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IT Cosmetics Sells Out To L’Oreal For $1.2 Billion

by Suzana Rose

May 22, 2018

L'Oreal is going to acquire cruelty-free brand IT Cosmetics for 1.2 Billion in cash.

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L'Oreal stated that IT Cosmetics will continue to operate under the same leadership team from its current headquarters in New Jersey.

What does this mean about their cruelty-free status? IT Cosmetics is PETA-certified and should remain cruelty-free, but it will be owned by a company that tests on animals.

Other cruelty-free brands owned by L'Oreal include NYX, Urban Decay, and The Body Shop.

It's important to note that IT Cosmetics is not a vegan company, as they use animal ingredients such as snail secretion filtrate.

How do you feel about this acquisition?

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  • Edwina Carmen says:

    I think it sucks that a person that built this brand that millions bought and continue to buy and use it cosmetics which is being sold every where she sold out to such a big company .when she could. Of done many other things that would allow her money and stepping out but not letting things happen that can and will happen since selling something she got it to where it was a worth in which she sold out and walked.when it’s the people that made her brands worth .isnt that the way.sorry I ever bought into those products.i don’t buy anymore.

  • Lee Ann Klein says:

    Hello Suzanna! I am a 59 year old woman looking for cosmetics that are cruelly free, plant based and affordable. I worked in the industry for several years with Chanel, Lancome,Lauder and Merle Norman as an artist. For aging and elderly women, what would you recommend. I love coconut oil ala Hawaiian Tropic. I PALE in comparison!!! Lol. Obvious Mom jokes. Thank you for your time and help!

    • Suzana Rose says:

      Hi Lee Ann! Have you tried Chantecaille? It’s closer to the brands you mention working for (Chanel and Lancome) but it’s cruelty-free. If on the other hand you’re looking for tanning (Hawaiian Tropic) then I suggest the brand Isle of Paradise. Or for a nice body sunscreen there’s Josie Maran among many others. I’m not sure exactly what products you’re looking for right now but I hope this helps!

  • Brenda says:

    Only a matter of time before they expand the product lines in other countries including China. I have heard China has ceased to require certain animal testing. Is that true?

  • Celeste says:

    There’s no way I would purchase anything from a company that has anything to do with L’Oreal! So many great vegan brands to choose from.

  • Lorraine Beaucage says:

    I was misinformed by Sephora and told that IT is vegan!!! It wont happen again L’OREAL

  • Deborah Pointon says:

    If IT cosmetics doesn’t and Mann other companies don’t, I don’t why some companies still test on animals. I won’t be buying IT cosmetics anymore

  • Deborah N says:

    Knowing they are changing ownership, I will discontinue buying IT brand cosmetics. Shame as I really liked the brand…it is getting harder and harder to find cruelty free or natural products in today’s world. I was not happy when I learned that IT brand also was not vegan…

    • Margie says:

      I was told by a makeup artist that although L’Oreal sells products in mainland China (a country that demands animal testing), the company is in fact pushing and instructing the Chinese authorities on the benefits of in vitro testing. If this was to be embraced by China, that would be great! I am not ok with animal testing and avoid companies that conduct this practice. ~Margie

  • Sue Ferguson says:

    It cosmetics will do animal testing. Dont be fooled. Money over precious lives. I hope they rot in hell!!!!!

  • Jessica says:

    This is such a bummer! I was just about to reorder my primer and found this. IT Cosmetics is now off my list. Boo! Thanks so much for keeping us up to date. 🙂

  • trish cooney says:

    The body shop is no longer ownded by L’Oréal. Their parent is now totally cruelty free

  • laurenb says:

    They also use collagen in several products and when asked what it was made from, they said it was marine collagen but wouldn’t specify the source saying it was “proprietary information.” That mean it’s made with fish, am I right?

  • teresa lage says:

    Lancôme is a sister company to Loreal. I love the coverage of Lancôme but won’t use it due to animal cruelty.

  • LYNN says:

    IT Cosmetics are the best I’ve found in years and I’ve, happily,invested heavily in their products. However, if they ever go to animal testing, I will drop them, immediately.

  • Joni says:

    I love IT cosmetics, but now will NOT purchase any more!! I always knew L’Oréal rested on animals and never purchased their products, so now I have another product on my “do not buy” list. How dare they!! All for the sake of the almighty dollar. Shame on Jamie!!!?

  • suki says:

    This makes me sick! I will have to really think before purchasing from IT again. I cannot understand why IT would sell out to a company that tortures animals.

  • Lmbrookshire says:

    There’s no doubt U can figure out a way to test these products without torturing animals. Just stop it are you crazy?

  • SM71 says:

    I’m kind of new to the game, but L’Oreal, Shiseido or Estee Lauder are all companies that allow testing on animals for some of their products, correct? I am not vegan myself, although animal cruelty practices are very concerning to me. I’m trying to find products that are as kind to animals as possible; if I can narrow the list down, I’m all for it. Thanks for continuing to post and helping your readers be informed. I echo the voice of another poster–I don’t want to have to constantly check brands and ingredients, but vigilance is necessary to hold to my ideals. Be blessed!

  • Elizabeth says:

    If they test on it cosmetics they probably wouldn’t even give u your most beautiful skin anymore. And people wouldn’t buy it it all. Disappointed ??

  • Julie says:

    Have been an IT girl since its inception. Now sadly need to find another brand. I actually use Bye Bye concealer as a foundation. Anyone know of another foundation (cream/not liquid) that has this kind of coverage? Sad, sad, sad

  • Erika B says:

    Honestly, I am a bit confused as to how a product with snail secretions would be CF as to produce large amounts don’t the Snails have to be stressed into doing so as well as farming? I always cringe when a CF company sells to a non-CF company. Though it would be nice if the non-CF company would become CF, however they usually don’t and then the CF company usually ends up selling in China, ugh!

  • Susan says:

    I think it will boil down to how much freedom the founders have in ultimate decision making. In addition to the in animal testing issue, for me their products to me are superior to L’Oreal. I hope this acquisition won’t taint their innovative products – ones that really help and pretty much do what they say they do. i dont want the bottom focus lto harm their original intent of supplying top quality products for the everyday woman who wants to look their best.

  • Gail Rose says:

    Allowing these mega companies to grow and grow is the grave danger of our economy and world. So many wonderful companies start out with ethics as their priority only to sell out to greed when they succeed. IT and L’Oreal will get none of my money.

  • Curiouser49 says:

    Not happy about this. It seems to always come down to the money. People just never seem to have enough! I will not be buying these products anymore. There are many other companies that are still cruelty free.

  • Sherry584@msn.com says:

    Extremely disappointed!!?

  • Andrea Glassner Powell says:

    Bye Bye it cosmetics.
    Smash box has a new customer!

  • Layla Jones says:

    I just found about this today. I am very disappointed and conflicted about weather I will continue to purchase It Cosmetics. I don’t want to have to constantly check the ingredients and read up online about weather the products remain the same and if they are continuing the no-testing-on-animals policy.

  • DrTina says:

    I am NOT happy about this at all!

  • Shelley Marks-Kramer says:

    It is a shame when a huge money maker buys another company and probably changes their formulations. I have been using safe, healthy products without toxic chemicals or tested on animals for almost 25 years. My favorite company is certified organic, made in Rhode Island (USA) not tested on animals, afe, healthy effective and affordable. http://www.PureHavenEssentials.com/ShelleyKramer, knowing you will be safe.

  • Carla says:

    Why does L’Oreal have to buy out all the good CF brands? Ugh!

  • helloyou27 says:

    This really sucks. I don’t buy from companies owned by L’Oreal because they help fund the Israeli Defense Forces and their occupation of Palestine.

  • Ploy Varn says:

    Argh, another company bought out my L’Oreal.
    As long as certain company’s are cruelty free I will still buy from companies like Bare Minerals, IT cosmetics and Urban decay, even though their sister companies do test on animals. I’ve only recently started making the transition though, so maybe in the long-run I will re-consider it.
    I just cant believe it though… It’s a real shame that some of the most powerful companies like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder still test.

    Thanks for posting!


  • Alice says:

    How sad. I was a big fan of their brushes, but I’m not going to support L’Oreal.

  • Lynn saunders says:

    Hi Ladies,I hope I can help in some way. I am part of a new high end natural based skincare and cosmetics line called Maëlle, which is PETA certified and they will also have the leaping bunny logo by 2017. This company which has been brought together by some of the top professionals in the industry who have a wealth of knowledge and experience and have worked with the likes of Sir Richard Branson. I am learning more every day about these amazing new products and I’m totally blown away. Link below please do have a look and see what you think ???

  • SCM154 says:

    What a disappointment! I have loved using several IT Cosmetics products and will use up what I currently have. But once they are gone, I will be moving on to something else. Thanks so much for providing a site that will help me in the search for cruelty-free replacements!

    • SM71 says:

      I second your opinion! I absolutely LOVE the CC cream and their face cream. Once I use what I have, I will move on to another brand. Would sure appreciate some suggestions because I am really happy with the performance of IT cosmetics and would love to find something comparable.


    I recently decided to try to only buy products made in USA or Europe. Now I’ve started to look more at buying cruelty-free products. I now have a very small list of brands that fit into these categories and it’s really frustrating. I LOVE LaRoche Posay but to find out that they test on animals sucks. Most of the brands listed on this website as cruelty-free produce their products in Taiwan or other countries, IT Cosmetics is a perfect example of that.

    • Good idea, I’m definitely going to try to put together a list of cruelty-free makeup made in the US or Europe. I know Illamasqua and NYX make some of their products in Europe (but some are still made in Taiwan).

  • s0fa says:

    It’s disappointing when so many CF companies get bought out by L’oreal, a company who’s ethical practices on this issue are so misleading. It honestly makes me want to start a new hashtag like #rathergobarefaced or something because it’s stupid for consumers to feel guilty or misled for buying a freaking lipstick. I like IT cosmetics, but this is a real shame that this keeps happening to so many makeup brands that I felt safe using at one point.

  • Yeah, I just heard about it today. It’s definitely a shame L’Oreal tests on animals.

  • Jordana R says:

    I totally understand from a business perspective if you’re a smaller cosmetics company how being bought by L’Oreal would be very beneficial to help grow your company. Still, I can’t help but feel disappointed over this. I do buy from brands like Urban Decay because in my opinion they are cruelty free and all cruelty free brands should be supported (I know this approach to parent companies is different for everyone) but I would be much happier if they weren’t owned by a company like L’Oreal that tests. Uch, it’s just frustrating.


    • Thanks Jordana! It really is all business.

    • Maryrose says:

      I have a similar view Jordana. Boycotting is not the most effective way to promote veganism in my opinion. It’s like saying you won’t buy from a supermarket because they sell meat but they also sell vegan alternatives and those are the things we should be buying. These companies work off demand so we need to show them where the demand is. If that means supporting companies that are based on vegan morals then we should always chose that as the first option but I have a feeling that corporations like L’oreal won’t change unless we the people show them what we want and need.

  • Megan Caffery says:

    I was really bummed about this. I love IT Cosmetics, especially the Illumination Celebration Foundation because it is the BEST powder foundation I’ve ever used. I’m probably going to have to do a switch to BECCA foundation, which is also great, and they’re completely cruelty free.

    • Thanks Megan. Definitely, I love everything I’ve tried from IT, but there’s other great products out there. 🙂

      • Megan Caffery says:

        Oh, I totally agree! It’s hard to find a really great powder foundation. Do you have any recommendations? I know I mentioned BECCA, but I wasn’t sure if you had heard good things about another brand as well.

    • Shweta says:

      I believe BECCA Cosmetics was acquired by Estee Lauder recently :/ and as for IT Cosmetics goes, I’m pretty disappointed as I was looking into buying one of their products. But, I am definitely taking my business elsewhere now.

  • CarolCats says:

    Thank you for your updated information. I did shop in the It cosmetic section at Ulta but didn’t purchase any items from this brand. And now I refuse to purchase any L’Oreal owned cosmetics. So many wonderful vegan products exist for all of our usage in all price ranges. I’ve begun grocery shopping at Fresh Thymes, and their vegan cosmetic aisles are outstanding!

    • Thanks Carol! I’ll check out Fresh Thymes, too.

    • CarolCats says:

      Fresh Thymes is a grocery store specializing in non-GMO produce and groceries. Only cruelty-free cleaning products are stocked for sale. Their organic vegetables and fruit are wonderful! I was overjoyed – and I mean this fact – to be able to purchase all of your suggested cruelty-free soap as well as Nubian and Jason Body Lotions. I searched your best cosmetics list generated from 2015 and was pleased to read both Nubian soap and body wash listed as favorite products. Both the inexpensive and higher end “drugstore” brands are available along with a new brand (new to me) “Nourish Organic.”

  • PanyaV says:

    It doesn’t change my opinion of the brand: I still won’t buy it, since I refuse to buy from companies which use snail secretions.

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