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It’s Confirmed: Rare Beauty By Selena Gomez Is Cruelty-Free

by Charlotte Pointing

Aug 18, 2022

Back in 2020, Selena Gomez launched her cosmetics brand Rare Beauty for the first time. Now, we can finally confirm that the vegan line is 100 percent cruelty-free.

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Named after Gomez's album Rare (which was also released in 2020), the makeup line is all about "being comfortable with yourself," the singer said at the time of the initial launch.

“I’ve stopped trying to be perfect. I just want to be me," she continued. "Rare Beauty can be more than a beauty brand. I want us all to stop comparing ourselves to each other and start embracing our uniqueness."

That energy is present in all of the brand's products. Best-sellers include its Kind Words Matte Lipsticks, for example, which offer a soft, buttery formula in 10 shades. There's also the Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer, which includes SPF protection, and With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm.

But Rare Beauty is more than just high-performance cosmetics with uplifting names.

Gomez also launched Rare Impact, a mental health support platform backed by one percent of Rare Beauty's sales, as well as corporate partners and philanthropic foundations, like The Trevor Project and the Asian Mental Health Collective.

Is Rare Beauty cruelty-free?

Rare Beauty is about kindness, and that attitude also extends to animals.

After discussions with the brand, Cruelty-Free Kitty has confirmed that Rare Beauty is truly cruelty-free.

To check a brand's cruelty-free status, we contact them directly to clarify their full animal testing policy. If brands respond to all of our questions confirming that no animal testing happens anywhere in their supply chain, we add them to our database.

Rare Beauty went through this process with us, and is now CFK-approved and listed on our database. It is also certified by People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Rare Beauty does not test finished products or ingredients on animals at any stage in its production process, and neither do any of its suppliers or third parties. It also does not sell in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Which Brands Are Cruelty-Free?

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  • Luana Cataldi says:

    Greetings! I’m so glad that Rare Beauty is truly cruelty free… But I’d like to know if The Body Shop is also cruety free, as it has been acquired by Natura, who is also the owner of Avon, which sells it’s products in China. So now Te Body Shop is a cruelty free brand that’s owned by one that isn’t, right? If that’s correct, could you please update the status of The Body Shop in your lists?

    Thank you in advance!

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