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Stella McCartney Just Launched A Refillable Beauty Line – Is It Vegan & Cruelty-Free?

by Charlotte Pointing

Aug 29, 2022

Stella McCartney's name is synonymous with sustainable, ethical fashion. Now, the designer is seemingly bringing that same ethos to the beauty world. But is her new line, Stella by Stella McCartney, vegan and cruelty-free?

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Just like fashion, beauty has a mounting waste problem.

In fact, every year, the industry produces 120 billion units of packaging. So it makes sense that McCartney, who focuses on sustainable, innovative fashion designs (like mushroom leather bags, for example), wants to tackle the skincare plastic crisis.

Her new formulas (like the Alter-Care Serum, which took two years to create and reportedly reduces dark circles by 50 percent) prioritize top-quality results, but also the environment. All of the packaging is refillable, reusable, recycled, or recyclable. Nothing is single use.

The designer-turned-beauty-founder told Glamour her aim was to "reinvent refills."

She noted: "If you refill once, you lower your impact on climate change by a third, if you refill twice – it’s by half and you can also use the refill on its own, reducing the impact by two-thirds. I find that very cool.”

The ingredients are also sourced as sustainably as possible, but it wasn't an easy process. McCartney explains that it took three years to find ingredients that didn't pollute the environment due to their extraction or production processes.

Is Stella by Stella McCartney cruelty-free and vegan?

McCartney is extremely conscious of the environmental impact of her businesses. But she's also passionate about animal rights. The daughter of vegetarians Paul McCartney and the late Linda McCartney, the entrepreneur prioritizes animal advocacy and has consistently campaigned against fur, for example.

So it makes sense that her new line is totally vegan, and, the designer told Glamour, it's also certified cruelty-free by Cruelty Free International's Leaping Bunny program. "It was important to me that the brand and the products needed to have my vegan and cruelty-free principles at its heart," McCartney said.

To achieve the certification, Stella by Stella McCartney had to prove that it does not test on animals anywhere in its supply chain, and neither do any of its partners. It also had to confirm that it does not sell in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Stella by Stella McCartney is launching online today.

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