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Pur Minerals Soul Mattes Palette Review

A great matte palette is hard to find. Today I’ll be reviewing the PurMinerals Soul Mattes Palette ($32). This post is for all of you who like natural, mineral-based makeup. My readers get 15% off, so keep reading for the discount code!

What It Is

This is a completely matte palette of 8 shadows, most of them being on the plummy purple side. You can easily create complete looks using it.

First things first, these shadows are smooth and blend very easily. They don’t have any of that chalky texture and don’t leave any fallout.

Now in terms of the colors themselves, this palette is a definite winner. Most of the shades are on the purple side, while still remaining neutral to cool. This means that even with my warm skintone, I can pull them off!

I love how all these colors complement each other. It makes it so easy to create any look and make it look polished and blended.



Sweetheart and Companion are great inner corner highlighters for light to darker skin tones or base colors for pale ladies (Companion matches my skin tone). I love that there’s a warm option and a cooler option.

Then you have Adore, Better Half, and Alter Ego. These guys are the pinky, plummy bunch. You can create beautiful purple looks using this combination. P.S. This looks great with green eyes.

The last three shadows (Sidekick, BFF, and Confidante) are more on the warm brown side. Don’t feel like straight-up purple shadow errday? You can still use this palette.

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Who It’s For

Those of you who love mattes should be all over this palette, especially if you’re into plummy shades. If you like Naked 3 but you find it too shimmery or too pink for you, you’ll love this. If you have hooded eyes or green eyes, I would double-recommend this palette.


  • Smooth and easy to blend.
  • No fallout, no chalky texture.
  • The colors are beautiful. What else can I say?!
  • Mineral-based.
  • Vegan (the red pigment is synthetic).
  • Fairly-priced at $32.


  • The case itself is kinda heavy.
  • It took me about 2 days to get the pun (it’s called the “Soul Mattes” palette — soul mattes, soul mates, get it?!??). This also explains the really cheesy shadow names above.
  • Can you tell there aren’t many negatives?


I was very pleasantly surprised by this palette. The colors are gorgeous, work together well, and are easy to blend. Overall, these shadows feel similar to a Naked Basics palette. Fellow matte girls will love it.

You can purchase the Soul Mattes Palette ($32) from

Discout Code

If you’re going to get this palette or anything from Pur Minerals, be sure to use my discount code! My readers get 15% off their entire order plus free shipping until June 30, 2015. Shop here and enter the code KITTY15 before placing your order.

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