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Rituel de Fille’s Brand New Collection: Cultus

Rituel De Fille has a beautiful new collection which consists purely of lip products: 2 Enchanted Lip Sheers (a cool-toned bright red and a pinky nude) and 1 Forbidden Lipstick (a light brown beigey nude).

Rituel De Fille has quite bold yet wearable shades, and this collection is not different.


We are harmony. The unfiltered sun moves higher overhead, encircling us in shimmering heat distortion. We grasp hands in hands. With the world rippling and blurring to the horizon, this place, only here, is focused. All else falls away.

We are transformation. Aromatic smoke burns our eyes, intermixing with fine dust swept from a long-dry riverbed. Whirlwinds condense and release with exaltation, reaching higher toward the blinding sky.

We are power. Our lips whisper in parallel. We breathe in unison as our inhales grow deeper and our exhales grow sharper. In a shared voice, we rise to an ecstatic pitch. We are the expression of a new culture. We are destruction and creation, and together we are reborn.


The Collection

Cultus is the unifying expression of three essential shades, created as a shared experience of color for a sisterhood of all complexions. These are colors created to embody the season of light in its vital moments of exuberance, tranquility and blissful freedom.


The Colors

Devil’s Claw Enchanted Lip Sheer (left) // The gently shimmering, hallucinatory vision of a desert blossom. This is a warm red of striking vibrancy, brightened by the subtlest flecks of sunlit gold.

Whitethorn Enchanted Lip Sheer (middle) // A shade subtle yet powerful, a silent shifting of the fault line. This fleshy pink is quietly transformative as the ideal shade for amplifying the natural tone of your lips.

See Also

Oracle Forbidden Lipstick (right) // At the center of a windswept valley, sand dunes morph and re-form in an eternal process of renewal. This earth-inflected nude expresses modernism with ancient roots.


L to R: Oracle -- Whitethorn -- Devil's Claw
L to R: Oracle — Whitethorn — Devil’s Claw

Where To Buy

You can purchase Rituel De Fille, including this collection, from Credo Beauty.

Rituel De Fille and their suppliers don’t test on animals. Keep in mind that there lipsticks aren’t vegan as they do contain carmine.

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