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5 Brands Of Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products You Can Trust

by Suzana Rose

Nov 27, 2019

Finding cruelty-free cleaning products is becoming increasingly easy. Chances are that your local grocery store and drugstore carry at least one cruelty-free brand. However, it's important not to rely solely on the claims on the labels. I've put together a list of 5 great brands that are not only 100% clearly-free, but also eco-friendly and non-toxic.

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While you can find some cruelty-free products in stores, you can also shop for them online for a wider range of brands and products.

1. Dr. Bronner's

Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap is the most versatile household product you can get. There's always a bottle of Peppermint Dr. Bronner's in my shower; it's gentle enough to use as a body wash, but cleans thoroughly. And it cleans everything: countertops, bathroom tile, floors -- it's effective AND natural. The best thing about this multi-purpose cleaner, apart from being cruelty-free and vegan, is that it's 100% natural and doesn't contain any Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Instead, it uses coconut oil to lather, and it LATHERS. If there's one cleaning product from this list you should get, it's a bottle of Dr. Bronner's. It can be found in health stores as well as Target, or online on Amazon.

2. Attitude

is one of my favorite cruelty-free cleaning product brands, and it's available at Target, Walgreens, and HEB. What's good about this brand is the range: they have all the cleaning essentials you need to clean every room, but also laundry detergents and fabric softners, baby care, and personal care items. I recommend the Window & Mirror Cleaner, Daily Shower Cleaner, and Fragrance-Free Laundry Detergent if you have sensitive skin. Take advantage of their discounts by stocking up online.

3. Method

is another brand of household cleaning products that's widely available in stores -- and it's cruelty-free! Their all-purpose surface cleaners, dish soaps, bathroom cleaners, hard floor cleaners, and more, can be found at Target, Safeway, and Kroger. The neat thing about their cleaners is how unique the scents are. I'm a grapefruit junkie myself, so I use their Pink Grapefruit all-purpose cleaner (amazing scent for grapefruit lovers), but you can choose from Ginger Yuzu, Ylang Ylang, Clementine, Honeycrisp Apple, and many more.

4. Mrs Meyers

Mrs Meyer's, a Leaping Bunny-certified brand, provides dish soap and surface cleaners made with essential oils and mostly naturally-derived ingredients. Scents include Geranium, Basil, Honeysuckle, Sunflower, and even Radish. Their multi-purpose surface concentrate is the best bang for your buck. It's available at Whole Foods, CVS, and Target, but also on amazon where a huge bottle (7$) will last you a whole year. Although Mrs Meyers is fully cruelty-free, they've owned by S.C. Johnson, a company that tests on animals.

5. CleanWell

CleanWell is another great option. This brand offers household cleaning products that are plant-based as well as hand soaps. Their disinfectant wipes are their best-sellers, and really practical to have around the house or in your purse. Killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria, they're just as efficient as a toxic cleaner, yet safe enough to use on any surface, including yourself. I use them whenever I want to quickly disinfect something without much effort, and I'm a big fan.

Other Cruelty-Free Alternatives

Another way to ensure that your cleaning products are cruelty-free is the DIY way! I've used some home-made cleaning products in the past, and they do work just as well. Granted, you'll need a (preferably natural) soapy liquid if you want to cover every base, such as Dr. Bronner, but the other ingredients you'll need are simple. Here's what you need in order to make your own cleaning products:

  • Dish soap, Dr. Bronner, or any gentle pH-neutral cleaner
  • Vinegar (disinfects, deodorizes, descales, degreases)
  • Rubbing alcohol (be sure to get at least 65%)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (removes dirt, brightens)
  • Baking Soda (deodorizes, good for abrasion)
  • Essential oil (for example lavender is anti-mildew)

For window and mirror cleaner, mix 50% water and 50% vinegar.
For counter disinfectant, mix 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol.
For bathroom tile cleaner, mix 50% dish soap and 50% vinegar.
For all-purpose cleaner, add a little bit of dish soap to water.
For a stain remover, mix 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and 1 part dish soap.

There you have it! Non-toxic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free cleaning products that are commonly available, or easy to make yourself at home. I'm hoping these suggestions will help you make the switch to a cruelty-free household! If not, some other cruelty-free brands include: Earth Friendly Products, Ecover, Martha Stewart Clean, Seventh Generation, Nature Clean, Astonish, Bio D, and many more if you take a look at the Leaping Bunny. Don't forget to share your favorites in the comments!

Which Brands Are Cruelty-Free?

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  • lynne says:

    This web site waswas very helpful for me, for someone who is just staring
    to transition to cruelty free and Eco friendly brands
    in my home and beauty regimen, thank you!

  • Elly Wright says:

    Hi just trying to find out if The Pink Stuff is cruelty free

  • Prema says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love trying new cruety-free products in my cleaning business!

  • Heather says:

    So very late on this response, but I wanted to point out that one of the best, natural, safe, non-irritating, no-chemical, organic, cruelty free cleaners is… steam! Investing in a good steam cleaner means you can sanitize most surfaces with just water. Of course, this doesn’t help with things like hand washing and laundry, but in my experience, it is more difficult to find things like cruelty-free bathroom and surface cleaners than it is to get a great CF hand soap.

  • Jo-Anne says:

    Do you have information on Bona wood cleaning products? This is what their website says
    “Neither our products nor ingredients are tested on animals or tested on animals by a third party. Our cleaners are pH balanced, non-toxic, biodegradable and leave no dulling or sticky residue behind. They are also GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for indoor air quality and are safe for children, pets and the environment.”

  • Tiffany says:

    I’m looking for a cruelty-free alternative to Febreze Fabric refresher sprays (for use in my car) — do you have any suggestions?

    • Karen Bright says:

      I am also looking for cruelty-free alternatives to Febreze air fresheners. Would like to know of any alternatives.

    • Lesley says:

      10 drops lavender, 10 drops tea tree and 10 drops peppermint oil diluted in water in a recycled spray bottle. Smells lovely and slightly antiseptic too, I believe

  • Nancy says:

    Is Clean + Green cruelty free?

  • Judy says:

    I read that Bar Keepers Friend is cruelty free, but I don’t see the bunny. It also says it can be an eye irritant. Please, would you kindly find out for me.

  • Robin L Barr says:

    Albertson’s Market offers their own brand of products called Signature. Signature Home includes paper towels, toilet paper and other paper goods. I think they have laundry detergent under the brand name, probably many others. Signature Care includes sanitary and bladder control pads. All are cruelty free. Here are some random products I’ve found are cruelty-free: Hefty (as in ‘zip lock’ bags, garbage trash bags, paper plates). Bar Keepers Friend also CF (vs Comet, Bon Ami, etc). I use a phone app to check bar codes on products. When it reports a product is CF, that means the product isn’t sold in China.

  • Nina says:

    please know that brands like method and mrs meyers are subsidiaries of companies that are NOT cruelty free

  • Lauren says:

    Does anyone have a recommendation for shower cleaners? I have hard water and soap scum is a problem for me. I got a seventh generation cleaner, but it doesn’t seem to have enough oomph. What’s worked for you guys?

  • Paul R Gentner says:

    where can i find liquid laundry detergents that are vegan online because i live in a very small town and there are no vegan options here for groceries or resturaunts or household cleaners. i am in vegan hell lol. help please ty as a side mote i have only been vegan 16 months and am now ready to get 100% away from non vegan prodcuts in my home especially cleaners that are bad for the enviorment and humans and my dog

  • Ruby says:

    Hi, thank you for the article, I’ve been changed the household cleaning products to Attitude, so far so good. What brands of paper towels and toilet papers are cruelty-free? I scanned the Bounty and couple brands in the store and they are not cruelty-free. Tried to google it but I didn’t find much information. Thank you.

  • Ala says:

    Will you be updating this list? Method now tests on animals, but there are a few cruelty free brands that can take its place. The Whole Foods house brand 365 Everyday Value and Trader Joe’s brand both sell household cleaning products. They are also a cruelty free source for things like baking soda and alcohol.

    • Robin L Barr says:

      Everything Trader Joe sells is cruelty free.

      • Guest says:

        While not a cleaning product comment, Trader Joe’s is being sued for misleading advertising that shows chickens roaming in grassy pastures. Cage-free is NOT free-roaming. Their chickens are not raised outside and are confined to large indoor areas where a flock of chickens is crammed together on concrete floors. It might be “cage-free” but it is not free roaming. So I would stop short of saying everything Trader Joe sells is cruelty free.

  • sarka says:

    Hi. How is it with Frosch from Germany? Are they testing?

  • Becky says:

    I am surprised no one has mentioned Dropps. They deliver to your door, they use hardly any packaging and they are animal friendly. Their laundry detergent is wonderful and I love the fact that I get it delivered and get money off as I buy. Also, I use Dr Bronner for hand soap and shower. I might try Method for dish soap as I can’t seem to get the proportions right with Dr Bronner. I certainly won’t touch Mrs Myers

  • Carly says:

    Arm & Hammer baking soda is tested on animals. What about store brand baking soda?

    • Ala says:

      I know this is very late, but Whole Foods house brand 365 Everyday Value has baking soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, etc and they’re all cruelty free (and Logical Harmony approved)!

      They also have their own laundry detergent, spray cleansers, dish soap, and other household cleaning items if you’re not wanting to DIY.

  • Satya says:

    Thank you for this list! I run an eco-friendly cleaning business and we are always keen to support brands that are committed to cruelty-free products.

  • Ben says:

    I’ve tried, and use, Method. It’s great! I’ve tried Mrs. Myer’s, and it did nothing. A waste of money!

  • Ciara says:

    Dr. Watkins room freshener, hand soap, dish soap, and all-purpose cleaners are also cruelty-free and smell amazing!

  • Linda says:

    Just went on Amazon to order Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Concentration, Lavender. It says its manufactured in China. Since its manufactured in China, doesn’t that mean it’s tested on animals?

    • Rosa says:

      Hi! if they are sell in China is when they require by law the testing on animals. But if they are made there to sell somewhere else is not require to test on animals

  • Aromapro says:

    Even when you want to make your own cleaners the ingredients are still tested on animals. I recently saw alcohol is tested on animals. I was so disappointed to find this out. Arm and hammer is said to test on animals so buying their baking soda still supports them. Even the smalller ethical companies that have been bought out, like burts bees, seventh generation, mrs meyers …. leave you with impression you’re doing the right thing, but really aren’t. It’s so disgusting that it seems there is no way to get away from this.

  • Yes, I removed them from my list and this post needs editing. 🙁

    They test on tiny invertebrates called daphnia, which are classified as animals. Leaping Bunny doesn’t seem to care about this and they’re still certified, but animals are animals.

  • Jenny says:

    Mrs. Meyers has gotten so popular. My non veg friends will point it out to me in their house. Sadly, even if Mrs. Meyers is cruelty free, they are owned by SC Johnson (who is not, by far).

    Most people don’t know this and don’t care to. I have even seen Mrs. Meyers on the Peta website, and now this one, which is usually quite accurate.

    This is a classic example of big company making or buying another brand, and presenting it as something that it is not.

  • Jasmine Warner says:

    What about Puracy? The reviews seem great, they have a limited ingredient list, and are leaping bunny certified with no animal-testing parent company. Plus – they are made in the USA!

  • Vanessa says:

    I’ve recently made the switch to cruelty-free products, but I’m still missing a few items. Are you familiar with the brands NatureZway or Pura Naturals? I can’t seem to find anything on whether they test on animals or not.

  • Pickledmonroe says:

    Any suggestions for cruelty free laundry detergents/fabric softeners? I’ve recently stopped using Tide and Downy and opted for Caldrea instead. I’ve also tried ECover. I have no plans to go back to Tide or Downy but I have to admit I feel like my laundry smelled fresher with those products

    • Try Mrs.Meyers! I’m obsessed (Geranium scent for me, Basil scent for my sister, and Lavender for my mum!)

      • ama13 says:

        Mrs. Meyers sold out to SC Johnson in 2008. While their product line may still be CF, the rest of the company absolutely is not. So by purchasing these products you are still supporting animal testing.

        • Gabdoll says:

          I disagree. We want to encourage all companies to go cruelty free. When we use our purchasing power to make decisions, this encourages them that there is a profit in going vegan. Remember, businesses are not moral or immoral, they are AMORAL. Meaning, they do what is shown to be profitable. Doesn’t matter if the business is SC Johnson or Method–all business operate to make money. Not buying products will not make SC Johnson or Lever from going out of business. However, we can steer them towards gentler methods by signaling with our pocketbooks. Vegans need to be more logical and less emotional when it comes to trying to curb animal testing.

          • Ariadne says:

            Hello….I have just been reading your comment and yes your are entitled to your opinion…..but try to see it from another perspective. When you buy from a Company that does not do animal testing….but is owned by a Company that does…..you are defeating the object. You say not buying items from these Companies would not put them out of business…but the more people that are educated into the horrors that go on. I strongly disagree most people bury their heads which is how they cope the more information then you have ….to make a choice. I am a retired businesswoman so I fully understand business methods. However the day will come when animal testing will end the more people stand up to it. I often say to people how can you buy a brand that tests on animals when you can find an alternative it does not make sense. I think you were very unkind to say Vegans need to be a little less emotional it is not for you to make that judgement. That says a lot about how you think……I am not vegan I am vegetarian ….I wish I could be vegan but I have health problems.
            Making a profit is good….it is the way in which you make your profit…..if you make it by someone or something suffering it is wrong………and I must reiterate I wish people were MORE emotional not less then they would think twice before opening their purse.

    • Sherry Konsewicz says:

      I use Seventh Generation and love it!!!

      • Brooke VanPatten says:

        I use all Seventh Generation cleaning products and laundry items and I’m really pleased with them.

    • Deb Hardy says:

      I discovered The Laundress a month ago (because of a comment thread on a blog on this site) and while it is a bit pricey, I 100% feel Rd been worth it. Clothes that had been starting to feel worn and stiff have come back to life! Things as simple as socks feel better.

      They’re cruelty free, no animal products, biodegradable, smell amazing….and best of all they work!

      I have a coupon link, if you want one let me know (you save some money and so will I if you use it)!

    • Karen DeSimone says:

      I use Method mango laundry detergent and it smells totally amazing! They also have the same scent in body wash and I buy them at Target. I used to use Tide and really liked the smell, but I had no idea about animal testing 🙁 Now, I’m informed– thank goodness– and will never buy products that test on animals– that is horrific. Target has a lot of great makeup and household products that never test on animals that are completely affordable 🙂

    • Ariadne says:

      I was just reading your post, the cooperative stores do a own brand cruelty free washing up liquid cruelty free washing gel for the machine, they also do bleach. If you check the packaging you will see the cruelty free logo and all the information that goes with it … I hope that helps.

  • Amanda says:

    Is the Honest Company cruelty free?

  • Are rubbing alcohols and peroxides cruelty free? I feel like most are store brand and I don’t know how to check id they’re cruelty free.

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