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The Cruelty-Free Kitty Box Is Here! See What’s Inside Our First Ever Edition

by Suzana Rose

Mar 29, 2022

I'm so excited to announce that the first ever Cruelty-Free Kitty Box has shipped! If you're a subscriber, you've either already received your box, or you should be getting it very soon. This month's box comes at a whopping value of $159. It contains 5 full-size products from conscious brands like Kahina Giving Beauty, Lovesong, HAN Skincare Cosmetics, and more. Keep reading for all the details and price breakdown!

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You guys! I can't believe the first box is already out. Having a subscription box for Cruelty-Free Kitty has been a dream I've had for a few years, but it seemed impossible.

Last December, I decided to just go for it! The timing wasn't right, as we were just getting past the holiday season. I'm also in the middle of a completely separate cruelty-free beauty brand I'm building, and I was worried the box might interfere with that... but I went for it regardless.

So far, it's been working out amazingly! We sold out of the first box and we're almost sold out of the second one as I'm writing this. Thank you so much to all our subscribers for believing in my mission of making cruelty-free beauty easy and accessible!

Why did I come out with a beauty box?

Since 2014, I've dived into the beauty industry thanks to Cruelty-Free Kitty. I was able to test and review hundreds of brands and countless products. I also learned a lot about product ingredients, especially for skincare. By being able to try so many products, it becomes easier to pinpoint what performs the best. It's true that I've become slightly obsessed with finding the best cruelty-free products. And that's a good thing, because it means I can make recommendations to those looking for cruelty-free alternatives that are as effective as the popular animal-tested products on the market.

The Cruelty-Free Kitty Box is in line with everything I've been doing at CFK, and it seemed like a perfect fit. Going cruelty-free isn't easy in the beginning. It wasn't for me, and based on the comments I see from you, it's not easy for most people either.

Brands that test on animals are constantly pushing their products onto us: influencers promote them, we see ads for them on TV and our phones, and stores are packed with them.

I wanted to come out with a box that features full-size products, so you can actually have cruelty-free options that work great and you can use up. I also did this to ensure you're getting great value for your money, because a lot of cruelty-free and vegan options can be expensive.

The value you're getting in this box is unbeatable. The March box adds up to $159 in retail value, not including taxes. All of that for only $34.99 with a yearly subscription, or $39.99 with a monthly one.

And I forgot to mention, but everything is not only cruelty-free but also 100% vegan, and I don't include any brands owned by a parent company that tests on animals. It's truly the most animal-friendly box on the market right now.

Onto the products!

This month, we have a good mix of skincare (3 products), makeup (1 product), and hair care (1 product). All products are cruelty-free as verified by Cruelty-Free Kitty, vegan, made from conscious ingredients, and none of them are owned by a parent company that tests on animals.

Let's take a closer look at each product.

Kahina Giving Beauty Oil Cleanser ($59)

This is one of my favorite products in this box, and ever. I wanted to include this brand, Kahina Giving Beauty, because I've been a fan of their ethics since my early days of blogging. Kahina sources their argan oil ethically from Morocco, where it's made by local women who are receiving a fair wage for their work, and benefit from better working conditions. You can learn more about their ethical practices on their website. This aspect is important to me because I believe more companies need to trace their ingredients and ensure they're obtaining them ethically. This is unfortunately rare in the beauty industry today.

In addition to this, Kahina uses conscious ingredients and sustainable packaging. It's overall a fantastic ethical brand and I'm thrilled to have included them in the box!

On to the Oil Cleanser, which is one of my favorite ways to remove my makeup. The scent is pleasant yet subtle, and it melts off all of your makeup beautifully. It doesn't contain any superfluous ingredients like other oil-based makeup removers out there, and the container itself is high-quality and comes with a pump that makes it easy to use. This product looks beautiful on your counter, and it's so luxurious.

Lovesong Weightless Leave-In Conditioner ($30)

This brand is new, but they're coming out with a bang. Lovesong is not only a beautiful brand, but they're sustainably-minded and effective, too. I love their Weightless Leave-In Conditioner because it makes it easy to style your hair without hassle. You can use it right after you towel-dry your hair from mids to ends, and you'll get silky soft and tangle-free hair.

This product is also crafted from wind power and made from conscious, all-vegan ingredients (the brand is 100% vegan). It contains no synthetic fragrance, perfect for those who are sensitive to fragrance. I'm happy to have come across Lovesong and included them in this box, and I'm excited to see what other products they come up with!

Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer ($42)

I'm a sucker for the name of this product, Mermaid Milk, but the moisturizer itself is just as good as the packaging is pretty! It contains spirulina and matcha, hence the light green color, and I love the way it sinks into the skin and truly hydrates. It's perfect for all skin types, though it's especially beneficial to those with dull or dehydrated skin.

Earth Harbor is an ethical and vegan brand that uses only plant-based and natural ingredients, and they're carbon neutral and woman-owned as well.

HAN Skincare Cosmetics Pressed Blush in Bloom ($18)

This high-quality blush delivers the perfect amount of pigment, and I made sure to choose a shade that would be suitable for as many skin tones as possible. Bloom is a subtle neutral peachy pink that reminds me of the shade Exposed by Tarte, though it's peachier. It's a neutral that everyone can pull off, and you can wear it with absolutely any makeup look.

I've been familiar with HAN's products for a while, and I've always been a fan. This product is organic as well, and HAN has recently changed its packaging from plastic to paper in order to go sustainable.

Dear Self Reusable Makeup Remover ($10 -- similar pictured)

Use this large makeup remover from Dear Self with the Kahina Oil Cleanser -- or any oil-based cleanser or balm -- to remove every trace of makeup and sunscreen. To use these products, apply the oil directly to your face, massaging it gently (including the eye area to remove eye makeup). With the damp cleansing pad, wipe away all the oil. You can reuse this cleansing pad over and over, making it an eco-conscious alternative to makeup wipes.

Total Value: $159

The grand total for the March box is $159, and the cost of the Cruelty-Free Kitty box is as low as $34.99 with a yearly subscription. This is an unbeatable value.

  • Kahina Giving Beauty Oil Cleanser ($59)
  • Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer ($42)
  • Lovesong Weightless Leave-In Conditioner ($30)
  • HAN Skincare Cosmetics Pressed Blush in Bloom ($18)
  • Dear Self Reusable Makeup Remover ($10)

To all my subscribers, I hope you love your March box! I tried to choose products that are universally appealing, while also making sure they're super high-quality. I'm truly doing my best to bring you great value, and introduce you to amazing brands that are doing good.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the Cruelty-Free Kitty Box, click here and choose your subscription plan. There are three plans to choose from, and you can cancel anytime. Shipping to the USA is free, and we ship internationally for a flat fee!

Thank you for considering signing up! We ship on the first of every month, and boxes are limited.

Which Brands Are Cruelty-Free?

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  • SallyAnn says:

    Thank you, Suzana for all that you are doing. You are truly a blessing! I’m truly an animal lover and I have 4 cats! They are our joy, my husbands and mine! I am so excited that I discovered your website and I’m sharing it with all my friends. I also just signed up for the monthly box subscription. I have also begun phasing out all my household cleaners for the cruelty-free products. This is to include my makeup as I am currently using Estee Lauder and Clinique, but that is going to change very soon too!

  • Elaine Ponciano says:

    LOVE what you’re doing!!! Thank you ????❤????

  • Cathy says:

    Hello Suzana,
    I have had your site bookmarked for years and always go to it if I need a product. I love the boxes you are putting together giving everyone something fun to look forward to monthly all while ensuring the products are cruelty free. Unfortunately for me I don’t have it in my budget to allow me to get the monthly boxes, but I am considering ordering one for a birthday present for my daughter’s 23rd birthday. She is a Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist and I thought what a great gift to give to people out there working for the betterment of our beloved animals. Thank you for all that you do, keep up the great work, you are definitely making a difference!

    • Suzana Rose says:

      Hi Cathy! I really appreciate this, and I appreciate your support simply by buying cruelty-free and verifying with my website. I hope your daughter enjoys her box! Thanks so much!!!

  • Patrycja says:

    Hi! Would love to try the box. Would you consider though putting more makeup product? ???? Not as much into skincare but would love to see more cruelty free make up brands xxx

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