splurge or save eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliner, is buying high-end products and spending lots of money worth it?

When buying eyeliner, whether it’s black, metallic, or colored, we’re all looking for a few key features: intense color, long lasting power, and ease of application without it smudging. While high-end liners might feel more luxurious, I’ve found those 3 key things in a few drugstore brands. In fact, some drugstore liquid, gel, and pencil liners perform just as well as high-end ones! There are some real duds out there that shall remain nameless for now, but brands like Milani, Sonia Kashuk, and NYX are some that truly deliver. Check out Milani’s Eye Tech if you’re looking for the perfect cruelty-free liquid eyeliner! If you want a gel liner, Sonia Kashuk makes a super-black and long-lasting one.

There’s another reason why I believe that higher priced eyeliners aren’t a must. If you wear eyeliner every day, chances are you’re going to run out of products very quickly. So why purchase a 30$ eyeliner every two months if a 4$ product can perform just as well? It’s also not uncommon for liquid and gel eyeliner to dry out, and for pencil liners to get germy! These products just don’t have a long shelf life. Remember to always screw on the lid of your gel liners as tight as possible to prevent them from drying out!

Do you have any favorite drugstore eyeliners? I’d love to know!

Note: all the products mentioned in this article are cruelty-free. NARS and Urban Decay are cruelty-free, but their parent companies are not.