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Coty Acquies 43 Beauty Brands From Procter & Gamble

Coty — who already owns OPI, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Philosophy, and Marc Jacobs — will be doubling in size by buying 43 of Procter & Gamble’s beauty brands. Some of the brands sold to Coty include Covergirl, Max Factor, Clairol, Wella, Sebastian, and Dolce & Gabbana.

What does this mean for the cruelty-free world?

We all know that Procter & Gamble is not a cruelty-free company, and every brand owned by Procter & Gamble falls under the same policy.

What about Coty?

From their official policy:

Coty voluntarily ceased testing finished cosmetic products on animals in 1991. We do not perform, nor do we ever commission any third parties on our behalf to perform, testing of our products or ingredients on animals. (…) The only exceptions are the very few countries where, by law, the regulatory authorities require us to submit our products or ingredients to them for testing on animals.

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Bottom Line: Although Coty’s animal testing policy isn’t as lax as Procter & Gamble’s, Coty still tests on animals when required by law. Coty’s brands are also currently sold in mainland China, where animal testing is required by law. Coty also expressed the intention of expanding its brands to foreign markets such as Brazil, Japan, and Mexico. With this will to expand, we can therefore expect their newly added brands to remain in China after the acquisition.

Here’s a list of the 43 acquired brands, all of which remain not cruelty-free:

Wella Professionals (and its sub-brands)
Sebastian Professional
Clairol Professional
Sassoon Professional
Nioxin, SP (System Professional)
Soft Color
Color Charm
Natural Instincts
Nice & Easy
VS Salonist
VS ProSeries Color
Miss Clairol
New Wave
Wella Styling
Wella Trend
Balsam Color
Hugo Boss
Dolce & Gabbana
bruno banani
Christina Aguilera
Gabriela Sabatini
James Bond 007
Stella McCartney
Alexander McQueen
Max Factor

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  • I thought I heard covergirl was newly cruelty free. I have tried the last few years but bbn it’s getting harder and harder to tell what’s the truth 🙁

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