There aren’t that many natural and cruelty-free foundations out there. Vapour’s Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation (, $50) is not only that, but also vegan and made from over 70% organic ingredients! At $50 a bottle, it’s a little bit pricey. But the questions is: is it worth it?!


The first thing I noticed when wearing this foundation is how velvetty it made my skin feel. The coverage is medium; it won’t cover everything up, but it will even out your skin tone pretty damn well. I’d say the finish is semi-matte and makes your skin look and feel like skin without being overly dewy or matte.

This foundation lasts a long time on me even without powdering (although I definitely suggest setting it because it feels a little bit greasy and still transfers). I generally can feel foundation on my skin after a whole day’s wear and it’s kind of a gross sensation. I looove that this didn’t happen with this particular foundation. After wearing it all day, I don’t feel like there’s anything on my skin.


You can see the pump applicator in all its glory above. It’s great.

If any of you are familiar with Sappho’s Liquid Foundation (which is another natural foundation I love), this one’s a little bit more velvetty and has a bit more coverage in my experience. It’s also easier to spread because of the slightly thicker consistency. I love both of them, but I’d say the Vapour one has a slight edge.

Last but not least, the shade options. It’s available in 12 shades. I chose shade s090 (the lightest one) even though it’s geared towards the ghostly pale according to their website, and I’m glad I did. It’s really not that pale. It’s actually a little bit darker than my skintone (for reference, NARS Siberia matches me perfectly). The color match is still great and not noticeable once it’s on my face.

Bottom Line

This was the first Vapour product I’ve tried and I’m very satisfied with it. Medium coverage, semi-matte finish, velvetty texture. This foundation feels like skin and melts into your skin!

Would I say it’s worth the $50 price tag? Considering the ingredients, yes. If you’re looking for a natural liquid foundation that’s perfect for everyday wear, try this one out!

You can buy it from The Detox Market or Spirit Beauty Lounge.

This post contains press samples. No compensation was received for writing this review.

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Rebecca McMahon Makeup
Rebecca McMahon Makeup

I have a client that’s allergic to silicone. We struggle to find good foundations but she loves Vapour!

Suzi Scheler

That’s great to know!

Suzi Scheler

It’s definitely not as pale as Siberia, so unless you have a white mixer, I’d skip it. 🙁


Hi would you recommend this for very dry sensitive skin. I have eczema and struggle to find a great brand for my skin

Suzi Scheler

Hi Nicole! If you have eczema, I’m not sure if this is the best foundation for you. Depends which ingredients aggravate your skin.