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Biossance Is Expanding To China: Here’s What You Should Know

by Suzana Rose

Feb 8, 2021

The popular skincare beauty brand Biossance will soon be available in China, as stated in a recent press release. Biossance, owned by parent company Amylis, will be partnering with SuperOrdinary, a company that helps brands sell their products in the Chinese market. Is Biossance at risk of losing their cruelty-free status? Will their remain cruelty-free? Here's everything we know at this point.

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Statement From Biossance

Biossance has confirmed in a press release that they will enter the Chinese market:

“China is one of the largest growth markets for Clean Beauty and skincare and the Biossance brand is well positioned to join the winning portfolio represented by SuperOrdinary.

[...] We are excited to take this momentum we have with Biossance to the Chinese market.”

John Melo, president and CEO of Amyris

Since they haven't addressed exactly how they will enter the market, or if they will remain cruelty-free, I've dug a little deeper into the company they're partnering with: SuperOrdinary.

Partnership With SuperOrdinary

To help establish their presence in China, Biossance is partnering with a company that specializes in helping brands like Biossance set up sales channels in the country.

“We are happy to partner with Amyris to bring its leading Biossance Clean Beauty brand to the Chinese consumer. We have a proven track record of working with high growth brands such as Biossance and are looking forward to delivering on Amyris’s vision for the Greater China market.”

Julian Reis, founder and CEO of SuperOrdinary Group

SuperOrdinary's Partnership With Other Cruelty-Free Brands

SuperOrdinary lists several cruelty-free brands in their portfolio. They've worked with Drunk Elephant, Farmacy, Olaplex, Ouai, Milk Makeup, Supergoop, Dr. Dennis Gross, and Sol de Janeiro. All these companies are cruelty-free, and they're only selling in mainland China online through e-commerce.

As you know, if companies sell to China online only, this bypasses any potential animal testing, which means the brands can remain 100% cruelty-free.

SuperOrdinary Circumvents Animal Testing

Luckily, we've found confirmation that maintaining the cruelty-free status of the brands they partner with is a top priority. SuperOrdinary ensures that brands only sell online in order to bypass animal testing. Here's how:

"SuperOrdinary handles this process for brands from the beginning, eventually shipping products from each brand’s international distribution centre to its various e-commerce warehouses in China and Hong Kong. It also circumvents the country’s mandate that beauty and skincare brands test products on animals, which many Western brands are not willing to comply with, by setting brands up on online channels. "

We're Confident That Biossance Will Remain Cruelty-Free

Based on our research, we have no reason to believe that Biossance will lose their cruelty-free status. Biossance is currently Leaping Bunny certified and 100% vegan, and their expansion to China will most likely be solely through e-commerce, thus bypassing any potential animal testing.

Of course, we'll keep an eye on any upcoming developments to make sure that Biossance remains 100% cruelty-free.

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