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Cruelty-Free Nail Polish: American Apparel’s Hunter

I’ve been eyeing the lovely dark green shade of nail polish that is Essie’s Mind Your Mittens on beauty blogs for quite some time. But as you surely know, Essie isn’t cruelty-free. The company used to be on PETA’s cruelty-free list, but once L’Oreal acquired it in 2010, they refused to sign PETA’s cruelty-free claim to renew it. The reasons for this are ambiguous, but long story short: it’s very probable that Essie tests on animals.

Yesterday while I was out shopping, I got lucky and found the perfect cruelty-free alternative to it: American Apparel’s nail polish in Hunter! If you too like Mind Your Mittens, you’ll love Hunter! While it might not look like a perfect match in the bottle, it’s practically indistinguishable once it’s on the nails! I wouldn’t call it a dupe, but…



On the nails, you wouldn’t know the difference!

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Do you have any favorite cruelty-free nail polish dupes?


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  • Recently I dumped out all of my old nail polishes, especially the non-cruelty free brands, and started an all new collection. I even e-mailed some companies to make sure they were in fact cruelty free. For some reason, this isn’t printed or marked anywhere on the packaging of nail products. I too am a big fan of China Glaze but have also discovered that Orly is also cruelty free. In the response I received back from Orly, they stated that they have always been cruelty free, right from day 1 of the company’s existence. I love Orly’s treatment products, especially the “Flash Dry, Quick-Dry Shine Drops”. This product is a good example of a CF dupe for an OPI one.

  • I have an awesome matte top-coat from Flormar. They have a lot of polishes and makeup and they only sell in Europe where animal testing is illegal so they don’t test on animals for sure. I think you may be able to find a website that sells this brand online. That have both a matte top coat and matte polish

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