Herbal Essences is NOT cruelty-free.

This means that this brand tests on animals or finances animal testing. Some brands that fall under this category test on animals where required by law, which means they're not cruelty-free.

Herbal Essences is owned by Procter & Gamble, a company that tests on animals.


We believe that eliminating animal testing is the right thing to do. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals anywhere in the world unless required by law, and we are working hard to make it obsolete.

To date, we have developed over 50 alternative, non-animal testing methods, and have invested more than $400 million in finding alternatives and getting them accepted by regulators around the world.

We will continue working with the world’s top independent experts and partnering with leading animal protection groups such as the Humane Society of the U.S. to promote new alternatives research and regulatory acceptance of existing alternatives. This is the only way to eliminate all animal testing, globally.

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  • I’m so confused as to why PETA has certified both Aussie and herbal essences to be cruelty free if they aren’t actually cruelty free. 😩 also, both Aussie and Herbal Essences state that they are indeed cruelty free on their websites. Is this just a really new development, or am I missing something?

  • I am wondering the same thing too!! I am wondering if they are saying it’s not cruelty free is that some of the bottles have the bunny logo and some do not

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