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Sappho’s Beautiful Compact and Eyeshadows Review

I’ve mentioned Sappho lately in my review of their Liquid Foundation, which I also included in my top 10 cruelty-free foundations post — needless to say I love that product! Sappho is an all-natural makeup company that also makes quality brushes, blushes, glosses, and of course: eyeshadows! I’ll be walking you through a review of their shadows as well as their stainless steel compact.

The Compact



This compact (you can buy it from The Detox Market) comes in a beautiful and secure packaging. The compact itself is made from stainless steel, and it’s incredibly sturdy and will last forever. It’s very well made and not at all flimsy! It’s a good Z-Palette alternative, as it’s a lot sturdier and actually fits a lot more depotted shadows than you’d think — you can fit a total of 8 eyeshadows and 1 blush at a time. Another bonus is that it has a mirror, so this is great for traveling! I’ll definitely be bringing this little custom palette with me on trips.

The Eyeshadows



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Above are the shades Jono, Gitte, Turtle, and Deep Diane. Jono is an almost-matte medium-deep brown with a tiny, tiny amount of glitter. I would describe it as universally flattering, and it’s the perfect shade to add some definition to the crease. Gitte is a medium-deep purple with a satin finish, and it complements green eyes really well. It’s not an in-your-face violet purple; it’s really wearable. You can’t pick this up in the picture, but Turtle is a very Stila Kitten kind of shadow, but lighter. It has slightly cool reflections but it works quite well as an eye highlight color. Deep Diane is a very warm and almost yellowish version of Turtle. I still use it on my inner corner and browbone as I’m yellow-toned and pale, but it’s a pretty versatile color.

As for the quality of these shadows, it’s definitely there. They’re buttery, decently pigmented, have no fallout, and they blend well. You can buy them from The Detox Market.

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