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Amorepacific Is Acquiring Cruelty-Free Luxury Skincare Brand Tata Harper

by Charlotte Pointing

Sep 8, 2022

South Korean beauty giant Amorepacific has announced it is set to acquire natural luxury skincare brand Tata Harper.

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Tata Harper, who co-founded the brand on a farm in Vermont more than a decade ago, will remain in charge of the business as co-CEO. It is hoped that the acquisition will help the skincare line expand its reach both in the West and in Asia. 

Jinpyo Lee, who serves as Amorepacific’s chief strategy officer, said: "Tata Harper is a clean beauty brand instilled with the core values of healthy beauty - values that society and consumers are looking for today.”

Lee also noted that the cosmetics conglomerate, which already operates more than 30 brands, can provide Tata Harper with “top-notch R&D and P&L infrastructure.”

Harper herself added: “I look forward to leveraging Amorepacific's expertise to drive global growth and continue to serve our consumers, who rely on Tata Harper to deliver the most results from their skincare."

Is Tata Harper still cruelty-free?

Amorepacific claims that it uses alternatives to animal testing. Its website notes: “Amorepacific prevents unnecessary animal sacrifice by replacing animal testing with reconstructed skin models. Amorepacific also continues to expand the scope of research by developing new reconstructed skin models and applications.”

However, as the company allows its products to be tested on animals when required by law, it is not considered cruelty-free.

Tata Harper is currently cruelty-free, and as long as its animal testing policy doesn’t change, it will remain that way. 

To remain cruelty-free, Tata Harper must not test any finished products or ingredients on animals, nor must it work with suppliers or third parties that use animal tests. It must also not sell its products where animal testing is required by law. 

A number of cruelty-free brands have non-cruelty-free parent companies, but if you wish to avoid these brands, you can search our database using the “parent company doesn’t test on animals” filter.  

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