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Updates to The List of Cruelty-Free Brands

by Suzana Rose

May 22, 2018

Hi everyone! Time for another quick cruelty-free brands update!

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I'm excited about so many of the brands I've added recently! I've heard great things about Oribe's hair care, and they're completely cruelty-free! There are also a few natural skincare brands I'm happy to try, such as Drunk Elephant, Suntegrity, MAHALO, and Vered Organic Botanicals.

UPDATE: Philosophy now tests on animals where required by law, and they're NOT a cruelty-free brand. All the information about Philosophy in this post is out of date, so please keep this in mind!

I was also surprised to find out that the popular skin and body care brand Philosophy is in fact cruelty-free. I can guarantee that they're not sold in mainland China. They are however owned by Coty, which only tests on animals when required by law. But again, Philosophy is NOT sold in mainland China, and I'm happy to add them to my list (with an asterisk!).

Here's a list of brands I've added to my list recently. Scroll down to read e-mail responses from the following brands below:

  • (available at Sephora!)
  • (available at Sephora!)
  • (available at Sephora! -- owned by Coty)
  • (available at Sephora!)
  • Oribe
  • (available at Sephora!)
  • Girlactik

I've also added a few more Leaping Bunny certified brands. Here they are:

And a great Australian brand that's certified by Choose Cruelty-Free:

Other Cruelty-Free News

  • Drybar claims to be in the process of getting certified by the Leapig Bunny. They're "in the final stages", even!
  • Kate Somerville has been acquired by Unilever. The brand is still cruelty-free until further notice.
  • Unilever will also soon acquire both REN and Murad.
  • Fresh and Bio-Oil both sell in China and are not cruelty-free.

Onto the e-mail responses:



Thank you for contacting COOLA Suncare!

We are proud to say that no animal testing occurs at any level in the production of our sunscreen! We have taken great measures to make sure COOLA, COOLA's laboratories and ingredient supplying companies do not test on animals. COOLA prides itself on its natural, healthy formulas that are created without mistreating animals!

If you have any other questions please feel free to email back!


They're also not sold in mainland China and don't engage in third-party testing.

Radical Skincare

Dear Suzi,

First of all thank you for your interest in Radical Skincare and for your questions.

I can assure you that we do not test on animals and neither our ingredients suppliers.
We condemn such conducts, that is why we produce our products in France where animal testing is forbidden.

Have a Radical week end!

They're also not sold in mainland China and don't engage in third-party testing.


hi suzi,

thank you for contacting philosophy. before we place a product on the market, we assess it thoroughly to ensure that it is safe for human use and for the environment and that it is compliant with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. we do not perform, nor do we ever commission any third parties on our behalf to perform, animal testing on our products or ingredients. our safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients is based on the use of recognized alternatives to animal testing, the use of existing safety date, and increasingly, the sharing of such data from and with other industries.

we continue to strive for the development and acceptance of additional reliable non-animal testing methods and will continue to vigorously support the research, implementation and improvement of alternatives to animal testing, especially for those more complex tests for which no alternative methods have been established. for this purpose we actively participate in research programs in europe and the u.s.a by dedicating funding, time, resources and scientific expertise. the common goal for these efforts is to completely eliminate animal testing.

They're also not sold in mainland China.

Eve Lom

Eve Lom is against animal testing. None of our products are tested on animals.

None of our ingredients are tested on animals. We do not have stockists in China so have not been requested, by law, to test on animals.

We hope this information is helpful. If we may be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Eve Lom Complexions does not test or commission any testing on animals for cosmetics purposes for the Eve Lom brand.

Several of our products contain beeswax and/or lanolin. Both of these ingredients are not slaughterhouse by products and we can assure you that no animals are harmed whilst obtaining them.

The products containing these ingredients are: The Cleanser, Cuticle Cream, Hand Cream, Kiss Mix, TLC Radiance Cream, TLC Cream, Crème Universelle, Moisturiser SPF15, Day Cream.


Hi Suzi,

Thank you for reaching out to us! Oribe has a strong commitment to animal welfare and does not directly or indirectly perform animal testing on any of our products. To the best of our knowledge, none of our raw material suppliers test the ingredients used in our products on animals. Our line is not carried in China.

We obtain certification letters from all of our Raw Material Suppliers confirming that the ingredients we purchase from, which ultimately make up our products, have not been tested on animals. This level of transparency with our suppliers is paramount in solidifying our position as a Cruelty Free brand.

Drunk Elephant

They confirmed that they don't test finished products or ingredients. Their suppliers don't test on animals, and they don't engage in third-party testing. They also don't sell their products in mainland China.


Thank you for your interest in girlactik beauty products. The answer to all your questions is NO.

We don’t do any testing at all. Our labs follow the laws that they need to abide by, but I have not ever heard of any of them needing to test on animals required by law. We currently don’t sell our products in Mainland China.

Currently we do not sell our products in China but a person from China can order it via our website. We do not have any distributors in China and honestly its not a market I have interest in going into at this time.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you'll be trying any of these brands.

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  • Caroline says:

    I often wonder if any of the companies stating that they are cruelty-free means cruelty-free in the present time or since the beginning of their business as well? I would want all the info past and present. How could we truly know if they didn’t at the very beginning and then stopped to look good in the eyes of consumers. I certainly wouldn’t want to associate with a company that ever thought it was ok to test on animals.

  • Kerri Walsh says:

    Hey Suzana!! Love your site!! Would you be interested in trying and reviewing Arbonne products as we’re cruelty-free, vegan and gluten certified plus so much more!!

  • Kerri Walsh says:

    Hey Suzana!! Would you be up to trying Arbonne, we’re cruelty-free, vegan certified, gluten free and so much more!! ☺

  • Kat says:

    Thank you so much for your time & work. This really helps me, we all need to be more conscious of our animals and the planet. I was trying our philosophy but noooope won’t do it anymore. I’ll stick to Drunk elephant ♥️

  • Rebecca says:

    Please can someone help me! I keep seeing contradicting information about Elemis! I can see they aren’t on your list (and do not have the leaping bunny) but are on many cruelty-free blogs. Can you explain the confusion and clarify why they are not on your list?

    • Anna says:

      Same here!! So confusing/ambiguous. I found them on plenty of sites as being cruelty free however found a post from Elemis themselves about Chinese New Year and what skincare is most popular with the Chinese… which implies to me they do sell there?! I’ve contacted Elemis asking for clarity so I’ll see what they say!

    • Anna says:

      Sorry I’ve already replied but have just done some more digging – on Elemis’ site, they only have stores/stockists in Hong Kong SAR China (Chinese special administrative region) – which I believe means that side of things is still cruelty free, as Hong Kong has it’s own laws which do NOT require animal testing, so is different to mainland China. I really hope this means they are fully cruelty free!

    • Anna says:

      Received this from Elemis 19/11/18 🙂

      Please see our official Animal Testing Statement from our Product Development Department for your interest;

      ELEMIS Ltd has always been against animal testing. ELEMIS has never and will never test on animals, nor has ELEMIS ordered such tests by any third parties.

      ELEMIS specialises in natural caring ingredients of the highest quality and safety. All finished products have been extensively tested over time, on our own staff, human volunteers and or by non-animal laboratory trials.

      In 2013 the EU Cosmetics Regulation ((EC) No. 1223/2009) became fully implemented as the cosmetic legislation framework in Europe.
      Under European law, no cosmetic product may be tested on animals anywhere in the European Union (EU). The ban on animal testing of cosmetic products in the EU came into effect in September 2004. In the UK, testing of cosmetic products was banned in 1997 after a voluntary initiative by industry which led to all licences for testing cosmetic products and/or their ingredients to be withdrawn.
      Animal testing of cosmetic ingredients in order to comply with the requirements established under the EU Cosmetic Regulation is banned in Europe. No ingredients used in cosmetics may be tested for that reason anywhere in the EU. It has been illegal to test cosmetic ingredients for that purpose on animals in Europe since March 2009 and to market cosmetic products in the EU containing ingredients tested on animals since March 2013.

      ELEMIS strongly supports this position and always approaches development in an ethical manner. ELEMIS has always been and will always be against animal testing.

      We do not use slaughterhouse waste in any of our products. None of our perfumes contains animal extracts and we do not use whale or blubber oils. We do make use of honey, beeswax and milk whey.

      We continue to work alongside partners and suppliers who share our beliefs and who approach their day-to-day operations in an ethical manner, purchasing accordingly.

      ELEMIS wishes to contribute to your well-being by promoting safe, high-quality spa and skincare products, with ease of mind and conscience.

      Lastly, I am pleased to confirm that we do not sell our products to mainland China due to their different laws in regards to testing on animals.

  • Tatyana says:

    Just to be clear from one of your newer posts, Eve Lom does now sell in mainland China correct?

  • Zoe says:

    Found this page while searching for info on Drunk Elephant – just wanted to say that I love your site, and refer friends to it regularly. One thing on this specific page – Philosophy now have the ‘except where required by law’ disclaimer on their website FAQs, so I’m not convinced they’re cruelty-free 🙁 I realise that this page was written some time ago, and that Philosophy are not on your current list of CF companies, but as it’s still coming up in search results I don’t know if you can edit to reflect this?

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

    • Suzi Scheler says:

      Hi Zoe, thank you so much! You’re correct and I removed Philosophy from my list months ago, but never updated this post. It’s updated now. 🙂

  • Christine vercellino says:

    Thank you for your lists of cruelty free products. For those of us who love and want to help protect animals who are unable to have their own voice your lists are indispensable. Thank you much

  • Gwen says:

    I just want to say thank you for this informative website. If has helped me so much in my journey to buy cruelty free! I am telling all my family and friends about it.

  • Sharon says:

    I recently decided to go cruelty free with my makeup and beauty products. It’s a little difficult to determine which products are cruelty free and which are not, so I’m constantly turning to blogs like yours. Thank you for your constant research, updates, and dedication to this cause. I’m encouraging my friends and family to think twice about which products they buy as well.

  • Victoria Pace says:

    Hi there! I’m somewhat new to the cruelty free movement and have been trying to do my research to be more informed. I’ve seen some sources say philosophy’s response is carefully worded to cover up the fact that they do test on animals in some cases..I was wondering if you have the same feeling or if you think they are 100% cruelty free?

    Also thank you so much for all your posts! This has been a great resource for me as I try to become fully cruelty free!

    • Suzi says:

      I do believe that Philosophy doesn’t test on animals, but their parent company Coty does sell some of their brands in China. I looked it up carefully and to the best of my knowledge, Philosophy isn’t sold in mainland China.

      Thanks for your kind words, Victoria. I hope this helps! 🙂

  • Emily Jobson says:

    On L’Oréal’s website it says they no longer test on animals

  • Vivian Pineda says:

    I just wanted to give a big heartfelt thank you for creating this blog. Because of this blog that I randomly found on Pinterest I have decided to go cruelty free from now on. I have found such a huge relief as a beauty lover that options are available and I hope through my dedication by being cruelty free that others will one day follow suit. Awareness happens one person at a time, choosing to say no to injustice. <3

  • It's no makeup story says:

    This is so useful to those looking for alternative products which are cruelty free! It is so hard to navigate the stores to make sure we are only supporting those products that are against animal testing! MC

  • jordan says:

    Australis and Chi Chi are 2 more cruelty free Australian brands! Australis is Choose Cruelty Free certified and Chi Chi is certified by PETA

  • What a great resource list! I’m definitely going to be referring back to this when I am making cosmetic purchases. Really appreciate the time and effort that you put into this!

  • Sharon Phinazee says:

    I want to ask about Paul Mitchell products it is listed as cruelty free

  • Suzi says:

    Thank you! 😀

    Sucks to hear about REN, thanks for pointing out the new formulas.

  • Gail Yeh says:

    Hi! I just looked at skin store china, and Philosophy is still being sold there… do we know WHEN Philosophy stopped selling in China? I know this could be product from prior to pulling out, if they have indeed pulled out of China.

  • Stacey says:

    Hello! Do you know is Stenders cruelty-free?

  • Leslie S. says:

    So appreciate you keeping this list up to date on your blog. It’s my #1 reference when purchasing beauty products now. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Suzi says:

    Sarah: Green beauty brands and smaller companies tend to state that their palm oil is from sustainable sources. When in doubt, I would e-mail the company and ask them directly.

  • Bria says:

    So sad to hear about Bio-oil!

  • Marta Bryant says:

    I have a question. I went to Sephora yesterday and one of their employees told me that LVMH (which owns Sephora?) has recently become cruelty free, and thus the Sephora line and all other lines under LVMH are cruelty free. Can you confirm? She was a bit vague when asked if they are still sold in mainland China.

  • Marta Bryant says:

    Hello! I was at sephora yesterday, and someone from their team told me that LVMH and thus the Sephora brand and all other companies under LVMH have recently gone cruelty free. I have not found anything online about this, so I wanted to ask if you’ve heard anything? Any info would be appreciated!

    • Suzi says:

      Hi Marta! I think they were referring to Kendo brands, who are now with PETA. Kendo is under LVMH and they own brands like Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs, Formula X, and Ole Henriksen.

      I really doubt that the Sephora brand will go cruelty-free, as Sephora stores are all over China and I don’t see why they would stop selling their own brand in stores there!

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