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50+ Woman-Owned Beauty Brands to Support Now (Cruelty-Free List)

by Suzana Rose

Jan 26, 2021

Thank you to Oubble for sponsoring this post. Oubble is a subscription box that features organic and cruelty-free beauty and personal care brands.

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It's not always obvious which brands are woman-owned. This post was inspired by Oubble, who is highlighting woman-owned brands that are also cruelty-free and organic with their subscription box. With Oubble, you can discover samples of safe and natural products from dozens of small-batch brands.

Why Support Woman-Owned Brands?

Particularly in the beauty industry, many top companies are founded or owned by men. This isn't to say that all beauty brands should be owned by women, as all humans have their place in every industry. However, since women are the prime buyers in the space, I do believe that women should have their fair say in the beauty brands that we women purchase -- and what better way of ensuring this than a company led by a woman?

Women are also often less likely to be encouraged to step into leadership or entrepreneurial roles. Only 18 percent of all startups have at least one female founder. I love supporting women who are chasing their dreams while making a positive impact on the world, whether these brands are ethical in their sourcing and manufacturing, giving back to charity, or offer non-toxic products.

More About Oubble

With Oubble, you can sample 5 to 30 products from dozens of organic skincare brands each month. Based on your preferences (favorite scents, skin details) the team will create your perfect, personalized box every month. After testing out the samples, you have the option of purchasing the full-size items and supporting your favorite small businesses.

Beyond just supporting woman-owned brands, you're supporting companies who in turn support their local farms and communities. You're also supporting organic farming, which has benefits such as reducing energy, pollution, and soil erosion.

Finally, since these brands are natural and organic, you're ensuring that the products you use on your largest organ -- the skin -- are safe and non-toxic. Products without synthetic pesticides are also more beneficial to the animals that live near the farms.

Woman-Owned Brands

I’ve compiled this list of over 50 brands in the beauty space that are owned or founded by women. Some are large and thriving, and some are small businesses that need more love. All these brands are cruelty-free, and the ones available on Oubble are noted.

*Brands with an asterisk are woman-founded, though they were later acquired by a big corporation. I’ve indicated which company owns each of these brands. Please note that these parent companies are also not cruelty-free.

**These brands are available on Oubble.

Black Friday Special

This Black Friday only, Oubble is offering deals to help you discover up to 30 samples from cruelty-free, woman-owned brands effortlessly. You can also have your box gift-wrapped until December 23rd. The following plans are available as monthly subscriptions, and you can cancel anytime:

  • 5 Samples/month - $12.99/month
  • 6 Samples/month - $14.99/month
  • 6 Samples + 1 Full-Sized Product/month - $20.99/month

Get $2.00 off any plan above for your first month + 2 free samples with the code bfbox.

If you'd rather not make a monthly commitment, the following Deluxe boxes are available as one-time purchases and make great gifts:

  • 10 Samples - $19.99
  • 20 Samples - $39.99
  • 30 Samples - $59.99

Get $3.00 off any box above with the code bfdeluxe.

If you decide to purchase a full-size product from their full-size shop, it will come with 2 free samples (no code necessary). There's also a VIP membership for those who want to choose their samples for $2.99, and Oubble is also offering a Holiday box.

My Thoughts After Trying The Box

Oubble sent over one of their boxes for me to try which included several samples as well as 2 full-size products. If you're a fan of natural beauty, this box will be your jam. I loved discovering natural products with amazing scents and non-toxic ingredients, and there's a good variety of samples in the box.

The small-batch handmade Tomato Grapeseed soap I received was top-notch and very moisturizing. Another standout product is the Leaping Bunny certified and baking soda free Deodorant Cream from Little Seed Farm which has activated charcoal.

I hope you've enjoyed this list of woman-owned brands! Don't forget to visit Oubble to take advantage of their Black Friday special if you'd like to support more brands that are natural, cruelty-free, and woman-owned. Follow Oubble on Instagram for monthly giveaways.

Which Brands Are Cruelty-Free?

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