect tropical forests from deforestation. For example, Selfless by Hyram has raised enough funds to build five water wells in Eswatini Africa, providing over 2,500 people with access to clean drinking water for over 50 years. They hope to reach their 35K target by next March. You can check out their website for other projects, and a more detailed overview of their dedication to the environment.

If the above information hasn't won you over yet, this might: All of the brand's products are fragrance-free, vegan, cruelty-free, palm free and suitable for all skin types. When we reached out to them via e-mail, a representative responded and assured us that:

(1) We do not test on animals, for either finished products or ingredients.

(2) We don't test our products on animals and do not work with suppliers who do. We also won't enter any market that requires animal testing by law, this includes Mainland China.

(3) We don't test our products on animals and do not work with any suppliers or third-parties who do. We also won't enter any market that requires animal testing.

(4) Our products are authorized to be sold in the UK, US, EU and CA. We are also available in selected Sephora regions.

(5) Our brand is part of our parent company, Be For Beauty, which is founded by THE INKEY List co-founders Mark and Colette. Be For Beauty is also an entirely cruelty free brand.

(6) All of the products in our Selfless by Hyram are Vegan.

The skincare line has a:

(1) Centella and Green Tea Daily Gel Cleanser: It contains antioxidant packed duo of green tea and centella, glycerin, and all in a pH balanced formula (5.5-5.7).

(2) Retinol and Rainbow Algae Repair Serum: It's a nighttime serum that gently targets hyperpigmentation and provides you with a smoother, brighter complexion.

(3) Mandelic Acid and Rice Bran Gentle Exfoliating Serum: This nighttime chemical exfoliant evens skin texture, helps prevent clogged pores and helps skin appear brighter.

(4) Niacinamide and Maracujá Daily Barrier Support Moisturizer: This daily and nighttime serum hydrates, soothes and supports your skin. It's both extremely lightweight, making it ideal for oily skin, but also hydrating enough for dry skin.

Which Brands Are Cruelty-Free?

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