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Looking For A Cruelty-Free Alternative To Swiffer? We Finally Found One

by Suzana Rose

Nov 5, 2020

After moving recently, I was on the lookout for new cleaning products. As you know, good cruelty-free cleaning products are among the hardest to find when ditching animal testing. This is because almost every product on the shelf is owned by one of the big corporations, and unfortunately inherits their animal testing policy.

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Thank you to Infuse for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Which companies to avoid?

If you don't want to support corporations that test on animals, there are 3 main conglomerates to look out for. Mind you, there are other brands out there who test on animals, but these are just some of the most common ones you'll find in drugstores.

First, watch out for Procter & Gamble, who owns brands such as Febreze, Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Comet, Bounce, Downy, Dawn, Gain, Joy, Tide, and others.

Another big offender is SC Johnson, with brands like Glade, Windex, Shout, Brillo, Fantastik, Mr. Muscle and more.

Finally, Reckitt Benckiser also specializes in cleaning products, with brands like Lysol, Finish, Air Wick, Cillit Bang, Vanish, Woolite, and others.

What's wrong with brands such as Swiffer, Febreze, and Windex?

Besides animal testing, there are many reasons why I choose not to support the brands above. These are companies that put profit over ethics and sustainability in all aspects of their business. Their products are filled with chemicals that are iffy for the environment as well as packaged in plastic -- which can not be recycled indefinitely.

Despite this, you'll find big, bold greenwashing claims coming from all of these corporations. Reckitt Benckiser claims to aim to "create a cleaner, healthier world". Procter & Gamble has an "environmental sustainability" section displayed prominently on their website, though they're anything but sustainable.

How can we voice our dissapproval of these policies?

Companies like the ones above only care about profits. If we continue purchasing from them, it's sending the message that we tolerate their unethical practices. The best thing we can do is vote with our money, and choose companies that are doing better.

Despite all the brands above being easy to find in stores, it's possible to purchase from brands that are cruelty-free and better for the environment if you know where to look. In this post, I'm taking a closer look at Infuse by Casabella, which is a perfect example of a brand that's doing better.

Infuse is Leaping Bunny certified in addition to promoting low-waste cleaning. They're also available at Target, which means they're a great alternatives to the big guys above, and they're just as easy to find. I've been using and testing them for a few weeks, and I'm happy to share my honest thoughts.

This brand offers all the essential cleaning supplies you need, with a twist: they're refillable, and they don't use water in the formulas. Instead, they make concentrated tubes which you pop into the special reusable spray-bottles. You fill your spray-bottle with tap water at home, shake it to combine it with the cleaner, and let the magic happen.

Having the refillable bottles means that you're only making a one-time purchase for the plastic container, which will be lasting for years. This really cuts down on plastic usage if you think about the number of cleaning products we go through. It also means the shipping package is less heavy and smaller, which lessens the environmental impact.

I've used their Glass & Window Refillable Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit ($7.99), their Bathroom Refillable Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit ($7.99), as well as their All Purpose Refillable Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit ($7.99). Their formulas are effective, non-toxic, and they smell great too. The reusable bottles are sturdy and will absolutely last a long time.

What's the cruelty-free Swiffer alternative?

Up until recently, I used a mop to clean our floors. Definitely not ideal, but there weren't any cruelty-free Swiffer-like options. Infuse sent over their Spray Mop Cleaning Kit ($29.99) and it's a game-changer.

It functions exactly like a Swiffer, but the Mop Pad is reusable; once I'm done cleaning, I simply throw it in the wash along with my other reusable cleaning cloths. Normally if you're a Swiffer user, you're throwing away all these pads who go straight to the landfill.

The mop has a large surface area and the mop pad is really effective at getting rid of dirt and grime. It also feels sturdy and well-made, and it's a cleaning accessory that will last a long time. No batteries are required.

If you have tile or laminate floor, go with the Multi-Surface Spray Mop Cleaning Kit ($29.99). If you have hardwood floors, opt for the Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit ($29.99).

All the products mentioned in this post are available at your local Target store, or from infuseclean.com. They're great ways to switch to a cruelty-free cleaning routine that's also better for the planet, and they're reasonably-priced.

Next time you're at Target, why not make the switch to cruelty-free and low-waste cleaning? That way you'll never again purchase a cleaning product that's tested on animals, and your wallet will thank you in the long term.

Which Brands Are Cruelty-Free?

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  • Vanessa Braun says:

    I just scanned this product with the cruelty cutter from the beagle freedom project, and it shows that it is tested on animals. What makes you believe that it is cruelty-free?

    • Suzana Rose says:

      Cruelty Cutter must be malfunctioning unfortunately, because we’ve verified that they’re cruelty-free with the brand and they’re also Leaping Bunny certified.

  • Patricia Mackevicius says:

    Wish the Infuse products were available at Target in Australia! Can they please sell here?

  • Bella says:

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks. ????

  • wendy caira says:

    im so happy i found this page!!!!!! ive been so wanting to go totally cruelty free for some-you’ve helped me make the total transformation!!! thanks so much!!! sincerely wendy j caira

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