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CFK Update: 15 New Brands Were Just Added To Our Database

by Suzana Rose

Jul 27, 2020

Hi everyone! New brands were recently added to our database and I wanted to share a quick update with you. You'll find a mix of brands here: cruelty-free, grey area, and not cruelty-free.

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I go over the reasons why the brands were added below. For more information on the cruelty-free criteria we use to vet brands, check out my post about the Cruelty-Free 5.

Honest Beauty (Grey Area)

We've been trying to contact Honest Beauty and The Honest Company for years regarding their animal testing policy. Unfortunately, they have always refused to answer our questions. We finally decided to move the company to the "grey area" since we've been getting an influx of questions about them.

Primark (Cruelty-Free)

Primark is a huge name in the UK, and I'm happy to add them to our list of cruelty-free brands. Primark is a chain store with their own affordable range of beauty products, which includes makeup, skincare, body care, and hair. They're Leaping Bunny certified.

Obagi (Not Cruelty-Free)

Unfortunately, Obagi skincare products might have been tested on animals if they classify as a drug. The brand claims that although they don't test non-prescription products on animals, they don't hold the same standard for prescription products. Obagi is now on our list of brands that test on animals. They should be avoided when shopping at Sephora.

Paco Rabanne (Not Cruelty-Free)

This perfume company is owned by Puig, and they test on animals where required by law and are sold in mainland China.

Etude House (Not Cruelty-Free)

Unfortunately, Etude House has confirmed to us via email that they're available in mainland China, and their products have been tested on animals in the country.

Botanics (Cruelty-Free)

Botanics is a "natural beauty" brands which can be found at Boots in the UK, and at Target, Walgreens, and Ulta in the USA. They're owned by Walgreens Boots Alliance so their parent company is not cruelty-free, however their products are 100% vegan and they're Leaping Bunny certified. I haven't yet looked close at their ingredients or practices to see if there's any "greenwashing" involved in this brand.

Sweet Chef (Cruelty-Free)

Sweet Chef is Glow Recipe's sister company. Their skincare products are more affordable, and they're also Leaping Bunny certified.

Versed (Cruelty-Free)

Versed is a new skincare brand currently available at Target. They're Leaping Bunny certified, 100% vegan, and have a more affordable price tag than a lot of alternatives.

Decleor (Not Cruelty-Free)

French brand Decleor is not cruelty-free since their products are available in mainland China, and they have funded animal testing in the country. However, be aware that some of their products bear the "cruelty-free" label if they're not available in China. This is misleading behavior, since no products from a brand that isn't cruelty-free can be considered cruelty-free. This brand is also owned by L'Oreal, a company that tests on animals where required by law.

Palmolive (Not Cruelty-Free)

Although Palmolive claims to be "working towards regulatory change", they nevertheless test on animals where required by law and sell their products in mainland China. This means they can't be considered cruelty-free according to our standards.

Australian Gold (Cruelty-Free)

I've been getting questions regarding this brand recently, and I'm happy to report that they're fully cruelty-free. Australian Gold offers sunscreen and tanning products, which is perfect for summer.

Sexy Hair (Not Cruelty-Free)

The drugstore hair care brand Sexy Hair does unfortunately test on animals where required by law. Cruelty-free alternatives include Giovanni, Hask, and It's A 10. Sexy Hair is owned by Henkel.

Oral B (Not Cruelty-Free)

Oral B is owned by Procter & Gamble, and they inherit the same animal testing policy. They test on animals where required by law.

California Tan (Cruelty-Free)

Another requested brand for summer is California Tan. They offer tanning products as well as suncare prodcucts, and they are 100% cruelty-free. They're available in the USA and on Amazon.

Formula 10.0.06 (Cruelty-Free)

This affordable drugstore brand is widely available, and we've also verified that they're cruelty-free. You can find them in the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK, as well as Australia.

As always, thank you for choosing cruelty-free brands and for reading these updates. At Cruelty-Free Kitty, we're constantly working on adding and updating our brand database. We hope it makes shopping cruelty-free easier and more reliable.

You can also visit the full list of cruelty-free brands.

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