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Colourpop: Cruelty-Free Statement And Vegan Product List

by Aly Laughlin

May 21, 2018

Colourpop is a trendy affordable makeup brand based out of LA. They are especially popular for their unique creme-powder "Super Shock Shadows" and their colorful range of lipsticks, both of which are only $5!

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But is Colourpop cruelty-free? The animal testing policy information on their website is incomplete so I reached out to them to find out.

I am pleased to announce that Colourpop is proudly cruelty-free! They confirmed that they do not conduct any animal testing, nor do they commission third parties to do so on their behalf. They also confirmed that none of their suppliers test on animals, and their products are not sold in China. Their parent company, Seed Beauty, is also cruelty-free.

Yay! Keep reading for their email correspondence and a vegan product list at the end of the post.

At A Glance

  • Finished products tested on animals: No
  • Ingredients tested on animals: No
  • Third party animal testing: No
  • Tested on animals where required by law: No
  • Sold in mainland China: No
  • Certifications: PETA
  • Parent company: Seed Beauty
  • Parent company status: cruelty-free

PETA Certification

Colourpop is certified by PETA as being cruelty-free.

From the Website

Colourpop has a brief statement regarding animal testing on their website:

ColourPop was born, raised and made with love in the City of Angels. Founded in 2014 by Seed Beauty, we pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and bunny approved. We test our products in the nicest way possible, leaving fur babies to be fur babies and experimenting on people instead (the people at ColourPop HQ to be exact!).

Email Correspondence

Since the statement on their website is incomplete, I reached out to Colourpop to ask them specific questions. Here is the response I received:

Hello Aly

ColourPop is very passionate about animals and does not support or condone animal testing in any way.

Neither ColourPop nor ColourPop's parent company Seed Beauty, test on animals. No outside company tests on animals for us and none of our suppliers test on animals. Our products are not sold in China.

Hope this answers most of your questions and thank you for checking with us regarding these issues!

We are extremely proud to be cruelty free! :)


Colourpop (NON) Vegan Product List

Almost all of Colourpop's products are vegan, with the following exceptions:

  • 143 - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • 3-Way - Ultra Metallic Lip
  • As You Wave - Super Shock Shadow
  • Bae - Super Shock Shadow
  • Bardot - Super Shock Blush
  • Bash - Ultra Glossy Lip
  • Best O - Crème Gel Colour
  • Beverly - Super Shock Shadow
  • Big Cocktails - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Bigger and Better - Pressed Powder Highlighter
  • Birthday Suit - Super Shock Blush
  • Brady - Super Shock Shadow
  • Bubbly - Super Shock Shadow
  • By My Side - Super Shock Shadow
  • Call Me - Crème Gel Colour
  • Central Perk - Super Shock Shadow
  • Churro - Super Shock Highlighter
  • Come and Get It - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Co-Pilot - Super Shock Shadow
  • Cuddle Buddy- Super Shock Shadow
  • Dirty Birdy - Ultra Metallic Lip
  • Double Date - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Drop of a Hat - Super Shock Blush
  • Ego - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Fair Play - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Flitter - Ultra Metallic Lip
  • Fooling Around - Super Shock Pigment
  • Forget Me Not - Super Shock Highlighter
  • Fox - Super Shock Blush
  • Glo Up - Super Shock Highlighter
  • Going Steady - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Highly Waisted - Super Shock Highlighter
  • Hippo - Super Shock Highlighter
  • Ignition - Super Shock Shadow
  • Itty Bitty - Super Shock Shadow
  • Keeper - Super Shock Shadow
  • KT - Ultra Glossy Lip
  • Lace - Super Shock Shadow
  • Louie - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Man Eater - Ultra Metallic Lip
  • Mittens - Super Shock Shadow
  • Mixed Tape - Super Shock Shadow
  • My Jam - Ultra Glossy Lip
  • Oh Ship - Pressed Pigment
  • On the Fence - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Paradox - Super Shock Shadow
  • Party Time - Super Shock Shadow
  • Poodle - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Porter - Super Shock Shadow
  • PYT - Ultra Metallic Lip
  • Razy - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Reversible - Super Shock Shadow
  • RSVP - Ultra Glossy Lip
  • Sandwishes - Ultra Metallic Lip
  • Sauvage - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Spoiled - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Stay Golden - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Stereo - Super Shock Shadow
  • Sticky Sweet - Super Shock Highlighter
  • Succulent - Ultra Matte Lip
  • Sunset Blvd - Super Shock Shadow
  • Tang - Super Shock Shadow
  • Tea Party - Super Shock Shadow
  • The One - Super Shock Shadow
  • Tight Fit - Ultra Glossy Lip
  • Treat Wave - Ultra Metallic Lip
  • Tulle - Ultra Matte Lip
  • Two Much - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Wishes - Ultra Glossy Lip
  • Wisp - Super Shock Highlighter
  • Wolfie - Ultra Glossy Lip
  • Zebra - Ultra Metallic Lip
  • Bottom Line

    Colourpop is cruelty-free, and is included in our cruelty-free brand list! For a full list of cruelty-free brands, click here.

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