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15 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands You Can Easily Find in Australia

by Suka Junin

Sep 23, 2021

Hey, mate! Are you thinking of trying out a new beauty product? Why don’t you check out some of these brands that have gained a following in the land down under? From all-natural makeup to must-have haircare goodies, here are some of the best cruelty-free beauty brands that can easily be found in Australia.

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1. Inika Organic

For makeup without all the bells and whistles, Inika Organic is the way to go. Since 2006, they’ve offered natural beauty products that focus on being good to your skin and the environment. You can complete your whole makeup look with just their products, including their world-famous vegan mascara, as well as their nourishing skincare range.

Shop on: Inika

2. Aesop

Aesop’s take on minimality goes beyond its sleek packaging. Their skin, hair and body care products contain only the essential plant-based or laboratory-made ingredients needed to do its job. The Melbourne-based brand has a range of products for varying requirements and skin types, from cleansing and exfoliating to hair treatments and fragrances.

Shop on: Aesop

3. Ere Perez

Back in 2004, Ere Perez launched an all-natural mascara which put the brand on the map of ethical makeup. Ever since, they’ve released a full range of natural makeup and skincare line, featuring superfoods and unique Australian native ingredients.

Shop on: Ere Perez

4. Nude by Nature

Nude by Nature was the answer to the rising health-conscious lifestyle with its use of 100% natural ingredients. They began with a capsule collection of just three mineral foundations, a bronzer, finishing veil, and a makeup brush. Today, the household name has an extensive collection and shades, and can be found in retailers around the world.

Shop on: Nude by Nature

5. Natio

Natio is the epitome of easy-going Australian lifestyle: natural, refreshing, and just plain real. From semi-matte foundations to sun protection, their products are clean in ingredients and right down to the packaging. The Sydney-based brand has also come out with a home line, with essential oils and surface sprays.

Shop on: Natio or Amazon

6. ELEVEN Australia

Whatever the hair problem, ELEVEN Australia has you covered. Founded by a local celebrity hairstylist and award-winning photographer, you can trust that their range of hair products will do as it says when it has been developed by a hair-obsessed duo. Their haircare goods are straight to the point and self-explanatory, making the shopping process super simple, as you know exactly what you’re buying. The entire range is also sulphate-free and paraben-free for an even cleaner haircare routine.

Shop on: ELEVEN Australia

7. Australis

One of the leading cosmetics brands in Australia, Australis has been providing affordable makeup staples like powders and volumizing mascaras for over three decades. This one-stop shop for all things makeup is very accessible and can be found in most drugstores and budget-friendly department stores around the country. In addition to the cult-classics, Australis boasts an eclectic eyeshadow palette range, with palettes containing up to 20 shades!

Shop on: Australis

8. Kester Black

Kester Black has nailed the perfect balance of high-quality, long-lasting and sustainable properties in their bottles of nail polish. Each bottle houses a unique and classy color, while the company itself is certified carbon neutral and donates a percentage of revenue to social causes. Who knew you can contribute so much in exchange for a pretty pop of color on your fingers?

Shop on: Kester Black

9. Hurraw!

Never go without a balm in hand to keep the skin moisturized. Hurraw! has been making balms since 2010 that are made with organic, vegan, and raw ingredients. Known for their lip balms, their formula is rich and creamy, while maintaining strong staying power. You’ll also be surprised as to how quick their multi-purpose balms melt and absorb into the skin, thanks to the lack of water and hydrogenated ‘butters’ in the product.

Shop: Hurraw! or Amazon

10. Zuii Organic

Getting your tan on? Zuii Organic has self-tanning foams and tan water for an instant golden glow. In terms of makeup, they have an extensive line enough to fill your collection, but they’re also big on home products like aroma-therapeutic mists, which substitutes as a natural air freshener.

Shop on: Zuii Organic

11. Ethique

Ethique is revolutionizing the way you shower. Shampoos, conditioners and body scrubs take the form of a bar, which lathers the same way if it were to come out from a bottle when it hits the water. This bar concept is quickly gaining popularity, too, which proves there’s no need for plastic in the beauty industry.

Shop on: Ethique or Amazon

12. Becca

Known to deliver shades to cover a broad spectrum of skin tones, Becca is super inclusive. The brand has a focus in offering quality skin correcting products, such as their under-eye correctors, foundations, and primers. But shop with them quick, as they’re closing the brand in September 2021!

Shop on: Becca

13. Frank Body

Australians love their coffee, so much so that a beauty brand has created a coffee scrub! Frank Body started out with their famous scrub, which helps with your skin complexion, and exfoliation. They now have much more on offer, including face serums and hair masks.

Shop on: Frank Body

14. Kevin Murphy

Think skincare but for your hair. Founded by one of the top hair stylists in the country, Kevin Murphy has created a line to solve an array of hair problems from hydration to texture control. Using natural ingredients with hi-tech processes, the self-titled brand has proven that runway looks can be achieved at home, while also being kinder to the environment.

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15. KORA Organics

Created by supermodel Miranda Kerr, KORA Organics focuses on healthy skin, whether it’s through their range of nourishing makeup or natural skincare products. While the products use active and highly concentrated ingredients, they’re anything but harsh on the skin.

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