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The latest collection from Rituel de Fille is absolutely beautiful! It’s called Feral, and it contains 2 new Forbidden Lipsticks (looove!) and 1 new Eye Soot. If you’re unfamiliar with Rituel de Fille, they’re a makeup brand offering very pigmented products that are made from natural ingredients.

Here’s the Feral collection description:

A dense fog obscures the frozen landscape, revealing glimpses of the surroundings with each breath of the cold wind. Each slow, cloudy exhale dissipates into the surrounding whiteness. Footfalls on icy pine needles sound nearby with delicate shatters. Heart rate quickens. Muscles tense. Lips pull back to reveal sharp teeth. The predator advances, powdery snow shifting underfoot with every silent step.

Side note: Has anyone else watched The Revenant recently? I just watched it yesterday and I have to say, that description really reminds me of it! And by the way, it’s an amazing movie.

Enough sidetracking, back to the gorgeous lipsticks!


Both of these lipsticks have a matte finish, but they’re very creamy. I found them to be creamier than past Rituel de Fille lipsticks I’ve tried, but their finish is just as matte. They actually look like a liquid lipstick on the lips (matte af), but I love that they’re very creamy when you apply them.

Another strong point of all the Forbidden Lipsticks is their pigmentation. Both of these shades just add an opaque coat of color in one swipe.

Note that the swatches above are on NC10 skin, which makes the shades look quite dark.

Strange Creature

Strange Creature is the gray shade, which is described as “A cool gray, the silvery coat of the hunter. An unexpected neutral.” It’s stunning, and so pigmented.


Prey is Strange Creature’s more wearable cousin. I’m warm-toned, and it definitely looks like a cooler mauve on my lips. This one’s described as “Silent, animalistic carnality. A cool-toned, muted nude.”

Rituel de Fille


This is an Ash And Ember Eye Soot, which is a versatile eye product. The shade is described as “A flash of warm, glistening red in the cold white snow.” In the picture on their site, I’m seeing it used for a thick winged liner. It’s a really pretty shimmery shade, and I’ll have fun playing with it!

Bottom Line

I’m particularly impressed with these two new lipsticks. Creamy formula, gorgeous shades on trend, ultra-matte finish. If this sounds like your jam, give these lipsticks a try!

You can purchase this collection here from Rituel de Fille’s official site.

What did you think of this collection?

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Kiss & Make-up

I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear Strange Creature… But Prey? Sure.

Suzi Scheler



These look lovely! I’ve never tried products by Rituel de Fille before but I’m certainly interested in giving them a go! xx

Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

Suzi Scheler

Hey Celina! I actually included this brand in my favorites as part of the guest post! P.S. I’ll pick some pictures for it and have it ready very soon. 🙂


These look amazing! This brand always surprises me with its unique touch! And yes, The Revenant was a great film indeed 😉

Suzi Scheler

I’m glad you enjoyed it too! 😀