We’ve added quite a few brands recently so I wanted to update you.

Some of these brands were highly requested, whether it’s from readers emailing me, in comments, or as part of the community. Unfortunately I had to remove the community because it was too hard to maintain. I was getting a lot of questions and a lot of suggestions for brands to research, but I found out the hard way that it’s too time-consuming not only to respond individually to each inquiry, but to maintain it and organize every post.

I loved the idea in theory and unfortunately I had put a lot of work into that part of the site, but things don’t always work out. It was better to shut it down than to disappoint those of you who posted questions and request without getting the quick answers you deserved.

Right now, the best way to request brands to be added to the list is simply to comment on the blog. We’re working hard to add every brand that receives a lot of interest!

Here are the recently-added brands. starting with those who DO test on animals and followed by the cruelty-free ones.

New brands added that DO TEST on animals

First, some brands to watch out for because they test on animals. Most often, this means they test on animals when required by law and sell in mainland China (where animal testing is mandatory for foreign cosmetics companies).

Red Earth
Irish Spring
Zara Fragrances
Son & Park
Elizabeth Grant
Sisley Paris

I was most surprised to find out that Red Earth, a new brand from Australia, tests on animals where required by law. This brand has been all over Instagram and seemed promising, but unfortunately they shamelessly admit to testing on animals where required by law:

“As a company, we ensure that all of our suppliers and internal testing is cruelty-free. We do not do any internal testing on animals. However our products are sold across the globe including China, where some governments perform their own testing which is beyond our control.”

New CRUELTY-FREE brands added

Now, for the cruelty-free brands. These brands don’t test on animals, and we’ve verified that their suppliers don’t test on animals and ingredients aren’t tested on animals. No third parties test on animals on their behalf, including in mainland China. This means they’re truly cruelty-free.

Juvia’s Place
Copycat Beauty
Linda Hallberg
Living Proof
CYO Cosmetics
Pupa Milano
Nude By Nature
BYBI Beauty
Summer Fridays
Clove + Hallow
No B.S.
Stellar Beauty
QV Skincare
Raw Sugar
Madara Cosmetics
Dr. Barbara Sturm
Studio Makeup
Chi Chi Cosmetics
Good Dye Young
Dr. Loretta
Le Petit Olivier

I’ve been getting so many questions about Juvia’s Place, and I’m happy to finally have received their full animal testing policy. We’ve now added them to the cruelty-free list! Copycat Beauty is another brand I’ve been getting questions about recently, and they’ve also answered all our questions and have been moved to the cruelty-free list.

Living Proof was in the grey area for a while, but they’ve recently provided all the necessary informtion to be moved to the cruelty-free list as well. Same goes for Embryolisse.

Sleek, No7, and CYO Cosmetics are all cruelty-free and owned by Walgreens Boots Alliance.

New GREY AREA brands

These are the brands that haven’t provided enough information about their animal testing policy. Nothing tells us they test on animals, but nothing tells us they’re cruelty-free either. Most often, refusing to provide information is a red flag.

Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie was unable to provide a statement regarding their suppliers, while Proactiv wouldn’t make a claim regarding their ingredients. Native was an independent brand, but they were recently acquired by Procter & Gamble. They didn’t share a statement regarding their suppliers or whether or not they test on animals where required by law.

Kaja is associated with the Sephora brand, and as of right now, the only policy they were able to share is the Sephora brand policy. I added them to the grey area as it’s unclear whether or not they test on animals where required by law.

As always, thank you for choosing cruelty-free cosmetics and making an impact!

Image: Patchology