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How L’Oreal is Misleading Customers About Being Cruelty-Free

by Suzana Rose

Nov 8, 2019

I've recently received a question about L'Oreal's cruelty-free status. A reader told me they heard that L'Oreal no longer tests on animals. Is there any truth to this?

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Let me start with a quote from L'Oreal newly-created animal testing FAQ:

"L’Oréal no longer tests any of its products or any of its ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world. Nor does L’Oréal delegate this task to others."

No wonder misleading rumors about L'Oreal being cruelty-free are spreading. The above statement would imply that L'Oreal doesn't test finished products or ingredients on animals at any stage of production, that their suppliers don't test raw materials on animals, and that they have pulled out of China.

False! Read the following sentence:

"An exception could be made if authorities required it for human safety or regulatory purposes." In order words, they do fund animal testing of their finished products in China, where the practice is required by law.

But wait! There's more deception!

The whole change in L'Oreal's animal testing policy took place with March 2013 as a cut-off date. The company now claims not to test its finished products or raw materials on animals after this date. They claim:

"When a supplier proposes us an ingredient, we ask to examine its safety dossier. If the dossier contains data generated by means of animal testing before March 2013, L’Oréal can retain the ingredient. If the data was generated after March 2013 and was for a cosmetics application, L’Oréal cannot retain the ingredient. If the data was generated after March 2013 but was for a usage other than cosmetics, then L’Oréal can retain the ingredient."

Basically, L'Oreal claims not to use any ingredients that have tested on animals IF those ingredients have been tested on animals after March 2013 AND IF they have been tested for cosmetic reasons only. Dear readers, THIS IS THEIR LOOPHOLE.

This is what allows L'Oreal to use animal-tested ingredients in their formulations for new products. These new products consist of anti-wrinkle products, acne treatments, sunscreens, and other skin-correcting or skin-protecting "miracle" products; L'Oreal surely knows what strings to pull to have these products fall under the "medicated ingredients" list.

L'Oreal actually has a history of disguising its cosmetics as drugs, and has been sued by the FDA over misleading ads regarding this. The FDA claimed that L'Oreal products "were intended to affect the structure or any function of the human body, rendering them drugs under the Act (Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act)." This is proof that some of L'Oreal's products were indeed marketed as drugs.

Whether or not there's a link, one thing's for sure: the company clearly states to be using ingredients that have been tested on animals for medical reasons, even after their cut-off date of March 2013.

There's also this statement: "Also, in response to questions raised by the scientific community and by civil society, local authorities could choose to reexamine the safety data of a known family of ingredients, and could require new safety data." This is meant to cover their asses, but it also means: If an ingredient that has a proven safety records needs to be re-tested, they will gladly comply by testing it on animals, which is unacceptable for a truly cruelty-free company.

All in all, L'Oreal is not and has never been cruelty-free. L'Oreal doesn't claim not to test new ingredients on animals. L'Oreal still sells in China. L'Oreal still kills and tortures animals every day by funding animal testing, be it in China or, presumably, for new ingredients. This is one of the the biggest lies relating to animal testing that I've seen.

Out of all the companies that have masqueraded as being cruelty-free -- and the list is long -- L'Oreal wins the grand prize.

Image via Pierre Metivier.

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  • Beverly says:

    Shame on l’oreal I will spread the word and never buy thr produts again!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Young says:

    I heard that when they bought the Body shop they were cruelty free like the body shop was.

    So disappointed to hear what they are doing and won’t buy any of their products in the future.

  • Lindsey says:

    Dear Suzana

    Thank you so much, my hairdresser uses L’Oréal colour which I wouldn’t use, nearly dud when I read their very convincing lie. Thankfully, I checked here first

    Thank you for caring this much, we need more like you!!
    Kind Regards Lindsey xx

  • Gosh says:

    Thank you for this article.

  • Debra gruber says:

    I will never buy Loreal again. I will throw mine away. Those poor animals.

  • Judy Johnstone says:

    I will never buy loreal anymore I am shocked and will throw any products of loreal straight in the bin!

  • Betty Jo McDonald says:

    I just bought some L’Oreal products ( 2 skin products…expensive) I want to get my money back from them. I am sure they won’t do it but I will send the products back to their company. how awful.

  • Aubrey says:

    Looks like their FAQ has been updated… The quotes used in this blog are no longer present in L’Oreal’s FAQ.
    Also, https://www.loreal.com/sustainability/l'oréal-answers/the-question-of-animal-testing

    “Today, L’Oréal no longer tests its ingredients on animals and no longer tolerates any exception to this rule.” – direct quote

    I’ve only recently developed an interest the use of makeup, and chosen to research cruelty-free brands before I start purchasing, so I am asking about this out of genuine curiosity, as I am not yet well-informed on this matter myself. As a new consumer, the L’Oreal FAQ seems plausible and makes sense to me. Am I missing something? (assuming so due to their trends in misleading people… but maybe…) If there is any new information on this, such as another blog or an update to this one, I’d appreciate it, thanks!

    Side Note: I don’t support them selling in China, but they have yielded progress in removing animal testing with safer alternatives. This leads me to ask, how else could they do this effectively, where the government listens and attempts this? (I’ll research this myself, but I’m asking here as well, because lots of the people here are better informed about this topic already.)

  • Whatever says:

    So at this point, it doesn’t make any difference what L’Oreal says or does, since no matter what, they’re lying? Oooo-Kay….

    And please don’t forget that PETA is problematic to many people as well.

  • C b says:

    So disheartened after complaining to the Advertising Standards Agency here in the UK, they said they would not be doing anything about the radio ads that L’oreal are running here claiming to be cruelty free unless more people complain.

    • Nic says:

      I’ve just heard this radio ad too, I’ll be contacting the Advertising Standards Agency as well. Surely it shouldn’t matter how many people complain, just the fact the ad is misleading should be enough.

  • C b says:

    Thanks so much for writing this.

  • Terri says:

    I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the new L’Oréal advert on Classic FM about their so called ‘now cruelty free’ animal testing policy. WHAT?? Just cottoning on to the genuine cruelty free established market do your research before buying their products. Their record eaks for itself. Unlike the poor animals used for testing.

  • Anna says:

    Hi, I was traveling on the tube the other day (in London) and saw an advert for L’Oreal claiming “30 years ago we completely stopped testing our products on animals, before it became law.” I took a photo to complain to the agency for misleading customers. Of course, the agency sees nothing wrong as the claim will not make customers buy the product. I believe that’s not true so I’m pursuing to challenge this. Anyways, I was surprised how bold that statement was and that they are allowed to say that.

  • Clare Jillian says:

    You’re still doing an amazing job and your lists are my new best friend

  • Christina Barber says:

    They are also saying that they use human cells to manufacture “skin” to test the products on. This was on a radio ad in the U.K. just yesterday (May 2019). They claim to have not tested on animals for the past thirty years. So misleading. The ad counsel should get that for this.

    • Anji says:

      I would like to say why doesn’t someone sue them for giving out false information, but of course L’Oreal is such a ginormous company that they would destroy anyone who tried this 🙁

    • C b says:

      I heard an ad on the radio too, with Katie Piper. I don’t know how much good it will do but I have complained to the Advertising Standards Agency about it a few days ago.

  • Chloe says:

    They are claiming to be vegan and so is garnier too on products. Making my blood boil, ugh.

  • Hen says:

    Thank you for this information. I was going to buy a new face cream because I thought they were now not testing on animals. I was fooled by an advert promising to help my tired, 30-something skin with a cream that had red ginseng in it. My own vanity was going to take over for a minute but your post came up as I did a quick Google search and it stopped me buying the product. Any equivalent product recommendations gratefully received!

  • Laurie stern says:

    Good info, thanks for spreading the word!

  • Dave Snakely says:

    The vast majority of ingredients in cosmetics has been tested on Animals at some point, that’s why we know it is likely to be safe to test on humans. Even the most anti-testing company is using ingredients that they know are safe because of decades of animal and human testing. Talc? tested on animals. Glycerine? Tested on animals. Bees wax? Tested on animals. L’Oreal is just putting a line in the sand to say there is a point after which new ingredients are not allowed to be tested.

    In China, L’Oreal does not do the testing or advocate that any of their products are tested on animals. It is the Chinese health authorities that test the product. Legally the Chinese government forces this testing on anyone wanting to sell in to the billion plus consumers in China. Such a choice is fine for a tiny few million dollar beauty brand, which you are free to buy.

    • Conchita says:

      Correct, it is the Chinese authorities that do the testing, but it IS L’Oreal that PAY for those tests to be carried out because they want their products to be sold in China. China does not pay for the testing themselves, they don’t do the beauty companies any favours. It is what it is. The choice is do you or do you not want to give your money to a company that FUNDS animal testing whether it be China or anywhere else.

  • Aubrey Shackelford says:

    Hi Suzana! I’m writing an essay on animal testing, and want to cite your website as a source, but I was wondering what sources you personally used to get this information. I looked at L’Oreals FAQ section on animal testing, but I couldn’t find the exact information you provided. I also looked into the link you provided about being “sued by the FDA” but the article states that L’Oreal was issued a warning letter. Not trying to be rude or start drama, just genuinely interested in what sources you used to write this post.

  • Juul says:

    Just A question, if L’oréal Isnt animal cruelty free, then would the brands that they own (such as Urban Decay) also not be animal cruelty free? Or do they have different rules for different brands that they own?

    • Conchita says:

      Their cruelty-free brands such as Urban Decay ARE cruely-free because they don’t sell to China. Some people still won’t buy them because they feel they are still giving their money to the “parent” company which is L’Oreal. That would be a personal choice for each person. Sometimes I’m on the fence about that, because sometimes I think, that if we promote the “real” cruelty-free company’s maybe the parent company will make “everything” truly cruelty-free. It’s a tough one for sure!!! But to be honest, nowadays, there are so many alternatives I don’t even considering owning anything from companies that belong to companies that sell their souls for even more dollars!

    • Conchita says:

      This confirms this article and those who are defending L’Oreal should read it but they will no doubt find another excuse to discredit Cruelty-Free Kitty and Peta. Thank for sharing Viky!

  • Allison says:

    A true pioneer, L’Oréal has been reconstructing human skin models in laboratories to elaborate in vitro safety tests since 1979, as an alternative to animals. In 1989, L’Oréal completely ceased testing its products on animals, thus 14 years before the regulation required so. Today, L’Oréal no longer tests its ingredients on animals and no longer tolerates any exception to this rule.

    Certain health authorities may nevertheless decide to conduct animal tests themselves for certain cosmetic products, as it is still the case in China. L’Oréal has been the most active company working alongside the Chinese authorities and scientists for over 10 years to have alternative testing methods recognized, and permit the cosmetic regulation to evolve towards a total and definite elimination of animal testing. Thanks to this, since 2014, certain products manufactured and sold in China like shampoo, body wash or makeup are no longer tested on animals.

    What do you all think about this? I have never read this before on their website. I am curious to what y’all think?

  • Candelaria Fraga says:

    L’Oreal has a new line with shampoos and conditioners that are labeled as vegan, such as the EverPure, EverSleek and EverCreem. The product itself says that it isn’t tested on animals but I don’t know what to believe anymore. Does anyone know if these products are truly vegan?

  • Noel says:

    Just wondering where you are even actually gstting your information from cause there is no links or citing in any of this and the one link took me to another page that also had no citings of where any of these accusations being actual facts. Cite to me where an official of the fda says loreal still tests on animals in 2017 and your article would seem more factual than opinionated. Your just over analyzing quotes loreal has released.

    • Swan says:

      Exactly. Emotional responses to an argument based on nothing but false accusations. LOreal was one of only 2 companies on Earth to received AAA status by the CPD in sustainability across its supply chain in 2017 and was no 1 on Newsweek’s green company of the year 2017. And then to claim products tested by pharmaceutical companies (ie to comply with medical legislation) is a ‘loophole’ – ridiculous. Has nothing to do with LOreal what pharma does. Does the author and her fans also refuse to use any medication? Because all rigorously tested pharmaceuticals are tested on animals.

  • Cat says:

    So totally late and vaguely off topic but would any of you have a good Cruelty-Free alternative to the pure clay masks? My Gran gave me the eucalyptus one right when it came out (I was yet to become aware of Cruelty-Free ness) and it worked really well on my acne

  • L’Oreal has been spreading the words during beauty training that they has stopped animal testing in China since 6 months ago. I did my research and can’t find any proof to back up what the trainers are telling us but am wondering if there are any truth in it at all? Why would the trainers spread such words if it’s not 100% truth. I’m not trying to start a shit storm but that’s what has been told to us during trainings.

  • Catarina says:

    I think most people are not seeing the bigger picture. L’oreal was the pioneer in developing the Episkin technology, which consists in replicating human skin tissue in a lab, so that products can be tested on it instead of on animals. It seems like a very viable alternative to animal testing, and they even sell it to other companies (in various industries) so that others can also have access to this test methodology. Moreover, L’oreal is pretty much the only company working with the Chinese authorities to try to implement change. An Episkin lab was built in Shanghai. And L’oreal even managed to end animal tests in a few product categories like shampoos, body wash and makeup. Of course, certain Chinese health authorities will still want to test some products on animals, but this has been ingrained in their culture for so many years, it will take time until animal testing is a fully obsolete practice. Anyway, L’oreal seems to be taking steps in the right direction, working with the Chinese authorities directly, to get to the root of the problem, and actively develop sustainable alternatives. I can only give them props for their initiative and effort.

    Check this link for L’oreals statement on Episkin:
    (of course this may seem a bit biased but check other sources and articles online and see that the Episkin technology is in fact very interesting.)

  • cassie says:

    Loreal and PETA say their new line of Sulfate free hair care is vegan and not tested on animals. Is this true? Can you speak ot this? Is this really a cruelty free option from them?

  • J O says:

    I am against animal testing in any form. I’ve never been a fan of L’Oreal and the fact that they are shady and lie about animal testing just solidifies my dislike of them. There are TONS of quality, truly cruelty free cosmetics and skin care so there’s no need to waste money on L’Oreal.

  • Petra Postma says:

    Last night I saw a L’Oréal TV advert with the Dutch model Doutzen Kroes in it. I’ll copy and paste your article on her Fb (if she has a Fb account).
    On to it!

  • Karen Ashton says:

    What they mean is we are cruelty free and do not test on animals unless they want to sell to China. I am sick of hearing companies who had stopped using animal testing going back to this barbaric practice so they can sell to this cruel country who have no respect for any living creatures. The only way they will get the message is people stop buying their products so it hurts them in their pockets.

  • Daina says:

    They didn’t sue them, they issued a warning.

  • Georgia says:

    Thanks for the clear up – however I do not see a problem with using products that have previously been tested. To not use it, would be the same as to not use the medical data found from the holocaust studies. It advanced some science, you shouldn’t just bin that knowledge. However, everything else, yeah.

  • Maddy says:

    Great article! I’ve just looked at their most recent FAQ page and the bit about the non-cosmetic ingredients post-2013 has been removed. Do you have any info on whether they’ve stopped doing this?

  • Alexandra says:

    I’ve recently tweeted L’Oréal telling them to stop testing on animals cause otherwise I would buy any of their products and they had the guts to reply me and even lie to me, saying that they no longer test on animals.
    I can’t believe they are no afraid to lie in a social media, cause it’s way too obvious that they do test on animals and in so many cruel ways.

  • milena says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I despise L’Oreal with a passion. Not only do they torture animals but also treat their customers like fools.

  • Naynay says:

    After reading this post, I’m wondering what “certain products manufactured and sold in China like shampoo, body wash or make-up are no longer tested on animals” (off their FAQs) means and why it wasn’t addressed here? Does it mean china still tests on skincare but not these items? I can’t find anyone address this. It conflicts with what is said here so I’d love to know 🙂

    • Aly Laughlin says:

      It means that they may not be testing all of their products directly on animals, but that some of the ingredients still may have been tested on animals, and in general, they are still conducting animal testing and are not a cruelty-free brand.

      • Naynay says:

        So does that mean they don’t test makeup, shampoo and body wash but they do, for example, skin care?

        I personally don’t weigh past ingredients on a brand when considering if they’re cruelty feee or not because all companies use ingredients that have been tested on animals in the past, including current cruelty free brands.

        I guess I’m wondering if it’s like Marc Jacobs Beauty and Marc Jacobs Fragrances.

        • Aly Laughlin says:

          It means that while they claim that some of their finished products which are manufactured in China haven’t been tested on animals, they are still conducting animal testing and are therefore not cruelty-free.

          In the case of Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs Beauty is owned by Kendo (which is cruelty-free), whereas Marc Jacobs Fragrances are owned by Coty (which tests on animals) and is sold in China.

          • Naynay says:

            Thanks for the clarification. So their final product may not be tested but their ingredients are (or at least new ones)?

  • Patricia says:

    I wrote to L’Oreal about their deceit and got this answer. I want so badly to believe them because I cannot find a mascara as good a Voluminous. However, I will not use a product that includes animal abuse.

    “Hi Patricia! Thank you for reaching out. L’Oréal no longer tests its products or ingredients on animals anywhere in the world. An exception would only be made if authorities demanded it: http://bit.ly/1gvkj0H.

    Also, at L’Oréal, fundamental to our mission of providing superior beauty and personal care products is a firm commitment to our employees, consumers, salon professionals and retail partners only to market products whose safety has been proven. L’Oréal meets or exceeds the legal obligation for product safety in each country where our products can be purchased.

    For any questions about the safety of your cosmetics products, please e-mail our Consumer Care Center Experts at dgsmlorealparis@info-ccc.com.”

    • Suzi Scheler says:

      Yes “an exception would only be made if authorities demanded it”, which means they fund animal testing in China.

  • Kyt says:

    They say that while they are sold in China they are sold as “non-functional” to stop the product from being subject to China’s animal testing policy. Did you research this at all? I don’t see mention of it in the article and was wondering.

    • Suzi says:

      I’m not sure where you’ve heard this information, but it’s not correct. L’Oreal 100% admits to testing on animals in China and they don’t bypass the laws, unfortunately.

  • Tiffany James says:

    According to the loreal website they state they are using episkin which is an artificial skin to bypass the animal testing in China?

    • Amanda says:

      Where are you seeing this on their website?

      • Steph says:

        http://www.loreal.com/sustainability/l'or%C3%A9al-answers/the-question-of-animal-testing/what-about-in-china (Right here.

        Now my thought is what about the hair dye? I know Garnier is no longer being sold in China …and since it’s owned by L’oreal which doesn’t test outside of China. So idk what to make of this really.

        • Conchita says:

          It also says they have made it available to the Chinese but there are no guarantees that the Chinese are using the Episkin. As an activist who has researched China and worked with Chinese Activist you will find that China will blatantly mislabel in order to make their sale. They will sell real fur claiming it is faux (REAL is cheaper considering they farm dogs, cats and rabbits and they steal dogs and cats for their meat and fur), they inject seafood to increase its size with chemicals that to this day science is unable to identify etc etc. All these products do and will make their way to your homes because of the misinformation and mislabelling. Therefore if it comes from China the chances are it’s not what it says it is. If I have an alternative to anything from China or a company that sells there I will use it. If there isn’t an alternative I can usually do without.

  • cessenou says:

    Stop laboratoires animals

  • Nanci says:

    I saw a horrible video on Facebook of a monkey that Loreal has been using for testing hair products. It was horrible and disgusting. I have used L’Oreal products 4 years and I will never again use a loreal product.I will also start spreading the word to any of my friends family or neighbors who use L’Oreal products. I am heartbroken with the vision I saw for monkey bleeding and raw. It also showed cats and other animals that Loreal are torturing. I pray other women that use their products have seen that video and will join me in boycotting their products.

    • Katie Wilson says:

      If you would have fact-checked, instead of blindly believing everything you see, you would know that the monkey is called “Fighter” and was electrocuted by a high-voltage tower. He’s almost ready to be released back into the wild. Always do your research before believing something.

  • Graziele dos Santos Ferreira says:

    Sou contra o testes em animais ou em qualquer outro ser vivo , se nós sentimos dores , eles também sentem , gostaria que fosse com você? Então pense …

    • Conchita says:

      Absolutely right!!! For those that have marked her comment with a thumbs down I’ll translate more or less what she wrote (Portuguese is not my language). She wrote: I’m against animal testing or on any other living being, we feel pain, so do they, would you like it if it were you? In that case think…

  • new_york_night says:

    Many thanks to the author and to commentors for shedding light on L’Oreal’s ruse. I will continue to spread the word and boycott their products. L’Oreal: you listening??

  • Miamigirl says:

    Disgusting there is no longer a need to test on animals science has other ways of testing now in 2017.

  • Sophie says:

    First of all as a regulatory affairs assistant I just want to say that :

    – it is not L’Oréal doing the tests in China. The Cfda has its own laboratories, and they check everything from toxicological data to physical and chemistry. So yes L’Oréal doesn’t not tests in China. So if you definitely want to buy something cruelty free, make sure it is not sold in China. Everything sold there is tested. BUT they are doing progress ! They have accepted some new alternative tests. ?

    – About ingredients : every (type) of ingredient sold before 2013 (cosmetic regulation 1223/2009) has unfortunately been tested. The manufacturer may not have done it but it was done by another one before. Even more if the ingredients are not only destined to the cosmetic industry but also to the pharmaceutical or chemical one, then it will probably be tested (usually it’s about very acute toxicology or repro toxic risk like abortion or disease). So unfortunately most product even cruelty free contains ingredients that have been tested. ? For exemple glycerin.

    – For the USA: well let’s not go too far. Fda classifies a product as a drug or most of the time Otc, If the advertising goes to far (damn people wants efficiency and marketing teams know that). They are far stricter when it comes to claims that when it is about their product composition.

    I hope you’ll take it in a good way and not curse at me. I was just trying to add a few regulatory details. If you want to help the protection of the animals go into science and help the research teams develop new alternative methods. ?

    • Conchita says:

      We know it’s not L’Oreal staff carrying out the tests, but they are making money on the products sold as a result of those tests therefore, yes, L’Oreal is responsible. All ingredients have been in the past been tested on animals as you rightly say but that doesn’t mean you have to continue to fund it and purchase from those who continue to do it or try to trick you like L’Oreal does with their confusing statements. GLYCERIN is usually derived from animals therefore testing it is adding insult to injury. So the obvious choice would be VEGETABLE GLYCERIN. I agree with your last sentence regarding alternative methods, especially because Science has already proved that the alternatives to animal testing are 100% more reliable and effective, I’m not joking. Animal testing is not only obsolete but it is and always has been completely ineffective. It is now, today, basically a disgusting and inhumane way to collect funding…again MONEY!!! If anyone reads this comment, please check out ANIMAL FREE RESEARCH UK. They are doing wonderful work and have PCRM.ORG promoting and backing them. If I may add just one comment which is completely my own personal opinion… NO PRODUCT is cruelty free if it has an animal ingredient in it. I think it is a mistake to call something Cruety Free because it hasn’t been tested yet it contains an animal derived ingredient. In short, a vegan product that has not been tested on animals at any stage is the only product that is completely cruelty free! Thanks!

  • Claudia says:

    I’ve heard amazing things about Milani Conceal + Perfect

  • Tia Turner says:

    Makes me really sad that L’Oréal keeps on conducting like this. Such a huge brand could afford cruelty-free testing methods. Their influence and reach is so huge worldwide…sad, sad, sad.

  • This is so sad. I got excited when I heard that they went cruelty free, but I knew it was too good to be true.

  • If it wasn’t for cosmetics, they can still use the ingredients that were tested on animals.

  • Sophia_B says:

    Due all respect, you are making assumptions here than showing any evidence. EVERY brand that sells their product in China has to test their products on animals in China. This is not company procedure but the Chinese law orders them to do. No company will ever turn down 1billion potential customers, you need to direct the criticism to the Chinese authorities for keeping a law like that, not to L’Oreal or any other brand. And “they probably test new ingredients in China to use in other countries” is just your assumption. I think it’s unfair to make such assumptions, also makes you (or activists) lose your credibility.

    • Emily Perry says:

      There are plenty of brands (popular brands who could make a hell of a lot of money in China) who choose not to sell in China, it just depends on whether or not their morals or pockets are more important.

    • Lexi Alexandra says:

      Excuse me, but if a company claims to be cruelty free then actively pursues the Chinese market, knowing full well that animal testing is required by law over there, it’s on the company, not Chinese law! It’s all about the $$$ for them, so by choosing China, they’re choosing $$$ & animal exploitation over caring about their cruelty free status. Activists don’t care if you find us credible or not because the facts speak the awful truth. Don’t put this on us. Plenty of companies do well without China. It’s unfortunate that some have sold out. Fact remains, they’re making an informed decision, resulting in animal cruelty. It’s up to China to change, too, but they’re a sovereign state, so we can’t do much on that side. What we can do is not support these outdated absolutely unnecessary ways by staying out of the mainland Chinese markets. I may be repeating myself over and over, but sometimes people need that to fully understand their flawed thinking and opinions. Thank you.

      • Katie says:

        To be honest it comes down to $$$ and Loreal doesn’t want to pull out of china. China is a big part of their sales sadly, but it is by law that China tests on animals there more countries like china too. But if you buy products in the Loreal brand that are cruelty free, I look at it this way you are buying their cruelty free line is better and will show in their win’s and losses for that year. If that what helps buying their cruelty lines than I’ll do that. Also what I don’t get people in this community don’t complain about, is how Big Phrama test on beagles and bunnies for drug testing all the time. But you don’t hear anyone say anything about that, also big pharmacy companies can hide it more.

        • Elisha says:

          L’Oreal doesn’t have any ‘cruelty-free lines’. Unless you mean cruelty-free brands – such as Nyx – which is a totally different thing.

        • Conchita says:

          Vegans complain about big pharma ALL the time, don’t know where you get that misinformation from. Considering this is a beauty and personal hygiene blog it seems quite obvious it’s not going to address every single aspect of animal testing. Seriously, all the negative comments on here sound like you’re all making EXCUSES to continue using disgusting companies like L’Oreal. Just keep using them and keep your negative comments to yourselves, looks less hypocritical that way! I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR THIS BLOG, VERY GRATEFUL INDEED, SUZI DOES AN EXCELLENT JOB!!!

    • LawGeek says:

      Look at any list of genuinely cruelty free cosmetics. All of those companies are indeed foregoing the Chinese market, which undoubtedly would be profitable for a significant percentage of them. There are plenty of large, international companies on those lists, including about half of the US’s Sephora brands, who could reasonably expand there (not least at the187 Sephoras in China). Urban Decay, NYX, Paula’s Choice, The Body Shop, Jack Black, and Yes To Carrots have all pledged to never enter the Chinese market while this rule is in place.

      In addition, many companies already selling in China withdrew when this law was passed. Paul Mitchell Systems, Dermalogica, Pangea Organics, and Nature’s Gate all pulled out of China in order to stay cruelty-free.

      If you don’t disagree with this business decision, you are free to have that opnion. It is a complicated choice, and businesses have a lot of factors to consider. But to pretend that it is unreasonable to expect just shows that you haven’t done the slightest bit of reading on this. Many companies can, and have, weighed this decision in favor of ethics.

    • Lori says:

      WRONG! Here are the cosmetic companies that WILL turn down 1 billion potential customers, but I’ll just limit it to those beginning with the first three letters of the alphabet, because there are HUNDREDS!!:

      Annemarie Börlind
      Antiquity BC ♥
      April Rain Skin Science
      Aqua Natural ♥
      Arbonne ♥
      Arch Addicts ♥
      Arcona ♥
      Arctic Fox *
      Ares Sports Rub ♥
      Aroma Bella ♥
      Aroma Naturals ♥
      Aroma Rebel ♥
      Aromi ♥
      Artisan Naturals ♥
      Asili LLC-Marula Oil
      AspenClean ♥
      Astonish ♥
      Astrida Naturals ♥
      Atelier de cosmetique
      Athar’a ♥
      Aubrey Organics ♥
      Au Naturel Botanicals ♥
      Aunt Bee’s Skin Care ♥
      Auromere ♥
      Austin Rose ♥
      Avalon Organics ♥
      Aveda (grey area brand – they appear to be cruelty free and not in China at this time, but they maintain that they will comply with testing laws)
      AveSeena ♥
      Ayelect ♥
      Baby Moonshine ♥
      Bach Flower Remedies
      Balm, The
      Balm Envy
      Bambola Beauty
      Bare Escentuals (Bare Minerals) ♠ (Owned by Sheseido which is not cruelty-free)
      Bare Body Soaps Organics ♥
      Barry M
      Basic Earth Essentials ♥
      Bassu Gold
      Bath Body and Candle Moments ♥
      Batty’s Bath ♥
      Bdellium Tools (Pink Bambu, Green Bambu, Yellow Bambu, and Purple Bambu lines are vegan)
      Beach Organics Skincare ♥
      Beaming White*
      Bean & Lily ♥
      Bean Alainn ♥
      Bee Naturals
      Be-Live Naturals ♥
      Bello Moi ♥
      Beaute Mineral ♥
      Beautiful Birdie Cosmetics ♥
      Beautiful Me ♥
      Beautisol Self Tanner *
      Beauty Blender (Sold in Chinese Sephora stores, but blenders and cleansers are NOT required to be tested – so they are cruelty free)
      Beauty by Earth ♥
      Beauty from the Earth (BFTE)
      Beauty Without Cruelty ♥ *
      Becca ♣
      Bedu ♥
      Beecause Organics ♥
      Bee Naturals ♥
      BellaPierre ♥
      belle & Bianca ♥
      Belli & Baby ♥
      Belonger Botanicals ♥
      Belly Buttons & Babies ♥
      Ben Nye
      Bésso de Natúra ♥
      Best Bath Store
      Better Botanicals ♥
      Better Life ♥
      BFTE Cosmetics
      BH Cosmetics ♥
      Biao ♥
      Bio Aromes ♥
      Bio Follicle Vegan Plant Derived Hair Products *
      Biogalene ♥
      Biogime Skin Care ♥
      BioKleen *
      biOrganics Hair Therapy ♥
      Bite Beauty ♥ ♣ (owned by Kendo – checking on their cruelty free status – have not received an answer yet)
      Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL)
      B-Leaf Botanics *
      B True Beauty ♥
      Black Dahlia Lacquer ♥
      Blessed Botanicals ♥
      Blissoma ♥
      Bloom Naturals ♥
      Blooming Lotus ♥
      Blue Balm Soap Company ♥
      Blue Lotus Botanicals ♥
      BM Beauty ♥
      Body & Face St Cyrus ♥
      Body Bistro ♥
      Body Butter Factory ♥
      Bodyography Cosmetics
      The Body Shop ♥ ♣ (owned by L’oreal)
      Boeccure ♥
      Bold For Men
      Bonicca Natural Body Care ♥
      Booda Organics ♥
      Born Skincare ♥
      Botanic Beauty Products
      Botanic Organic
      Botanical Skin Works ♥
      Botanie Soap ♥
      Boscia (No longer CF – see the Logical Harmony article here)
      Box Naturals *
      Brew City Botanicals ♥
      BrioGeo (not all products are vegetarian but some are vegan)
      Bronzo Sensuale ♥
      Bubble & Bee Organic
      Bubble Genius
      Bulldog Natural Grooming ♥
      Burt’s Bees ♥ ♠
      Butter London
      Bye Bye Parabens *
      By Valenti Organics
      Cactus & Ivy ♥
      CADIA ♥
      Cake Beauty
      Caldrea ♥ ♠
      CAILYN Cosmetics ♥
      California North ♥
      Camillas Naturprodukter och Ört Terapi ♥
      CamoCare ♥
      Candied Soap Bakery ♥
      Castle Baths ♥
      Carabella Cosmetics & Skincare
      Caswell-Massey ♥
      Cate McNabb Cosmetics ♥
      Celsaderm ♥
      Ceres Aromoaterapi ♥
      Certain Dri
      Chae Organics ♥
      Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve ♥
      Charlotte Tilbury
      Chella Beauty
      Cheryln Skincare
      Christine Valmy, Inc. ♥
      Chrome Girl Nail Polish
      Cibe Laboratori ♥
      CIRCA by Eva Mendes
      Cire d’Abeille ♥
      City Cosmetics
      Clean George ♥
      Clean Kids Naturally
      CLEAN Perfumes
      CleanVia ♥
      Clean River Products ♥
      Clear Conscience ♥
      Clearly Natural ♥
      Clemon ♥
      Coastal Classic Creations ♥
      Coastal Scents (grey area – waiting on an update from the brand)
      Color Me Krazy ♥
      Color My Image ♥
      ColourPop Cosmetics
      Comforts for the Mind, Body and Spirit ♥
      Common Good
      Comptoir des Lys ♥
      Comptoir Provençal des Argiles ♥
      Concrete Minerals ♥
      Conscious Choice ♥
      Control Corrective Skincare Systems ♥
      Co-operative Group, The (Co-op) ♥
      Coop Italia ♥
      Copaiba ♥
      Copper Lotus Cosmetics ♥
      Core Cosmetic ♥
      Couleur Caramel ♥
      Crane and Wilton Organics ♥
      Crazy Cat Lady ♥
      Crazy Rumors ♥ *
      Crearome ♥
      Cruelty Free Cosmetics ♥
      Crystal Essence Body Deodorant ♥ *
      Cuccio Naturalé ♥

      • Katie says:

        This is sad to me I live in Canada and maybe we have 10 on here that I can get my hands on. The rest I have to pay insane prices on shipping and handling and trying to find who will ship to Canada

    • clare jillian says:

      Would you personally make a product and sell it to a country that is going to test it on animals? It would be greed that leads your decision not your conscience

  • kisekileia says:

    Where do you get that L’Oreal isn’t claiming to not test new ingredients on animals? I’m not seeing any exclusion for new ingredients in what you have written about here.

  • Lauren says:

    Animal testing is the worst and only slightly less worse is finding ways to weasel words about to make it appear as though you are NOT complicit in animal cruelty, when all people want is a clear and definitive statement so they can make choices based on their ethics. L’Oreal, you cannot have it both ways: either say “Yep, we test on animals and we’re okay with losing market share to people who care about that stuff.” or “No we don’t test anything on animals, ever.” and then don’t test on animals ever. Stop being stupid. And, with regards to the concerns raised about celebrities promoting these products, I think there is something to be said for the need to research the companies one fronts and whether they jive with your ethics or not. That said, people would have to sort out their own ethics in order to even know what they were and no one likes doing icky, uncomfortable shit like that.

  • Mina says:

    It’s funny, cause Milla Jovovich, a long-time L’Oreal model, made a remark that L’Oreal has “always been” cruelty free since many years ago. I wrote an entry refuting that bold faced lie. Btw, I wonder if other cruelty-free people are like me — I refuse to watch any movies showcasing people like Jovovich, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslett, and many others who are paid tons of money to model products for L’Oreal specifically. Let’s not forget Miss Emma Watson who gets paid by Lancome. Why I am REALLY puzzled about is, these people already have more than enough money, why do they succumb to this? Aren’t a few millions already enough for these people?

    • Suzi says:

      Hah. I think many, many people (celebrities included!) are actually ignorant about the animal testing going on. Wouldn’t surprise me if Milla actually believed that statement.

    • BillyJean MirrorDeep says:

      So so manny celebs I like work with all these brands, seems so weird to me, when they seem so involved with other good causes.. random late response, but I was looking around for the subject and needed to vent..

    • Diana says:

      I totally agree. I will not buy anything that has been linked with animal cruelty. People are too vain and money hungry and don’t think twice about using products where poor innocent animals have had to suffer.

    • Lauren says:

      This is an example of overblown outrage culture. You’re free to do what you wish, but outrage culture is getting out of hand and one day we will end up boycotting everything.

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