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3 Shades of Beige Nail Polish

If you’re looking for a cruelty-free beige nail, I’ve got you covered. I’m a beige polish junkie and these three are my favorites, ranging from the warmest to the coolest beige tones.

beige nail polishes comparison

Nudist is a neutral beige, and also the most versatile of the three. I’ve had a very good experience with Sonia Kashuk nail polishes in general. They apply very smoothly and are more forgiving than most nail polishes, meaning that the second coat dries to a flawless finish even if your application is on the janky side. These polishes are also a steal at 5$ a pop! Don’t be fooled by the bottle’s small appearance! It contains 14.8ml/0.5 fl oz of product, which is the same as China Glaze or American Apparel, and those retail for almost twice the price.

Alyson is a warm beige. Julep describes it as an “almond crème”, which is fancy speak for “warm beige”. I don’t know if it’s the square-shaped cap or the formulation or a mix of both, but I really like the way Julep polishes apply. This one is shearer than the other 2 beiges, but 2 coats is enough for an opaque color. It’s also easy to apply without messing up, possibly for that reason, and also fast drying. It’s less creamy and thinner. But note that this one’s literally 4 times the price of a Sonia Kashuk polish, as it’s twice as expensive and only contains half the product (8ml/0.27 fl oz)!

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Echo Park is a lovely cool shade of beige. It almost looks grey in comparison to the other 2, but it’s definitely a true beige. The good thing about American Apparel nail polishes is that one coat is often enough. The formula is opaque yet thin, which makes it easy to apply, but the lasting power isn’t the best in my experience, even with a top coat.

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