CFK was launched in 2014 by Suzana Rose after realizing the lack of a reliable, all-in-one resource for cruelty-free beauty. Today, we help over 3 million people each year shop more ethically and find the best cruelty-free, vegan, or eco-friendly products.

Going cruelty-free can be confusing.

We believe that it should be simple to shop without hurting animals, the planet, or its people.

Our Cruelty-Free 101 guides break down all the tricky laws, while our hand-curated database of over 300+ cruelty-free brands makes it easy to shop cruelty-free.

And we mean truly cruelty-free.

Every brand in our database has been verified by Suzana Rose and the Cruelty-Free Kitty team to ensure that no loopholes are being used, and the brands are 100% cruelty-free.

“Too many brands are lying to us, pretending to be cruelty-free while secretly funding animal testing. Now that “cruelty-free” has become a buzzword for marketers, it’s important for consumers to see through the nonsense.

Since creating Cruelty-Free Kitty, I’ve never hesitated to expose brands — from L’Oreal to Wet’n’Wild — for their misleading claims.”

Suzana Rose, Founder

Stop supporting animal cruelty.

Know which brands to avoid by taking a look at our list of companies that test on animals.

To shop cruelty-free, visit our list of cruelty-free brands. You can find brands tailored to your needs by filtering our list by product type, certifications, shipping location, and more.

Thank you so much for shopping cruelty-free and helping eliminate the cruel practice of animal testing.

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  • Lovely website! It would be great to see a blog on the current cruelty free status of cosmetic injectables. Cosmetic injectables have become a huge part of the beauty industry today – unfortunately, these cosmetic treatments are not 100% cruelty free in North America. I’m afraid that many well meaning people who are trying to live a cruelty free life may be completely unaware of this fact.

  • Does your definition of cruelty-free include no animal-derived ingredients in a product, or simply that it’s not tested on animals?

  • Please consider adding Sanitas to your list. They are a skincare line I just started using and love. They don’t test on animals and are manufactured in Colorado.

  • Hello I was wondering If you know any cruelty free brands that sell eyelash extension cleaner? Also trueblue an animal product says it’s cruelty feee and made in the United States, I just want to make sure it really is

  • Tan Organic insist that they are 100% cruelty-free, however, I’ve read numerous conflicting reports that they DO test their products on animals! Please could you confirm whether this company don’t test on animals and also whether they sell to China.Thanks

  • You’re fabulous and what you’re doing is fabulous. Your pages are a wealth of information, information which I trust. Thank you so much.xx

  • Hi! I was wondering how I can be an advocate of cruelty free products? ☺️ I would love to help save animals out there!

  • Thank you for your list of cruelty-free makeup! When I decided to start on this journey I was excited but also overwhelmed. It’s hard looking for makeup brands that were truly doing what they were claiming. After seeing your post I got a better feel of what I was suppose to look for in a brand and what kinds of questions were important to ask them. Definitely helped me start somewhere 🙂

  • Hi! I’m curious what your take is on listing companies who are cruelty free but their parent companies are not. Doesn’t the money just the go back to the animal testing industry in that case and support it? Genuinely curious! Just trying to educate myself 🙂 Thanks in advance !!

  • Hey, Thanks for this great blog! Found you when I was looking to see if the squalene in Kiehls butterstick treatments is animal based or plant based. Amazing how companies hide the ball!

  • Does anyone know if Target’s nail polish line, Defy & Inspire, is cruelty free? I’ve been trying to find information on that for quite a while now, with no luck.

  • I was wondering how you feel about Bath & Body Works and True Blue Spa? It says on packaging that they don’t test on animals but I can’t find where you ever talk about them in your posts. Thanks!

  • Hi Suzy,

    Thank you so much for what you do. I have the utmost respect for you as I too am an animal lover and despise all these huge companies that refuse to stop animal abuse. Please keep in mind that the lists should also include many crappy Canadian sold brands. Thanks again for your wonderful work in investigating these brands. I don’t trust leaping bunny so much unless they are backed by another resource, and PETA is another hypocrite as far as I’m concerned. I am for the most part relying solely on you! Keep up the good work. ?

  • Hi! Your website is fantastic. I recently made the commitment to be vegan and only purchase cruelty free products. When it was time to color my hair, I ran into a dilemma. I found a vegan, cruelty free hair color called Naturtint, made in the UK and sold in Wal-Mart, and through the company itself. I think this is valuable information for people who use your website and want to purchase cruelty free only.

  • I have a question about your Sephora list. You have Sephora (the brand) on your “tests on animals” list, but then provide a list of cruelty-free brands that you can buy at their stores. Isn’t that sort of condoning? Aren’t there other places to get the cruelty-free brands that Sephora stores sell?

  • Urban Decay is owned by L’Oreal, and they allow China to test their products on animals so they can sell them in China. Estee Lauder and L’Oreal both market their products in China.

  • Hi Suzi! Love your site, it is my absolute go to. I’m a big perfume girl and just wanted to mention Library of Fragrance – they’re completely vegan and they have SO MANY OPTIONS. They’re really good. Here’s from their website’s FAQ: Do you test on animals and are your products vegan-friendly?

    We are absolutely 100% against animal testing. None of our products have been tested on animals by us, or by the suppliers of our raw materials. All of our products happen to be vegan friendly: none of them contain animal-derived ingredients (even those that sound like they might, like Beeswax and Honey!).

    They’re owned by Demeter Fragrance Library who also state on their website:

    We do not test on animals, and our suppliers do not test on animals.

    Hope you find it useful 🙂


  • Hi Suzi! I love what you’re doing to promote Cruelty Free beauty – well done! This is something that I’m so passionate about as well. My skincare company, Seriously FAB, has an amazing OVER MAKEUP SPF 20 Sunscreen Facial Mist that is Sheer, Hydrating, Fast Absorbing, Broad Spectrum, Chemical Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan. It’s called ZINC IT OVER! It’s really a special product and I’d love to get a sample to you if you give me your address. I’d also be interested in placing a banner ad on your website, if you could give me pricing for that. Please contact me at your convenience… cheers! Lisa

  • Suzi: You are truly inspiring. I am glad you and your website exist, to help me on my journey to a more ethical lifestyle. Your bio reminds me of myself in many ways, hehe. I love it all!! Thank you again, and please don’t ever leave!!

  • Thank you so much for this beautiful website. I try to buy everything I can cruelty free. This is a wonderful wealth of information. J.

  • Please keep in mind a lot of brands I mention aren’t 100% vegan. They’re cruelty-free (don’t test on animals) but not free of animal ingredients. However most brands will have vegan options (you can check out my makeup guide). 🙂

  • Thank you so much Suzi, your webpage is a lifesaver. I’m going cruelty free and needed some recommendations. Out of the brands you’ve used or heard of, is there one that makes an amazing oil free liquid foundation? I’m also looking for a great compact powder to set my foundation. I’ve got sensitive skin that can be oily at times . Thanks for any recommendations ?

  • thank you so much Suzi for this incredible resource! I now never go beauty shopping without referencing this amazing blog of yours. I think most shoppers would choose cruelty-free if they knew which brands were/were not, but sadly most consumers are misinformed… I know I was until I found your awesome blog. Being discerning consumers and using our wallets to support the right brands is definitely a great way to make change happen 🙂

  • I am not very sure about this blog. I am an independent consultant for Arbonne International as well as I belong to many organizations advocated to protect animals like Peta, Aspca, Humane Society and more. I am guessing why Sephora is mentioned in this website? this brand test on animals and it is not Peta approved. Also, Arbonne is mentioned in this blog as a company that is not completely natural, I sent an email to “Suzi” but never got an answer. I believe that Suzi gets pay for “clicks” leading to buy products, but Arbonne does not work like that, Arbonne does not sell per click, it sell only from consultants…. too many thinks I am worry about this website.

    • Hi Monica. I apologize for not replying to you email, but I get a LOT of emails from Arbonne independent consultants asking me to promote them. I don’t have anything against Arbonne, but I don’t support “MLM” brands personally so I don’t promote them on my blog either. I promote cruelty-free brands I support and love, and some links are affiliate links (I put a lot of work into this blog!).

      • The best thing about cruelty-free MLM brands is the business opportunity they provide for people who are passionate about being cruelty-free and providing an alternative to others 🙂

  • Love love love your blog Suzi. I’m now doing my best to only buy cruelty free products and have done a lot of investigation myself. I just wanted to mention that The Body Shop products were found to be sold in Beijing and Shanghai airports by our consumer action group in Australia, CHOICE. Here is the whole sorry tale

  • Can you verify for me that Dr.Denese New York is cruelty free and does not test on animals. Her website says she does not yet I can’t find her listed on your list or the Bunny list.

    • I can’t find any reliable info. You might want to e-mail the company to verify though; I wouldn’t trust that claim when it comes to their ingredients.

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